: Is the report system working properly ?
> You (Riot) need to think of a way to deal with this toxity. One way that realy works, or ppl will get "hurt". It's very easy to get rid of it. Actually, they would have only advantages. The miracle measure it's to disable the chat. No /mute all, nothing. LoL would be without chat. They can make chat rooms, and you might be able to use those chat rooms, to have your party of X joining a chat room and being able to chat in-game. But in soloQ, there's no point in having a chat. If they want a chat, they should stop banning people for being toxic. People won't get hurt. People need to stop listening what random internet people are saying. Flame it's not a problem. Flame became a problem because they made it a problem. If someone is so hurt about what people are saying, he should disable the chat. You can shut up everyone. It's easy, type /mute all and you're done. No one can say anything to you anymore. You should be banned for ruining other people games, in ranked. Intentional feeding or AFK should be the only punishable offenses. Banning people for flaming is wrong. Some people have a fear of playing ranked. I never had that. But I'm sure scared of writing anything in chat. I'm sure that I'm not alone. When I started playing this game, in Season 2, the chat was fun sometimes. You had the flame, but you also had a lot of jokes. Now, you only have flame. People that would actually write something pleasant are afraid of doing so because someone might report them and they might not be able to use their account anymore. It's stupid. I wouldn't have any problem in having the chat disable.
: Katarina Rework - is GREAT!
Pretty much the same Katarina if you ask me. You don't reset your cooldowns, you are pretty much dead. I find the whole picking up dagger mechanic a bit confusing in some team fights. You don't always see where the daggers are. I found myself randomly hitting E on low HP targets, followed by W, hoping that I'm gonna be lucky enough to pick up those daggers. If you get those daggers, she can deal more damage than before, but I feel that this whole "it's more tactical" thing being transformed in getting lucky. You need to be more tactical in 1v1 or 1v2, but in 5v5 team fights, you can end up smashing your keyboard even more than before and getting kills.
: What? I got perma banned for 'Flame'? This aint flame?
How is that not flame? You are toxic. Playing bad it's not reportable anymore. Even in the past, you were able to report someone, and they would get a hidden mmr drop, but they would never be punished any other way. If you type that match, you are obviously not there for playing the game. You are probably the kind of guy that dies under his turret because he was typing. It's toxic behavior. I find your particular behavior more toxic than calling someone moron.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: 10 Bans in Pro Play
A good idea would be zero bans and better balance, but that's just me.
: Supporting in Gold
Last two season Janna was my most played champion, and I climbed with her. I also played other supports, mainly played the support role. Now... I treat the game a bit different. I don't see things like "my ADC", "his support", my team, things like that. My main concern is to keep the carry alive or to help him get kills. And when I'm saying "the carry", I don't mean "ADC". It can be anyone. Whoever have the best stats in game, that's my priority. In laning phase, you need to be able to adapt. Some players will want to trade and get kills, while others will want to sit back and farm. There's nothing wrong with any of the approaches. But I would never expect a passive player to follow my shenanigans. While I might be focused on hitting level/item spikes, seeing that we're lvl 6 while the enemies are 5, and knowing that I should go all in, the ADC might focus on totally different things. You can't expect them to think exactly as you do. In mid game, I often start roaming if the ADC does not worth my time anymore. If our Caitlyn is 0/3, with 40 farm in min. 15, it's unrealistic to think that she will carry the game, but that 3/0 Zed with 100 farm will. So, at that point, I'm not focusing on winning bot lane anymore. I'm focusing on getting Zed more fed and help him get objectives. Don't think that your should is to keep Caitlyn alive. It isn't. You should care more about winning the game instead of the "correct" thing to do. SoloQ is not a team game. It's Solo. You and a bunch of random players against another bunch of random players. If you have better players in your bunch, you win. As support, you can tilt the balance by making a good player a great one. But when players are bad, you shouldn't focus in making them better, as you will fail most of the times.
: How to get out of gold, when your teammates are feeding almost every game/failing their lane?
> [{quoted}](name=MEGAHOBO,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EspYeok5,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-07T07:00:05.753+0000) > Of course, i don't play every game "well" but come on?! Well, there's your problem. You don't play every game well, but you expect to win more than 50% of them with random teammates. That's a bit unrealistic. Unless you are doing your best to win every single game, it's hard to climb in ranked games. Going 4/7 and saying that enemy got fed and you didn't care anymore is one of the problems. You can't climb with that attitude. There is bad luck in this game, but that can't hold you back from climbing. And those 22/x/x games... If you got so fed and you weren't able to carry the game, maybe your focus is off. Maybe you focus too much on getting kills and not enough on getting objectives. You play Fiora. You can push towers, you can take objectives, you can bully people. When you are 10/0 on Fiora, getting an Inhibitor in mid game is so easy. You can deal with 2 or even 3 enemies while constantly pushing. Even if you don't take a tower or an inhibitor, the other lanes can push. What you do after you take some kills is more important that taking those kills. Pushing towers, inhibitors will win you the game. Getting kills it's just a way for you to get access to those objectives. You can be 30/0/x, if you camp their jungle instead of pushing towers, you can lose that game. And that's on you more than on your bad teammates. You got fed, you should be able to carry the game.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: First Inhib vs baron.
In SoloQ, always Inhib.
: Stop this Miss Fortune Support bullshit!
At low and average elo, you can play Tryndamere support and it would be a viable pick. You worry too much about what others do. Worry on what you do. You have MF support, you have tons of poke and damage, you can freeze the lane and free farm while the opponents are under their tower. In the late game, if you reach it, you will have two carries. The objective of the game is to destroy the Nexus. People got somehow stuck in what pros are doing, but many other things can work towards the objective. At high elo, they follow a certain meta because the levels are very close. The amount of mistakes made by players is very low, so the strategies are made based on this. But when you play in Silver, and you have that top Riven going 10-0 in min. 15, you can have whatever team composition you want, because you'll probably gonna win that game. Jhin + MF, for example, could be a wombo-combo lane too. A root, and both ults popped. The slow from Jhin's makes hard for the enemies getting out of MF's ult.
MihNuhcMi (EUW)
: Smite should be Unlocked at a Higher Summoner Level
Well, there are alternatives. You don't have to play jungle as others are doing it. Start red, get another one to double jungle with you, start crabs, soak some XP from your top lane, farm only the small creeps from each camp, I don't know. Just because some champions can't jungle as effective they can with runes and masteries does not mean that you shouldn't use them as junglers if you want to. The whole "unlock spells" it's silly to me. They should all be available at lvl 1.
Remmy San (EUW)
: How to get a S on janna
You play, and you play good, done. I get S+ pretty regularly on Janna and I don't care about those. I mean, I don't do anything different than just playing as I always do. Lots of wards, lots of assists, do my thing, get S or S+. Looking at your match history, you don't ward a lot and you don't earn enough gold. I always found Spellthief/Frostfang to be pretty bad on Janna. It's hard to get gold with them. You usually don't want to poke with anything else than auto-attacks, so, it's hard to have those procs that give you gold. I always start Ancient Coin on her.
: Seriously, how does Grading system works for support?
I get S+ pretty often. Actually, my last one was a game that I lost, this morning, playing Janna. I think that it takes into consideration kill participation, warding, vision wards, wards destroyed, all of this stuff. I don't know if first blood matters, I took it in this particular game. http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1552454428/218625207?tab=stats
: What can you actually do when you get camped and your jungler does nothing?
You sit under the turret, drink a beverage, wait for your jungler to get tons of farm and then type "gg noobs" when you destroy their nexus. Stop thinking that you must do something. You don't. Most of the things are the things that you shouldn't do. Most important, you shouldn't die. There is not a single scenario, in a game, where a jungler can lose your lane by not ganking it. None. If you die while being camped by the enemy jungler, it's 100% on you. Focus on improving your laning phase than on what others do or don't do for you.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Unpopular Opinion On Perma Bans.
Well, there are two parts. First, we all agreed to those terms when we made the account. If we would not agree with them... Oh well... We can just not play the game. On the other hand, I agree that permanently banning someone for flaming it is a bit extreme. Disabling chat seems like a better approach to me.
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DemarcianNoob,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qb89w5EA,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-10-31T12:27:55.703+0000) > > The best thing you can use against Mundo is ignite. You pretty much negate a big part of his ult by doing so. Ignite Adc new meta
As ADC, you have items that apply grievous wounds, like Executioner's Calling or Mortal Reminder. But if you don't want any of that, and you are really scared of that Mundo, feel free to pick Ignite on ADC. As long as your teammates won't give you too much crap for it, you might be better with it. Mundo is really a champion that I never had problems with. I play support most of the times, so I get ignite, and that's it. It can be shut down by ADC items, and Morello for AP ones or even some supports, Kata can deny his ult also, so it does have a lot of counter play. It does not stun, does not do tons of damage too fast, it just goes where he pleases.
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: How the f*ck is it possible that a full tank mundo can kill the carries so fast?
The best thing you can use against Mundo is ignite. You pretty much negate a big part of his ult by doing so.


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