: Urf is live now.
I know dude, but I mean after this, will there be more this year? I cant really play much on these recent weekends...
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Agidyne (EUW)
: WARNING: GOLD+ ONLY THREAD. Silver & Bronze entries are unauthorized
i'd rush to gold if i didnt get banned in september rippi in kippi
: I had Malph yesterday against Shaco. Still don't know how we won that game, but those ult-chains were quite funny.
ult chains are fun,if your team isnt pushing top,farming jungle or going to krugs pretending they are one of them
Luis Sc (EUW)
: i got 2 sets of 2 pages - i used RP for it - bought kindred a few days ago but haven't tried it yet - i just thought it was cool to get a champion on "release" :D
same as me i bought tahm bundle as soon as it was out, but now i kind of regret it i dont play much tahm :( but damn at least 1 rune page would be op (like tank rune page) , 2 just isnt good...
Vulthun (EUW)
: Premades ruin one for all.
i was forced to play malphite because 3 of premades chose him. "he is fun hurdur" . shit, that was the most unfun game ever, especialy when you get matched against some op champ
: New Champion Selection HUD !!! RITO PLOX!
"i main hookers" btw it sucks imo
Luis Sc (EUW)
: https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3546/3329956530_84c8613816.jpg How much IP / RP is each page ? You did blow all your hard earnings on that new champ, didn't you !?
I um actualy dont like kindred gg tho i bought wukong recently , rip and you can only get 2 pages for 1 , so its 6.3k for 2
: Dear botlane premades ^_^
had a game today with 4 premades, all wanted to report me for trolling... and i was one of 2 of us who tried to carry
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bluefox (EUW)
: Suggestion: Player Skin Wishlist
We also need the list of skins we own!
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Don't click this
i am a rebel.
Noibla (EUW)
: League of Puns
{{champion:67}} : Evil {{champion:99}} around every corner! {{champion:74}} : Ah,the sweet smell of {{champion:14}} s! {{champion:126}} : {{champion:85}} engaged. {{champion:107}} : Aaaahhhhh, {{champion:64}} ... {{champion:120}} : Their souls beg for {{champion:60}} . All the credit to ThePentaT from youtube!
: He is retiring after 5 seasons, 6 LCS finales and 5 world championships. Dyrone pls 750/750
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Xrozz (EUW)
: lol first season and banned.. sorry but this is funny {{champion:35}}
It is from some point of view, i find it funny now too {{champion:62}}
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: What is the n word? Nice? Neat? Notable? Naive? Naked? Naruto? Nation? Natrium?
: Thank you Riot! :)
I so wish i got this D: sadly,got banned at start of september, so i dont get the obligation of this message. rip
: They buy them or get access to them by fans
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Pokku (EUNE)
: Congratulations! I'm still stuck in Silver One and I'm not sure I'll be able to make it in time to Gold :(
lucky you , im s2 and got banned in september, this is my first season gg life
: Yeah it is about equality, the ones that want female dominance isn't feminism it's feminazis...
nah feminism is pretty calm, while feminazis are raging all dayz
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Trust me I'm dia smurf. I'm a support main. My friend really good support.
but... i am a support main http://0.media.dorkly.cvcdn.com/34/31/14414c106c3105ee8ea91602fbdb30d6.gif
: you're not :P i'm not really exited either, kindred looks super cool but i don't think i will play it
i dont get how her ult can be beneficial exept from tanking the turrets .. toot that aint much
Solash (EUW)
: Kindred has been delayed yet again until next week...
seems like im the only one not exited for her :O :/
: "_10 seconds later our mid laner dies in 1v1 with their mid laner_" **"OMG noob jungler no gank"** Yup
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: I liked the days when garen served as a tank not a tank and the carry and triple the damage of any AP carry while being full tank.
TTekkers (EUW)
: That's blind pick. I normally play Team Builder since my main roles are never long queues :D
My main role is support so id find it always on blind pick :D but there are those times, when you get bored of supporting and just wana go in other lanes
Neonchan (EUW)
: Hmm let's see, the vayne you played against had as highest damage dealt per AA 936, which gives her a maximum of of 1872 + 12% of your max health (BotrK, as the first hit needs to deal more than half of the damage, the second hit dealt at max 4% of your max health). Just from base stats and items (can't see runes/masteries in matchview) you had 3069 life and 170.8 armor which translates to 5241.852 effective health. After removing the BotrK proc you are left with 4612.82976 effective health...Vayne had 936 damage dealt with her highest crit. Yeah that slighly doesn't work out for a 2 shot kill, no matter the amount of capslock used. Also all numbers are allreasy rigged in your favor, as this calculated armor twice and ignored all defensive runes and masteries you might have had
i just read that her highest crit in that match was 1415dmg :O btw,can you explain me botrk? I play for some time but i never understood it. Like why is vayne op when she gets botrk? Also the active, how does that help you, exept giving you movement speed {{item:3153}} Also no way i had 3k life, the only item that gave me hp was rylai and liandry :O
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Soraka and Braum are ok-ish. I'm enjoying Leona more ( "next time, try. to leave. a dent." That emote kills me everytime ) anda mocinha to the Cow, Janna and Thresh :)
TTekkers (EUW)
: Yea, I normally play Braum support since he can be either aggressive or defensive in lane and it doesn't matter, and he has ok engage and great disengage/peel, and I can play him decently :P I do think that playing a single champion well is better than 4-5 mediocre-ly, but having a selection of say, Braum, Janna, Leona, Thresh, Soraka would make rounding off team comps so much easier.
But the lanes were so weird, azir adc,garen "support",teemo top with vayne against me..
: I think I saw the problem with that match. Not the first two paragraphes, only the last explains everything I need to know. Better luck next time-
that only happened at the latest part of the game, earlier we somehow worked out to their inhib together, idk why.. but the solo happened a lot at some points too
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Link the game-- I want to see what he built-- I want that much HP too :) Maybe you could build some of his items so you don't get 2-shotted ?
http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1257603730/216811538 :)
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M4nhunt66 (EUNE)
: Looking at current state of teams in groups at Worlds.
> [{quoted}](name=M4nhunt66,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=0VTNnX3K,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-04T14:57:42.760+0000) > > waving my dick in front of screen i loled
galH11 (EUNE)
: i told all mah friends: "you'll see origen will win BIG you're gonna have an amazing surprise!!!" and i was so fckin right im still hyped about that game
i dont watch worlds, so on pick'em i just picked the teams that i know that have good players xD wish i picked origen they are last on list :(
: Finally
My friend has 250k with rengar, last time i checked he had 150k,he _**STRICTLY**_ plays rengar xD
RöRö (EUW)
: CONTEST: Name for a main Sona account?
Are you asking for names for a sona main,i didnt get your post? If so, i'd go for BJ Sona (if you know what i mean :3)
: Shaco needs rework!
he also has a shitty walking animation, pls vu xD
Starpelt (EUW)
: I ate Pizza today
I um.... actually.... dont.... like pizza DUNDUNDUNDUUUUUUN.
Jaywilf (EUW)
: Your Current Ranked Division: **Silver 3** Are You Happy In This Division?: **Yeah im happy with what my rank, it got into it straight after placements and considering it was my first time in ranked it made it even better ^^** How Did You Get To This Division: **I got into it after placements** Your Main Champion (MAXIMUM 2): **That would be yi and shyvana** What Have You Done That You Feel Has Had An Impact On The LOL Community (This can be negative or postive, don't worry I don't judge): **I've helped a few new players and given people tips for champs during games, but overall i dont really talk enough to have a large imapct** State 1 Skin/Champion You Would Like If You Won: **Project yi, its such a pretty skin o.o**
: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
Even tho youre on EUW, i wana say this anyway cuz i want to xD Silver 2 Id go to gold, but i dont get ranked rewards this year, cuz i got troll reported :( Got it with 5 wins 5 losses. I think that means i had high mmr. Thresh is my only main, but i love playing any role, especially jungle recently :D Ive made some friends, and we are basicaly a group of guys who never fight over anything :D _not important since,as stated,youre eune :D_
: It is on the PBE so hang in there :)
: not everybody has skype, and not everybody wants to have their league friends on some social media
Yeah like when there is a few years difference in age :D
Sky8800 (EUW)
: This is on PBE at the moment but when it comes to live it will be useful for you: http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/519-pbe-cycle.html#chat When this comes simply create a chatroom, invite the other person and you are set! Edit: The other person has to be online to accept the invite, but that is just one step, then you can message that person by chatting in your private chatroom. The other person will see that message when he or she comes back online.
Oh ive seen that, but didnt go in in details, thanks man :)
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