: But why? its the same? And soraka is a troll pick for the jungle if you do it in rankeds mate. Like, i get why people get angry.
The Soraka game was with friends and meant to be a fun game, but we won! But Normals are more for people who just wanna chill, so how much do i learn if I will the laning phase mostly everytime? If you could tell me, it would be much appreciated <3
: OK, I am going to stick my neck out and make an unsubstantiated statement: the majority of people who play this game are nice, reasonable people who just want to play a game. I think that it is purely a perception that these are the minority. What I have observed is that- in a team of 5- there will be 1 or 2 players that are trying to ruin the game with flaming etc. The rest are quietly going about their game and either saying nothing or are being positive. This silent majority then will make up 60-80% of the 10 people playing; but they won't be remembered after the game. The thing that we should be doing is actively improving the atmosphere. Some people don't want to chat during games (I get that) but just a few words can make a huge difference. A GJ or TY or WP *does* make a difference. Allowing the toxics to hog the limelight gives the impression that all players in the game are bad. Nice people should reclaim the rift! Be positive, have fun.
I get what you mean, but even silent people should just be using the chat for communication. A dead chat is never fun to have and it can make a lost game be remembered as the best game ever... That game you got a team comp that respected your mistakes and the times you gone idiot... That feeling is what I want in League
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 25
1 - {{champion:222}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:115}} 2 - {{champion:222}} 3 - {{champion:22}}
100Foxes (EUNE)
: It's so hard to maintain a happy face when in every game is a person ready to shred your smile off :(. It's so difficult to find those people, they became so rare that they're like holy gems. It's sad. I didn't find more than 1 person in 50 games to be actually nice, even on the enemy team. Someone who wants to try stuff in normals are "bulls**t", and the players who want to learn a champion even against bots are "motherf**kers who don't know nothing". Sir, give me the honor to be friends with you, you delicious piece of Nutella cake! {{item:2009}}
For sure I will! Thanks for the interrest :)
Gigathor (EUW)
: Hell, now I'd like to be on EUNE just to play with you. We positive players are more and more uncommon every day *cries in spanish*. Seriously though, it's cool to see ncie people around here.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I have a level 13 account on EUW if you would like, still same summonername :)
: How do I stop being toxic?
Play a couple of Co-op vs AI and try to help people if you think they need it, ask if they want help and with their permission go onward! You will feel more helpful and therefore less toxic and flamming, If it does not work you can always mute people from the start of the game but be patient! Can take 50-250 games
SeekerK (EUNE)
: I'm seeing a postive player who wants to have fun. I'd like to add you.
Thanks for your understanding :)
: Well, then grow a skin. If you are still new here, that's the first thing to learn. And don't take it personal. People also flame when you don't first-time a champ in ranked... :-) If they want to, then they'll always find a reason.
I didn't first time her... I was just new at her... and I didn't feel like I learned anything from normals...
: Well obviously he shouldnt flame, but i get why he's angry. Like people are people mate, if you fail a game because you didnt wanna practice 8/10 times people are gonna be a bit cross with you. So why didnt you wanna practice in normals?
Again I am only new as Kayle and I feel I do not learn anything from normals when I play no matter which champion... Even when I gone Soraka Jungle >_>
: I am with you ! However, to be honest, ranked is not the right place to first-time any champ. While it is not OK to flame people about this, I can partly understand people get pissed. Ranked is for winning, and that's why people react harsh - supposed you told them you are first-timing. You can always use normals for learing, even for practicing CS-ing. That's not an argument. Apart from that I wonder if you read the numerous posts & news about player behaviour issues. Riot is very well aware of that, in case you don't know; all the "banned-for-no-reason" threads here show that.
Well I didn't know about the lots of threads since i am new around here and I agree it was me being a bad player choosing Kayle since I am not mainly playing her... But the reaction i got is why i got mad about this, if you understand what I mean :)
: ***
The reason I bring this up is not that I am mad about the game I had since it is still the newest on my match history, but the point is that the player who was pointing me down for being a kid and an idiot does make me feel sick and wanting to bring this stuff up
Fjiordor (EUW)
: your [behavior](https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dota2.gamepedia.com/d/d9/Dlc_glados_ann_glados_ally_neg_20.mp3) is not much better. You cannot change it so why dont you move on and live with it? And btw over a long term the chance of the trolls being in the enemy team is higher than them being in your team.
I agree with you! This is kinda the behaviour that breaks my games. Sorry to be that guys and sound abit offensive myself! I just want the positive spirit in every player! And yes I believe everybody can do it if they have the passion for it!
Dismana (EUNE)
: I want more positive players!
I am sorry if this sounds offensive! But I think we have to do something about it! Are you with me or not?
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