: What it boils down to is: one of us is beset by trolls and feeders and wants Riot to virtually ban people for playing badly and one of is enjoying the game. You do the math and work which is which. And since you so strongly disagree with the policy chosen by Riot do what an aware consumer should do - don't support the company by your patronage anymore, leave League for a MOBA that bans trolls while allowing flaming and if you can't find one then create your own. Because crying here will not do you any good. Riot ignore constructive threads, why do you think anyone will look at your?
> Because crying here will not do you any good. Riot ignore constructive threads, why do you think anyone will look at your? Which begs the question of why do you reply in it in the first place. The whole argument aside I took a minute to look at your previous replies in other threads in the past... well, ever. And all I can see are constructive, sarcastic replies that in most of the times provide little to no contribution to the said discussion or argument and are there simply to disagree or just to be there for no reason except for the sole sake of a reply. I made a thread because even though I know there is a 99% chance that no Riot staff member who has any power to do anything about this will look at this, I still somewhat want to make, not only mine, but many people's issue apparent and seen by other people whom may relate. > What it boils down to is: one of us is beset by trolls and feeders and wants Riot to virtually ban people for playing badly and one of is enjoying the game. You do the math and work which is which. Also this, since to me you look like someone who likes to sit in places like for example the /b/ section of 4chan, let me put it like this, " Only because other people experience cancer and you don't, doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute in finding the cure "
Lux Lux (EUW)
: AFKers are banned a lot; those hit with the /remake command are LeaverBusted. Flaming them has really no point AT ALL since they can't even see your messages to begin with. **No point in flaming them**. Feeders, as in "terrible players who have no idea what they're doing in-game and even though they're trying they completely suck at the game": no, you can't report them, being bad is not toxic, nor can you doing anything about it, so flaming doesn't help you nor your team. What are you trying to accomplish by flaming, huh? Does it actually work? No. **No point in flaming them**. Feeders, as in intentional feeders: these are banned rather frequently since they are very easy to detect. Again, they're doing it for the pleasure of ruining your game, and flaming them makes them feel better, so **no point in flaming them**. Here's what I really wanna say. You're NOT the **only one to blame**, you are **one to be blamed together with the rest of the problem**. You are not forced to flame, you are not forced to lose patience, you are not forced the play the game, you are not forced to get angry, you are not forced to get pissed off by other people - YOU choose to flame, YOU chose to lose patience, YOU choose to play the game, YOU choose to get angry, YOU choose to get pissed off. YOU are part of the problem. Not the main reason, but part of it, and you can fix that (if you're actually willing to, which i doubt). Learn to control yourself. Remain calm, it's hard and that's why you think it's impossible in those situations, but if a game is lost since min 10 because of an AFK, relax and accept it, you won't accomplish anything by getting angry. All about self-control. I know, you're gonna do the same as every other angry player and respond we with the typical _"BUT WTF RIOT SHOULD BE FIXING THIS INSTEAD OF ME TRYING TO AVOID CONFLICT, WHY THE FCK SHOULD I BE THE ONE TO HELP OR DO ANYTHING AT ALL"_. But you see, then again YOU choose to look for conflict and YOU choose to find a reason to flame. Not many things are fair in life, and getting angry to the little things like "a bad player" is just plain stupid. --- Anyways, have a nice day.
How did I chose to find a reason to flame, how am I part of the problem when I am not the one causing it? I am astounded to find how many people across these boards have such a flawed mentality, its like I am on some kind of a tumblr SJW page for special snowflakes... I wrote this like 5 times in this thread already, and here it is, in its SIMPLEST form possible; FEEDERS and AFK's lead to TOXICITY. Getting rid of TOXICITY will NOT get rid of Feeders and AFK's. As simple, as that. And as I wrote too, I am not perfect, mistakes on my behalf do happen too, and I understand when it happens to others. But if you are met with a constant, intentional flood of somewhat deliberate "mistakes" then there is a limit of how much you can accept, of the said problem. I report AFK, and feeding players every game, because oddly enough they literally happen every game. But I see no reduction of them. But when I log in and I see that i Have been chat restricted and Riot shows me a picture of my chat history where in 90% of cases I try to help people, they refuse to listen, and I swear once or twice, hence making it a valid reason to punish me, pisses me off, and if you fail to understand that then I don't know how else to explain this to you.
: Or, nothing will change because people like you are part of a very small minority, that seems bigger due to being vocal? Also, all manner of Unsportsmanlike Behaviour is punished. There is but one small problem. Flaming is pretty cut and dry. You look at chatlogs and you see that someone is asshole. But trolling and intentional feeding? Well here's where the problem starts. Cause you see, there are some people who believe that there are trolls and intentional feeders in their every game. That's a silly delusion cause real trolls and intentional feeders are pretty rare. Except in some paranoid minds, for whom every mistake and every bad game is an insult deliberately aimed at them. You wouldn't know about it of course. But please, continue feeling like a victim of an unjust system. And be sure to come crying to the Boards when you get permabanned. I'll be here to laugh. I'll leave with a cool quote by a smart man. _”The central belief of every moron is that he is the victim of a mysterious conspiracy against his common rights and true deserts. He ascribes all his failure to get on in the world, all of his congenital incapacity and damfoolishness, to the machinations of werewolves assembled in Wall Street, or some other such den of infamy."_ - H. L. Mencken
SO now you are going to throw quotes at me and says that I am delusional and that there is no problem at all. I am not going to try to argue with you because you seem like one of those people that whether right or wrong, they will not give up, which you may see as a bit "ironic" coming from me, judging how so far you've been replying about my argument. All I have to say is this - http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en Check all the threads around now. They all seem oddly familiar to my one, but I guess its just my delusion leading me to think that I am the only victim around because it couldn't possibly be my fault that something is wrong in the game. I know when to accept my own mistakes and failures, they do happen, I am not perfect, nor is anyone else, but I will not sit around quietly when I am dragged into intentional failures of everyone around me all the time.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It sounds like that because you are trying to compare it to something outrageous to make your point valid. Stop trying to compare my argument to some random crap just to make a point. The argument is as it is, FEEDERS and AFK's lead to people being toxic, but banning TOXIC people primarily is not going to fix the feeders and afk's so the toxicity will continue nevertheless. Do you see the argument now? If you fail to understand it then I don't humanely know how else to put it.
: You know what? I considered trying to discuss your point. But I am tired of repeating the same things over and over to people who live in their own, tiny reality, beset from all sides by TROLLS, FEEDERS and AFK. So I will give you a reality check instead. Riot doesn't give a fuck about what you think or what you feel. All your excuses, justifications and reasons? No one cares even a tiny bit. Your account is as good as gone with that attitude, sooner or later. Because Riot is a soulless construct, a corporation. And you can cry all you want on the boards, the only thing that matters is Terms of Use. Terms of Use is closest to the binding legal contract between Riot and you. And as it stands now, you will get banned for flaming. Any instance of flaming. You were flamed first? Ban. You had feeders in your team? Banned. You had AFK in your team? Banned. No exceptions. You have been agreeing to keep the Terms of Use, but you obviously consider them unjust and wrong. Tough shit dolly, no one is in hurry to change them. Like I said, not a single fuck given about your thoughts. If you really consider the system wrong and if you really object to how the rules are enforced there is one thing to do. Grow some spine, man the fuck up and leave the League. If enough of like minded people do that maybe Riot will change their policies. Probably they won't cause 1) there is not enough people like that out there AND 2) for all the complaints you guys have no guts at all. So either your money where your mouth is and say good bye or man up and keep the agreements you've made.
Your argument is self contradicting. In Terms of Use its also stated that if one displays a "unsportsmanlike" behavior they will get punished too, but I do not see that happening. They clearly do care because they are getting rid of "toxic" player now more than ever before, but they fail to understand that its not the MAIN Issue. Also with an attitude like yours its no wonder that nothing will get changed if you chose to sit by and do nothing only because you think that you doing something will have no effect.
: You were not forced to loose your clam, yes you can stay calm if you have self control,
Mate. I am not sure if you are failing to understand the point I'm trying to make here, or what, but seriously you don't seem to get it at all. And that is an issue, because to me it seems like you have the same understanding as Riot currently does and that is a problem to begin with. Yes, I WAS forced to lose my calm, because I am trying to be a normal progressive player in ranked games that wants nothing more than a normal, fair to each side game, but instead I am met with AFK and FEEDERS ruining the game either for me or the opposing team. I shouldn't have to be forced to use my "self control" in the first place, and that is a major factor, that should NOT happen, and the reasons for why people LOSE their "self control" should be eliminated, and not the players that happen to lose it.
: You just said you did flame aka you broke the summoners code "but they did it first" is not a vlid excuse, you both are judged. Keep calm and dont flame.
HOW do you expect someone to keep calm when they get an AFK or a FEEDER every game? Not to mention that even if the players happens to be bad and you try to help them, you are met with offensive remarks and you are being told to "fuck off". There is no "staying calm" because "staying calm" is not going to fix anything. Yes, I broke the "summoners code", but why did I break it? Because I was forced to do so by someone who broke it too in the first place. And this is something that many people, including Riot needs to start understanding, and I already wrote this here. FEEDING and AFK people lead to other people being toxic. And they need to get rid of the FEEDING and AFK ones to fix the Toxicity, not the other way around. Banning toxic people or restricting their chat does NOTHING because the MAIN problem still remains.
GLurch (EUW)
: > Every single god damn game, there are feeding and afk players Stop feeding and going afk.
See? People like you are also the issue. I am trying to push a reasonable topic here and explain what it is that is the issue, and you come in and just write pointless and senseless crap because you have nothing better to provide. Please leave. And that includes leaving the community over-all.
: They are.
If your talking about them banning toxic players, then they sure are, just 5 days ago I got a chat restriction for 10 games because I was actually trying to guide people, help them in-game but was met with "fuck off" every time I did so, hence losing patience and flaming them. But hey, I am the one to blame right? Lets ban me because I swore few time and said the truth, instead of fixing the problem of players feeding and being crap. Toxicity is not the issue in this game, AFK and FEEDING leads to toxicity, and they focus on getting rid of the latter and not the MAIN problem.
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Doomley (EUW)
: Don't use some random sites to look up your mmr. They are NEVER accurate. All they do is guess. Also 2471 would be close to low challenger mmr which you just CAN'T have.
Why exactly can't I have that =_= I might not play that much but I do win over 75% of my games. Plus I know that they may not be correct but if 5 different sites were saying the same thing then there has to be a meaning to it.
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Devil Teemo (EUNE)
: Insane delay
bumping this for further interest.
Devil Teemo (EUNE)
: Insane delay
Just bumping.
: yeah i have been having this issue aswell for about 4 days now i get into a game i basically have delays on all of my commands i do etc q w e r flash and moving my champion is this what you have been getting
Yes, that is pretty much what I'm having.
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