: did u try out "low spec mode" and "close client during games" before upgrading my ram i had similar problems and could solve them with that
Client's closed tho I haven't enabled low spec mode till now. Gonna play few games with that turned on and see how it goes. I'll tell the results.
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NYcomed (EUNE)
: DAAAAMNugandan knuckles got me in trouble
**This is not de wae my brudda. WE SHALL TAKE OUR REVENGE**
Doomley (EUW)
: Those graphs are far from truth though. Malphite is as big as a mountain in his lore. Let's not forget aurelion sol who is missing from the graph and is EASILY the largest champion in the game and most likely the largest that there will ever be.
Yeah I agree, for example, Alistars weight is much more than 500 kg. His height is around 10 meters and a minotaur with huge muscles like him would probably weight around 8 - 10 tons! Thats much more than 500 kg.


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