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: You don't. In fact the ones at fault in that situation are the toxic jerks. Riot has said on MANY moons that the meta is NOT the rules.
I know men. I just wish Riot would give me a free transfer to EUW...more english speakers -> more communication -> Less poles talking in polish with each other and noone else.
: How is this a good thing .....
Can't play the role and lane i want just cause my PC is a little slower so the lobby opens later than everyone else's, so i guess i gotta go botlane non-support Olaf just cause i wanted to play him when i bought him, everyone wanted to report me eventhough it's Riot's fault, Why teh fuck i gotta play a role i don't consider fun and i dont wanna play it...?
Feelsbadman happens every game to me
Koscum (EUNE)
: Then you're not allowed to complain if noone else wants to play it either.
I do not complain, my polish teammmates say ,,kurwa niewypierdalai jobany'' or something, when someone did not play support.
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Koscum (EUNE)
: If you want a support in your team, play one!
Support=Boring. I don't want to play support just so our team has one.
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LA Losty (EUW)
: It has nothing to do with individual performance, only the mmr of you and your opponents aswell as the win/loss ratio matters.
Wins + Losses + Champion performance = Add up on certain points, the amount of points you got, determines the rank you get.
Leugiier (EUNE)
: I know this is getting boring, but still... (Draft pick EUNE)
Same...i haven't got a good enough laptop so i join the room late, i call the lane i want, i choose my champion, ask if anyone else called it before me, noone responds, i lock in... ,,wtf noob report <lane> 9x''
: 7W/3L PlatIV to SilverV ? Is this Normal?
It depends on your Champion performance rank too
SalmonDuude (EUNE)
: Rito BUFF Teemo please!
His R mana cost got reduced, wtf? You still want more buffs? I thought this made him broken.
: *cough* *cough*
Men... He isn't that good anymore, your team might not have any stuns or noone knows that the slightest stun kills him. Stay near a minion/ally/tower and he will be literally useless cause he cant kill you unless you're isolated.
: Riven vs Panth, if Riven maxes her shield first Panth will lose 1v1 unless she really messes up. Only thing you can really do is wait for her to use her Q on minions and then jump on her, relying on your passive to win the trade. The problem is she will outlast you eventually since she has no mana to worry about. I can't help you with the other 2 questions, sorry.
Yeah but like, how do i beat her in general?
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: i have been playing since season 2 and never once got banned.
Calling reports is useless, yet noone knows this. Report amount doesen't do anything. Literally in every single game i play there is always that one hipster guy that keeps asking others to report his Jungler for not ganking, eventhough you dont MUST NEED ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO gank as the jungler, you could be a carry jungler that doesen't gank and farms all game then becomes a beast in the late and carries. Best part is when i ask the hipster what reason do i input he just ignores me, after 5 min he asks everyone to report his jungler again. Tell them that the report amount doesen't matter...after 5 min ,,pls report this jg 0 ganks ur jg gank 10000''
: Katarina's state at the moment
Ryze and Vladimir aren't hard to play bruh. I have a 60% winrate with Ryze in ranked out of like 55 games And a 90% winrate with Vladimir in ranked...won 10/11 games, they not hard at all bruh, doesen't take skill. Vladimir is just a combo based guy just like Ryze
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Yes, this is preseason, and this game isn't balanced in preseason.
Kha'Zix's rework fucked him. I main him and i feel like he is alot weaker now, all he got is more utility in exchange for demage, why would an assasin need utility...i mean...what are the odds of a teamfight starting near a bush so you can get invisible and walk up to them... Now he won't kill anyone that isn't isolated...
strut (EUNE)
: Blind Pick is an unplayable pile of dog poop
> &amp;gt;The fact that you have to fight over positions or simply don&amp;#039;t have the opportunity to play certain roles due to being a little late to the lobby is absolutely outrageous. But is it truly outrageous? But for real, yeah, i got a wood PC, happens to me all the time. If i see a guy lock in a midlane champ i ask if he called mid, 90% of the time noone responds so i still lock in mid.
: The (?) ingame when someone doing a misstake.
Bruh i didn't understand it ;-; It's mistake Noone will really stop it unless people realise that they make the same amount of mistakes as they do. That happens in silver and bronze mostly
: Ranked Flex is not the only stupid thing in S7, the whole assassin update is sh*t
Yeah man...Riot fucked up my loved champion Kha'Zix Now he can't one shot anyone Now he can't even get a kill unless his enemy is isolated
Almighty (EUNE)
: "We want the fewest number of queues that give unique experiences so we can keep queues healthy"
True...Riot pls Draft back givings. Draft takes less time to find a game than in Ranked Draft...
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Nenokim (EUW)
: Victorious Maokai unavailable
Same here. I didn't get anything.
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TTekkers (EUW)
: What the removal of Normal Draft will ACTUALLY do.
EUW has Draft...oh my god. Riot please allow me to transfer my server, trust me, i can communicate with others, I am an european person so i speak more than 1 leanguage unlike americans. I can speak english well and some german, so i think i would be good in there.
Agnostos92 (EUNE)
: Vote For Normal Draft ~POLL~
EUNE is so shit that it has issues every day. My calculator could run this server better than Riot.
: EUNE, have my energy /o/
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: RESOLVED - EUN - Placement not occurring after completing 10 matches
Talking about placing? I didn't even end the season. I'm Gold III, and got neither of the rewards.
Vianci (EUNE)
: Well done removing the enjoyable draft, and keeping the toxic shit that is blind pick...
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Riot, shove Blind Pick up your back entrance
Free transfer please...i do not like to play on a server that has issues every day. And i do not like to play on a server, where poles tell me to die of cancer.
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: > [{quoted}](name=MadClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Ytk0Fttw,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2016-09-30T16:04:46.206+0000) > > Why are you all just thinking about rewards when this happens, I just want to issue fixed..... It's an old thing from forum days, when EU servers were so bad and we were promised compensation. We never got it and Riot never dared say anything about it. However NA had some slight issues and were compensated with RP. For the past month EUNE had so many issues: 1. This is at least 4th time I see ranked games disabled, out of which 2 were due to this issue now 2. Constant lag spikes despite internet working just fine 3. Random disconnection that lasts for 2 or 3 seconds after which fps keeps dropping sub 20 (In example I capped mine to 80 but easily achieve up to 130 on ultra settings) and is fixed only by shutting down all processes and loading in again. Often freezes PC for a few minutes We are salty and rightly so
If i was african american that lives in EUNE, i would say that Riot is just racist, NA is always up and they compensate RP for the server's bullshit, while EUNE is just a piece of garbage that shits itself every 2 - 3 days.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: We've got several engineers looking into the issue. A subset of the game servers got into a bad state, which we're trying to resolve without further impact. More info as I have it...
Why is EUNE garbage and EUW and NA are always running good? If you really don't intend to fixing this server, how about giving a free transfer to EUW? I am 100% sure that players that have issues and bad connection with EUNE will leave EUNE and join EUW.
: Server made of 50 year old toaster. Wp Rito! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
My fucking calculator can host better servers
: Whenever you feel like it fix the god damn eune server :)
Well, EUNE tends to shit itself every 2-3 days, every time that happens, i would check EUW and NA, and boy, guess what's up with those two? - THEY ARE DOING FINE!!!
5oulDARK (EUW)
: Giving advice is classified as toxic?
Eh, it's just the cait being terrible
Katinas02 (EUNE)
: EUNE is so bugged these days, they could at least give us 1 chance to transfer to another region for free... if this goes like this more often, there won't be many players left in EUNE. But ofc nothing will happen.
EUNE shits itself every 2-3 days.
Zurkrem (EUW)
: HI there, the discussion in which I first heard about your problems seems to be gone, so I'll reply to you here. Putting your computer next to your router can, in fact give you disproportionally worse results than a wired connection. Trust me on this one. I once had a friend with terrible internet who kept on complaining about it to his ISP (Internet Service Provider). His ISP could however do nothing without from a wired connection. So I made him drag his computer and a monitor into his living room (the location of his router) and put his wi-fi antennae a meter away from his router. This gave about the same speed as he usually had (his setup is usually 15-25 meters away from the router and has no way of getting a cable there). When we then tried a wired connection, lo and behold, there was no problem whatsoever (how we fixed his wi-fi is another story entirely). TL;DR: You can't complain about connectivity issues without testing it on a wired connection.
I tested wireless, took the white cable out of my router, and put it in the laptop's jack. Nothing changed, it's pure EUNE's fault, my internet operator is not shit either, it's the best internet operator/provider/company in Latvia. (Latvia=9th fastest internet in the world). So i dare to blame it fully on...Riot game's Server. Like what is this again, Ranked queue's disabled right at this moment? Tons of loggins happening so i have to wait for some reason? Seems like a clear indication of the EUNE server being complete garbage.
: Have u already tested your ping in euw?
Yeh, i have a level 2 in EUW, ping is literally the same except i never got lags in all my whole huge amount of 2 games.
: i thought u got free transfer at lvl 30??
Think about this logicaly, if we would get a free transfer at level 30, there would be noone on EUNE except for poles.
: i thought u got free transfer at lvl 30??
Ofcourse not, Riot was created by capitalists
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The Yukeh (EUW)
: ARURF is the most toxic iteration of URF to date - but there's only ONE reason why.
Agreed. ANd why do i have to play specific champions that riot gave me, not the ones i really like and have alot of masterry points with?
Thames (EUW)
: ARURF Reroll broke.
RIP. And Riot, how about fixing the AR system? I played 12 games, got !!!!Lulu 4 times!!!!, !!!!!Varus 3 times!!!!!, !!!!!Lissandra 2 times!!!!!, Gangplank, Shaco,Kayle. Can please fix the system and not only give me the free week champions, but also the champions i own and i actually want to play?
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Apparently it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Die Kaiser,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zzT6GxZJ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-08-29T17:03:50.979+0000) > > There is only a 40% chance my team&#x27;s support will buy wards...i&#x27;m not even silver anymore, back then i&#x27;m pretty sure the support didn&#x27;t know what a ward is...well the support might have known what a ward it but he might have not known the reason of warding. i think you are talking about elo hell there(aka...bronze)
elo hell? lol there is no such thing. No i am not talking about Bronze. If you would read it more carefully, you'd see i am talking about silver.
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