: There are 2 ways of becoming a pro player (I assume that's what you are asking about). The first is to get to Challenger in solo queue and hope you get scouted by a pro organisation or team and asked to join them. The second is to get to Challenger in solo queue then make your own team and enter one of the open competitions in your local region. For example, in the UK we have the UK League Championship which is the first step to becoming a pro team. Teams are selected for this tournament based on the solo queue ranking of their individual players, so you need to be high ranked in solo queue to get in. From there you have to win lots of matches and work your way up to the European Challenger League. Either way, the first step to becoming a pro player is to get to Challenger in solo queue. Without that you have no chance of getting anywhere.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You mean worlds? Or.....?
yes mate like this one wich run live now sk vs spy
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: what if some day you're the one that's 0/10 for literally any reason? other players aren't robot with a set skillset that will always get the same score no matter what, someday you have a bad day and don't feel 100%, sometimes you're sick, sometimes your internet lags for whatever reason, sometimes you're just playing against someone that's better than you or simply it's just a bad game. it's not like i go 0/10 in every game cause "i'm just a kid that plays in rankeds", unless i'm a troll that intentionally feeds, i can go 0/10 this game and 10/0 the next, it's just how the game goes. Unfortunately since there's literally millions of players stuff like this can happens 3 5 10 even 15 games in a row but you need to realize there's nothing you can do, and getting mad at it doesn't help, specially insulting those guys that have a low score cause trust me they're even more annoyed than you. it is frustrating yeah but the moment you stop caring about it'll just feel better. You played well, you had a teammate that didn't, nothing you could've done, game is over move on. Different game Different Teammates.
Agree mate. after this ban i will disable chat i will try to play whitout type any message or see any comment from teammate.
: > but why riot let all kids play this game why those who play ranked and have 1/12 3/15 scores and so on Don't you think it's ironic you have stats like that yourself in your three most recent games? And there is plenty more of that further down your match history; dying 10-15 times seems to be a frequent thing for you, even in some games where your teammates apparently carried you to victory. Is it maybe possible that you judge other peoples skill differently than your own? If others have stats like that, they are noobs or kids that should be banned from ranked, according to you. But I am sure you don't think the same about yourself and you have some kind of excuse for those stats, am I right? Maybe think about that a bit, now that you have the time for it.
you lose the point mate. i have that score because of this kind of people. for example how to carry if enemy jungle gang me every 2 min? lose the star but in game u try to come back do your best sometimes work maybe i die 15 times i sacrifice myself to protect the base until they are all dead i kill 3 or 4 but i die i save the base agree? and because of this kind of situation we win. they dont know what is the purpose of this game.... destroy turrets destroy inhibitor and win. but no whit open mid and 4 dead (because of me) what they do? they go for farm in min 45....that is the moment when lose control by yourself and start curse and this is the reason for my ban.
DjKristo1 (EUNE)
: I just got ban for 2 weeks
I will mate cheers for advice.
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