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: this is just not what i want to hear man i lost last game because my adc decided to frontline. He got cocky because their yasuo RQ for a short time. Enemy team ended up winning because he kept frontlining for some reason. The enemy ezreal begun lane with an extra long sword and we still managed to win lane. I'm not a bad support, i win lane very easily. But this doesn't' matter at all if my adc doesn't know how to play the game. But I can't keep losing game and having to blame my adc, eventhough they are the key reason. I just can't keep doing this. If you look at my match history, i've had 4 of the worst ADCs in a row. first one trist: sat on 2k gold, i gave her a 3/0, we lost that game 2nd one lucian: intentionally fed, eventhough were ahead. 3rd one lucian: said he mained adc, comes to lane and E into the enemy and died. did this 4 times, we ff 4th game Graves: frontline, the game was so won that the enemy yasuo RQ for while, we lost. I've played support for so long, i've watched and learned from many people. I am past the basic stage, my friend. I don't need to be told these things. I honestly feel crazy right now, I feel like i'm going insane. If i have all of the skills of a support ticked, why am I losing so much. I can't keep blaming my team, but if they just did their part, I would win all my games. But that just doesnt happen. I honestly feel like I am cursed. Plat elo and i need to beg my adcs to push for lvl 2 and use their trinket for lvl 3 gank. What I really need right now is for someone to tell me I'm not crazy. Like I honestly wish I could stream this bullshit. Does it really need to be said that my ADC shouldn't be frontlining against a Nautilus? pings dont work, words dont work. in theory the world is amazing, but you have to understand that adc just arent on par yet. There is not a single game where i have to either push for lvl 2 myself or ask my adc to do it. And if you cant do these basic things, there just isnt point asking them to do anything else because it's above them. Like the enemy ADCs i get laned against sometimes, make me honestly question if im getting the stupid adcs. Like they will push for level 2, do everything by the book and give me a hell of a time. Meanwhile i am babysitting my adc and i am just exhausted. the mentality i have is very bad, but it didnt just come out from no where. I honestly just want someone to come out and tell me this whole new thing I've never heard of before which apparently has flown across my eyes, which will completely change my games. If you put me into a master/challenger game, i will be able to keep up. But im not master, im stuck in plat elo where we still need to learn what lvl 2 is and why you shouldnt sit on 2k gold for 5mins, and why you shouldnt frontline as adc. I just don't understand why I'm a failure at everything in life. I have to give up doing everything because I fking suck.
Oh man I know that feeling. It's true no guides can truly help this problem. However if I had something to propose it is 1st... Duo bot 2nd and even better, get some friends start a ranked team. It's much more challenging but at least you know you can communicate...Salute to this forsaken summoner ifeel you bro
: i want the solo Q guide. Not the LCS guide
Don't dissmiss so easily such of advice, as it may seem too advanced for you at the moment but sooner or later it will become quite important. 2nd Judging from you answer you are either low elo or not interested on such kind of answer. Anyways I am low elo as well so I'm gonna go for more practical and basic advices as about laning phase and general support playstyle. 1ST In lane there are 2 things you must do to carry. As the Father Tios said, yourself won't carry but you'll see the outcome of your efforts later on. One thing is too protect your adc, help him get cs or even give him the chance to deal some damage on the enemies (preferably on the enemy adc), for example grab the enemy adc with thresh but don't go all in if you think they got more damage , just give your adc the chance to land some hits. The other thing in lane is to deny the enemy adc of cs. What I mean is try to poke them, try to make them either lose a creep or take it and lose hp. Of course having a champ like leona means you'll have to go in and obviously you 'll receive some damage as well, but with a thresh/blitz/morgana/karma your poke, grabs and ranged attacks can be really painful. VERY IMPORTANT. If you see that your adc is kinda unskilled or the enemy has a pretty destructive all in combo (they have graves leona while you have ashe and morgana) just focus on protecting your adc play defensively and ask jungler/midlaner for gank. 2ND Crucial for a support is ward placement. There are several videos online about warding that you can see but I'll try to summarize it for ya. A support must always have a sightstone ( I hope you know what sighstone is :P ) and once you buy it change the yellow trinket for red trinket. That way you do 2 things. Give vision on crucial parts of the map, while denying enemy vision. Now as about where to place wards, you have to assume where will the game mostly take place in the next 3 minutes. For example, laning phase/ early game has ended and your team is at mid trying to push but your adc is pushing hard on bot without finding opposition and the drake is up on 40 secs. You go and place wards on the enemy jungle so that your adc can push safely and one ward on drake. 3RD If you have been a good supp, your adc will probably be able to do what its name says. That doesn't mean your job is over, eventhough if your adc is to cocky on chat tell him "hey mate wanna go again with no supp" :P. From this point, depending on the champion you have and the game score, you either protect or engage, or try to do both in teamfights while still warding crucial objectives ( baron, drake, possible trap or teamfight locations) So if you are trying to climb the ladder and "carry" as a supp, which means make your team op, make them win trades buy supporting them, amplifying their damage, and ruining the enemy damage, the champion I advise you are. 1. Karma (great skillset that can be used defensively and offensively with great poke and burst if fed) 2. Thresh ( the king of supports, can engage, get your champs to safety with w, zoning with his ult, scales great into late game but early game he is kinda squishy) 3. Leona ( she ain't gonna die if she has w. Can go all in has superb cc, can help adc at farming with her passive and great for wombo combo teams) 4.Morgana (great poke, amazing ult, can ruin any enemy cc and therefore the absolut counter to the 2 previous) 5. Blitz(if you can grab the enemy adc, your job is done, also his w can help with warding and roaming) 6. Janna ( this is a full protect champ, i wouldn't recommend her with an op early adc, but for late game monsters such as vayne and kog maw, janna is great, with shield, disengage, and heal) 7. Rengar( ok this one is if you want to have fun, go get face of the mountain and sightstone as "supp items", and then build damage. I love going into the bush jumping on the enemy with q and back. And if you go too low heal with w. CAUTION try this only on normal and if the enemy has leona... well the sorry mate you lost the bet :P ) That's it anymore questions were these advices helpful? As a non native english speakr if you find any mistakes plz help me out, it's the only way for me to improve myself.


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