: I don't understand how people fall for this Prestige Point mess
You will actually get bullied for having Aatrox and Ahri's Prestige, like people actually think you're some dumb, spoiled rich kiddo and start bullying you for having it. Can't blame them though, if i got those Prestiges as a drop i would disenchant them because its really embarrassing.
: Garen is weak? Hmm let me rewatch the ranked game this happened: Me {{champion:107}}, Items {{item:3077}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3036}} , 7/0/2 stats and lvl 11 at that time Enemy {{champion:86}} items: {{item:3044}} {{item:1001}} , 0/1/0 stats and lvl 8 at that time. Flash Q onto me and oneshot me 100 - 0, even without his silence and entire full DPS combo of mine didn't even take half his health
Imagine what Darius/Renekton/Camille would do to you in terms of Damage and you didn't do much with your combo because he probably used W which mitigated much of your damage. Edit: i also kinda feel like you're over exaggerating.
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