: put it out instead of being on the boards my dude (^:
It was a joke it isn't near my house at all :P
: Im stuck in this black screen
Hey there! Try doing a full repair or reinstall the game. Hope this helps!
: What is a Croatia and where can i buy one?
: it's literally confusing since literally everyone uses literally literally all the time
Its literally gonna literally kill me
: My country is burning
Oh newsflash. A fkin graveyard is burning In Split.
AhmadS5 (EUNE)
: It Because of this hot HOOOTweather !!! RIP trees
: [It's literally on fire.](http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/818892/travel-warning-croatia-forest-fire)
: Is it "literally" on fire, or is it just like super hot ?
Forests are burning I'm not joking. Search on Google if you want.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: ?????????????????????
The country is literally on fire rn.
Rioter Comments
: Hey there! If that's all you did, try reinstalling the game. Hope this helps!
Btw, if you have white cable connected to your router/modem, try putting it on another port.
Remmy San (EUW)
: but my net is fine T_T
Hey there! If that's all you did, try reinstalling the game. Hope this helps!
: Hey there! Try reinstalling the game. Hope this helps!
Also did you by any chance try to move league to another disk but than cancelled? When you cancel moving league to another disk, it won't return the files back to original folder. In that case, find where you tried to move league and cut all files inside and paste back in league original folder. Hope this helps!
: Failed to launch RADS\system\rads_user_kernel.exe
Hey there! Try reinstalling the game. Hope this helps!
Glazebone (EUW)
: Unable to login to Riot Games Support
Alright than! Can you please tell me what ticket is about if it isn't a secret :P
Remmy San (EUW)
: but my net is fine T_T
Hey there! Try turning off and on your router/modem. If that doesn't work try doing a full repair. And if that doesn't work try doing a disk cleanup. Hope this helps!
Glazebone (EUW)
: Unable to login to Riot Games Support
Hey there! Again me :P. Try reinstalling your browser and doing a disk cleanup Hope this helps!
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Odd error even after reinstallation
Hey there! Try running as an administrator by right clicking and selecting "run as administrator". Also try update your windows any way possible. Hope this helps!
Glazebone (EUW)
: Unable to login to Riot Games Support
Hey there! Try clearing your cache and cookies. That might help. Hope this helps
: Apply to become a volounteer and get accepted. Then change your nickname to Hansiman. Done.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: First, you must become the Hansiman.
: You can find all info about us (including how to become a Volunteer) here: http://en.volu-eu.org/ If you have any questions that are not answered on this homepage, feel free to ask.
Dang it my country ain't recruiting ;( It said I just need to be cool on boards so that's what I'll do! Thanks for helping
: They are Volunteers. They moderate the boards and that's how you get that fancy colour - by beeing a volunteer.
Rioter Comments
kev6655 (EUW)
: %%%%ing noob teams
Judging you played nearly 1000 games in ranked and still silver, I think you are the biggest problem ;p
: Pantheon needs to go
So just play ranked and ban him. Simple as that
: Just got to lvl 7 riven!
It took me 2 days after lvl 6 and 7 came to get lvl 7 on thresh
Exitrida (EUW)
: Does dodging affect your Honor progress?
I think it does. I've heard if you get 14 day suspension you will get your honor level down. But the thing is those who were banned before that honor update didn't get their honor level down even tho suspension was still active. I know this was kinda off topic, but I guess If you leave too many games you will eventually get your honor level down
Netcom27 (EUNE)
: i enjoy playing gp because hes fun and at the same time i get about 10-20 kills a game and dying less than 5 times but is he able to carry me into gold or atleast into platinum :?
Considering you are good with gp, you can even climb to diamond. You just have to have a good mind set and don't flame.
Netcom27 (EUNE)
: Choose a champion for me
Try them all out. Play 5 games with each champ and see which fits the best!
: Looking for Rakan for Ranked Games
Hey there! I could probably help you out. I don't play rakan, but I consider myself otp thresh. I'm currently gold 2 and looking to climb
: Pax Twisted Fate Skin
You could have gotten it on PAX a couple years ago. If you want to get it now, rarely people sell them on eBay or amazon and they are very expensive.
Snowhill (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkPasegers,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qifANerx,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-09T19:53:21.992+0000) > > But he is :p If anyone he needs a nerf on his body slam hitbox, that is %%%%ing broken.
Snowhill (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkPasegers,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qifANerx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-09T19:49:29.981+0000) > > You forgot gragas. He is really tanky and has a lot of DMG late game. His ult can change the whole game and his early game ganks are OP Gragas is also pretty strong atm, that's true, but I do not necessarily think that he is quote on quote "broken"
Snowhill (EUW)
: How to fix League Of Legends in terms of champion balancing.
You forgot gragas. He is really tanky and has a lot of DMG late game. His ult can change the whole game and his early game ganks are OP
Hansiman (EUNE)
: And where have the volunteers said that?
Reporting system is really bad. Its bad because BOTS are reporting players. If you have put 100 rioters on reporting system then maybe it will be balanced. Until that time comes, reporting system will be bad
Rioter Comments
: i have done that and make the advanced option whre i choose performance and donr every thing ... i just get fbd drop at the first 5 minutes for about 20 seconds then another 2 or 3 more fbd drop during the game
Last thing I could suggest is to turn graphics to minimum. To do that go to video settings(in game) and then set quality to minimum Hope this helps
dawawen (EUNE)
: do i get banned?
Hey there! If you logged in your account after the remake and you didn't get any warning, I'm sure you won't be banned. Hope this helps
Finalfire (EUW)
: I think I'm was automatically banned (by mean of a bot) because they just mined the logs. I opened a ticket but they replied with an automatic response. So that's why I'm posting here, in order to show this post to someone who can review my case :(
As you said, your team and enemy team reported you for toxicity. Bot automatically reports someone when multiple reports are made at the same time( around 2 mins). If 6 or more players reported you, you will be automatically reported. You'll get your account back because there is no reason for you to be banned. Maybe you will get chat restricted but perma ban isn't for you dawg.
: LoL New Client
Hey there! If you're experiencing fps drops or lags I suggest you turn on low spec mode and option to turn off client during the game. Low spec mode makes frames load better and removes some fps lag Turning off client during the game helps ping drop. To turn both of these things on, go to the little button next to X button and there you will see both options. I assure your experience with those 2 things turned on will help remove lag Hope this helps
Finalfire (EUW)
: After five years of fun, I got permabanned :(
Hey there! In 99% of perma ban cases, you won't get your account back because there is strong evidence you were toxic, trolling, inting etc. Meanwhile, your ban COULD be botted which means not real human investigated your chat logs. This is done most of the times since riot don't have time to look through every single report. Hope you get your account back
Rioter Comments
Voxyus (EUW)
: Thanks Riot Support
See? Riot loves us <3
: The Total Failure of EU LCS
I'll be sad If players from NA get something even tho they have done nothing xD
iTzKnark (EUW)
: Second Account
Hey there! You made a mistake by saying you got gifted this account. I suggest you don't acknowledge that anymore on boards or you will be permabanned
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: Riot I need your response on this no animations issue
Hey there! As you said, you have already turned on and off low spec mode couple of times. You can try going into video settings by pressing ESC.(in game) Then change your overall quality to maximum. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the game on the other disk but I dont feel like its gonna help. Last thing you can do is do a full repair. To do that go to little button next to X button. There will be a " initiate full repair". Hope this helps.
: Yes, thank you! So aren't there any better tanks? Gragas ult and stun is powerful I guess, but if I think about it Maokai as reworked seems to have a pretty cool and powerful kit as well, so why is Gragas different from - for example - Maokai? edit: Maokai's kit offers so much more, to me
They are both OP tanks for sure, but gragas has that edge and really can turn the game around with just one good E or ult. Mao can do that too, just gragas deals so much more DMG even if he's full tank Hope this helps.
sakib56 (EUW)
: But most adc's are dead when they caught out except adc's like ezreal who has an escape but i feel like ezreal's damage is lacking
Hey there! Every champion is good for solo q if you know how to play him. Personally, I play ADC draven and its very effective. Try him out and let me know how you feel about him.
: I'm trying to get RP, but I can not because of the problem...
Hey there! I used to buy rp before with paysafecard, but with hextech craft I don't buy rp anymore. I would assume you reached maximum rp purchases in a day/week/month. Wait for some time or maybe buy with different method. PS: I have Gatekeeper galio shard ;P
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