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: Ornn should not be able to destroy Azir's Ult wall
: **title**
You can buy them or you can ask your friends to gift you! Or you can find one of those Free RP webpages but beware Warwick.
Voidner (EUNE)
: What is the most balanced champion in league of legends?
I actually think that {{champion:164}} is really balanced. It's sometimes OP but sometimes easy to win vs her. It demands good skills but that doesn't mean newbies can't handle her. Same goes with {{champion:427}} - not that OP but dammmmng good. The Ulti is and Bushmaker sometimes are insane, but generally it's kind of easy to win vs him but sometimes he can lead team to victory.
: Why i don't like women.
Respect whamen!
Rivbae (EUW)
: I got 14 day suspension and I get my account on the 22nd of august will I get my season rewards?
On 5th and 6th seasons if you had any active restrictions or bans between August (middle of August) and until end of the season you didn't receive anything. Probably will be the same this year.
INoKami (EUW)
: Seems like it becomes a running gag that everyone misunderstands the passive^^ The vision range gets reduced BY xy and not TO xy, and if you got this and still thinks that it´s OP... well, might rethink it. 2nd taunt? You mean the 2nd joke, right? Would make more sense xD But thanks anyway for the feedback!
„They shine for you… so better don´t make them fade!“ This one :D
INoKami (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Loggrin, the lost Searcher
That's a really cool and detail Champion Concept. I'm not sure about Q... It would work as an ultimate ability perhaps and passive Darkness is way too op :P . But I'd love to see this one on the Fields of Justice! P.S. I love the 2nd Taunt :D
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: The maestry
I've noticed that 5+ deaths often result in A+ grade if you have a lot of kills. In this situation you have 2 times more kills than deaths and that's >5. If it was 12/3/15 it could have been S :P Hope this helps in future
: i need your help
If he is your friend and he decided to steal your acc, then only Riot can help. If you shared your account with him then there is nothing you can do about it.
Nootella (EUW)
: Other online games are fine, it's only happening with League of Legends.
I don't have any suggestions then :( Sorry
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Had the same problem 1 year ago. It was my ISP. Check if you have same problems in other online games. If so, call ISP!
BTW! This might be caused because of Package Loss (Which is probably your Internet Service Provider's fault).
Nootella (EUW)
: low ms but still lagging.
Had the same problem 1 year ago. It was my ISP. Check if you have same problems in other online games. If so, call ISP!
himanwho (EUW)
: Is Kayn worth buying?
Gotta catch em all! Or should I say - Gotta buy em all? {{champion:141}}
: ahah xD its actualy serious
: i have concept how he could look like for you yossi hope you like it
Yep, that's a Mona Lisa in LoL :D
yossi1981 (EUNE)
: [Champion concept] Trinky , The ancient collector.
: Opinion from a perspective of a toxic player
Eh... Don't worry you'll eventually learn how to ignore them all. If I did it, you also will. I had 4 chat bans in a row and then a 14 days ban and I'm still here (ban ended 2 years ago). And yes, you will get tilted every time, yes you will want to flame hard, yes you will be searching for justice after getting ban and knowing that other flamers who insulted/trolled will be free and bla bla bla. However, just ignore them and you'll see - life will become easier! What about /mute all? Ah, simply in-game feature added by Riot. I never use it. It's good to see how miserable some people are and what they are typing. Just keep calm and don't take their words serious. Flame and hate comes from others not you. If you will read and try to respond to every insult you'll end up typing some negative stuff whole game. I hope you'll handle it and become a chill player. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Good luck dude.
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AznaktaX (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SeekerK,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=6X5TrFdn,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-25T11:32:19.214+0000) > > Once i spent 5 days in aram with a friend on nasus vs veigar without logging out or sleep
Goodnigut (EUW)
: I don't get it..?
Look the ranked game time.. 1,5k minutes
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: Trolls that waste your precious time and Riot Support does NOTHING
Actually you waste your life time playing games. Same as we all here do :P
: Do you russians really call jungle "les" a.k.a forest ? xd
Simply how English calls forest 'jungle'.
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: Heya What exactly do you mean? The side always contains a button where you are directed to a side to ask them questions. Regards Rkoturdo
It redirect to NA... I need EuNe
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: what will you do now with such few essence?
Probably play and wait for keys and for essence :( Or for TF legendary skin
: Player behaviour
>Why isn't there a permanent mute instead of a permanent ban. In that case I think most of those players with ban like that would just intentionally feed/troll. Playing without ability to write a single word is unfair. Better be perma-banned and start new account rather than play like you don't know any language in this world. Sometimes you wan't say GJ or GG WP but you can't because you are muted. Perma-mute would break communication with team.
goldust07 (EUNE)
Actually you loose LP if you loose game, not if you got chat restriction. Sometimes if you win/loose game after game screen doesn't load and that game doesn't shows up in match history so after few days that game (comes from the nowhere) and is being put into match history and all gains and losses you got there are counted into your IP/LP.
TBL Arnas (EUNE)
: Riot replied again. Greetings again, I've double-checked all of the information and we stand by the results of the investigation. I must emphasize that I'm not able to give any other info. There are some individuals who would use that information to circumvent our systems and methods of investigation. I'm not accusing you of this in any way, unfortunately due to the actions of those individuals our stance on this must remain firm. What does that mean? They cant give me prooves that i am hacking or whatever?
Basically yes, they are not going to send you any proof. How ever you can investigate black list of software that are illegal so you don't get that problem again. As far as I know they somehow trace your CPU or whatever to detect whether you're using any programs while you play. There is white-list of course so maybe you have used some kind of weird program while you were playing.
TBL Arnas (EUNE)
: Banned for use of scripts, hacks, exploits or unauthorized third-party programs in League of Legends
Derifrest (EUNE)
: It's basically Permaban
Or Sunday, February, 2022 22 hours 22 minutes 22 seconds Until The Cataclysm in 9001
: banned until Sun Feb 22 22:22:22 UTC 9001
: Why is /remake not on EUW yet?
In EuNe it doesn't work as well :/ Every time if there is afk, its been 30 mins you get this >/remake is not available
Allosen (EUW)
: What exactly does it take to get an S Rank as Support ?
Yes pretty much 10 kills enough. Few hours ago I played {{champion:223}} support finished 12/11/17 loos game but from all teams I was the only one who got S-,no other S was there.
: Suggestion : 'Toxic Badge'
Well I guess it's better to have some kind of badge rather than nothing.
: well i didnt do anything wrong .. and i start hating this game i guess ill quit it and go for heroes of the storm :)
: ugh
It's because Riot doesn't love you :(
: just like that? so simple ? RIOT PLS
'If you have any questions, contact ....' Answer is given bro
Najns (EUW)
: Wow gj m8^^
Ty. But now All i need is jut 1520 essence :C
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: Do squats and push-ups while in queue
All what you need to is is select 'Fill' lane and you will start game in seconds.
: I gues that makes sense :P
Yes =D some players go on boards to admit that they did not flame, it was their friend and etc.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Why Permabans exist.
Well chat restrictions helped me to stop being toxic.
Pink n Sexy (EUNE)
: Think we could have Tanks that actually...
Death recap does not work propertly.
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