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FuBaer (EUW)
: If a Rengo keeps instagibbing you, buy a pink ward, wait for his ! marker above your head, drop the ward and wait for him to come. If he comes close, he dies, if he doesn't, he wastes his ult. Anyway a win for you. Other than that there isn't too much you can do, it usually is the job of the support to peel for you against assassins. You could try to stay very defensive / far back, but this might render you useless in the fight as well (if you are dead or just half a map away doesn't matter too much, you would deal no dmg in the fight anyways). That's what is meant if people talk about positioning, you have to learn to position yourself in a way you still can deal dmg but at the same time are relatively safe.
yeah i did all that but support never bought pink wards or stuned him when he was on me they chased others for some reason and then complained about my score because he only was jumping on me because that's what he should do anyways ty for tips i will buy that pink ward and tell my team to help me if he ults :)
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rugcu (EUNE)
: I love to play with katarina and my tip is when you attack first E then Q then W and R. I always use that tactic and it's awesome. My build is {{item:3020}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3116}} and last item whatever you want. At the start first i take Q then E and then W. My masteries []( and my runes []( I hope i helped you with some tips :P
ty but for runes i like heavy Ap armor a bit and AD because i cannot afford others and those are some general that scale really well with katarina
Altiverse (EUNE)
: No, you can't use any ability while ulting, and the same goes for Flash (since it moves you), but you can use Ignite though. As for tips... Specific ability tips: Q: It will bounce in a single direction. So while in lane, always make sure the way your Q will bounce is to your lane opponent. (For example, if there are 3 ranged minions and he's left of them, using it on the left minion might not be a good idea if the middle minion is near it, as it will bounce right and will not bounce to your target. instead, start from right so it will bounce left to your target) Your Q has an animation time, so when you plan to jump on someone with E, then a Q>E combo will be far better than a E>Q since you will then cast your Q animation from a relatively safe distance rather than waste time while you're vulnerable. W: Your W has no animation time and doesn't interfere with other commands. it means you can W and autoattack or W and move at the same time, and don't forget it gives you a slight movement speed buff if it hits a champion. So when running away from someone on you, simply use W whenever its up to get the movespeed will help you escape. E: First, don't forget you can also use it to jump on allies, including wards! practice ward-jumping (Laying a ward/trinket down and immediately pressing E on it) so you can do it as fast as possible and escape or chase through walls with it. Also, don't forget your E gives you a buff that reduces all damage taken for 1.5sec. It's especially useful against champions that have abilities that you can see will hit you in a set amount of seconds, like Zed's ult, Fizz's ult, Karthus's ult and such. So right before abilities of these kind pop on you, use your E on anything to reduce their damage. R: When using it, always look at the channeling bar to see exactly when it ends, and when it's just ending start moving again, so you won't "brain lag" after you tried to channel your whole ult. You can only use your ult when enemy champions are nearby - therefore, if there are seemingly no champions nearby but magically you can use your R, it means that either there's an enemy champion in a bush near you, or you're standing on a Teemo :D (Meaning, a champion in stealth is near you. it can also be a wild kitty or a mad hatter :P) ----- General gameplay tips: The two most important things with Katarina gameplay-wise are probably... Firstly, to know when one of your enemies is going to die exactly and know what you're going to do next with your resetted abilities with no delay, And secondly, knowing when you should go in into a teamfight. As for the first one, It's simply how good your awareness of the fight is. Don't ever forget that once you get an assist/kill you have your Q,W and E back up, and usually you're going to want to either continue jumping to someone to kill them and get more resets, or jump to a teammate/ward to safety. Always look at all your enemies' HP so you can tell when one of them is going to die. As for the second one, Unless you're extremely superfed and can go allham and kill your enemy team before they can blink, never initiate a teamfight. Moreover, even when there's a teamfight already going on, many times you should wait back a little bit (especially if your team hasn't gotten to their backline), and wait for someone low enough for you to jump on and kill (or get an assist) on to get your resets. If you jump too early into a fight, use your abilities and none has died yet, you're EXTREMELY vulnerable and will probably die. Also just a not very practical tip, but Katarina especially needs to know her matchups. The skillshots you can dodge, or the CC that can stop your ult from your enemy laner or your whole enemy team are usually cruicial in order for you to know when to commit and when to back, Ok I think I wrote too much D_D
Welp ty wm i readed all and kinda got a better understanding i knew something but it's allways got to read it again cuz will remember better but yeah i am still a fresh lvl 30 but trying to get better at the game cuz i like it alot :) ty again i appericiate ur time
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: Why is everyone rushing this? Do you get straight S ranks every game? Obtaining these is gonna take a while...
some of us can buy them so we got no issue with S also it's not big of a deal to get S S+ OR S- EAZY Just farm don't die and kill i get it even if i lose sometimes
Dota2Pleb (EUNE)
: Quickcast
alright tnx i thinked so but didn't really try it
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: That's usually the case. Probably the system thinks that you belong a division or so higher so it tries to place you there.
I belive so aswell since i just rekt Gold 1 Malp on top lane i have 4k hours in dota 2 so i guess it's why +26 now btw :D
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