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: Shaco's state.
Amen to you brother, I was thinking, give Shaco less cd on Deceive with 2/2.25/3.5/4/4.5 duration+some damage and with bringing back old passive, rest of the abilities can stay the same, this will balance things out and make Shaco good without Duskblade pushing old school shaco crit build back
chev (EUW)
: @Riot Please consider my rework idea for our beloved {{champion:35}}
HAHA, it's great mate :D
: I feel you too,i just want shaco and other assasins to be good besides zed who can 1 shot at lvl 6
Play tanks to oneshot! Rito policy 2016 - ∞
: I expect Shaco to be able to one shot somone from behind and not from the front with 1 item. I don't think it is a real nerf but the goal is to clarify what you have to do with {{item:3147}} because compared to {{item:3142}} which has the same build right now it gives way much more.
Buddy, {{item:3147}} is the only reason why {{champion:35}} is viable at all... {{champion:35}} got no dmg left, 7 back to back nerfs les goooo
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Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: They don't do that much damage. They do damage to you because you are squishy and have 0 armor and 0 hp, they are supposed to deal damage, but let's agree they don't oneshot anyone, only if really fed. If you get 1-2 armor items, they do none damage to you. And tanks never do more damage than assassins, maybe you won't 1v1 seju or rammus as talon as you are squishy but seju would never oneshot any adc like talon would, + you should count all the mobility assassins have to close on squishy targets unlike tanks.
Shaco and dmg... nah dude just nah, his dmg is only because of lethality, 7 nerfs back to back. let's go, nerf him more
Saibbo (EUW)
: Well shaco is an assassin, assassins are made to kill squishy carry, the carry carry and kill everybody, and the tanks must protect the carry from the assassin. Basic.
But they are supposed to deal very little to none dmg but look at sejuani, maokai, rammus, pls don't tilt me
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