SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
TOP: {{champion:8}} I feel like his recent buffs made him unbearable to poke, harass or do anything & he simply outtrades other champions in every way. Far too much sustain, good damage, invulnerability - disgusting! JUNGLE: {{champion:33}} Since I am a mid main (mages only), I kind of always struggled with sudden attacks from his high-speed ganks. MID: {{champion:105}} Oh my God, don't even get me started on him. This champion has the potential to be a melee fighter bruiser assassin tank with 40% cdr and constant invulnerability along with Hourglass, which he often buys. I hate him as tank top, tank/ap jungle and mostly full ap mid. As a Syndra onetrick, he really ruins my experience. ADC: {{champion:119}} I've always felt weird about Draven. His base AD with Q is brutal. Combined with a good support like Janna, he can bring sudden & devastating strikes, which is unpleasant since I'm usually playing Zyra support when on botlane, who is very squishy. Very. SUPPORT: {{champion:53}} As I've mentioned, Zyra is my favorite on botlane & a good Blitzcrank can really make a problem. Zyra can interrupt his hooks with plants but it's very risky and requires skill, which I sometimes lack tbh.
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: I usually try until my nexus is dead, but when my mid laner is 0/8 at 10 minutes and my top laner is 0/9, and my jungler has been invded and died three times to the enemy jungle, my ADC doesn't know how to last hit and tries to 1v2 the enemy ADC and support, then yeah I think I'll say ff20. Seriously, some games I just don't have the motivation to tryhard to win. I'm not gonna AFK in fountain, rage quit, or intentionally feed, but the surrender vote is there for a reason.
You are another person that may have understood my post wrong. Yes, I do agree the surrender vote is there for a reason and in such circumstances what you said I wouldnt "tryhard" either, but what bothers me when people spam ff20 when, lets say the midlaner isnt 0-8 but maybe 0-2, and top laner 0-3 but the jungle and botlane seem to be doing fine. Eventually those mid/top start blaming everyone else, botlane loses its shit and we just ff...
: too much kids play during weekends, so avoid playing during that time, rest of the week is quite fine imho
Yeah, and playing at night is a good option too
: I agree, I have seen some amazing comebacks - like all turrets down nexus low health yet one ace late game can win the match. Lately with so much snowballing players can receive just one kill and they are calling sure at 20, after that they just feed, like why play when you can adapt play style. Of course trolls are another story but even then I always feel games can be pulled back don't give up we are here to have fun and play of course we all want to win but even having epic group battles can be worth playing for in my opinion at least!
Couldnt agree more. I would rather lose an intense 40 min game than lose a 20 min boring game, but any longer games are considered as a "waste of time" lol if you think this game is a waste of time then freaking delete it and leave it for us who enjoy it thank you
: well sometimes the game is lost no matter what you do! You retreet/surrender (so to speak) and start a new one or take a break! Surrender sometimes is just logical! Satisfaction comes throu teamwork and nice combos and kills! If you can`t get non of these then surrender seems like a good idea... don`t you think so?
Yes, I do agree when you are far behind and their team comp outscales you anyway but what I am venting about in this post is when there actually _is_ a chance to win but people refuse to settle down
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: Just draw a picture of the skin you want to buy and send it to support team, they will fill you up fo sure! :) If you dont have superb drawing skills - just put some humor in it...
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GreatKudi (EUNE)
: Can't controll champ/move (with stable ping) BUG!
This happened to me too! Except I couldnt even see the green arrows on the ground when I clicked somewhere...It cost me a death in the very first few minutes which made me lose the lane and game eventually...thankfully, I got loss forgiven somehow. Idk how to fix this :/
: I can only give you the advice to stop playing if u get matched with Plat 3 and 4 regularly, had the same problem 1 League below u and got demoted go gold, thought there was a warning but there isnt. :D
Yeah its a tricky situation, I dont wanna drop but I dont wanna stay here either.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Stop playing Zyra :D
This has nothing to do with Zyra or any other champion, she is very underestimated, though in this losing spree my winrate with her dropped below 60%
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: Syndra...?
Ive been a onetrick Syndra for 2 years now, never got bored of her and I think she is pretty strong :)
: Tbh I am a midlaner looking for a team, I am currently also D4, even though D2 is my highest achievement this season, though you speak of tournaments and challenger and I am not sure if I can keep up with that tempo since LoL aint my only hobby and I have a lot of work and stuff... :D I am kind of searching for a Diamond team that just wants diamond but nothing extra yeah, you can take me but I am not so sure if you can keep me forever :P
Note - I am kind of a onetrickpony Syndra, which is a little offmeta, but I can play other midlaners too since this season Syndra was bugged for 15 freaking patches and I had to force myself learning other champions. Other midlaners I can play: Zyra, Orianna, Azir, Leblanc, Anivia...
Komlige (EUNE)
: Need a Mid laner Diamond+ 5v5 ranked
Tbh I am a midlaner looking for a team, I am currently also D4, even though D2 is my highest achievement this season, though you speak of tournaments and challenger and I am not sure if I can keep up with that tempo since LoL aint my only hobby and I have a lot of work and stuff... :D I am kind of searching for a Diamond team that just wants diamond but nothing extra yeah, you can take me but I am not so sure if you can keep me forever :P
Gribblurk (EUNE)
: Then you are in luck :) I have a buildguide for it, which explains it more detailed than I would be able to do here :D You can also check in on my stream at to see some live gameplay for various scenarios :)
Ahh, cool! I am reading the montage now and I bookmarked your stream, I will make sure to watch it later :)
Febos (EUW)
: I don't want to be a party pooper, but there's a fixed section for topics like this: "Off-Topic". Happy Birthday anyway. Enjoy the day. Here's a cookie {{item:2054}}
Omg! I didnt even realize I put it in Bug reports section, it was an accident I swear :D
Gribblurk (EUNE)
: Thank you! :D I don't reject anyone, unless they are being rude :) My friendlist is at it's max limit so I can't accept any new invites at the moment until I remove some old ones. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask here and I will do my best to reply :)
Ah, I understand then :) well basically I wanted to ask you everything about it :D where do you start, do you ever counterjungle/invade, when do you gank, your build path...everything! I am currently in d5, even though d2 is my highest achievement, I have over 60% winrate with Zyra mid/sup over 140 games I think and I wanted to learn her in top/jung maybe just for the lols
Gribblurk (EUNE)
: I Made My First Montage Today (Zyra Jungle Main Diamond)
Cool montage! I found out about you a few weeks ago in the comment section when rito fixed her bugs and you said you were Zyra jungle main and I immediately added you and wanted to ask you questions about it since I am a zyra main myself but never played her in the jungle, but you rejected me I think xD
Cypherous (EUW)
: Grats on getting one step closer to being old :P
Theres a long run until getting old
Dzsime (EUNE)
: Happy birthday! {{item:2054}} However you should really spend it with your family / friends instead of fishing for attention in the boards.
I am not fishing for attention lol, just trying to spread happiness because I am happy. I spent the day with friends and family mostly, dont worry. ;)
Eveninn (EUW)
: Happy BDay! Have some love! ( ^◡^)っ❤ And ofc cookies! {{item:2054}} {{item:2054}} {{item:2054}} {{item:2054}}
You can never have enough cookies
: Happy bday!!! *throws confetti around* *gives a pointy party hat* Now you can celebrate properly. It ain't a party without the pointy hats ^^
I love pointy hats tbh
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Caligo Fox (EUNE)
: [BUG]Syndra's "Scatter the weak" range indicator broken
Atlantean Syndra also has a visual bug on Scatter the Weak, it looks completely different and ugly, I posted yesterday about it but almost nobody noticed it.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Riot just seems to hate Syndra. They leave her in the dark, ignore her cries for help when she's bugged to death, and seem incapable of making a nice skin (except Atlantean) for her. And of course, Atlantean is the one which gets plagued by particle errors... It's like they don't want people playing her
Yeah :/ as a Syndra main, it makes me feel sad.
: I knew i'm not the only one who noticed that and yes i've seen that too. I got a comparison between how it currently looks and how it should look.
Sadly, nobody noticed this post so I dont think they are going to fix it soon :/
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