: As an EUNE player who also plays a bit on EUW and NA, the title of this post made me giggle pretty hard. coz it's tru Whenever I return from grinding my EUW acc or playing with my NA friends get on champ select be like Me: Hi team teammate1: **** off teammate2: may awful things happen to your loved ones I think to myself, no place like home.
A1laku (EUW)
: Bro man, how often do you visit the boards? EUNE players crying about getting banned all the damn time lol, the mods keep saying notifications aren't always sent out tho.
Kitsune San (EUNE)
: It is negative, although not so much negative as saying for instance "%%%", where in 90% (if not 100) "%%%" results in instant chat restriction skip landing on 14 day ban. "gg" is simply a honorable phrase that means the game you played was good, be it a great win or a honorable loss, you simply played to the beast of your abillities and had fun. "gg ez" or simply "ez" is more or less a spit in the face. The game is not "gg" if you type "ez". People just think that typing "gg ez" is "fine". It's not. You can just leave "ez" without adding (then worthless) "gg". "ez" is saying that you had no trouble in stomping the enemy, that he's weak and cannot play. It's just a verbal, unhonorable behaviour, that yes, is negative, but not to such an extent as aforementioned "%%%". This doesn't mean that "gg ez" is tolerated and you cannot get punished for saying that.
Damn that sucks :S This is probably why everyone is saying it after a game even if they are 3/9 and barely did anything to deserve a win :D
: i get notifications every week on euw lol
Yeah same, got about 8 in a month, feels like on EUW is much different I don't know..
Kitsune San (EUNE)
: Hi Donidarkowowz, One report in the game is enough to trigger the system. Then, the person in question has its logs analyzed and if IFS deems worthy of punishment, the penalty is ensued. The feedback report though, does not show all the time someone was punished. Not even in those cases that you were the person that reported a player and he got punished afterwards. This simply ensures that there is no bias "I reported him and got no feedback, system is bad". Every report gets checked and if deemed worthy, the penalty is ensued, be sure of that ^_^
That is awesome to hear! Thank u for that. But on a slightly different note, literally 90% of the time on EUNE ppl say "gg ez" after each game, given it's such a high percentage I would assume this is not bannable then? :D
GLurch (EUW)
: He's right though. You don't always receive a notification. Riot tuned them purposefully down, since 20% of the players used to complain before that they were spammed. Also, the system is on every server run by Riot. As such, you probably just have bad luck when you're on EUNE and simply don't receive notifications as often. Anyways, here are my sources, in case you're interested: https://mobile.twitter.com/RiotSupport/status/776560376657879040 http://en.volu-eu.org/viewer.php page 7, 323 and 105 (105 is also the page where former Rioter Lyte states the IFS is live in all Riot regions)
Thank you for that! But it's true that on EUW I have gotten 8 ( yes I keep track ) notifications for about a month, when on EUNE... :D Oh well, nothing I can do:) I'm only glad that it works everywhere I guess.
: Yes it works i got banned yesterday cuz i dont mute some people, btw it works if you flame but not if the others flame ;-;
Yeah I feel it's like that sadly :(
KaShootMe (EUNE)
: you don't get a notification about people you report frequently on any servers.
I do, on EUW, as stated in my initial post.
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: I rerolled and got SKT Jax :(
well not too bad :D it looks good
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: > [{quoted}](name=Donidarkowowz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NEkk37jo,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-11-21T14:32:11.227+0000) > > I only have 2 rune pages for the 2 roles I que.. And when I get autofilled I need to make new runes and sometimes it even buggs and u cant do that in champ select so it would be helpful if u could delete those preset pages and make additional of my own. Just my 2 cents on this one. Its not a bug. It just autoselects a preset page and you cant edit preselect pages. Just switch back to your custom page and continiue editing.
zz not that lol, the bug where u can't even see ur rune page to edit it, no matter which one u choose( yours or preset doesn't matter) check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFOTcYpR-fA
: Still don't see the issue. They're literally the last 5 pages on your screen and the last 5 options on the dropdown. Just ignore the damn things it's not like it's going to break your game having them there.
I only have 2 rune pages for the 2 roles I que.. And when I get autofilled I need to make new runes and sometimes it even buggs and u cant do that in champ select so it would be helpful if u could delete those preset pages and make additional of my own. Just my 2 cents on this one.
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TKP B1lly (EUNE)
: 1 Hour now my client is repairing with no ending for no reason. Any help please ?
Perilum (EUW)
: Because these are modifier keys. Windows doesn't recognize them as a key.
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: There is a gear Icon next to [X] click on it. Bellow Sound you can see Block list
oh wow thank u! I knew this option was still there somewhere..:D
Wex0r (EUW)
: Create new account and add them as a friend :D{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=Donidarkowowz,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sV5KYQ0R,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-11-10T18:25:14.998+0000) > > how long did it take u to get honorable again? That's the strange thing. I think I got honorable after like a week tops.
damn, u must've been honored after every game u played :D
: From 14 days suspension to honor level 5 (it's possible!)
how long did it take u to get honorable again?
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: You will be refunded at the end of the season for any IP that you spend on runes.
but I guess if I bought now when price is reduced I won't get a full refund, right? :D a little too much to hope for
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: Yep. And for me as OTP it is truly frustrating :)
: Greetings. You can only earn chests when you play champions that you own and haven't earned a chest with yet! Check the "collections" tab in your profile to see which champions you can still earn a chest with :)
ohh that explains it.. but I believe it was not like this in the past, i specifically remember earning a few chests between some period of time, so its like u can only get 1 chest per season per 1 champ? :(
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Hussam818 (EUW)
: i opened worlds orb not worlds legacy, tbh in my opinion go for the worlds one, legacy isn't worth it
Well I'm only 5 tokens away from the legacy one so.. I'm gonna give it a shot :D
Altiverse (EUNE)
: If you complete all free missions, you'll get 175 tokens.
O_O i've completed all missions but probably ive missed on some.. they were released during different periods of time perhaps? :( P.S. nvm i just saw everything here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/esports/esports-editorial/worlds-2017-missions-loot
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Hussam818 (EUW)
: So I opened a Worlds Orb and got these two... TY RIOT
is it possible to get worlds legacy orb without paying money? :D so far i've done every mission ( beside pick'em obviously ) and got 80 tokens.. hmm maybe its not possible :S
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