Belal shedo (EUNE)
: low fps
I have an PC with g4560 with integrated HD 610 graphics chip that shares my system memory 8GB (2x4GB) 2400Mhz which I use to play league at max details with 110+ FPS 1920x1080p, GTX 650 is around 4 times stronger video card than my HD 610 so I would say it is not normal for you to get 40 fps. I would first check your component temperatures under load and after that remove video card drivers then download and install new up to date drivers from nVidia. If that does nothing then uninstall league and do a fresh install don't bother with repairing it
Darqflash (EUW)
: A critical error has occurred
The same thing happened to me just lost a game beacuse of the constant errors... {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Ranking the musics we've heard so far
Check out Phoenix on soundcloud
: L4 jungler to do an unranked to Master for high winrates *EUNE*
Where I can watch your progress? I would like to see how a challenger jungler smurf closes out games on EUNE (one of my problems right now, the other one being I don't grind enough games)
Lari (EUNE)
: Can you explain to me something about ms?
EUW 150 ms + packet loss is worse than NA 150 ms no packed loss. Your problem is packet loss
Giochka (EUNE)
: Please help... (DirectX/ Video card manufacturer error)
Go into device manager (windows button + R, then type devmgmt.msc) and go to display adapters, then disable the graphics card and enable it again
: Getting toxic : [
I just laugh at w/e they type, I imagine them like a spoiled children throwing themselves on the floor of a supermarket because they don't get what they want. At the end of the day w/e people say if you are not a PRO player for the rest of us IT'S JUST A GAME to kill free time!
: How do I carry games in silver elo?
Play jungle. Watch a video for the current patch for good pathing and clearing while pressure ganking mid and bot (gank top if he can push 24/7 after 2-3 kills like Tryndamere) keep doing that Camp>Gank>turrets (Make sure to kill the enemy players after each gank so you can hit the turrets!!!) Drakes do not matter in silver if you have to pick between turret or a drake go for the turret! At around 15 min ask your bot laners to roam mid and rush down the two mid turrets with their help (4 people push mid) This will give you some map pressure and will make the enemy mid laner tilt at which point he will start spamming "Report my bot lane hurr durr" on all chat. After getting the second mid turret go kill Herald if you have HP left (65%+) DO NOT RECALL go straight back to mid and kill him again and release herald so you can get the mid inhibitor. Now your top laner if he is decent should still be pushing around the second top turret so you should go with your bot laners and the mid laner bot and try to get the bot inh (This is happening around 18-20min mark) if you succeed at taking the bot inh and the mid inh is also down recall buy w/e you have to buy and RUSH BARON AS A TEAM ALL 5 ( or just 2 if you play Master yi :D) if you kill it go top as 5 and get the top inh and end the game. Awerage game lenght should be around 25 min! It should work up untill Gold 2 I did this with Shaco and shared it with my friends one was bronze 2 I think and the other one stuck on Gold 5 promos (kept losing them) You don't even need to have good mechanincs with Shaco Q> Auto > Tiamat> E they die and you go for the turrets with R they go down fast. One more tip try to keep your deaths to max 3 less is better! Something like this Strat should get you out of silver easy peasy
Vívíd (EUW)
: Help me pick a jgl champ
{{champion:35}} With decent pathing you can own the game does not get more aggressive than that even better if you are good at reading the enemy junglers. Another plus is you learn to keep your cool because it is a champ that if you get frustated will fail you, keep calm and win
Magiqs (EUNE)
: input lag with low ping & high fps
Go to this link scroll down and click on |Packet Loss| and check your internet if it's fine there then click on | Jitter | you can compare with different ISP's from your city
Ryoma (EUNE)
: Stuck in Gold
No freakin Idea I just tell my friends to play shaco and they climbed to plat 5 with the old dark harvest, just ban Jax/Yasuo and one shot their carry AFTER the team fights starts do not engage first in a 5v5, but this patch he is too buggy to play too many annoying spaghetti code issues
Omnis (EUNE)
I'm stuck at ETA 40~150 min ( keeps jumping around ) 3.4 MB / 43.7 launcher update
: With that pc you must have fps issues, integrated graphics card? oh please. With that rig you could just barely run league client rn.
The HD 630 is very capable I even have a build with a slower Hd 610(g4560) as long as you use dual channel memory the game is smooth 100+ FPS never below. Integrated graphics is not the same it was long ago. Especially the new AMD Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G their integrated graphics are on another level.
: you got all that for 200€? I think you meant 2000€
CPU+Motherboard+RAM+PSU+PC Case reused old HDD how is that even close to being 2000? I bet you can get it even cheaper than 200 euro if you hunt deals
: I know I'm not a specialist at that but doesn't a 1.2 metre rear fan slot seems a bit excessively big ?
haha my bad 12 cm ( 120mm)
: Low fps with good pc,whats happening?gtx 1050ti 4g
The declining performance during longer play would suggest CPU/ Video card overheating. Run AIDA 64 for ~60+minutes and see if the CPU is thermal throttling Of topic I don't think this is the problem, but I would sell/return that Single dim ram and buy Dual channel 3000Mhz+ Ram Ryzen loves high speed dual memory
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How many times have you received answers from support that was not even close to what you asked
I wrote to them 2 times I realized it's not worth the 3th time.
: Old client = New client
I bought a $200 euro PC that has 0 issues and fixed all my problems. CPU G4600, Motherboard- GIGABYTE B250M-DS3H, Ram 2x4GB 2400Mhz Crucial CL15 ( Just make sure you buy 2 dimms for dual channel because it improves the integrated video performance by almost double), My old 500GB 7200RPM Wd Green HDD, Power supply Raidmax XT RX-500XT (it supports c6/c7 states ) and a cheap PC case that you like just make sure it has 120 cm rear fan slot for less noise. I bought 64bit Windows 10 Pro key from eBay for 8 euro downloaded the ISO from microsofts official windows site. That's it at 1440x900p All maxed expect shadows at medium 140 fps+, the client is smooth no need for low spec. The only thing I would add next is a 240GB+ SSD and it's a killer PC for LOL. P.S.Keep in mind you can build even better PC with AMD Ryzen 3 2200G+B350 motherboard and 2x4 or 2x8GB RAM ( Dual channel is a must)
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Buy a gaming set of mouse and keyboard? What? I got to plat 1 when I tryharded with a 10 euro keyboard and a 15 euro mouse. What has gaming gear got to do with climbing?
It's one of those things once you experience it you can never go back like from HDD to SSD or from 60hz monitor to 144Hz etc
AFK Manager (EUNE)
: well i play PUBG on all ultra 130 fps and its not dropping a single frame and everythign except LoL doesnt drop frames
Well one time I had similar problem when a new Windows 10 update came out (anniversary update) after I manually downloaded the latest ISO and fresh installed windows 10 my problems went away. The issues are even worse if you upgraded from windows 7/8 with the update manager. To make sure it's not a CPU issue you mentioned you are under 50C, but is that with OC'ed CPU? Have you tried to lower voltages and GHz it could be weird issue caused by overclock even if the system is stable in stress test. Btw are the power settings set to high performance or balanced? Try with the other one for a test to see if that helps.
AFK Manager (EUNE)
: I have 50°C on CPU in load 60 max i was doing some stress tests and the GPU fan doesnt even turn meaning it stays around 50°C - deafuelt setting from Aorus no overclock only XMC on RAM
You could try removing your video card and plugging your monitor to your motherboard video outputs so you could use the integrated CPU graphics chip ( HD 630 ) you will need new drivers from intel for it to game properly and after longer playing if the FPS does not drop it could mean your power supply is going out and can't power your GTX 1070
AFK Manager (EUNE)
: Fps drops after 13 min??
Most likely overheating issue. Are your parts overclocked or stock?
: Low FPS good PC
[Frame Skipping on High-End PCs]( and [Low Frame Rate (FPS) Troubleshooting]( P.S Select AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan from power options in control panel instead of High performance just to test if it helps.
Rioter Comments
: I have finally reached Honor Level 5.
All BS just spam games and you will get level 5
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Demoyer,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=mfrgzvoy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-22T15:22:42.515+0000) > > Check the base price of the skins in the picture... Project ZED Original Price 2325 Sale 1860 while the full price in Store is 1350 > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Project Kat was mentioned in the original, however what you're referring to is due to the cost of the champion being included. If you don't own the champion it includes the cost of the champion in the price :-)
Okay my bad, it's my first time seeing the combined cost I did not know it was a thing since all the offers I got were for the champions I already own
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi SKT T1 MV04 , What seems to be the issue?
Check the base price of the skins in the picture... Project ZED Original Price 2325 Sale 1860 while the full price in Store is 1350 {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Bush Camper (EUNE)
: Bad shop feelsbadman
I at least got 1 usable skin that I bought, you have less luck than me lol
AsherUA (EUW)
: Actually, you get skins for the champs you RECENTLY played. Don't know how many games it counts, thou.
I don't think that's the case, but okay... 5 skins for champions that I played 1 time to get S for chest is fine I guess. I will wait for x-mas legacy skins to buy stuff at full price no problem
: Someone willing to train me
Check out Midbeast on youtube he does Taliyah Unranked to Challenger series
cedricj (EUW)
: Overclocking GPU and LoL
Did you run FurMark and Unigine Heaven to test for stability? I have GTX 1070 @2156Mhz and it's working fine
Rioter Comments
: My New Shop Is Terrible!!!!
I did not pay attention when the old one came out, but with the new one I insta bought Nutcracko Shaco all I need now is the Workshop one and I will have all his skins
boqn326 (EUNE)
: What The Funnest champion of all
From the champions you listed imo {{champion:91}} , but my personal favorite is {{champion:35}} . That is if you find playing assassin champions fun
Maroul (EUNE)
: Is it possible to get champion you own when u reroll ?
After a reroll you will get a champion that you DO NOT own
: same the only way i can talk to my friends is to creat a costum and talk in game
The same thing for me the game feels "sluggish"
Céné (EUW)
: Looking for Normal game clubs for S grade & Chests
Just play some champions in the jungle and keep farming without dying too much 200 cs should give you S- and above depending on the champion you play
Rioter Comments
neviss (EUW)
: Heyo I have a question, I just hit Gold 5
It depends on your MMR since you could be gold 5, but if you have a good MMR could be playing with platinum players so its hard to answer. Atleast for me I was placed at Gold 4, but thanks to my MMR I never actually played with gold players mostly Platinum 5 and UP. OR you could be like my friend who is gold 5 with bad MMR he is playing with silver players
ImT0xic (EUNE)
: Why i have low FPS even with low settings?
Find an air compressor (usually you can use one for free at the gas stations) and blast the vents to clear out dust and debries. _Disclaimer it is safe to do so, but somehow if you manage to kill your laptop I hold no responsibility_
: LoL Client doesnt start and lags my laptop.
: 2 bugs 1 for client 1 for Kayn's E (Shadow step)
They worded Kayn's abilities very poorly, I see many Kayn players that are confused as well
32zlote (EUNE)
: New Channel on YouTube
After the first couple times, those short trades become boring to watch, you could have selected better music that fits the actual onscreen gameplay, constand zooming in/3D View is annoying. That's my 2 cents
AveKawa (EUW)
: Longer game = huge fps lose
check temps with AIDA 64 against thermal throttling, take a look at your windows settings/process list etc. I never had memory leaks with LoL. still you can clean your PC run malwarebytes anti-malware run CCleaner registry cleaner Install and run Defraggler (DON'T IF YOU HAVE SSD)
: New item sets are too bright for my little eyes
: Do you have fun with SHACO right now? This site is not showing it but I just hit platinum at Flex Q with his Nerfed Q you can still make plays and have fun with mind games
Riot tmx (EUW)
: DirectX Bug Causing Players to be Unable to Reconnect to Games
So even if one player does this "fix" I can expect someone else from my team to disconnect because of this bug? Meaning I should not play LoL until the problem is fixed with patch... great back to Paladins I go
: High ping in LOL
Just throwing this out there, when I had high ping problem out of nowhere, I found out during a storm lightning hit the ISP (copper) cable and broke my router, replacing it fixed my ping
: A new type of map objective?
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: If I am gaining 20 points for winning and losing 20 points for being defeated
When I got placed into Silver 4 Flex Q I was getting +20 and losing -20 now I'm Silver 1 (after ~30 games) I get +27 and lose -13. You can always improve
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