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De Grandes (EUNE)
: TLF jungler d2+
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Dreaming (EUW)
: International team Crimson Cloud LF Toplaner/Jungler/ADC Diamond5+
Hi, currently im garbage but still can play like d3~ euw I'm **adc** player - smurf euw - main eune About me: My name is Wiktor, I'm 16, I'm from Poland. I've tons of time atm to play cause of holidays but I don't have so big motivation to play soloq :/
: [EUW] [S] [LF High Diamond+ ADC & Jungler] [r 5's]
Hi boyz, I know, some ppl think euw>eune so much, but I don't think d2 euw adc is better than me :P Currently I am Master 100~~ lp eune ADC player I don't have much time and motivation to play on my smurf. * - Main acc * - Smurf
: [XiSE] - Recruiting players: All roles available
I'd like to join XiSE I main adc since season 2 I'm d3 at eune (yesterday d2 71lp ^^ gotta loss streak), but I have experiance +/- master tier at soloq and I was p1 in 5vs5 rank. I'm smurfing here:
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De Grandes

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