: mages support
I think its cancer to play vs them. They have insane base damage AND cc. Especially Annie, point and click cc, very high damage. But its even more cancer to play with them on lane. They always seem to play only for themselves and get all the kills. And in the late game they can't peel for the life of them, adding only more damage which the adc could do better if he had better peel instead of dying from full ad jarvan instantly. And don't you dare criticize them or they will start taking your minions.
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: What will happen to my Armor Penetration / Hybrid Penetration Runes on the New Season ?
they might refund them like they did with dodge runes back when they removd dodge
Manic Nova (EUNE)
: nah i cant buy skins cause of unknown error xD
> [{quoted}](name=Blazing Phantom,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=qsxPoB9V,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2016-10-10T12:59:43.432+0000) > > nah i cant buy skins cause of unknown error xD Confirmed, you get an Unknown error...
: Camera?
yeah you can go in a custom game, hotkeys, camera control and assign a button to DRAG SCROLL. I think that's what you're looking for.
: you have exceeded the maximum number of attempts at this time..please try in 24(hours)
No I'm fairly certain I can buy with a greek debit AND credit card. VISA and from Greece too. I can buy from blizzard, league AND steam. Maybe there's something wrong with your card?
erfan2003 (EUNE)
: Next Star Guardian series...
basically all league of legends females. I want star guardian anivia
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: "I badly want that skin" event
Hi. I just wanted to say that maybe you shouldn't quit league, just take a break. I used to think like that but now I have friends that I enjoy playing with. Even if I don't like league that much (mostly the toxic part of the community) I still play the game because I'm having fun with those people. And when you come back there might be a skin that you really like and wished you didn't spend that rp that way. I don't want a skin, I feel kinda bad getting gifts from strangers. You can still add me though if you want to talk or play a friendly match or anything really. Not all people are bad.
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Εmperor (EUNE)
: I was making my item set when sudenly ... I lost track of time *.*
: Are you addicted to LOL?
I'm sorry to hear all that and I wish you the best of luck in your LOLless (?) life. As for me, the game doesn't really appeal to me anymore. The only reason I play this game is because I have friends to play with, and even then we start playing other games all together. The biggest thing that repels me from the game is the cancerous community. I know that there are good people (I've met many of them) but the amount of hate we all get is unbearable. This game is just not the way it used to be anymore.. I guess I'm lucky I got burned out of League..
TinOorE (EUW)
: you know, first of all i give you a hint, go play more 'support' because it seems like your playing a top tank or mid ap in the wrong role Furthermore, if you do want those items, i give you a hint now that equinox items are generally better you may wanna use those :) that will give you an additional item slot, also RoA is not the item you wanna aim for as support as you can get it generally at 20 minutes and there are simply better alternatives like Rylais or Zhonas (maybe this will change after the upcoming ap item update but for now take my advice) {{summoner:13}}
Ward+support items are more useful if the game is going to drag enough and you expect to be full build (Mind you full build is pink wards and boots included.) Without them you only have 2 more items to buy but with the ward+support you have 3 free slots. Exception to that rule may be in some situations if you want to buy many items with useful actives and the reduction from ruby sightstone is more useful (Example build: Boots, Frost queen's, Ruby sightstone, Mikael's, Zhonya's and pinks on something like morg. Crappy build i know but I dont play with morg)
St3v3n 2009 (EUNE)
Yo dude what role do you play graves the most?
: Are girls supposed to play support?
Most girls are really good at supporting although I've met some others that enjoy playing other roles more than support. I don't think it matters if you are a boy or a girl, just that girls have a tendency to play support. But its your choice what you play, play what you enjoy and not what people expect you to play.
: U said "You can easily abuse this even in normal games" Its suggesting that u can abuse it somewhere else? can u elaborate?
Like in ascension normal games, not just customs, because of how easy it is to reproduce.
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Fuuta (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting - Getting champion shards when I own all champions??
They said that they're looking into ways to make blue essence more useful like spending it to increase the mastery of your champs to 6-7 (you still need the points to reach them, it just unlocks them)
thedaki1 (EUW)
: Chat not synchronized with the League friends app
For me it sometimes syncs sometimes doesn't. I think it only syncs when the other person is Online (Not in game) although im not so sure about that
: I got 3 keys, not 3 key fragments. Also, chests come each week, and it is easy too get an S nowadays. Besides, I'm sure that you can get at least a key per weak with moderate play rate.
Yes, I'm talking about my case. I haven't got a single frag in like this entire week.
: Eh... The problem is that once the system was released, you had all 4 boxes to claim. The ones you should get in a month time. Now, if the system gave you key fragments just like that, you would be able to get far more keys than boxes, making the key sale go down. Now, you are supposed to get approx 4 keys a month, so yeah... I got 3 keys so far, and the system was live for like how much, two weeks? Just be patient, keys will come in time :)
1 key fragment per week is pretty dumb tbh, 1 chest every 3 weeks is ridiculous, assuming that you get 1 chest per week
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Silly: Key Fragments aren't real.
I'm aware of that. Why would you say that? Seems random..
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Pokku (EUNE)
: Hextech Crafting: Trading
I would love this feature (I have Blood lord vladimir sitting in my chest loot even though I dont play with him..) but I don't think it's possible and here's my reason: I believe that whole hextech system was heavily inspired by Hearthstone's Dust system (You can disenchant cards for dust and turn that dust into other cards of your choice). People over there also asked Blizzard if trading was going to be a feature in the future and they said that it won't be because it would make the dust system obsolete. It's the same with the Hextech system, adding trading even with limiting conditions I think would make the reroll/DE option useless as you can get whatever you want through trading. Don't get me wrong, I too like free skins. The community was always whining for that and Riot gave it to us, even if it was with the intent of making more money (come on, they're a company they won't do stuff if it gives no profit) and now we just want more. Remember that before that, the ONLY way you could get any skin was the 400 RP you get when you create your account, and they don't give you any advantage in-game. So let's be grateful for what we have. P.S.: 100th upvote ^o^
: "...if you buy or are gifted a Legendary or Ultimate skin..." Doesn't include crafting and also they dont get any profit off of that. I don't think it gives you a mystery skin. I could be wrong though.
Nvm I read somewhere in the boards someone crafted an ultimate skin and got a mystery skin.
Sokari13 (EUW)
Soul reaver DRAVEN skin. A friend gifted it to me and it has a special place in my DRAVEN
: "vs which champs is jhin bad and needs to struggle with while Lucian isn't ?" DRAAAAAAAVEENNNNNN Not just for the joke, ita actually true.
I main DRAAAVEN and I approve. Draven counters every adc. He has everything an adc wants (Damage, sustain, CC, Global ult) but his only weakness is that he is hard to play good consistently.
: Looking for a draven to help me with my draven
Draven Draven Draven Draven (Draven Draven?) Draven. DRAVEN! {{champion:119}}
: Spinning axes and hextech crafting.
"...if you buy or are gifted a Legendary or Ultimate skin..." Doesn't include crafting and also they dont get any profit off of that. I don't think it gives you a mystery skin. I could be wrong though.
: Wrongfully identifying exploit prevention security software as hacking software? KILL ME
I just want to point out that using hacks isn't like, infinite flashes or bork actives, but any 3rd party program that gives you an advantage (Automatic timers, zoomhack etc.) which may be client side only, so replays won't show that. So the only way they can find you is by monitoring what files you inject and things like that. I'm not saying that you hacked or didn't, I don't know you well enough to judge that. I just want to point out that you could very well do something and then make an excuse that you used that program. I think the only way to get your account back is talking with a real Riot employee that can check if you got banned indeed for the EMET.DLL file, or something else. I'm not sure how you do that though. Keep spamming support maybe? Either way I hope you get your account back. I wish you the best of luck.
: Draven only thread
wtf is this, new champ? {{champion:119}}
: tags and clubs
: Why would you pick something in ranked that you didn't play since the end of season 5? I wouldn't. Also i know how to handle statistics and i am not gonna dodge because somebody lost his last 4 games. But 50 games as Vayne and a kda of 4:10:4 ... no thx, i made the mistake once to go into such a match and it was even worse then i suspected.
Why wouldn't I pick him? I was good back then, he is a pretty simple champion and I've seen what builds work for him the best.
: Too many players pick champions in ranked they never played before...
How do you know that they never played with a certain champion? AFAIK websites like op.gg only display champions you've played this season no? Take me for example, I used to main Cho'gath back in season 2, that's how I climbed out of bronze. You can't see how many games I have played with Cho before this season. And also there are players that don't necessarily have to play thousands of games to learn a champion, and others that have alt accounts that have other champions in there, maybe due to lack of IP/RP or runes or both and play more budget champions/runes combos that they wouldn't play on their main account and you don't know if they have experience or not. And there are even days that someone may not be playing at his peak because he has real-life issues and can't focus very well and you look at their match history and you see that they fed like hell, but you can't tell if he did it because he is bad or was careless in that game or he had a bad team, or maybe even something bad happened in his life and he can't play like normal. I'm speaking from my experiences only, of course not all of those apply to every person but they apply on me. I reached plat at the very end of the last season (Didn't get rewards{{champion:32}})then I took a break because IRL stuff happened and when I got back I played so bad I got 2/8 on my provisionals and got placed S1, then after that I had like 20 more losses than wins, and now after 3 months they are tied at 70/70 and im almost promo to G2. You should give people the benefit of doubt. I only dodge games that I think I will have a flamer on my team because that's literally the worst type of player, even worse than bad players.
: Why is zed always so strong?
Because burst as a form of damage is super strong and usualy has no counterplay. Well Zed does have some form of counterplay in the form of QSS but if you try to build it early you are not really advancing with your own build so its still your loss. AP's have Zhonya's but it is expensive and by the time you build it Zed will be either very fed or trying to snowball. But that's about it, nothing else really counters Zed aside from some specific champions.
: Better yet, you can scare your friends by appearing offline all the time and still gain LP
: Display offline mode... why is it slowly becoming something players want?
There are times that you want to play solo but your friends want you to play with them. Or other times that you want to play with a friend and 4 of your other friends invite you to complete the team. When that happens too often people may get the wrong idea that you don't like them and such. Also you may just want to chat with someone and not get a ton of invites and stuff so you can just tell your friend oh I'll be on offline mode you can talk to me.
Satnspawn (EUNE)
: It means that your main roles are bot support and jungle with any champion, not specifically Soraka.
I don't play that much jungle though, I mostly play supp or adc these days (premade)
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: surrendering at 7-11 is way exaggerated. honestly i haven't seen this in normal, let alone in high tier ranked.... your buddies must have serious issues :(
It hapens MOSTLY in high tier ranked, I don't know what you're talking about. If it didn't happen I wouldn't be posting it :P
Teahyun (EUW)
: Trinkets are terribly deceptive in terms of warding as they last not long. When you are the laner and the enemy jungler clears your trinkets and pink you feel absolutley helpless. When you play a damage only assassin champ and cant act due to having constantly no vision / camp you get obviously frustrated. In soloQ that frustration leads to extreme amounts of mistakes which lead to tilting. You are supposed to deal damage but become a useless minion, and spectator that watches his team. Jungler will never buy seightstone in this meta as that would again gimmick the idea of snowballing. They either rush devourer into rageblade or damage items. Its hard enough to convice your support to rush seightstone first as frostqueens is very liked. And its fine, if people would realize that it is infact a gamble. Having no early seightstone relies on your bot not getting 4 man ganked, which not only leads to deaths but lost towers and drakes. Its also noteable that the frostqueens rush wont do any good if you are behind and can only defend. This concept sadly is not understood as the otherside of the coin shows another extrem. Where the bot doesnt get collapsed on early and the support can basically solo the enemy Ad (#brand makes all adc, his bitch) So supports get the illusion that this is the right path. I obviously talk about the people that most recently switched to the role (prob from mid) and thus lack the experience of multiple season getting anal'd by 4 man ganks. Losing bot is prob the hardest way to comeback from as they are 2 kills and a drake to gain from it. Its also the lane that prob is to easiest to snowball on since having 2 players down there underleveld and underfarmed. I personally do not really enjoy this but accept the game for what it is, a game. You play if you like and leave it if you dont. I think too many just ignore the changes and think of themselves as a constant that doesnt waver during changes and thus FORCE themselves onto the new meta which leads to frustrating results. Some people are just not made for certain changes to the game, which is exactly why a lot of pros fall off during a certain meta. Just hope next patch you get relevant again or become dedicated enough and be willing enough to spend endless hours analysing and adapting. I personally see this game not worthy that amount of time. It never has. Not because its a bad game but because its just a video game, not my life.
Well said, even though people are tilted they continue playing ranked and show that behavior and unfortunately its not something that you or me or Riot can change with a patch because that's how humans work. You are not going to play well if you are angry/sad/depressed/"tilted". As for sightstone vs Frost queen's rush, I believe sightstone would be the best option BUT Frost queen's is extremely broken, especially on supports that like AP and have skillshots to hit (hi brand), and sightstone is just not as good as it used to be, even more so now that yellow trinkets have been buffed and now 2 yellow trinkets>sightstone.
: "I could easily reach Dia if I wanted" really dude? That is such a bull shit. If you losing towers and cant win a single team fight and cant get a single dragon or tower and the score it is 5-10 why don't you surrender? You think 5-10 is not much of a gap? Have you looked at the enemy lvl? Have you looked at their items that they got from all the tower gold? Have you looked at their cs? Calcualte the amount of gold and exp loss and tell me again why i should afk base after a failed surrender?
Because 5-10 is not a big gap, it is manageable. Even if someone has 5 kills and 100 cs at 10 minutes, he can't 2v1 yet unless he is one of the FotM champs that most of the times should be banned, think Jax with rageblade. And that's literally the most extreme example. Most games are closer than that. Other than just numbers, you have to also take into account that the effort someone puts into a game is different at different points of the game, there are times that a person is going tryhard and other times that same person is laid back because the game is won. Same goes for your team, at first he may not even try because he thinks that the game is hopeless but then you show him through actions that the game can be won and he actually starts trying. All of that contributes to a comeback for a game that you thought was lost, that and countless more things. Strength is not JUST numbers in a game that requires at least some strategy and teamwork.
: the reason why people at higher elo give up so fast is basically cos they know that their chances of winning are very low, sure comebacks are real but if the team is losing 3 towers to none, lots of cs and let say 5/15 on kills chances of comeback are 10% at best, so it's faster to just give up and play another game and thus get more points per minute spent in game
I'm talking about games that are pretty equal and something bad happens lets say you lose a fight at drake, you got 2 kills and they got 3 kills and drake at 10 minutes and scores are 7/10, let's call that a game and whoever disagrees is a retard. That's not how the game works, I believe that the most chances of a team playing from behind has to win is at mid-game if your team groups and capitalizes on the mistakes of the enemy team, catching enemies one by one and gaining a significant advantage to help compensate for the weak early-game, which simply does not happen because at that point, people have already lost hope on the game.
: Agree. Apart from that we learn in your post that you apparently just do not want to reach Diamond, my opinion also is that if the enemy wants to win, they should (and must) win. Don't just give victory away; throws happen on both sides. I had some comeback as well already, even on my Bronze level. Win or lose, it's a good exercise as well.
It's not that I don't want to reach Diamond, it's that the games that will follow are going to be even more frustrating than now. My mechanics are nothing special, the only reason I am Plat is because I'm positive in a majority of my games and I'm taking the role of a leader, calling objectives etc etc.
MvP snow (EUNE)
: Because they can refuse to play the game but - They will be punished for it. It is not tibia, that GM can teleport next to you -real time- and you can show him which one did what and when. I can wake up every morning and go to work but I can also fuck that and go sleep. Noone will tell me that I cant do this and noone will stop me - I can do it if I want to but I know that if I wont go, I will lose the job. You always have option :). If they afk, try carry game 1v5 if you have to. Show these weak pussies how to play. I hate when i que to game and We stomp enemy team. boring
No, they are not getting punished. If someone wants to surr the game and then intentionally throws the game -by playing subpar INTENTIONALLY, think not buying wards as a support or building non meta items- for one time, he will not get punished. I know because I have friends that are like that and have never received even a warning. When a person does that multiple times intentionally he becomes a Troll, and will get punished eventually. I'm talking about the first type of people. And what if I told you, I want to play the game it's meant to be played? That is, 5v5. We're playing video games to have fun and have memorable experiences. We are all aiming to have a game that made our adrenaline pumping because our nexus was at 1 hp and we had some chances of coming back. If you approach each game with a "surr@20" mindset, not only you make the game unfun for yourself, but also for 4-9 more people.
MvP snow (EUNE)
: Some people want to play a game. Some people want to play a really good game. Some people want to play highly demanding game and some people are just bored and have nothing better to do. League of legends have no environment itself - The players creates their own environment. It all depends of the actual game, of players character etc. Look at that this way. 5 man team, 3 people want to surr. Who is forcing their opinion to whom ?
You are pretty much voting on surrendering, if 4 people on my team voted yes and I was the only one voting no I would say fine, if that's what the team wants then so be it. Why isn't the opposite true? Why when we agree to not surr people can just afk and trash talk the rest of the team for pretty much wanting to play the game?
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: My First Milestone has been reached!
Congrats and good luck with climbing even further!
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