: Thank you for your advide i will consider it in my next games:)
Since you play mentioned Lux, you should really have no problem with poke if you are playing lux. Lux has one of the best pokes in the game and for sure better than Nunu. With lux you want to use E to hit him while he is farming, and auto attack to proc your passive. If you stay out of his range it should be a very easy kill. If you use your E and reactivate it right after, it will mark him and your basic attack will do a lot more damage.
Killerbae (EUW)
: Best toplaner for team fights and/or splitpushing?
I would recommend Renekton {{champion:58}} . He has high HP and damage and can be used with the courage of the colossus mastery to get you a shield for all in's. His Q does radius damage and lifesteals so it is great in teamfights, and he has amazing wave clear for splitpushing with all of his abilities. He is just a great overall champ for top lane. The fact that he has 2 gap closers with his E and a stun on his W makes him amazing for helping your teammates secure kills. In my opinion he has a perfect balance of 1v1 potential and teamfight potential.
Armakar (EUW)
: Riven is the best onthat list when mastered. Also, i don't thin kgetting a champion to level 5 mastery is mastering them.
Yeah Riven does seem really good when you learn her. And yeah I don't think I mastered her fully. I just thought the levels were called masteries. I might be wrong.
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