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: But this only applies vs tanks... squishies aren't gonna bother with it cause it doesn't give them a good spread of protections for their single defensive item (it would only be viable if everyone on their team relied on abilities which get lowered by this item which just isn't realistic)... your better off getting a generalistic item to cover magic damage if azir is giving you issues as that will cover other magic damage dealers better. So unless your targeting the tank (why) this item shouldn't bother you a great deal... even then riot are keeping an eye on champions who get affected by new items so azir and all the other champions countered by this will be under observation so that they aren't negatively affected too much without deserving it (although given azir being azir I don't think they will buff him).
many players wants to rework him... even meddler sais that azir is dangerous to buff (league of azir). meddler annouced his rework is up on track but i don't see him buffed or reworked. i played him a lot and now i stopped cuz of this reason. He is too low.. too nerfed... i don't say he needs damage or stronger abilities... he just need to make his gameplay easier. (i mean the way you are using the abilities and the mana cost)
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: azir is bullied by nerfs again (or patch 7.9)
for those who don't know azir.. azir is autoattack/magic based champion he uses his soldiers to attack on the enemy. adaptive helmet {{item:3194}} has that passive (using the same spell again will decrease it's damage). and that's bad for this champ cuz he has already low damage.. even from his soldiers.
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: Just no. Hybrid builds are built on assassins like Ahri and LeBlanc who use the items to get "that burst" a bit earlier in the game, not a sustained damage carry like Azir who is reliant on his high AP ratios exclusively. Lich bane would also be horrible since most of your damage is outside your AA range and even then nashor's is just way better. Getting lich bane would be a waste of an item slot imo. Just do nashors->berserker's greaves/mpen boots->rylais->whatever (like rabadons the most, that sweet ap)
is there any items what are not much expensive and make azir strong early ? :DD
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Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: well.. he can't destroy anything easy ':D... not til late game {{item:3115}} --> {{item:3020}} -> {{item:3135}} -> {{item:3089}} -> {{item:3115}} when you have this done you can change first 2 items to {{item:3151}} -> {{item:3157}} you could change hourglass for anything else... i tried this build and i was oneshoting enemy adc mage.. ETC... but as i said... azir is not strong til late game and that needs to be fixed. just a tiny buff for soldiers.. rly tho.. tiiiiiny
i forgot this {{item:3285}} after rabadon's cap
: You know that assassins and poke are supposed to be the counters of Azir even when he was strong? You have 2 escapes against them (ult and e+q combo). So if he can survive against that he will destroy anything else easy. His passive is actually not that bad the tower can come in really handy when pushing a lane while some1 of your team splitpushes. Soldiers count as magic hits so they already apply magic effects. If changing it so on hit would also work he destroys everything with Fervor of Battle having 3 soldiers in a teamfight so no. Once again it may look like i am saying Azir doesn't need buffs. He does... in lower elo's not everywhere and that is the problem and I don't believe there is a way to work around it except by reworking the champion. For any buff would be either irrelevent or push him in to must pick/ban in LCS.
well.. he can't destroy anything easy ':D... not til late game {{item:3115}} --> {{item:3020}} -> {{item:3135}} -> {{item:3089}} -> {{item:3115}} when you have this done you can change first 2 items to {{item:3151}} -> {{item:3157}} you could change hourglass for anything else... i tried this build and i was oneshoting enemy adc mage.. ETC... but as i said... azir is not strong til late game and that needs to be fixed. just a tiny buff for soldiers.. rly tho.. tiiiiiny
: And that would probably shove him back into pick or ban status. Buffs will not fix his problems because he has everything. Poke, burst, sustained damage, mobility, hard crowd control, range, etc. And that's what makes Azir so damn broken and is what forces Riot to keep him in the state he is in. He needs a rework before he can receive concrete buffs.
what about azir's speacial item ? like victor has ? upgrading abilities like on kha zix and victor ? he sure needs a rework... they would buff/rework him after tank rework.
: It could but any buff given to Azir affects all levels of play (although some levels more then others). Any buff therefore would either be not enough by far or too opressive in high level play. Although i agree they maybe can do something it will never be good (enough) for everyone. Same but the other way around applies for a Garen, Yi or Nasus if they were really viable in pro play you couldn't go to forum without seeing only posts of bronze people complaining they are op.
everytime when they buff champion it affects the game... but we don't want him to be super strong we want him to be playable against champions like ekko, katarina and other champions. yes you can slay them from distance but when they jump on you.. you are 100% dead. Lower damage on Q but make lower CD. Give his soldiers on-hit effects, remove passive and change it to something like olaf has... or idk.. his passive is nonsense anyway :/ gives you more AD damage which is bad on azir. what about making azir's soldiers stronger around azr's turret. that would be nice and fair
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: why is azir underpowered ?
please riot react to this
: If azir was any stronger he would be extremely oppressive due to his ability to poke from VERY far away, his kit isn't very fair tbh so has been gutted for some time now. Note that he is STILL seeing some pro play even in this state so any small buff to him will most likely make him 100% pick ban which riot is most likely not happy with.
yes... SOME pro plays. he doesn't need damage anymore... only mana and cdr + passive buff
: He isn't "underpowered" though. He is actually balanced. You just need to know how to play him to get the damage out of him, like any other champion in this game.
builds from this website of course i used all builds that are mathematicaly bet for him...
: He isn't "underpowered" though. He is actually balanced. You just need to know how to play him to get the damage out of him, like any other champion in this game.
i tried and was creating 30 different build set for him... i tried. he is strong at some point but he is more low than strong... i am an azir fan and I main him. I can say that he should get reworked or buffed. he doesn't need more damage much.. he needs lower mana costs and CDR. change passive ETC...
ImJanemba (EUW)
: Because they are afraid of buffing him... Azir is one of those champions that... He gets nerfed and is "unplayable", or he gets a buff and he is Pick or Ban... But i dont really think he is that weak... In lane you play safe and wait for thunderlords, then W + Auto + Q + Auto... This does a lot of damage... Im not lvl5 Azir, not even close... But i dont think he is that weak...
well that's true BUT if he is attacked by assasin like Ekko or katarina.. there is no way to survive. the problem is if you W + AA +Q + AA you lost a quater of your mana and do damage that doesn't match with the mana sacrifice... if you are in early game. he get's better in late game yes.. but you still get 1 shot by an enemy mage or ADC. you can't sacrifice damage for defense cuz you will get only lower. it would be best that RIOT could add special item that's only for azir (something like victor has) and upgrade it as the game progress.
: He is kept in this state because he is inherently broken. He needs a rework. Which is going to happen eventually. No he doesn't need buffs. No one wants League of Azir again.
he need a little buff... cuz they nerfed crystal scepter and that was too bad... his health need to be at least a little buffed and change his passive cuz it's bad too.. yes it spawns a turret but that passive doesn't give you nothing more to the game. they could make him AD instead of AP. that would be better or more mana regen and less mana cost on abilities or mana regen and more CDRon abilities especial on Q or W. azir is almost a half year un-updated... RIOT PLS DO SOMETHING
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Doorlord2 (EUNE)
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Qetzaqoatl (EUNE)
: Chalice? Why not morello?
chalice gives you mana regen and health regen at the same time, and magic resist, cdr etc...
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Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: azir build
is it good to build mana boost items too ? (archangel's staff) or lich bane ? i think athene's unholy grail can be good choice too (cuz of the mana boost )
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: He's geting changed sometime this year. He's either gonna become more like a battle mage, or something else( i don't remember what exactly was the other option, i think it was something related on long range)
where did you get this information ?
: Azir is balanced, riot should leave him in the state where he is now. He is hard to master, but when you do, you'll be able to outplay your enemies like 1v3 or more. People who are complaining about his low winrate... please practice him first in a training game or botmatch. Riot implemented a beautiful practice tool for you now just to learn how to use certain ability kits and their combos, so stop complaining.
that's bullshit... my friend played him for 1 year (azir fan) and he dropped about 3 promos... azir can die easily... any champion can kill him. his damage is also low... i can't use practise tool for now.. it's not avaible in EUNE servers.
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: Air - Riot make him playable again
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: they are weak on full ad, however if you play them a bit tanky...chances are people start saying kindred needs a nerf xd
what do mean by that ? or which items do you think ? :D
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: kindred is low ?
maybe riot could add some life steal to her abilities
: Well first, Kindred's a they (they're two entities). Secondly, Kindred has low HP and MR because Kindred are marksmen. Marksmen are supposed to be incredibly squishy.
yes, but i feel like he is more bad than other champions... jhin, ashe and other marksman. he is so low :/ i got lvl 5 on him now. i'd like to make her defense more strong. cuz.. you know :D everybody can kill kindred easily. even if she is feeded (somehow).
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