: Especially this season, there has been a lot of "soft inting" going on. For those of you who don't know what soft inting is, it means a player who is deliberately losing the game by doing subtle things that guide the game towards a loss. Example behavior is refusing to help an ally by acting like you are blind, being in a team fight and intentionally missing skillshots and refusing to attack the enemy. Getting caught "accidentally" at a crucial moment in a spot where he should have never been in like face checking a brush when he knows the enemy is in the area. These are all things that should be punished but Riot's system simply can't detect it and it ruins the whole experience for everyone. And let's not forget the snowflake junglers who are the most selfish players in the entire game, refusing to help lanes if the laners even dare to ask nicely for a gank. I mean, you can ping the enemy who is basically under your tower with 500 hp, the easiest kill of your life, and the jungler just says "muted and reported" and refuses to come top because you used pings a few times to get his attention. It's safe to say that this kind of behavior triggers me to no end. People tend to say that people always blame the jungler. Truth be told though, it most likely is their fault at least partially most of the time. Very rarely any death is the fault of just one player. If a laner has asked the jungler to come because the enemy is an easy kill if he comes and is overextending, if the laner dies, it's both the laner's fault for dying and the jungler's fault for not helping a teammate who is baiting the enemy to stay for him. Ofc, if the jungler explicitly tells the laner that he is not coming (can't come, otherwise it's trolling), then it's purely the laner's fault.
Good point, but this cannot be changed or punished due to the fact that junglers are **not obligated** to help lanes. Yes, they are **supposed to**, but not obligated. This is the sad truth to it. I wish Riot would introduce punishment/counter-measure against these kind of people, who ruin games, caring about no one but themselves.
: No! This is what this game evolved! Beside getting the best KDA there is b playing braind dead latest of the mill buffed champs there is nothing for every other role! Meaning, tanks waiting for last hits, or staying behind their teammates and not engaging! Or even better, supports champs being picked just bcs they can last hit everything int heir sights ( pyke!)! Atleast in Heroes of the Storm, you can become the best in the game, if you achieve milestones ( healing, dmg migitating etc etc and not just dmg)! -.- I just said, this kind of biheviour is completely normal!!!
This is still looking like Riot endorses this behavior. And actually I agree with you, since no counter-measures taken against this behavior. Reports mean nothing, no one is taken seriously.
: Its more like this: 'I am better in this game then others so I will take all kills! After all I am pro!' Then, the moment he gets 2 kills and you die bcs he waited, then youa re inting, trolling and whatnot XD Completely normal in this game!
You suggest Riot endorses this behaviour
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sirDarts (EUW)
: So are with instalock, where you are going to play is 90+% of the time clear from your champion and summoner spells.
Naaah, like there is no rule to which champ where you can take, so one cannot know for sure. Besides, Teemo is good anywhere :D
sirDarts (EUW)
: Yeah, instalock and instacall is exactly the same thing. No difference.
Well not really because when instacall people at least know what you are up to
: i meant that what matters in this game is the rule of no flamerino...not your post. blind pick no rules, ranked no rules, only thing that matter in fact is no flamerino...you can pick what you want where you want, go feed like hell, go troll teamates, spam ping your teammates, steal jungler camps, what ever you name it... you can do that.
True, but still... More flamers than instalockers/feed-like-hell-ers/trolls/ping-spammers(thats not always a bad thing)/jungle-camp-stealings :D
Smerk (EUW)
: No, instalock is not fair, but call order also isn't. So overall it doesn't matter, with two bad choices you will be screwed no matter what
Lel, true story. But there is the thing in Summoners Code: 4th code: ****Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else's Expense****
Smerk (EUW)
: Blind pick has no special rules. Do whatever you want as long as you follow Summoner's Code and ToU. You're not breaking any rules by instalocking, just as you don't by picking second mid or top or even third jungler
Yea I know, that's why " "rules" " not "rules". But because one able to not justifies it. Do you think instalock is fair and good?
: they should remove blind pick and change it with a "draft without banning" and no champion requirement. you just select your lane and play. it would benefit new players that can't play draft yet since they don't have enough champs as they wouldn't have to be forced to play with toxic teammates (and those who steal roles could be punished) i know that it would need a lot more thought put into it but i'm just suggesting here :)
I think the reason why people still play Blind is because of the fast queue. Your suggestion would prolong that queue, but yeah, it would be much better to everyone know their own position and not getting their champ banned.
Arnoter (EUW)
: > So everybody knows the "rules" of blind pick, you wrote first the lane you get the lane No. Just lock in your Champ and you are fine, if Riot wont allow it, they would disable that function.
True story, but not an egoist nor having specific lanes I want to play :D
: You're correct with those quotation marks! It's not an official rule, because it would be a broken one. People with better internet and faster PCs could call their role quicker, and even then it's still going to cause dispute. Two years back when I still played Blind Pick, people actually saw the chat in a different order. So it didn't even matter who called first, the other person was still first on their screen. --- It can be annoying that people just force themselves into roles, but by queueing up for Blind Pick and not Draft, you're saying that you're fine with that.
Yea I remember that time (this is a second account) but at the time it was much cooler atmosphere. And yea, I wouldn't I'm fine with that, but I can play and enjoy pretty much any role.
: rule is pick> call = instalocker is right, you are a troll if you pick mid after he instalocked
How can it be that the instalockers are free to do what they want and then leaves everyone else to adjust to him/her? Do you think this is right?
: blind pick, there are no rules, teh only rule that matter in this game/company is no flamerino rule
If you meant the offensive words in this post I removed them with **** hope it's better ;) Wait wha. It made the text thicker :D Ok just remade the text
: Illaoi is the prettiest princess ever so don't you dare to mention her name and compare her to some cheap looking female champions!
I hope you say this for real. She is trully one of the hottest champs with her new skin which is coming now
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Possible (EUW)
: Plat is nowhere near the level that Riot balances the game for...
Possible (EUW)
: Its also a fact that both Rengar and Kha’Zix are more seen at the competitive level and Zed is nowhere to be found. Using common sense that Riot balances their game around competitive play in the opinion of Riot they are stronger. And kills and deaths do not mean a champion is weak/strong. I can go 0/20/0 on Tristana and still win a game by just destroying towers with my E.
These all Plat+ tier datas. But almost the same in all tier when comes to Zed. And kils/deaths does show that the kit is forgiving or not. Zed's forgiving
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Zed's kit is not easy to use nor is it forgiving though.
It's easy to learn to an acceptable level, but I agree it takes much time to fully master him. It is forgiving with a decent level of IQ. Like, if the player used to Hit 'n' run tactics he is a piece of cake
Possible (EUW)
: Rengar and Kha’zix are both way stronger.
As of now (20/02/2018): http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend {{champion:238}} (mid): 49,46% winrate, 5,46% playpercent (2nd most played midlaner), 4,01% banrate (4th most banned), 8.47 kills avarage/game (5th of all champs, 3rd of mid), 5,88 avarage death/game (39th/all, 12th/midlaners). {{champion:107}} (top): 50,42% winrate, 0,66% playpercent (150th/all, 37th/toplaner), 0,44% banrate (71th most banned), 7,47 kills avarage/game (26th of all champs, 2nd of top), 6,19 avarage death/game (20th/all, 5th/toplaners). {{champion:107}} ({{summoner:11}} ): 48,30% winrate, 3,73% playpercent (60th/all, 11th/jungler), 0,44% banrate (71th most banned), 7,50 kills avarage/game (17th of all champs, 7th of jungle), 6,10 avarage death/game (27th/all, 6th/jungler). {{champion:121}} ({{summoner:11}} ) (he has no data as other laner!): 49,81% winrate, 8,27% playpercent (14th/all, 3rd/jungler), 2,92% banrate (9th most banned), 7,93 kills avarage/game (10th of all champs, 2nd of jungle), 5,43 avarage death/game (96th/all, 22th/jungler). As you can see, Zed (even though less winrate but): more played, more banned, more kills, less death FOR A REASON. And these information are not my imagination, they are FACTS
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Eh, there is also a fact here. Whether a champion is strong or not is not a matter of opinion. It does depend on the skill level though.
It does depend of a champs mistake-forgivingness. An easily utilizeable forgiving kit means a strong champ, like Zed
Possible (EUW)
: I main adc assassins are my worst nightmare when they are actually strong Zed just is not.
Zed is by far the strongest assassin even if the player not in-depths with him, he is still easily utilizeable because of his forgiving kit
Febos (EUW)
: What I said about comebacks isn't entirely true. It's possible to comback, but the odds are very slim, unless, like I said, you are playing a very specific comp. Here is a great website that will teach you a lot: [Twisted Treeline Bibble](http://www.theshadowisles.com/) The Twisted Treeline is a map I hold dear even though I don't play it regularly. Unfortunately the TT community is very small which makes it harder for their voice to be heard. To "fix" TT they'd need to reimagine the entire thing again. My "bandages" are only temporary.
Is it likely to be a "reimagine"?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I would suggest to kinda ignore reasons given in the patch notes. If you want to find actuall reasons for buffs and nerfs you can try here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner or here: http://www.surrenderat20.net/ Ussually actuall reasons for buffs or nerfs are simply that champion is too strong or too weak and Riot has to change **SOMETHING** to place them in a better place and then they give some made up explanation in the patch notes. With actuall reasons patch notes would be pretty short and boring.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >(middle) Rework realesed. Alright, that's cool, he needed that, BUT not as much as other characters (MORDEKAISER, Nunu, Mundo, Malphite, Rumble, etc.). Well morde got a rework already so it's better to give swain a turn even if he does need another rework. Also rumble doesn't need a rework at all and nunu is fine currently even if his kit is a bit outdated. >(middle) gets nerfed, with the excuse that his early was too strong. No, it wasn't. It was too much for Zed and Yasuo players maybe... His early game was way too strong. This clearly shows your level of understanding about the game. >(strong) Ultimate buff. Jhin was strong enough, there was no need for him to be buffed. And the excuse for it is super dumb. The buff was not anything big at all and jhin is definitely not strong. He is weak in the current meta and that is reflected in his win rate. He has the third lowest win rate of any adc and 8th lowest win rate in the whole game. That says something. He is so bad that even i dodge whenever i get him in my team. >huge passive nerf. Yet again another dumb nerf. Kata did not needed it. She was almost the most balanced character. And the excuse is the most stupidest thing I ever heard "Even when she is shut down in lane, Katarina's high base damage helps her leave the laning phase relevant, even in losing matchups." So basically Kata was nerfed because she didn't needed others? No that is not what they said at all. The point was that you couldn't effectively shut her down by dominating her in lane. The dagger damage nerf was deserved. >huge buff. The most insane shit I seen since that Xin mini-rework. YI DID NOT IN ANY WAY NEEDED IT. He was already THE first choice to take to jungle if you just want a relaxing game. The most common jungler after Lee Sin. His kit allowed him to be easy-killer from the start. Well, I also believe that he also didn't needed nerf. He DESPERATELY needs an visual update, and could get a mini-rework. He needed a buff but this was not the correct one. He is also getting a gameplay update anyway and doesn't need a visual update. >(middle) nerf. His Ultimate got now a trait, that if activated a champ-freezing item (zhonya/stopwatch/wooglets), his ultimate will cancel. It now makes him more vulnerable, and he definitely did not needed this. If you mean that he didn't need this nerf you couldn't be more wrong about it. This interaction didn't make any sense as his ult was supposed to be canceled if he was hit by a hard cc and yet he could use zhonya which is basically a self hard cc and still channel his ult. This meant that he could always get away from a bad situation. A get-away-from-jail-for-free card. He could split push, overextend like a mad man, get collapsed on by 3 enemies and then just r+z to safety without any risks and meanwhile his team takes a free objective elsewhere because they just wasted 3 people chasing a guy who can't get caught. You do not see these plays in low elo so i can understand that you can't see the strength of that interaction. >serious buff. Really? Buffing... TRYNDAMERE? He, like Yi is your first take if you want a really relaxing, button-smashing game. He did not needed this buff. Serious buff? Where? His ad growth buff basically gives him a longsword at level 18 which is very minimal and his ratio buff on spin is a joke because he doesn't build much flat ad anyway or use spin to deal damage at a phase where this ratio buff would do something. Yeah he really didn't need it but calling this a strong buff is a joke. > (weak) nerf. I believe the staff of Riot have a punchbag with Nunu drawn on it. They buffed nunu and then hot nerfed his numbers because they were too high. Still a buff though overall, not a nerf. >(strong) buff. Fair, if you want Ekko as a jungler. Unfair if you still think of him as a laner. Not a strong buff. A minor quality of life buff that does help him in the jungle a bit. He is a laner though and not a jungler. >(strong) nerf. Maybe there is a god... Wait, nope, still not. The nerf on him was non-existent. The real nerf was the nerf on kleptomancy. >(strong) balance/nerf. Can't really decide. A buff. It was a buff. Still just a minor one though. >(weak) buff. This is the buff that later in this same patch they nerfed back. A strong buff. This change made a dead, dodge-on-sight champion viable again (too strong actually and that's why there was the hot nerf). > (weak) nerf. HE DID NOT IN ANY WAY NEEDED TO BE NERFED. Is there anyone playing him anyway? He definitely needed the nerf. Way too broken champion. Now he is tolerable. He had an ult that allowed engage that was impossible to dodge without a flash or other dashes and he could use it TWICE during some team fights. That's how short its cd was. Also he couldn't be traded with in lane at all because he just won every trade. >(strong) buff. Yes, I'd say it's a buff, because now he don't have to worry about minions taking down his W. While this was a buff, it was only a very minor one which was only given to him because of the changes to minion aggro. So overall, this was a nerf. >(middle) buff. Good, she needed it, but still nowhere compared to other healer supports. And she shouldn't be. She is one of those champions that are recommended for new players to learn the game but then realize that the champion is bad against skilled opponents. Just like garen and yi. The buff was fine but nothing too fancy. >these changes are according to LCS players. But seriously thou. Is it true? Yes, it is mostly true that the game is generally balanced around pro play but there is a very good reason for it. Pro players and other high elo players are the ones that can play the champions with their full potential (or at least close to it), which means that they can show what a champion is truly capable of. >Because if it is true, then it's like the economy is aligned to the rich. As things now I would say that Riot does not pays attention to the avarage player. They do pay attention to the average player but when it comes to balancing, they do not and they never should. An average player is not good enough on any champion to use them to their full potential or even close to it. Balancing the game around pro play and high elo has FAR less cons than what balancing around low elo would have. As an example, do you know how horribly broken azir was around his release? He was a pick or ban in both lcs and soloq. But guess what? he had a 47% win rate. This means that if the game was balanced around average players, he would have been BUFFED instead of nerfed to the ground. What do you think a balancing like that would do to a game, huh? It would destroy it. Now take a champion that is very good in low elo but bad in high elo like yi or garen. They would be NERFED and they would be completely unusable in high elo. As we can see, there is a much better balance in power between champions when balanced around pro play instead of average players. >There should be no such champs, there should be no meta! LoL should be a game, where everyone can find what they looking for in a specificall champ uneffected by the meta! Yeah but we live in a real world and not in fantasy. A meta is not decided by riot but the players. If you were given the power to make balance changes to this game, there would still be a meta. Always. You can't change that fact. There is always the best way to play the game. > I mean, if for me I liked the playstyle of Veigar, then Veigar should be on the same level as other mages, and my skill should differ me and be rewarding/punishing. Well first off, veigar is better than an average mage atm. Secondly, the skill of the player does matter. That's why we have people in different ranks and tiers. If you are terrible at veigar, you will lose elo and if you are good, you will gain elo. That's how it goes. A champion should not become overpowered just because someone knows how to play it (old azir). >Assassin: Zed, Fizz Neither of them are easy, and neither of them are strong. You just don't know the depth those champions have. Watch someone like LL stylish play zed and you notice there is a lot of stuff you simply can't do with your current skill. >Fighter: Darius, Yasuo Darius is easy but not that strong atm. That's why he is getting a buff. Yasuo is hard. Again the lack of understanding about the game is blinding you. >Mage: Vel'koz, Lux Yes those champions are not that hard but people still somehow tend to feed on them. Lux is not a good champ but vel'koz is fine. >Marksman: Varus, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn MF is easy but the other 2 or really not. They got more to them than what meets the eye. >Support: Braum, Thresh, Leona Eh, strong yes but not easy. Thresh is arguably one of the hardest champions in the game and leona can't be as easy as you think considering they always feed. She has the highest death count of any conventional tank support. People also tend to be bad at using the shield as braum. >My opinion is, every champ should be unique, and have a fair shot, unlike now. Sure it would be ideal but simply not possible. We can always aim to be as close that that state as possible which is what is happening right now.
Thank you for this great and detailed response! About that Rumble rework: maybe not an overall rework, but maybe a visuall update for his Rumble in Jungle and Bilgewater skins. Azír: I played Azir before the mini-rework, and after. And for me, after still lame and weak. And now he is even weaker. But ok, I really stopped playing him for a while now and didn't really met him in a while, so maybe I just still angry because of his kit-change. Jhin: maybe. He certainly needs more skills than the other adc's, and thats what his winrate shows. But if you put it this way, maybe you're right. Kata: with this excuse ZED should be nerfed. You can't effectively shut him down by dominating him in lane. Assassins just this way. Yi: well, I think he needs a visuall update on his basic and older skins, but a gameplay update is good. Ryze: Yea, I get it that high-elo players who master him are insanely good, but he is already such a far reach for an avarage player. And let's not talk about sense when it comes to this game... Trynda: not strong, but serious buff. The strong buff would be something you easily utilize, a serious which makes the champ more crafty Nunu: nah, Nunu still really weak champ. #reworknunu Ekko: ok. Ezreal: so if you nerf a champs ability that does not means the champ was nerfed? Jinx: ok. Nunu buff: still weak. His kit is too old and slow paced. Ornn: it's about 3 month I did not met an Ornn. Not on my main D IV account, not with this unranked accout where I play with variety of tiers. Pantheon: his kit made him already a strong champion compared to other top-laners. Visuall update needed. Sona: :/ LCS + economy: ok. True that the avarage player can't fully unleash the potential of a champ, but if those champs who take effort to play at its full power gets nerfed because they do too good when the player have mastered the champ, people won't play them and these disguisting champs like Zed are in the spotlight. Meta: well, I would try. Veigar: he have really low surviveability compared to other mages, but true that in overall he is better. Zed, Fizz: both of them strong, both of them easy. Now, when I say "easy" mean that their kit allows them to be strong for the avarage player, and while it's true that there is so much more they can offer in higher elo, low elo players are good with them for this reason. They both: high mobility, high dmg, high survive ability (both can become invulnerable), and Fizz have serious cc with his ult. By knowing these and being able to utilize this even a little bit makes champ easy. But yet again, it's just my personal view. Darius, yas: I would not say that Darius is not strong. He is a pretty straight forward, and really feed-sensitive. About Yasuo: I play that champ, so calling him hard would be self-promoting ;) Lux: like the assassins, Lux is the kind of champ whose kit is easily utilizeable for the avarage player. She is the most straightforward mage if you ask me. Marksmans: you misunderstood me here. Not necessarilly the easiest, but the common choices these are. And with a good reason. Varus's kit is strong and straightforward, Caitlyn is easily utilizeable after learning her a bit. Supports: as you said, incompatible players with high skill cap champs, yet these are your avarage choices in bronze-dia. Thresh needs timing and guts, Leona timing. Braum's kit is not straightforward, but easily utilizeable. Uniqueness: as far as I'm concerned I understand that it is not possible, but still. Many champs are just "y thou". Not all champ have a fair shot, and while not all the kits are same, the skill cap should be.
Possible (EUW)
: You lack gameknowledge. You think Zed is strong(he is not) you think nunu is weak yet he is getting picked at the highest level and worst of all you say Ryze didnt need that nerf? Cmon you’ve got to be kidding.
: I dont think they needed to increase azirs cooldowns after decreasing his range and lowering his damage. I also agree that kata was okay too but its not made unplayable by these changes. It does seem they only think about the early game with most of those. After 20-30min yasuo has 100% crit chance and very low cooldowns compared to most champions. If youre not a tank or fed youre going to have a bad time. A 0/3 early game yasuo can go 12/4 but if that would be a ryze thats not happening. I sometimes feel like riot only puts its focus on the pro or very high elo players which are obviously not the majority and makes it quite difficult for the rest. Yi might be broken in bronze but unplayable in diamond..
Yea, about Kata I never said that she became unplayable, but now she is really "y thou" choice. I wouldn't say that Yi is unplayable in diamond, just as you said, high-elo players, with meta champs better off against Yi then bronze-gold players with non-meta champs and effort
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DasIstNyul,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nAeIuLNE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-18T23:48:29.052+0000) > > You can be more free, easier comebacks, unlike on SR here meta does not necessarilly applies as much Spoken like someone that doesn't actually play TT. Easier comebacks? Not a chance. Once you start losing, you'll lose. Only in rare occasions, or in case you turtle (shame on you), with specific champions can you turn it around. Usually involves an hyper carry. Meta doesn't apply? Yeah, not really like you say. Some champions are even so OP in TT that they are perma-ban there. See what's happening with Zoe in high MMR? It's even worse in TT. For instance, Kayle is one of said champions. There's something that TT has over SR though. There's a "variety" in the strategy that you can follow. Well, there are two viable strategies: - 2 solo laners with 1 jungler - 1 solo laner and 1 hyper carry + support. The hyper carry farms both the jungle creeps and the other lane. That's the only "variety" in that map. Everything else simply doesn't work (competitive at least). *** What that map needs is a serious revamp on the following things: - Jungle creeps. For starters, they don't behave like the monster in Summoner's Rift. They don't have a turn delay (procing Shaco's passive is a nightmare), the big Ghost has massive range, unlike every other monster. Also, the monsters can be cleared way too fast - 1 full clear takes less than 1 minute. - The turrets positioning doesn't make sense. It's easier to defend Tier 1 turrets than it is to defend Tier 3 (inhibitor) turrets. The distance in between Tier 1 turrets is miniscule compared to the others, unlike Summoner's Rift. - The Shop. It annoys me that the bottom side of the base can't reach the shop. - The Altars are "win-more" objective. Unlike the Dragons and Baron in Summoner's Rift, you can't even attempt to "steal" those objectives. They really aren't worth fighting for either, but when you lose them you can't contest them back. That's why comebacks aren't a thing. Once you start losing the enemy can just snowball you. - The mid point is just there for convenience. It's good when you invade the enemy jungler, but nothing else. The HP it gives is minimal and you'd be better off just recalling and walking back. The good thing about it is the movement speed. It's also a "1 use only" that goes on cooldown for a few seconds. Unlike it, the rift scuttler is more rewarding: gold, experience, health (by attacking or smiting it) and the movement speed plus vision shrine. - Vilemaw, or throw-maw, is a great objective, but with a big flaw. If either team is winning, then Vilemaw is just like Baron in that sense. Unlike Baron, unless a team has an hyper carry, you can't take it down fast enough without having the enemy collapsing on you (assuming both teams are on equal foot). She's also pretty strong. I would say stronger compared to Baron (3 players vs 5 players difficulty). That makes Vilemaw something you don't contest until you are ready to seal the game. I would start with improving the Jungle monsters and fixing the shop. Everything else can wait.
Thank you for the great answer! Now what I meant with "easier comebacks": I meant the snowball effect not as harsh as in SR. In TT, skill makes bigger difference, because as you said, objectives are not as big things as in SR. Unless, the enemy's carry champ is the easy strong type. About varieties: I wouldn't say that there only those two, because people actually don't really follow a meta there. Junglers and supports are rare as far as I can tell. Mostly what I saw was anything applies. The revamp you mention: I totally agree.
Saibbo (EUW)
: .#MakeTwistedTreelineGreatAgain? More like #MakeTwistedTreelineRelevantForTheFirstTime
: 3v3 is actually the opposite of comeback. Smite adc + support reign over it.
Let a man dream ( \ /) (; _;) And by the way TT feautures jungle, and adc+support opportunity
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iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DasIstNyul,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=50uh0XHP,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-02-17T12:24:41.349+0000) > > Thank you for this great response! I want to discuss some of these categories with you: > > 1. Trend followers: in LoL it's inevitable to follow the trending "meta", because to succeed with a non-meta champs takes in most cases too much effort. I'm really anti-meta, I like to learn non-meta champs, but I must admit this. > 2. Cowards: It is their personality. Shows that they are strongly egoistic individuals. > 3. Human scumbags: this requires further explaination Well, yeah, it's difficult to explain everybody behavior, especially online where we are all from different countries, and societies and mentalities. Problem with scumbags in real world it's that somehow you can avoid them, but in League I always compare with traffic in the car, you are forced to stay 30 min in game with them as 30 min in traffic inside the car and be witness to scumbags and noway to avoid them, while if for example there's one in supermarket, you just avoid it, even a colleague at job you can avoid it if it's not your boss :D then you just hate your job everyday you go to it. I am a 3d visual artist and I make money doing my hobby and I feel I never actually worked a day in my life since I do what I would do for free also, but I earn money from it so I always went to jobs happy and optimist and I was eager to arrive there and start working to my projects, never feel the "OMG JOB AGAIN" feeling. But it was a period when I have an scumbag asshole boss, that mange to make stress from nothing without need, and always make you lose your minds and become so angry, kinda like some players do in league. So I end up hating to go to job or working ,even the work itself bring me joy and happiness but I was psied of besue of that boss, same with League, I love the game and I enjoy it and bring me happiness but many time I end up pissed off and angry becuase players attitude. So I hate people that suck the fun from things, job or games or whatever, with no reason, just becuase they have terrible personality.
If you ask me about scumbag players, the cure could be a better punishment system (and not just in LoL). Proper punishments and rewards can make difference. As online games now, they don't reward good behaviour and don't punish enough bad
: WHY ONLY A+? Serious question, I really want to know how this is supposed to be ''correct''
: perma banned for this??
Now you here was a %%%% really, but this is not as bad as 90% of the flamer types are, but I guess you pretty much deserve it. I guess you were suspended before and then again you did this which would deserve another ban, but you had every non-perma possible.
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: Dude, like that diareea that downvoted you and will downvote me also Internet was a place when it started (I have the age, and I was there since old modems not the 56k ones), we'll internet was a place where small people went online, because stupid people had no access to a computer, there was not a computer in every home like now, and also dial up phone cost was huge, and parents will not buy a computer to a stupid child or let him online to spend a lot of money. (sure every parent love their child, in theory, but in reality everyone knwo if his offspring is a useless waste of oxygen, or at least they knew in past) Internet was a place where people escape stupidity of real word because (and now downvotes will begin again), there's a lot more stupid people than smart people in every country, actually the percent its huge to smart people vs stupid people in favor of stupid ones. In past you find people that share similar passions and hobbies and chat very nice and polite, under a NICKNAME. Now sadly every social media and forums except some, you chat under real names, also many forums show your country. Because Of 100% anonymity, contry, race, and sex unknown there was no misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia etc, HUMANS chat with HUMANS. Now its a device in every %%%%%%, sorry %%%%%%, hand that can go extremely cheap or free online and puke there inbreds opinions, also everyone show their name, location so you can deduct sex, race, etc. So now becuase EVERYONE is online again there's huge procent of stupid people online vs smart people, and because of knowing a lot about the other person, homophobia and racism and sexism is part of online as it was in real word and still is, also online now it's even more present because the %%%%%%s and stupid inbreds find it funny to use it. Coming back to league, community of league and other online games is majority of: - stupid people - people that follow a trend blindly without logic, they just mimic like parrots - sheeps, the sheep mentality it's so common - no perosnalty - cowards, because they have no personality - hipocrits - fake politnes - human scumbags now it's very hard to reason with the above categories {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Thank you for this great response! I want to discuss some of these categories with you: 1. Trend followers: in LoL it's inevitable to follow the trending "meta", because to succeed with a non-meta champs takes in most cases too much effort. I'm really anti-meta, I like to learn non-meta champs, but I must admit this. 2. Cowards: It is their personality. Shows that they are strongly egoistic individuals. 3. Human scumbags: this requires further explaination
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: Maybe you are the one who does not see the bigger picture. Ever thought of that? No honestly now. You might see it as "HE DIDNT COME TO THE TEAM FIGHT" while he sees it as, "We don't have flashes, our malphite does not have ult, why are we fighting again?" or as "Yeah we could just throw a 50/50 fist fight for a mountain drake OR we could just leave it to them and take their mid tower" It still beats me how people can't even count how many they are before starting a team fight.
As I said, there are cases when it would not do any good to go in. But don't tell me it's always me who doesn't get the big picture. When all the team goes in for teamfight, and the {{champion:11}} {{summoner:4}} out after the first 2 second while everyone else fights yeah, we, the fighting ones are stupid of course. We was able, and almost won but with Yi missing we lost it, and the low hp Karthus ended it while Yi went to clear red buff.
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: Your post can be summed up to: "Hur dur, my teammates don't know how to play"
This is not true on everyone, and there wasn't a single time where I'd say that all of my teammates were cowards. And it's not necessarily that they can't play, just they are selfish cowards. Cowardice not = bad player, but = selfish player.
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: Not quite sure that has relevance to the above question.
It is man. All of I know, who are in bronze and gifted didnt got icon (including me -.-), but silvers and above got it...
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