: How to make Chromas better.
small tip dont give your money for pixels
: The summoner should not be usable when you took damage in the 3-5 seconds. Which mean you can engage with it, but not use it to attack a squishy when you f*cked up nor use it to escape when you f*cked up again. I really don't mind the engage thing, but this summoner spell open just too many doors, close some doors if you want this to be as healthy as you assume it is.
dash is not only problem in this patch some items + specific champs are now insane + dash = no fun for casters
Pørki (EUW)
: Yes its toxic, because its point/click and you can't dodge it .. Kappa
Im playing only ARAM and all i can say this is now far unbalanced mode games end in 10 min tanks are owning now


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