Endellion (EUW)
: You might not like it but you agreed to it. Riot set out a bunch of rules at the start and stated that if you broke them you might be banned, if you didn't read them or decided to break the rules anyway you can't have any excuses. You had a warning that came with the 14 day ban that the next punishment would be a permanent suspension, do you think they were bluffing?
They unbanned Tyler1 they can unban me2
: I've climbed from mid bronze to gold primarly playing support. I've also been playng since the end of season 3 and have not had any chat bans or temp bans. Only thing you need to do is learn how to stay out of th echat when you're tilted because it never ends well. for your next account if you make a new one i suggest /mute all and only playing during select times since it seems to affect heavily what quality of team you get in my experience.
I will try that but I had a lot of skins and I got tilted by some feeders LoL
: You deserve it. Toxic yasuo player why am i not surprised?
Youre toxic here too but in different way.. "Typical Yasuo"
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: Community what do you think about my Perma Ban?
%%%ing babysit is not directed to anyone so I don't find that as a flame...
: Well, if you don't like it don't invest money or time in it. I personally played plenty and haven't had a single problem.
Maybe because you didn't play enough competitively because I have hard game finding good team
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: Community what do you think about my Perma Ban?
Game 1 DarkTitan7: just play safe and try not to feed them thanks DarkTitan7: wp DarkTitan7: sry DarkTitan7: %%%ing babysit DarkTitan7: if i ignite her omg DarkTitan7: wp twitch DarkTitan7: why u didnt go on him? DarkTitan7: but ok DarkTitan7: you got 1 kill DarkTitan7: ? DarkTitan7: if i put it early DarkTitan7: no range DarkTitan7: -.- DarkTitan7: it woudnl't block it DarkTitan7: i was far behind u DarkTitan7: did lux DarkTitan7: use anything? DarkTitan7: xin? DarkTitan7: 3 gank DarkTitan7: thanks DarkTitan7: lose farm? DarkTitan7: wp teemo DarkTitan7: and? DarkTitan7: she's bad DarkTitan7: lux DarkTitan7: WHAT DarkTitan7: ok DarkTitan7: .. DarkTitan7: lole DarkTitan7: how did my q got canceled DarkTitan7: by my aa DarkTitan7: ok nvm DarkTitan7: 5 DarkTitan7: gankć DarkTitan7: xin DarkTitan7: can you gank sometimes DarkTitan7: like sometimes DarkTitan7: or ward the jungle DarkTitan7: lux q me through windwall thansk DarkTitan7: why? DarkTitan7: WHAT DarkTitan7: this game DarkTitan7: . DarkTitan7: i cant dash DarkTitan7: through DarkTitan7: her DarkTitan7: spiders DarkTitan7: gmo DarkTitan7: stfu DarkTitan7: muted DarkTitan7: report xin ty DarkTitan7: ok DarkTitan7: i can't DarkTitan7: r DarkTitan7: her DarkTitan7: she DarkTitan7: is DarkTitan7: 2 DarkTitan7: milimetrs DarkTitan7: away from me DarkTitan7: kk DarkTitan7: i can't r you DarkTitan7: but you are 2mm from me? DarkTitan7: k DarkTitan7: ss mid DarkTitan7: are u DarkTitan7: .. DarkTitan7: WHAT DarkTitan7: this hitbox DarkTitan7: is tilting me lul DarkTitan7: from now DarkTitan7: on DarkTitan7: i will ban lux only DarkTitan7: .. DarkTitan7: hitbox op DarkTitan7: ig ot babyitted DarkTitan7: stfu DarkTitan7: check my match DarkTitan7: history DarkTitan7: yes for getting babysitted DarkTitan7: we win DarkTitan7: easy DarkTitan7: because noone ganked you DarkTitan7: i got 6 ganks from elise DarkTitan7: 0 from xin DarkTitan7: rofl DarkTitan7: i play 1 bad game DarkTitan7: and team flame me DarkTitan7: just because you dont have money for skin and want it DarkTitan7: i wont sell it DarkTitan7: bcs of xin DarkTitan7: report xin? absolutrly DarkTitan7: tf DarkTitan7: nice farm ADC DarkTitan7: i will die for my team DarkTitan7: rofl DarkTitan7: my ult on dravne k DarkTitan7: stay in base omg DarkTitan7: teemo DarkTitan7: q DarkTitan7: draven DarkTitan7: and g DarkTitan7: if u do DarkTitan7: then carry ;) DarkTitan7: b DarkTitan7: gg DarkTitan7: reprot xin ty DarkTitan7: yes DarkTitan7: check my match history DarkTitan7: :) DarkTitan7: you got 0 gank from elise i got 6 gank DarkTitan7: lol DarkTitan7: im low DarkTitan7: bcs DarkTitan7: i dont do dmg DarkTitan7: mao check my op.gg DarkTitan7: 9 wins in a row DarkTitan7: lol DarkTitan7: gg
: Chat logs? And why do you even ask when you say you dont care what we think?
Firstly dont tell me things I didn't say. I told that I don't want arrogant comments from stubborn andarrogant people chatlogs??Wait a minute
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: Community what do you think about my Perma Ban?
I dont like the fact that riot games has 100% ownership of my accounts and can choose to permanently ban any account with any reason (Maybe temporarly suspension).Take in mind CSGO for griefing you can get tempbanned. PermaBan is only for hacking. I know your rules are carefully written by lawyers as to avoid certain problems. I know you dont go around permabanning accounts without a good reason but just the fact that you technically can erase anybodys account which people has often put alot of time and hard earned money into.
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Wadud92 (EUW)
: I'll leave some tips. The music stuff, keep that off the channel. If someone subscribes for gaming and they see music they will be confused. Put that on another channel, use it in the video link in the description simple. The news stuff (your GTA VI video) will bring in views. Title and thumbnail of the video make you want to click. That kinda stuff will get you views. Your thumbnail game is pretty decent tbf on the ones you have thumbnails on. You seem to understand the importance of a title and a thumbnail so I guess I don't need to go in on that. Your main point should be to get people to click. If people like it they will stay, if they do not they will go, but they will have seen the content to decide
Ok thanks for some advices.I apprecieate it :) <3
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: Can you support my work??
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0PZ2MxxY9CWaVi86401dBg this is the link thanks :=
Fathands (EUW)
: Yay another montage channel that doesn't do anything special.
Rismosch (EUW)
: A fanbase is earned by hard work, not by begging for it.
I was trying but now i lost hope :/
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: its the normal one to first have 2x chat restrict, then 14 day.. then perma. you however now showed that you have gone overboard on the flaming before... to the extent that you actually triggered the automatic 14 day ban... its not easy to get.. its for those who realy go hard core flaming.. the 14 day ban is basically riot going like this: https://youtu.be/qo5jnBJvGUs?t=29 and you didnt listen
Yes but everyone deserves second chance.If this was toxic then really what is bakaprase and tyler1 doing...
rèV (EUW)
: You didn't get permabanned because 1 bad word in 6 days, you got permabanned because you already got punished 2 times before the permaban and you still you couldn't stop talking. If you have 2 strikes on your account, why can't you just play the game without typing anything? Is it that hard? Why do you trust yourself to type resonable things in chat if you already got punished twice before? If you want to report someone, then report him. You don't need to tell anyone that you will. Same applies to your team mates. Don't tell them what to do, let them report/honor whoever they want. I really, really don't understand how people can't play this game without saying anything without substance. And what do you mean? "Who will give me back at least a lot of hours spent 1800+ games and my 150 euros?" You can't be serious. You are responsible for your account, you brought this to yourself. Why would anyone give you any money back, that you spend yourself because you wanted to. I doubt your mother forced you to buy anything in this game. And if you think the time you spend is wasted and you couldn't convert any of these 1800 games into a fun or worthwhile experience, why did you even keep playing? I get, that ignorance is a bless. But better keep it to yourself instead of exposing yourself like that.
Actually this is my second punishment(14days was first this is second dont know where u read 2 punishment thenban..
: Sorry for you, but don't lose hope. New runes system would refresh the game, would make it like a new game. Make another account and level it up when the new system hits. And also make account on EUW.
Who will give me back at least a lot of hours spent 1800+ games and my 150 euros?I will level up in 10 years if someone can give me at least 20%( ofmoneyspent(im not asking)...my a friends on ne..I wont lose hope thanks again!!!
: Sorry for you, but don't lose hope. New runes system would refresh the game, would make it like a new game. Make another account and level it up when the new system hits. And also make account on EUW.
Who will give me back at least a lot of hours spent 1800+ games and my 150 euros?I will level up in 10 years if someone can give me at least 20%( ofmoneyspent(im not asking)...my a friends on ne..
: > [{quoted}](name=Monsieur Kast,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=k7RQB60U,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-09-14T20:07:18.819+0000) > > How come that you think the chat log is edited? If you do such accusations, please back it up with evidence. "DarkTitan7: she's bad (I meant that on emy team)" "DarkTitan7: %%%ing babysit (ONLY RUDE WORD)" i meant that i would like to see raw chat log, no edits or justifications.
Ok np tomorrow when i come back from school
: Thats a ton of negativity in 1 game alone. Deserved.
Negativity? Where my boy?Rudestt word %%%n and stfu
DarkTitan7 (EUNE)
: I got perma banned for saying 1 rude word in 6 days :(
Look guys it was toxic but not toxic for perma ban.There are evwn more toxic persons than me that are literally getting honors for flaming.Yes i told report xin because was running down mid(few times) and just hitting the minions while lux was killing him.I can accept the fact that i was a little toxic but a very very little.And hkw was i supossed to know that its my final warning Bakaprase got 15 days ban and i thought that there are even higher bans than that.I wasted my time there.On 1 point im happy for perma and 1 not.Im happy because i was obssesed with game and thats all i can do because i live in village where is literally no life and i cant afford other place.But im not happy because i played the game a lot spent a lot of time met a lot of cool and toxic guys and i spend a lot of money if i get chat muted till end of my life on lol i wouls be happy.Chat log was not edited expect () and thats he first game where i said anything worse than you are good(good in positive)
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Encrux (EUW)
: climbing is not about individual games. Climbing is about performing consistantly over a large amount of games. The chance of your teammate influencing your progress is way too low for it to be worth paying attention to. Complaining about teammates isn't going to do anything. You won't get better, they won't stop going 0/8 and in the end, you'll just discourage everyone - including yourself. The only thing that's gonna change something about your elo is your own skill. You can work on that actively, instead of hoping for riot to "fix their system"
My problem is that I can't carry always i get fed i roam they're lane but they're lane is overfed..
Encrux (EUW)
: Hey man, The only way you will climb the ladder is by ignoring external factors like teammates and only focus on your own improvement. There's no use complaining about something you have no influence about. The only variable you have influence on in this game is yourself. cheers, Encrux
How are you supposed to ignore them when they are 0 8 0 20 ? it's ggwp {{summoner:4}}


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