Decholinata (EUNE)
: Acc stealing
I gave a signal to RIOT SUPPORT down below, do you know when they will respond?
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mosta ssj (EUNE)
Hi, stole my profile. Please someone help me. He sent me a message that there is free skin and I decided to open it, I opened it and there I entered the account and nothing remained. And then he got me out of the league, I wrote his name and password again, but it did not happen ..... Then I went to the site and tried to change my password, but I could not change it. Then I tried to change my email, but it was already changed. I really want to get my profile back if RIOT regains it. As soon as possible I will be very grateful :)). Whatever you want, I'll give it to you to see that the bill is mine.
: unable to login, wrong password!!
They stole my account. How can I get it back? I tried with the email but it was not my email anymore, and if you know anything, please tell me what to do. please help me if you know how to say how I can get it back.
: Is there any way to get a "permanently banned account" unbanned in any way?
They stole my account!! How can I get it back? I tried with the email but from there it was not my email and another if you know something please tell me what to do. Help me plzz..


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