: Progression tab locked, what are eternals? How do I unlock them?
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Hansiman (EUW)
: You get the message if your login credentials are used on other servers. If your account is the only one that uses these credentials, you shouldn't need to make any changes.
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ZebRa78 (EUNE)
: 1/ What makes you think you cannot switch main-hand weapon? The [official page](https://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-preview/aphelios-kit-primer) says, and I quote: "... always carries an off-hand weapon he can swap to with W." That means he uses main-hand weapon and swaps it with an off-hand. There is even a pretty [picture](http://prntscr.com/q2dscc) showing the swapping. 2/ As stated above, it swaps **TO** the off-hand, not the off-hand itself. 3/ If you look at custon HUD section of the official page, it says: "5. The next weapon you'll get once one of your weapons runs out of ammo." To me that explains my question. The first weapon that runs out of ammo will be replaced by this one. I think you personally misunderstood the concept Aphelios as a champion. You can't pick your weapons (that would make it too easy and half of his kit would remain unused). It's like playing {{champion:150}} where you have to manage with the cards you are dealt (his Rage bar) and play around to prepare yourself for a teamfight (fill your Rage too early or too late and you fail). You can manage your guns and plan ahead but honestly, that is way too difficult to learn and master. He brings chaos to the game. 4/ An interesting idea. Though I do not agree since the official pages says: "... rapidly fire your main-hand and off-hand weapons at the nearest enemy ..." How I understand it is that you fire both weapons maybe once like {{champion:236}} or over the duration like {{champion:6}} and it only hits 1 "nearest" enemy, therefore it can't behave like {{item:3085}} does. Those attacks behave like basic attacks (on hit effects apply, hello {{item:3153}}) and deal less dmg, similar to {{champion:236}} passive.
1. Lol, missing that one "to" changed my whole perception of him. 2. 3. I see. Now I know. 4. I did not intepreted it as both weapon aiming the same target, that's why I thought it would be like {{item:3085}}.
: I don't feel really excited or outraged about this champ. Being technically restricted to only 2 weapons at a time that you can't choose nor change in a short-term basis feels restrictive. Plus, balance would be completely hell for him: You're in late game and you're stuck with crap weapons right when your team is about to fight at Baron? You want to freeze lane against a bully lane and you're stuck with the AoE and the close range weapon? Good luck then, because you'll get stuck with them for a while. This champ lacks a lot of flexibility in this regard and it looks like you'll hardly get to take full advantage of his toolkit many times, unlike with champs that already get their full skillset from lvl 6 onwards. This could be partially solved with the addition of an E skill that, on a medium to long CD, skips a weapon, moving the queue. But it doesn't seems Riot is going to give that a shot. Definitely, this champion is not my cup of tea.
: any way if this all is true then that champ will only be for the LCS fakers with unnatural mechanics and skill lvl cause that champ will simply be way to hard to master. ppl banning senna cause shes "to OP" with this champ ppl will ban him cause "i don't want that thing in my team"
I feel ya. People fail to think, and thus don't understand him.
ZebRa78 (EUNE)
: You are either wrong or I didn't get your point. W switches main-hand weapon with an off-hand weapon. Always. Once your main-hand weapon runs out of ammo, it is moved back to the queue and you get new-main weapon, still keeping your off-hand weapon as is. This means the order of weapons is determined by your off-hand weapon, which never changes (unless you swap with W). Now here is the thing I am not sure about. The rifle (Calibrum) passive states you can right-click a marked target to hit it with your off-hand weapon. This in theory should consume ammo of your off-hand. What's gonna happen if that consumes your last ammo? Is your off-hand switched for a new weapon and moved back to the queue? Does it not consume ammo? Same with the scythe (Severum). Q seems like a buff to increase MS and give you a Lucian passive for the duration (or maybe only 1 hit)? Again how exactly does that consume ammo? So many questions.
1. Main hand cannot be switched! Only if runs out of ammo it will switch automatically. 2. W switches the off-hand weapon 3. Probably yes, if your off-hand runs out - it switches. What is unclear for me though is that if we can freely change off-hand, if I change it back after it runs out, it will be back with full ammo or it has a cd? 4. Severum - makes you like having a {{item:3085}}, but instead of applying your main-hand effects you get the effect of your off-hand weapon to the secondary targets.
: I am fine with his kit. After a long time this is the champion I think is absolutely fine. It's just that he doesn't belong to the game. He's cool and his kit is smart af but doesn't change the fact that he is not a League champion. But it's probably fine as Riot has already added some champions that should have never been released. He fits the new style of "League". Gosh it hurts too much to say "League" as this is not League Of Legends anymore.
The real problem is that because of this he most likely will be a balancing-hell, since they'll have to compensate him for this.
: > an "off hand" (W) which applies the power of the weapon in the offhand slot to the Q Not quite... his W doesn’t apply the off hand weapon to the Q it swaps his off hand and main hand weapons... think like jinx Q.
I know, I miswrote it. But I know you are miswrote something here, because it is specifically stated the "main hand weapon is not changed freely", so W changes the off-hand.
: Thank you for the analysis, my bronze 2 friend.
This has nothing to do with what league I am in.
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Shamose (EUW)
: > with tank in toplane Maybe they should give us some decent tank items then.
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: > stun for no %%%%ing reason increased from 1,75 to 2.25. a %%%%ing 2.25 stun at level 1. You have so much time to leave his circle of stun. It should pay of with something at least, don't you think so? As for the rest... Yes, Ekko is a very overloaded champion, who can deal you a ton of damage, apply CC, tank several turret hits and then teleport away, healing up to 100% HP. On start he was even more annoying than Yasuo.
I agree. Because of the delay it is hard to correctly execute, he needs payoff.
: > [{quoted}](name=DasIstNyul,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=f6Y5bf9L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-20T08:43:54.199+0000) > > What "HI IM MELTZAHAR" said, but also the new assassin items will significantly boost ad assassins so maybe we'll see ap assassins ({{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}}) buffed None of those need buffs.
Well, we'll see how'll they do. Currently true, they do not need.
Eldian (EUNE)
: you really think those ap assassins need a buff?
I don't, and I did not suggest I do.
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: Patch 9.23 Lethality on ARAM/Howling Abyss [Warning: Long Post]
Fear not, Riot learned it's lesson since the Jaggernaut changes. The season needs a new meta, and with the scientific method (observe -> hypothesis --> test -> try again), which is the preseason, they'll try their ideas, how it will works out, special analisys and pro players comments, they'll see if what they did is okay or not. While these changes sounds radical and not that great to us, mere mortals, Riot knows what it's doing.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Rip ranked 2020
Fear not, Riot learned it's lesson since the Jaggernaut changes. The season needs a new meta, and with the scientific method (observe -> hypothesis --> test -> try again), which is the preseason, they'll try their ideas, how it will works out, special analisys and pro players comments, they'll see if what they did is okay or not.
: So Ornn still doesn't get a new skin?
Ornn is does not have enough high play % to recieve skins
Eldian (EUNE)
: Nerf %%%%ing Ekko.
What "HI IM MELTZAHAR" said, but also the new assassin items will significantly boost ad assassins so maybe we'll see ap assassins ({{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:7}}) buffed
: Ezreal has SSW? and SSG, so does Rakan with SSG and iG and iirc, J4 also has 2, SSG and another, so I don't see why Lee can't have two as well. Now, not saying he should get one, but hey, if others have 2, why should he be an exception.
True. Btw, looked up what FPX players want for their skins, turns out they also want (besides {{champion:64}} ) FPX {{champion:41}} , {{champion:67}}/{{champion:145}} and {{champion:412}}, only their mid did not chose yet. Though it's a bit sad to see the same champs over and over again, even though the meta allowed for more diversity
Wex0r (EUW)
: Rushing means they either need to pay for additional staff or take them off other projects , a Rework the likes of Pantheon was more than 6 months in the making. If they rushed them all it would temporarily boost sales but as a buisness or as a stake holder you want Steady profits. So a remodel to of corki would provide a nice gap holder until the next big rework. Also they dont like to half ass anything so remodel / reworks they do everything from Voice emotes to all spell effects and when you consider every spell effect for every skin thats months worth of animation work especially if you want to make something feel and look genuinely good. And we are not even taking into consideration the month it spends on PBE sometimes longer if bugs are found.
I see. Now this is a strong and valid point. About the stake holders - companies tend to host a press conference about such big plans to talk with the investors and shareholders in order to showcase their plans and in a way reassure them that there will be changes but positive. There is one tiny bit of another thing. I did research and found out that employees mostly chill and play games at their work hours. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMI1gSTvzgE) Now, I can very much confirm that the kind of work being it programming, coding, visuals and stuff needs rest af. But this also leads to speculations, that Riot could do better, faster, stronger.
JustClone (EUNE)
: To draw something, to model someting, to bone it, to do all animations, to fix his skill effects visuals... Not much. As long as you know what you want to achieve. On the other hand to have someone to design a champion with some concept that fits the game, and guide the team through the process of creating it, so you have finished product that fits what you had as a blue-print... thats the big deal.
Indeed it takes money, time and effort. Riot has those, I'm sure of it.
Wex0r (EUW)
: The do talk about this in one of their videos. The problem is the want to update them all but they have Rework plans and like to coincide remodels with reworks. Also when these Reworks / remodels launch they like to offer atleest 1 new skin usually with a bunch of chromas. Its also important for Riot to stagger these updates to have something to release while working on a new champ who wont be ready for 3 months ect.
While I do understand your point, here is another: My pal a few days ago purchased the Myrmidon Pantheon. Because the new splash and model is rad. The rework enabled this buy. Rework does not only pleases the new, but satisfy the old. They released a new skin for Corki, but until it's Corki in general as outdated as he is, no one will buy the old ones. The new skins doesn't deletes the old, and those need to sell too. I bet, that every single rework came with atleast 35% increase in that champions skin sales. This is why rushing should be good, because as far as I can tell the withhold potential sales from their very selves.
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: well its announced lee will get prestige skin
Oh, that's good. Then we shall expect something thicc.
: I think Tian from FPX said he wants his eSports skins to be for Lee Sin, since he played him in the final.
I don't if that would be possible, since Lee Sin already has a eSports skin (SKT T1 Lee Sin). Also, Riot tends to ignore the wish of the champions. Faker after his very first win in S3 asked Riot specifically to make an Ahri skin for him, but they made a Zed skin because Zed was way more popular.
Wex0r (EUW)
: im happy with god fist lee sin , i cant imagine a better skin , " maybe a Raiden from mortal combat style skin " Also the quality of his skins are superior to most, take {{champion:42}} for example his skins look like they were designed on an Amiga 64. I would prefer they fix the low quality skins instead of pushing out new skins every week.
I totally agree, but as I stated above Riot really does not work that way.
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: Udyr has a good kit ? How many Udyrs have you seen in pro-play, in the past 5 years ? He has legit no ultimate, there is no reason to put a point in it. He needs a rework, ASAP.
SKT T1 and CLG picked him through s5-s6, and he was in S8 worlds by Giants Gaming (https://lol.gamepedia.com/Udyr/Statistics/2018). Also many high elo player play him as one trick or pocket pick. Udyr is strong but not meta. Udyr is primal example of that ult is not a necessity.
: i find Xin zhao the least interesting character in game. i wont miss him if he gets deleted. this design is just boring
Riot would never delete a champ, but yea, not really interesting character. But few play a character for their lore, but yes, needs a more appealing design.
: To be fair, {{champion:5}}'s model is not the worst still existing in LoL. Others are in dire more need of getting one new ({{champion:9}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:32}} to name the first i can think of).
Fidlla is getting a rework, and Amumu is planned to in the near future, possibly in 2020. Kennen and Udyr has good kit, but perhaps a visual update is needed. But these atleast match their splash. That is the problem with Xin, he doesn't match his splash.
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: this is the dumbest thing i have read this week. Faker plays Azir , Azir must be good
: Small QOL buff for Neeko
Faker plays her on Worlds just fine, so she must be okay.
After a fine game of TFT I laid my eyes to rest. Given that this game I was The finest one, the best. And morning comes I wake up cheery Turn on my laptop, what I see Riot is patching me! Oh why, this seems so small Shouldn't be anything grand at all I think, and I hear the call I see.. "TFT will fall" What are those, I see What are the new classes, What are thee? I do not know you... I don't understand Why there is buff for 9 Infernal If there is only six of them? Map effects? Riot, well given. You make me change my TACTICS again...
Arsene (EUNE)
: Do Orbs expire?
How about I'll be nice and all and tell you... THEY DO NOT! Orbs are purchase-able for RP too, not just obtainable, thus making Riot for legal reasons unable to render orbs time-sensitive. Hope this helps! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Especially this season, there has been a lot of "soft inting" going on. For those of you who don't know what soft inting is, it means a player who is deliberately losing the game by doing subtle things that guide the game towards a loss. Example behavior is refusing to help an ally by acting like you are blind, being in a team fight and intentionally missing skillshots and refusing to attack the enemy. Getting caught "accidentally" at a crucial moment in a spot where he should have never been in like face checking a brush when he knows the enemy is in the area. These are all things that should be punished but Riot's system simply can't detect it and it ruins the whole experience for everyone. And let's not forget the snowflake junglers who are the most selfish players in the entire game, refusing to help lanes if the laners even dare to ask nicely for a gank. I mean, you can ping the enemy who is basically under your tower with 500 hp, the easiest kill of your life, and the jungler just says "muted and reported" and refuses to come top because you used pings a few times to get his attention. It's safe to say that this kind of behavior triggers me to no end. People tend to say that people always blame the jungler. Truth be told though, it most likely is their fault at least partially most of the time. Very rarely any death is the fault of just one player. If a laner has asked the jungler to come because the enemy is an easy kill if he comes and is overextending, if the laner dies, it's both the laner's fault for dying and the jungler's fault for not helping a teammate who is baiting the enemy to stay for him. Ofc, if the jungler explicitly tells the laner that he is not coming (can't come, otherwise it's trolling), then it's purely the laner's fault.
Good point, but this cannot be changed or punished due to the fact that junglers are **not obligated** to help lanes. Yes, they are **supposed to**, but not obligated. This is the sad truth to it. I wish Riot would introduce punishment/counter-measure against these kind of people, who ruin games, caring about no one but themselves.
Nadatari (EUNE)
: No! This is what this game evolved! Beside getting the best KDA there is b playing braind dead latest of the mill buffed champs there is nothing for every other role! Meaning, tanks waiting for last hits, or staying behind their teammates and not engaging! Or even better, supports champs being picked just bcs they can last hit everything int heir sights ( pyke!)! Atleast in Heroes of the Storm, you can become the best in the game, if you achieve milestones ( healing, dmg migitating etc etc and not just dmg)! -.- I just said, this kind of biheviour is completely normal!!!
This is still looking like Riot endorses this behavior. And actually I agree with you, since no counter-measures taken against this behavior. Reports mean nothing, no one is taken seriously.
Nadatari (EUNE)
: Its more like this: 'I am better in this game then others so I will take all kills! After all I am pro!' Then, the moment he gets 2 kills and you die bcs he waited, then youa re inting, trolling and whatnot XD Completely normal in this game!
You suggest Riot endorses this behaviour
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sirDarts (EUW)
: So are with instalock, where you are going to play is 90+% of the time clear from your champion and summoner spells.
Naaah, like there is no rule to which champ where you can take, so one cannot know for sure. Besides, Teemo is good anywhere :D
sirDarts (EUW)
: Yeah, instalock and instacall is exactly the same thing. No difference.
Well not really because when instacall people at least know what you are up to
: i meant that what matters in this game is the rule of no flamerino...not your post. blind pick no rules, ranked no rules, only thing that matter in fact is no flamerino...you can pick what you want where you want, go feed like hell, go troll teamates, spam ping your teammates, steal jungler camps, what ever you name it... you can do that.
True, but still... More flamers than instalockers/feed-like-hell-ers/trolls/ping-spammers(thats not always a bad thing)/jungle-camp-stealings :D
Smerk (EUW)
: No, instalock is not fair, but call order also isn't. So overall it doesn't matter, with two bad choices you will be screwed no matter what
Lel, true story. But there is the thing in Summoners Code: 4th code: ****Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else's Expense****
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