Enjutsu (EUNE)
: He's geting changed sometime this year. He's either gonna become more like a battle mage, or something else( i don't remember what exactly was the other option, i think it was something related on long range)
where did you get this information ?
: Azir is balanced, riot should leave him in the state where he is now. He is hard to master, but when you do, you'll be able to outplay your enemies like 1v3 or more. People who are complaining about his low winrate... please practice him first in a training game or botmatch. Riot implemented a beautiful practice tool for you now just to learn how to use certain ability kits and their combos, so stop complaining.
that's bullshit... my friend played him for 1 year (azir fan) and he dropped about 3 promos... azir can die easily... any champion can kill him. his damage is also low... i can't use practise tool for now.. it's not avaible in EUNE servers.
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: Air - Riot make him playable again
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: they are weak on full ad, however if you play them a bit tanky...chances are people start saying kindred needs a nerf xd
what do mean by that ? or which items do you think ? :D
Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: kindred is low ?
maybe riot could add some life steal to her abilities
: Well first, Kindred's a they (they're two entities). Secondly, Kindred has low HP and MR because Kindred are marksmen. Marksmen are supposed to be incredibly squishy.
yes, but i feel like he is more bad than other champions... jhin, ashe and other marksman. he is so low :/ i got lvl 5 on him now. i'd like to make her defense more strong. cuz.. you know :D everybody can kill kindred easily. even if she is feeded (somehow).
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