Smerk (EUW)
: You lost me at pay2win part, what is this game you're talking about?
The thing is, if you play this game, make it for a short time, don't dedicate to it. It's WORTHLESS. I said pay to win, yes, pay a lot of nerves, a lot of good disposition etc, and accquire a lot of hate. Just an advice. Or just play it, but for not rankeds, like all noobs.
: Please change Kled's ban quote
Better change your idiot brain, idiot. The only reason a new champ is made is to be banned, to make money from idiots, and to ruin games when the same idiots don't ban him. Maybe you ban him, but you still don't see any evidence.
: i just hit gold and was wondering is it possible to go back down to silver ?
Better go back to other game. |This game is full of noobs, retards, spastic apes, stupid programmers, many skins, pay to win game, and others.
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