Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=314exeexe,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Pob3UmE4,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2016-11-15T06:42:30.260+0000) > > But it cant do that cause last season there was no flex queue. So basically its a hard reset and we go back to 1200 MMR? Flex queue is based roughly off of your dynamic queue standing last year.
is it true that an account that has just turned lvl 30 and stars ranked games, his base mmr is the mmr he has reached on normal games ? and that if it has not played any normal games but only coop vs al, then it has 1200 as base mmr ?
: To be fair your team probably had master and challenger players too. Riot doesn't tell you you are a bad player as everybody, yes **everybody**, was lowered (not just you) just like you were for the same reasons. I agree it sucks though, wish I could do more for you :( {{summoner:31}}
got placed at silver 1 XDDDDDDDDDD "FIXED" xD
: Hey Proxxii, Let me chime in on this. Riot made a mistake on the reset which resulted in incorrect matchmaking (hugely!) which made it way easier for good players to rise and gain LP. To fix this Riot had to adjust the LP gain added after placements and made you play another game to replace you to where you were supposed to be at. I know this sucks but this was the fairest way for Riot to handle the situation to hold competitive integrity. On the bright side everybody had this (you are supposed to end lower than what you were at the end of last season) and luckily it didn't happen at the start of the new season... Trust me if you are good you'll rise again :) Link to the announcement from Riot explaining it better: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/Pob3UmE4-flex-queue-fix-and-replacements-information {{summoner:31}}
hm, on my other account, (plat2 soloq), i did 7-3 placements on flexqueue and it placed me at plat 1. (all games played in flex queue i was solo, i didnt queue up with premaeds). these past few days i did a total of 25 wins 14 defeats, and now i am at diamond 5 60 lp and going up. my game's mmr i can say were all d3+, with many master and challenger players also in my games. but i even won them too. so now riot comes after 5 days and tells me all these games were just a waste of time ? and that i am a bad player despite being 25/14 w/l, and they will replace me down to gold 5??? hm, gotta admit this sounds very fair.
nigelf (EUW)
: I got unbanned after 7 days, no compensation. They told me that it was just a warning or something like that... I don't think I was offending anyone.
lol. well, they fucked up, then they saw it was a mistake but riot is too trash to apologize. they just turned it into a warning. HA. fucking trash riot. my account had also receive a 14 days ban for no reason. after 11 days of being wrongfully banned and after sending ticket after ticket each day at riot.support, finnaly they unbanned it saying sorry it was a mistake. ofc no compensation at all. no ip boost or something. i was powerleveling the account and i had lots of day xp/ip bonuses. but after 2 weeks of struggling to make sense with riot support to unban the account, i was sure it would take like a month to give me back rp/ip. anyway, rito sucks cocks. http://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-vector-color-cock-83838844.jpg
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GA Sehn (EUW)
: Uhm you go to the site dedicated to worlds and you complain about spoilers? Of course there will be 'spoilers' if you go to that site...
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: And you picked the best place with the most kind and caring community to share it with!
i know right... but im ok with any insensitive replies... i just had an impulse to share it. and let it vanish in the history of threads with 10 views and 0 comments. i dont care... edit : for the record i upvoted you. u said the exact same thing that came in my mind while i was posting my thread.
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Smerk (EUW)
: You can use third party options to download videos from youtube. You can get a lot of options in google
Smerk (EUW)
: You can use third party options to download videos from youtube. You can get a lot of options in google
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: Lol its pretty much impossible to have 100% winratio if youre d4 in plat xD
y. but i mean high... when this acc was plat 3, a few months ago, i went 3 man dynamic queue games with some smurf friends from diamond. we did 36 wins 7 defeats in 3 days. i went from p3 to d5
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: Greetings. You probably know that the way you wrote your thread made people assume that you were looking to participate in intentional feeding. I have a hard time believing that it was merely a bad choice of words, I think you're trolling us here. --- I recommend you actually explain your intention if you do not want to be misunderstood the next time. Writing a little more than 15 words can already help with that.
hm, yeah i could write more than 15 words and explain it better, but i was too bored. + i didnt know that bans and punishments are handed over mere assumptions. the "i want duo" was the shortest explanation possible to justify the title. because i doubt if anyone would add me admitting he is intentionally losing ranked games for any other reason. i also admit i did not care if some1 believed i was going to troll in games or not. i didnt know that was punishable. but again, i never said i would. >I have a hard time believing that it was merely a bad choice of words, I think you're trolling us here. since when i have to think about justifying everything i post so it doesnt possibly gets misunderstood by anyone ? and honestly we should not care about what you think and believe. i think if u delete threads and punish players based on that, you are not suitable for whatever your job is here.
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: My road to bronze :)
hey! i have been searching for you! :)
Kippiiq (EUW)
: Bronze is... bronze... I was basically a smurf in bronze, a smurf with no other account.
> I was basically a smurf in bronze, a smurf with no other account. i know this.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Why isn't it not promoting trolling? You don't do anything against this behaviour. In the end you cannot decide who you get matched with and against. So, you cannot get trolls in your team intentionally, unless you promote it.
> Why isn't it not promoting trolling? You don't do anything against this behaviour. its not up to me to do something about trollers. its up to riot. even if i wanted to punish them, i cant. i cant even talk reason with them in-game because it is punishable arguing over something. all we can do vs them is 2 things: accept them and report them. > In the end you cannot decide who you get matched with and against. So, you cannot get trolls in your team intentionally, unless you promote it. i can decide with who i play with. its called premades. i have the right to go duo with whoever i want. i will not be able to duo with a troller if he gets banned for trolling, untill then, i am free to duo with him. wanting to play with them has nothing to do with promoting their behavior. when some1 is gold 5 and decides to make a RoadtoBronze5 , he isnt doing it because he tilted in one game. that will take him whole days to accomplish. even months. some months ago there was a thread about a guy who from gold 3 or something was going to bronze 5. he was playing tahm and he was doing 0/30/0 in all his games. after 25 days and after about 90 ranked games he was still at low silver. in order for some1 to keep intentionally losing ranked games for over a month, it means he has a goal. he isnt doing it out of tilt and anger. he isnt doing it to bully his teamates. those feelings fade away at the most one day after some1 tilts. If some1, went and said to that guy, hey i wanna duo with you so i drop divisions, his trolling would not find a reason all of a sudden and it would not fuel him/it. he wouldnt give a fuck. he already has his own reasons/goals and thats why he trolls game after game, day after day.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
np are emissaries et others deleting threads in forums or only rioters ?
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Say person A is a troll. Person A is going to troll no matter what happens. Person B wants to be in the same game as person A. This way, person B gets to be trolled and person A trolls, which he was going to do anyway. DarkBillyBoy is person B, and is not promoting trolling. He is simply wishing to be in the same game as said troll. Eventually, it's just one less person whose game got ruined by trolling.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
what ? my thread that got deleted had 15 words, including title. i dont know what i could have conveniently leave out. and why u are talking about boosting exhanges and payment. i really didnt understand your reply. sorry.
: Semantics. You are inviting someone to troll in a specific game, with the specific purpose of destroying it for your team. It doesn't matter if the person is already feeder or not, you are advertising that you want them to feed for you. Career killer is going to kill people wheather or not you specifically contact him. The fact that he killed people in past and will kill them in the future does not change the fact, that you are looking for a specific person to die. I know that it is easier to deal with being asshole if you mince words untill it sounds like you are innocent, but your intent was to ruin games for your own benefit - getting a lower division.
i dont invite anyone to troll in a specific game. they invite me. one less frustrated player in that game. i said change the killer example because it does not represent this case. a terrorist is exploding bombs in public places. i dont pay him to destroy a specific place. i only want to know the place he is already going to explode beforehand, so i manage on my own to be there and die.
: I have an idea for you. Go and post an ad in local newspaper that you are looking for a killer, who'll murder someone for you cause you don't want to do it yourself, as you are afraid of going to jail. Can you see the parallel?
you guys have the same argument that relies on what Rismosch said in the below comment. that i ask others to troll for me. which i dont. lets change your example into a better one. killer -> terrorist (zoned with bomb etc). i am not hiring a terrorist to kill some people for me. i am not hiring a terrorist to kill some people including me (yes i am suicidal). i just want to already know the place that the terrorist is going to explode, so i manage to be there and die. i am not promoting any terrorist, or any troler. its simple.
Rismosch (EUW)
: No, you don't understand where your fault lies. As far as I understood you, you want to lose LP for whatever reason. Now, you don't want to troll yourself because you don't want to be punished for that. So you ask others to troll in your game so you will lose LP. And because of that, you would be the reason that someone else trolls. In this case you are promoting trolling. And this is what you got punished for. You didn't got punished for trolling. You didn't got punished for ruining games. You got punished for promoting such behaviour.
your basic point in your argument is this : > you ask others to troll in your game which is false. i never asked that. i asked to be in a game that some1 has already decided to troll. there is a difference.
Rismosch (EUW)
: In the end, you wanted to ruin the game for others. Yes, you wouldn't be the one who is trolling. But by asking others to do it for you, you are the cause of it. Because you are promoting such behaviour, you got punished for that.
i didnt ask others to do it for me. and i dont want to ruin anyone's game. all i want is to be in the game that is going to be ruined by some1 who is already trolling. why u guys dont get the difference xd and i am not promoting such behavior. but acting like it doesnt already exist, would be a lie.
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nigelf (EUW)
: You are right, I got a better reply on my second try. I just made this forum post in case it wouldn't work at all, I had worse experience with Riot support ages ago. I kept getting automatic replies before.
Hey, are u still playing this game ? i know its like 0.1% that u reply to me after all this time (you propably stopped playing LoL too) I want to ask you, what happened anyway with riot support. u said u sent them another message but u didnt inform us what they replied to you. did they see your twitch video ? did they take the ban back ? because i saw the whole video and i can tell u were not intentionally feeding. so, what happened ?
: I dont't enjoy in game anymore.
for me, this game is fun only when i am in tryhard mood / spirits up, for soloq , and when i am playing with friends on skype normal games and we have fun. atm i am in a trolling streak because i got bored from soloq. i was at diamond 4-5 for over 500 ranked gaems this season and i bot bored. so i said lets get to bronze. atm i am plat 4 after 4 days and i keep going. #roadtobronze
: Say this every game and they be like "no fuck you"
i was saying that and many more "rules" in my games with a very pleasant and friendly attitude, untill i got banned for "policing" others. y.dats rito. i try inform payers how things are, because riot isnt doing her job and i get punished xd
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Can we just admit the game's philosophy in general is poorly designed?
using tank malphite as a nexample was wrong. full tank malphite cant 1v1 easy an adc when they both have same gold/items, especially at full build. but adc's have very low health. think about volibear, who build full hp, and with same gold he can kill a full hp riven riven in 3 seconds. makes no sense at all.
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: This post needs more attention, it addresses a very important issue, very well described too. Thank you for the thread, someone is finally coming up with valid arguments of the current status of the system.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Report calling is considered toxic and punishable as far as I know. However I highly doubt someone is going to get actually punished for report calling in 1 game, hell I think it would take then few games over short duration where they keep doing it to actually get punished. I also do not think 1 report is enough .. the said report calling person has to be consistently reported over short duration for report calling to get punished. These are just my guesses though .. I see lots of report callers everyday and I always report them however I never got a report feedback on that.
> However I highly doubt someone is going to get actually punished for report calling in 1 game noone can get punished based on his chat for one game. not even if he wishes cancer. it takes at least 2-3 games for that. from my experience in norder to get punished single handedly thanks to reportcalling, ~10 games are needed. > the said report calling person has to be consistently reported over short duration for report calling to get punished. not really, because there is no reportcalling option. he just needs to get reported for his chat. that will cause the system/and/or rioters to look at his chats and try to find something punishable. after some games with viable reports, even if his only offence was reportcalling, he will eventually get punished because of it.
: Actually, you may have a slightly higher chance in the case of several reports in that amangst 9 people you could have someone with a higher "trust" value than if just one had reported. But that depends if the highest value is taken into account for the game (in which case 9 reports is equal or better to 1 report), or the average of the values (in which case it can be less, equal or more).
Hey, you are smart. very nice point. i hadnt realise that untill now. could this make reportcalling viably legal :D?
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Magneset (EUW)
: You can send them a support ticket asking. I did the same thing and i was told that report calling is considered toxic. I was also told that 1 report is enough to trigger the system. To be honest thats just what i was told. It wouldnt be the first time i hear 1 thing from them and 1 thing from another Rioter. So yeah. There isnt really any proof. (hopefully someone can prove me wrong on that) I always take screenshots after the game and show it to the enemy team so they can get their reports in aswell.
i want a public source. something that everyone can see by sending him the link. screenshots are not trustworthy.
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: People seriously need to get over it
Some1 flames me and wishes me bad things ? i dont give a fuck. i could not care less. i am smart. be like me.
Declined (EUNE)
: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recoll > Recoll is a desktop search tool that provides efficient full text search (from single-word to arbitrarily complex boolean searches) in a friendly GUI, with minimum technical sophistication and few mandatory external dependencies. It runs under many Unix-like operating systems, and is mostly independent of the desktop environment. I have literally no idea what it is you're trying to say.
i am lmfao-ing. ty
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings God Is Key. I accidently deleted this thread as Naming & Shaming, while obviously you didn't do that here. That is completely on me, and I apologize. This won't impact your posting in the future on the boards with a negative standing or anything. I stand by my mistake here. Again, I apologize for this.
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: > [{quoted}](name=UninstalledLife,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=uf05Kh7g,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-07-21T19:11:03.610+0000) > > I think he means the enemy is a Fizz, Jax or Riven. So your jungler needs to support your laner early. > > Either that or the OP is not being very clear at all. I looked at the guys match history. It's filled with Fizz and Riven games.
: I'm sorry? Two of the most mobile champs in the game need early jungle support? The one of, if not, the best duelist needs early jungle assistance? And even if you are in a poor matchup, there is such as thing as playing safe, even on champs you pick to attempt to crush a lane.
1st of all something i think ure missing : jungle doesnt exist to help the losing lanes. whoever jungler plays like that, he is playing this game the wrong way. the best duelist in the game tends to be the weakest pre6 champion. and these 2 of the most mobile champions if left behind they are like the old fiora (pre-rework), they will be super weak the entire game. once they get in a disadvantage in lane their opponent can make the game 5v4 if played correctly. on the contrary, they also snowball exceptionally well, and they are one of the few champs left in season 6 that can actually solo carry a game. So, if the jungler is going to gank some lanes early in game, it should be those lanes.
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