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: The tower aggro range is around 1200 (a screen distance), so if you are under tower and you attack a champion within a screen distance you will take aggro. It's to stop cases where people can kill someone while under tower if that target getting killed was slightly out of tower range (which honestly was kinda bs because it could take all the danger of tower diving out of it with a small misstep)... So the good part greatly out weighs the bad part. Also you prob should have backed off anyway... lee was obviously coming to stop you and if you stayed under tower you would easily have died (as soon as you touch him you would have taken tower aggro then prob got kicked further into the tower)... your shrooms give vision you should have seen lee and started backing up from the tower before he got hit, you wouldn't have taken aggro and prob won that 1v1. So basically it's a lession in map awareness, when split pushing with teemo you gotta keep an eye on the mini map as you should be reacting to people crossing your mine field to stop you if they are in aggro range or not (actually not just teemo... anyone you try to split push with should be following this rule, it's why you don't split push without wards your goal is to create pressure so you need to know when and how the enemy team will try to diffuse this pressure which usually would be exactly what this lee did).
I could finish the turret before lee would kill me if not that target change.... And yes i know about the change but its too much it feels so off when someone behind the wall gets on my shroom and the turret is like fuck it changing targets... Beside that it was really adding to the game that you could outplay someone even so close to the turret and it wasnt so hard could get under it to get the agro on the diver. That range is just too much... i feel punished for aplying poison on the target becouse even if he runs completly away from the turret i cant go near it to push fast or whatever..
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