: This is it riot im done with your game
Not to mention lane bully champs like Renekton tend to push the waves just to get that lvl up powerspike. Like said, it's the death of enemies that gives EXP, not the last hits. If all goes well, teh bully champ assumes dominance and uses the powerspike to either zone you out or kill you before focusing on getting dem sweet CS and letting you have none.
Ehre89 (EUW)
: Troll community telling people rebinding keys is a thing
Yeeeeah, rebind keys only to fit your preferance, not anyone else Sure, move attack on mouse button sounds like a fanastic idea, but people who have already accustomed to A-clicking or just clicking the target they wanna attack might just get disoriented with the change. And always.. Back up inis if you do editing..
MuisGrind (EUW)
: Taliyah W
I actually would like that, but yes.. Being able to push yourself with the W could be way too much for her. Though I don't think that push of her W is strong enough to get over most walls. So there's that Sure, it will be on cooldown if used in her combo, but in late game her CDs are quite low. But yes, if W affecting Tali herself was true, that'd mean she'd be most likely taking a nerf somewhere else. Probably increased cooldown on the W if used to move herself, or damage nerfs on her skills. Or nerfs to her defensive stats to compensate for the added security..
Mangekyu (EUW)
: "SKT winning every year, boring"
Well, as brutal truth as it is, the only way for SKT not to win.. is for other teams to get better. By the looks of it, it wasn't a cakewalk for SKT though...
: NURF Ilaoi
I just feel like she needs lower base damage on E, that stuff is wack yo (if it lands) But otherwise, fighting Illaoi is to follow her god's teachings Don't be stale, keep moving like waves of ocean. The moment you stop and stagnate, you are better off dead. A kinda ingenious, I tell ya. Or for easy win against her, pick Nasus, get easy stacks off her tentacles.. Dun dun duuunn
Kítty (EUNE)
: I miss Morde. Do you?
Atleast he doesn't have easy access to spell vamp to offset the neglible health costs of abilities... So.. there's that?
: Panda Champion
: Ranked with AFK
Naturally the AFK'ers would take a LP hit, maybe even more severe than normally. Yeah, system that auto forgives games with AFKers may be heavily abused in a way or two... soo, not sure how to deal with AFKs. Yes, you can report them and your losses will be forgiven, but usually that comes bit too late. You usually have climbed the ladder by the time LP refunds come. I do remember reading that leavers and AFKers won't receive LP gain if the game ended up in a victory nevertheless. (Not to mention, LeaverBuster getting interested on you)
Phyrz (EUW)
: Zac or Hecarim
OBJECTION! Hecarim's heal on W scales with your team's damage. Time it right and you can tank everything with it xD
AstralDream (EUNE)
: Why supports are afraid to buy sightstone?
Quoting Braum "Sight is key to victory. Also stone" Yeah, when I supp, Sightstone is the first mandatory purchase. Those who don't buy it are just gimping the game by thinking the team needs MOAR damage and no vision..
: Got reported for going Full Mr
Dunno, don't see any mobafire guides with such a build for Kled.. So yeah, that's probably the reason. Not because you build according to their team. Though if you were the only tank in the team, some armor would've been good, just to tank turrets more efficiently!
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What was my game missing to get the S/S+? :)
I say.. 3 more kills, atleast 50 more CS, 1 Dragon assist and 5 wards.
XankoBrat (EUNE)
: Fix your fcking game
Could be also case of very very old LoL installation, fragmented so badly it gives that increase in ping when trying to access piece of data. (Can't send data without reading it first, right) or a registry error? I know I know, you kids nowdays have fancy SSD and whatnot, but when in doubt, do a full scrub of your system. Update your antivirus, do a full sweep with it, run CCcleaner or something to clean up clutter from registry, defrag HD if you don't have SSD. If those fail, Reinstall LoL I do maintaince alot because my old rig is practically life supported by maintaince tools xD
: Does anyone else think that Lux needs a CUTE skin?
Yes, we all want a Schoolgirl Lux I want Definately not a lux skin, where she is wearing a panda costume. How about that?
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: How do you recover from tilt?
You won't be tilting if you are doing your studies! Because let's face it, scoring a decent job through education is alot easier than having the necessary skills to play LoL for living..
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: ARAM Chests
In this game.. It is to have friends or git gud!
: Shen's win ratio dropped to 46% what can be done with him?
What Shen is missing is either some healing ala old vorpal blade or some form of gaining bonus MR/Armor or health. Look at all the other tanky guys. THey all have some way of getting "free" tanky stats. Sion has his W passive Poppy has her 15%/30% bonus armor/MR Garen has farmable 30 both Illaoi and Yorick have life gain. So on so son. Sure, you can argue Shen has the auto attack blocker to help him with that, but when that's on cooldown, he just has nothing. I miss his old Q and his passive. Tank Attack speed Shen was the tits!
: Age should be related in matchmake
While you could make good points why you'd need to be at certain age to play LoL.. It won't happen As a free game (tm), LoL IS reaching out for wide audience so anyone who can hold a mouse and use a keyboard is allowed to play. Sure, there are bad player kids, but there are also bad player adults/elders/whatever. Even if the generlization were true that all kids sucked at this game, that'd just mean that eventually their MMR would match their skill level and thus only bad players frequently play together.. Also, this is a subtle jab at the OP...
JakiStow (EUW)
: Why is it tolerated to insult Riot ?
Besides, Rito guys have thicker skin, part of being community guys is to deal with the everyday flak company gets from the community And yes, there's the whole censorship accusation thing if they went nilly willy to take down all those insult rito posts. Imagine Rito as a gentle jolly giant with a good temper, but once you break that temper, the giant grabs a hammer, weighens it down with evidence of your insultive, toxic behaviour.. and well, you won't get to play Lol for awhile. So yeah, while they have greater threshold due many factors, don't poke the sleeping bear, okay?
: Caitlyn and her "ultimate"
It's a finisher to pick up low hp stragglers. YOU WILL learn to love the ulti. IMagine this, your team just won a teamfight with 1-2 enemies escaping with very low health, you pop in your ulti For the channel time you get to watch the shuffle of damned.... Oh boy is it a doozy to watch? Sure.. Jhin's ulti does make better panicked shuffles, but Cait is the original inventor of the shuffle
: Delete Tryndamere
If you got ignite, count to 3 after he ulties, use ignite on him and kite and CC him,,, If there's exhaust in team, that'll work too
sarhan155 (EUNE)
: top champions
+1 To the tentacle chick here too. She is definately getting some nerfs sooner or later. Though most of her power can be avoided by moving while fighting her, but still.. That E is so goddamn good when you land it and kill the spirit (for harassing purpouses)
Long n Hard (EUNE)
: Can Riot seriously fix this champion?
Ooooh boy, the OP is gonna have loads of fun when he encounters Darius and a decent Olaf...
: What's with all these 2k runes
Because movement speed is a rare commodity ingame. I believe that's the reason I have a feeling of deja vu here..
: Who is the most unbalanced champ?
Illaoi atleast has one counter.. And that is Nasus (free stacks from tentacles) I always rant internally about Yasuo though. He just seems broken in every aspect (untill you learn his defenses suck after the passive shield)
: llaoi need a nerf
I do partially agree on nerfing Illaoi though. One part of her atleast, The base damages of her E. Those are quite ridiculous! But yes, I love playing the tentacle chick, more so when I encounter a toplaner who knows their stuff. Keeping the fight mobile is the key to winning her. Sure, you might not dodge all the hentai while you move and attack, but it helps a lot. One time I had Fiora go against me and she had both luck and skill in her side Luck? As in those weakpoins appeared where tentacles couldn't reach? SKill as in she dashed when mass of tentacles where to smash her!
: Possible viable AD support next season
Supporting with MF and other unorthodox propicks are usually made to counter a specific strategy. That does not mean they have invented new way to support or something. See, those pro guys. They got the game plans in plans which are also in plans that revolve around the plans of enemy plans in plans. Sometimes to counter the first layer of plan is to take something that can easily deal with a specific thing, thus allowing an opening to penetrate deep into the plan onion, wreck those plans from inside, send the enemy in disarray because plans in plans of plans around the plans cannot be applied thus allowing your plans of plans in plans around their plans in plans around your plans to succeed.
: Kayle too op for anything
Kayle is "hypercarry", kinda like Jax. What sets Kayle apart from Jax is her ranged modifier that keeps her semi safe and the Aoe nature means she can farm efficiently with some attack speed and damage.. So apply what you'd apply to Nasus (which applies to every champ in a way) Don't let her farm to OPness, please.
: what about nerfing tanks
I agree with Akiris.. Some (read a bit too many) champions not only have excellent scalings, but also way godly base damages. You shouldn't have both.. Yes, you gould have decent scaling and decent base damage, but nearing god tier with both is just... GAH. All just because they are slayers or something But most of the time, if you are playing APC or ADC and you are not dealing damage.. It is either because you are behind or haven't built your penetration items yet. Trust me, that void staff or last whisper is a big ass damage boost even if it doesn't chunk up your main stat much. (treat them as additional rabadon/IE) which become even more awesome if your team has BC or/and Abyssal
: I don't understand how people can play lots of different champs
I need to brush up on Poppy on normal games. Whenever I get her on ARAM, I wreck stuff with her. But yes, I started as one trick pony, maining singed when FoN was a thing and Singed became just invincible. Then sooner or later I got bored with the champ and with so many new cool looking ones out there, I went to Lux because of her versatile kit, mained her for rest of season 2.. And then I just began trying out new champions on monthly basis.. and yeah, I am now jack of all champs..
: Autofill
Use normal games to train and ranked to climb elo. Yes I know, in normal games it comes to the art of typing the fast to get the spot you want and there's bound to be arguing... So get a normal team going?
: What's with all these 2k runes
I actually use mov speed quints for my support and midlane pages. Sometimes I even fill all the pages with those quints. They're indeed valuable as it allows easier time dodging Aoes and skillstimes, lets your melee champ stick or escape better. Movement speed is a luxury not alot items grant and incase of Ad items they are mostly a conditional ones (need to be hitting enemies mostly OR need to be out of combat)
Absolve (EUNE)
: Illaoi vs Ranged champions
I have considered Illaoi's laning phase as "anti-bully" way. Enemy got Renekton? That croc just got #rekt. Her whole kit seems to revolve around surviving initial stuns, healing back and dealing grand vengeance on anyone hapless enough to commit all-ins with her, with a jungler in tow or not. So, as anti-bully bully she does exhibit one weakness of bullies.. And that is indeed ranged champs! Guess you could deviate from the normal builds and build either ice gauntlet or frozen mallet to make you stick to the kiters. If you do find enemy team constantly disengaging, then play a siege game. Use your E most of the time to get free damage in and if that causes a squishy one to get out of position. Say that ezipizi SlayerEzrealPussidestroia E'ing towards you.. Well, that's the cue to wreck atleast one face. Or alternatively.. Just go balls to the walls and fight with their frontlines, the more you fighting in your tentacle zones, the better after all. Leave the backline for more mobile champs!
: Fill guarante?
After alternating between top/bot and top/fill. I think I can say what the fill buff does.. With the "recently filled/supported" buff on, you have some priority when queing up. So the average time for waiting for a game when going top/bot was 8 minutes for me, but with the fill it was 5 minutes. Yes, the mileage may vary alot and I have heard of people ending up as supports if they queue too long (20 minutes or so). Guess at that point the matchmaker just gives up and says "This guy's a support now so we can get these ten guys to play" No, the autofill isn't miracle isntant match buff and no, you shouldn't play half-assed supports to get that buff. It is just extra incentive for people to actually support since it is the most thankless role! Who I am kidding? I have gotten one "ty" when I was support!
Rioter Comments
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Now this makes me question the grading system...
Not to mention, the ranking also kind of works like arcade games highscore. Think that when you score S, you get to put your name in the top part of the high score.. That being said, Trynda isn't a popular champion so I reckon not alot of people have set very high scores with him yet. And yes, the score I speak is the secret algorithm used to give you grade, not your kills, deaths and assists (and CS)
RIPenemyz (EUNE)
: why do i always have the worse team!?
Dilbo here, once again bringing forth my "common nominator" speech to the soloQ What is the most common factor in your lost games? YOU. Yes, in world of SoloQ we cannot pick our team so we should not complain about having shitty team whetever true or not. Instead, we need to pick new mentality. "I did too many mistakes in this game", "I should've farmed bit more", "Should've been skirmishes earlier", "Should've romaed more", "I should git gud and better". The moment a person thinks they're "good", their development in that area starts to slow down. This is why most of the best players are actually pretty humble. Yes, they are good, but they don't think they themselves are that good, thust instictually their mindset is switched on improving. To you OP. Hear this, even if your team sucked. Don't blame the loss on you, blame it on you, take the lose as a lesson and improve your game! Not to improve just your own play, but your interaction with team. If you see a random tperson on your team doing something good.. or even decent. Type a GJ in the chat. Just won a tough teamfight despite the enemy having advantage? "Congratz team, lets push/b/take objective" actually does wonders. That one piece of positive reinforcement on one's (accidental) good play might put the summoner in a focused state, where instead of thinking "I can't do this", he or she thinks "Hey, maybe I can do this after all!" I am not one to talk about intricaties of LoL with only Silver 5 grinded so far (and mostly doing arams), but hear me. I ain't even the decent portion of lol players, but I know little of how our minds work. Behind the scene things like actual morale and mood of players have huge impact on how game plays.
Macilento (EUW)
: Sighstone should be REMOVED - OBSOLETE IN 2016
Guys guys... You won't believe this but this one time I played support and warded old school (aka tribrush and the spot where scuttlebug leaves ward) and our jungler thanked me. Yes, warding is a whole team effort. But support is a wardmaster. That's why it's support role, you put down those wards, keep that precious ADC cargo safe and fed. You pull all the supportive, non-stat tracked moves to push your team to victory.
Someone16 (EUW)
: I want a way to practice
Just play rankeds as you do, but be bit more self-aware of what you are doing. Make mental notes of all the minor and big mistakes you do in every game, and try to correct those mistakes as much as possible in the next game! And after every game, just take a moment review your own play. Did you do good? Could you do better? Stuff like that. There's mindless playing and learning play after all
: I have a bizzare build idea- PD Rammus
Hah, why not. No one excepts critting rammus.. But I wonder if {{item:3285}} would work nicely too incase you want to be all about dat magic damage? Or slap it as a sixth item fi the full ad enemy team doesn't build any armor penetration. Let's face it, being well over 300 armor means you are pretty much invulnerable to physical damage unless some armor penetration or reduction is applied..
Biuvoc (EUW)
: More farm then my adc and mid as support
Next meta. Supps take smite so they can farm the jungle too!
: PETITION to revize League of Legends "PVP.net Client"
You do know RITO is working on bringing us a new, better, leaner, faster, harder, sturdier, steelier client..?
: New Champ Idea [Yasuo combo champ by replacing his sword] Exp.1 Omega the Living Weapon
Limiting ulti to one champ is.. not good in design aspects. Yes, there are champs that fill a certain niche and require a specific team comp, but a champ requiring specific champ to do its 100% Buut, take a page out of DOTA 2. There's this hero that can either eat an ally like Tahm (except it lasts forever untill cancelled) or become a part of hero. Perhaps your champ could do the same, become a part of a champion (by becoming the champ's weapon), boosting the said champ's attack stats. If all balanced and whatnot, it could open nice plays. as in "should I buff up my team mate in expense of making the fight 4vs5 or should I keep it 5vs5"
: New Summoner Spell
Just get your ally to ward enemy jungle and regular teleport to it? Granted, inventing a new summoner spell for the game will be a tricky thing to do as all the critical ones are filled. Though.. What I'd like to see is "camp spell" It drops a campfire with aura that boosts up mana and heal regen for some time as long as allies are out of combat. That'd give a chance for a team to continue pushing after surviving a fight with few measly hps. The campfires wouldn't stack and could be easy to destroy (1-2 hits)
Rioter Comments
: Yorick's ghouls needs to have bigger impact lategame
Maybe... I dunno.. What if.. Baron nashor's minion buff applied to Yorick's ghouls too? Maybe even Banner of command too!
: S's and farm, the problem..
It is also very champion dependant. Think of it like the top players of the champs making high scores and reaching that high score list gives you an S or atleast A xD But yes, the algoritms need bit of updating especially on the CS department. Yes, CS is important factor in gameplay, but sometimes it feels like it's the only deciding factor for grades..
: Rito fix this dude please!
Yup, Darius strength lies in all in fights, but quick trading, especially the ones where he can't get hte full effect of his Q out wrecks him. If you can't beat a champ in all in, then either poke or trade. If those fails, just farm and farm, don't let no creep give no gold!
kameh369 (EUW)
I do like Illaoi, she can be supertanky and deals loads of damage at the same time.. Unfortunately, doing loads of damage requires loads of tentacles and immobile champs sitting still. Like many before me have mentioned in many other nerf tentaclechick threads. Don't let those tentacles smack you.... Also, if enemy picks Illaoi, make sure your team picks nasus so he can get free Q stacks off those tentacles...
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