: Elise and Rylai's Crystal Scepter
I'm not playing Elise so I'm not sure, but it could be Runeglaive proc, since it's applying the slow from Rylai
XBlade312 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Double Rainbow,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7OYrcT3L,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2016-04-09T15:01:39.377+0000) > > Did you ask EVERY person you met in League about her gender? No. So you don't know how many girls playing jungle/mid/top you met. What's your problem? Im just saying my opinion.
I don't have a problem, I'm just pointing out a flaw in your logic. You don't know that every time you met a girl in League she was playing support. You only know the ones that admit that they are woman.
XBlade312 (EUNE)
: Every time i met a girl in League which is one in 300000 games btw, they ALWAYS play support and or main support, everytime.
Did you ask EVERY person you met in League about her gender? No. So you don't know how many girls playing jungle/mid/top you met.
: Do you really want to win?
I am really happy that there are still people like you in the League! Most of players seems to think that lost lane = lost game, and forget that some champions are strongest in the late game and struggle to win the lane. I almost never surrender, and often I get flamed for it. But the joy when we comeback... awesome feeling :)
Fajerk (EUW)
: Well its kinda annoying champ, well maybe put back belay on her E, or better make it so it deal 50% dmg instantly and scales to 100% over 1 sec, so just throw E and blast it does not make such ridiculous dmg. Or even better, reduce E dmg to minions. I thin this would put her back into lane greatly (even tho this gets solved past 6 anyway since, yolo ulti every 2nd wave to clear it is still there).
Reduce E dmg to minions?! It does't even kill casters right now.
Billster (EUW)
: Learn to use the new dynamic queue, its simple.
But what if I want mid, but I'm so bad at jungle and top that I don't want to risk that? I'm putting mid/adc or mid/supp, but that means I'm not getting mid at all. I mean, I like playing other roles, but it would be good to get my main role at least 30-40% of the time.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: You realise you can team up 5 in soloq now?
He can't. He said he has diamond, gold and silver friends. It's not one tier of difference.
: So I have been doing a social experiment on Lol for the last 2 months
It never worked for me :< I've had another nickname before, it clearly indicated I was a girl for someone speaking my language, I got flamed all the time anyway. Perhaps it's because I don't speak too often, and don't even admit I'm a girl or correct people if they call me 'bro'.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: You are losing the most valuable of all resources, time.
Well, I've won the game with duo top before, and almost won the game with duo support, so you never know until you try.
: New Summoner Name
I've changed mine just about a week before price reduction. I am a sad panda indeed.
: this game can really break some of the best people out there and its depressing
Hi, unfortunately I know what you feel, because that's happening with my boyfriend right now. He introduced me to this game when he was still fairly new and he was silver, we had fun together and I'm happy I can play this game thanks to him. He had a plan to get to gold before the end of the season, that's when it started getting worse. Each lost series was a disaster to him, he felt useless, I kept telling him that he's new to this game and he have plenty of time until season ends so he will finally get his golden frame. And he did. And later the same year, he got to the platinum. That's when the games become quite hard for him. And he is toxic... but not for other players. He is toxic for himself and toxic for me. He feels more useless then ever, says that he will kill himself if he'll drop back to gold, and can ruin the day for both of us because of one lost game. I know it's problem with him and his depression, not with the game - but rankeds made it actually worse. Sometimes I don't know what to do, I keep inviting him to play some casual game modes with me and our friends, so he can stop caring about ranks, I try to persuade him into doing things other than playing, but eventually the problem is always back.
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: > [{quoted}](name=SK ReDevilS,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=alcLWGaL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-22T09:24:41.713+0000) > > Try to use your range on q to farm minions that are risky to take with the minigun, watch out if they become more aggresive as it could mean the jungler is around, keep the river and tribush always warded(you can buy a pink ward too at first buy). > Also it depends what support you have and how much cc your enemy bot lane has.A thresh could just lantern you to safety for example. alright thanks a lot! i think the support tip canhelp me out a lot, im not looking at that. Another question if thats okay: What can i do in teamfights against assasins like fizz and rengar? In silver, supports usually tunnelvision on engaging so im a bit alone in backline
To be honest, sometimes there's nothing you can do if your tanks are not peeling for you. One thing that works sometimes is flashing instantly when you see them engaging, and then keeping your distance, as their main engage ability is on cooldown.
: How well did you do in season 5? (Legit players only, no boosters or smurfs)
It was my first season, and I managed to get to Silver III. About a month ago I wanted to climb to G5, I started to play a lot and eventually climb from S5 0LP to S3 70~ LP in 2 days. I thought to myself 'it's going well, I can make it', but somehow I started tilting and fell back to S4 0LP again. That was when I decided to give myself a break, I just played few more games, got back to S3. I will reach gold in Season 3, but this time I will start faster, so climbing will not be so stressfull to me :D
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CLampToN (EUW)
: New game type idea | what happens if lol have draws?
Not really. Long, even games are most exciting thing in LoL. Don't take that away :<
Silisa (EUNE)
: Which part of the word _lottery_ is confusing? Champions who got nominated by more people have a greater chance of being chosen, but unless all 5 nominate the same champion, there is no 100% guarantee that a certain champion will be picked. Another thing - why can't you people just enjoy this "troll" mode? Why can't you just **have fun** and play with the champion the system chose instead of raging in game, quitting the champion select and then crying about the "Majority" vote on boards?** It's a not a vote.** 5 players nominate champions for the lottery, then the system **randomly** chooses one of them for all 5 players.
That's not true, if 3 people will nominate the same champion, he's guaranteed to be picked.
: As someone who plays support a lot in teambuilder (gotta unbench the Kench {{champion:223}} ), I don't think this is a good solution. The whole idea behind teambuilder is being able to pick what you want and who you want without people going "Mid or feed". Rewarding people for making a certain choice means that you're also kinda punishing them if they don't choose support. The only way I could see it work is if it would say at the top of the team builder screen something like: "Teams are currently looking for **bottom lane supports** and **jungler tanks**, queueing as one of these roles will ensure a short queue. If you fill a priority bracket 250 times, you unlock the 'helping hand' icon" Or something like that. I have no problem with incentivising picking a certain role, but IP is a poor reward seeing as most people play games to collect IP and as such would feel like you're forcing certain people to take that role.
It is done already. When you go into TeamBuilder, you have a message 'Captains are currently looking for following rules:" But no icon, ofc.
: Not really. You can still be a support without buying sightstone. When I'm playing Thresh I'll usually skip sightstone and get Warden's Mail, letting me engage with an advantage in 2v2 fights. Even when the enemy jungler ganks I can either disengage (Flay, Lantern, Ult) or if we're ahead enough then we kill them all 2v3. This is especially true if my ADC has a good escape like Corki/Trist/Ezreal. Vision is important but it is also situational. It won't matter if the enemy jungler just ganked top lane or if they have 0 early pick potential (e.g. Shyvana, Warwick). Upgraded trinket is enough to keep the place warded after level 9 as well.
And how do you deny vision for the enemy team?
Zerelous (EUW)
: {{champion:99}} should auto attack a lot too because of her passive.
That's true, although it depends on situation - when they have someone who can dive you easily when you will get close (mainly assasins), it's better to stay behind and not autoattack, because you'll most likely die.
: This counts for mana as well The big majority of chanps is mana dependant If i ping to back off, it has a reason. Dont engage and flame when you die because i did nothing, and i have to explain i had no mana
That's true, the same about ganking my lane - junglers always do that when I have no mana.
: Can't believe people have no understanding for that or don't know
Sadly, they are. Maybe it's just silver elo, but I got yelled at few times this week already. What's more, I got yelled at after won game as well, that I was doing nothing in teamfights, just because as Lux I was standing in longer range. He couldn't explain why my 'nothing' made 50k damage.
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DarthRap (EUNE)
: When you leave blue to the midlaner
I always leave my blue to the midlaner when I'm forced to go jungle, and pray that this way they won't notice how terrible jungler I am.
Caraméla (EUW)
: Is there any way that i can record my games?
Try replay.gg, it works fine for me
: Still in bronze Elo-Hell and noone uses wards...It feels like warwick has gotten much stronger cuz devourer got nerfed and last game our zed went to push other lanes while we needed him in the teamfights -.- such a dumbass...
Let's see your match history... trinket never upgraded, you shouldn't really complained. Also, focus on your CS and you will get out of 'elo-hell' easily.
: when I see someone playing a champ with 0.3 KDA in a total of 30+ Games with a 15% win ratio, you're damn right to tell them to please not being a potato (or at least trying to) since in fact everyone actually wants to win. Sure, you can't judge a player by a single game (and not expect an easy game cuz you're "up against that 0.2 KDA with 1 loss out of 1 game Top-Lane Smite/Exhaust Ezreal") but chances are, that this maaaay be his own fault, and has nothing to do with his team back then.. Asking someone not to feed or play more safely is something i generally do already in champ select and try to show early that this is a team game. They don't have to break heads up through the wall when we actually can use the door right next to us (aka. teamplay)
Then tell me, how it will help? Will they get better just because you told them to be? No, they will just get upset, and that could mean they will feed even more.
: The worst thing to tell your teammates
Yeah, my support told me yesterday 'Jinx please don't lose this game for us, your KDA is really bad'. Yeah, it is. Too bad I played Jinx in ranked... 5 times. That's so huge amount of games and certainly shows all about my skill. And luckily we won this game, and I did really well.
Athari (EUNE)
: And I dont know how its in diamond, but here in silver when anyone dies on lane its just jungler´s misstake, cause he didnt gank (even 5x in a row). And you are noob cause you didnt dive lvl5 with Vi and didnt die with her...Ye its just annoying, ppl here have no clue how to play, but they still tend to teach you, cause all of them think they deserve at least platinum.
Oh yes, I love this WTF NOOB when I don't dive for a kill as a mage with no mana.
: someone was flaming me and i said i love you
I tried this before, he said 'fuck you'. Didn't work :(
: Diana and Katarinas dashes
But aiming behind yourself is not that hard... same with Zed when he R to you, I am only silver and I can cc him when he lands all the time.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: I thought you were going to talk about people who write "wtf" after every little thing/mistake you do. Like, thanks buddy, I would not be aware of my skillshot totally missing without you telling me.
Yeah, that too. It's called SKILLshot for a reason, you can't expect me to hit it every time :P
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CppL (EUW)
: 1.most of the time you max E ,thats your farm ,poke spell.Unless you playing support lux then you go for W. 2. items... well that depends on situation. 3.yes you should play her ap lol cause she scales only with ap. 4,She"s mid laner.Or you can play her support if you want to. 5.combo would be Q+E+aa+ulti+aa+activate E+aa+ignite.
Ignite is meh. I prefer barrier/cleanse on her, it helps her survive even easier.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Oh no you didn't. Sightstone is the sole item in game whose gold efficiency is INFINITE! A sight ward costs 75 gold. You get an infinite amount of wards from Sightstone. And please, stop thinking that supports need to deal damage. That's not what a support does. Oh and let's calculate the damage you get from the 2 items at lvl 2: So we'll consider you will damage the enemy with Q E + Auto, considering you have 0 AP and 0 bonus AD from runes or masteries. Amplifying Tome: * Q - 60 + 14 = 74 * E - 60 + 12 = 72 * AA = 56 * Passive - 26 + 4 = 30 **TOTAL DAMAGE** = 232 Spellthief's Edge: * Q - 60 + 3.5 = 63.5 * E - 60 + 3 = 63 * AA = 56 * Passive - 26 + 1 = 27 * 3 Tribute Procs = 30 **TOTAL DAMAGE** = 239.5 So with {{item:3303}} you will actually deal more damage in a lvl 2 all in than with a {{item:1052}}. Plus, with {{item:3303}} being cheaper, you'll have enough gold to buy more potions, you get a mana/sec passive and a gold/sec passive aswell. There is absolutely no reason for which you'll want to buy Amplifying Tome over Spellthief's Edge as Lux support. Also, just a tip: switch your trinket to {{item:3341}} once you buy your Sightstone, it's an excellent item.
> but the point is, i don't buy a sightstone, because it doesn't fit a champ that doesn't need any survivability, but does really need damage, which is lacking in the first place coz im sup. You're getting it extremely wrong. You don't place wards for yourself. You're placing it for your team.
Stell (EUNE)
: You have a teammate who's been demoralizing the whole game. He called FF after first blood. He spammed surrender vote 4 times. Then we won anyways. And he says "gg easy" Makes you wanna rip your testicles out and punch them through your screen and pretend that you are feeding them to him.
Or a teammate who was feeding like hell but you won anyways. Like yeah, it was easy for you, because you got carried hard.
: still waiting for bonus mystery skins
I didn't get it either, but they said they will send it withing a week from 10th of August, so don't worry.
: Thing is, I played him once during the Bilgewater ARAM match, so I guess that counts as "during the event." But if you want to check that they mean before the event as well, then that would be awesome! :D
But remember, you have to own Gangplank to get the skin.
: Ahri or Annie?
It's hard question. Overall, they're both great and can carry the game hard. Ahri is safer, you can push your lane and not be afraid of ganks because of your ult-escape mechanism. She also has more range than Annie and I feel better laning as Ahri than laning as Annie. But Ahri is skillshot based, so if you can't land them, you'll fail. Annie is simpler mechanically, has great burst and can be helpful even when behind (just stun Tibbers, besides she has great base damage). She don't have mana problem, while on Ahri either you build Morello and wait for your bust a little longer, or just double Dorans and recall very often. Best thing to do is play few games with them and decide which playstyle you like better. Both can carry, so it's up to you.
The Blip (EUW)
: What's wrong with just ignoring them? The outcome wouldn't change for you and there would be one less person who's lost 2000 hours and £200+ because of 'mah feelz'.
Take responsibility for your own words. If you don't follow the rules, you must be aware that you can be banned.
: Wait is it 50 assists... Ok I think I was wrong (20 kills is semi reasonable in one game but 50 assists isn't so it must be over several games).
It's even it their FAQ under the event... it's total, not in one game.
: Tf icon
It's total, arams are included and it's 2 steps, it started counting for me when I got 25k gold.
v1rtue (EUW)
: Master more champions (not learn them, master them). Blitzcrank may be fun, but he is certainly not the only one. If you have 2 or 3 champions you can play well, you'll have a good champion to pick for almost every situation. It's probably not very fun to play Blitzcrank into a counter matchup where you just can't do anything. You don't want to pull an Alistar onto your carry all the time and have them die. Sure it's fun when your carry is annoying as hell, but most of the time you actually want to win. The problem with Blitzcrank is that he only fits in certain team comps. If your allies pick something that goes terrible with Blitzcrank, they will hate you for it, since all of them have to adapt to your style instead of the other way around.
To be honest, I'm picking Blitzcrank against tanks too. It's harder, but I trained him well, so I'm pulling only carry most of the time. Of course I know other supports too and play them from time to time, but if you will master some champ, you can do well even against your counter.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I hate it when people buy a skin boost, especially when playing a champ I hardly play I want to use the classic, since it works best with the whole champions design. If I play the champ a lot I have a skin for it if I want one. And then you need to choose that aweful skin just because some bought it for you. Same reason I hate mystery gifts so much v.v
You know you don't HAVE TO use it, right? Same with mystery gifts.
: any one got mystery champ ?
I got Kalista! I'm so happy, she was in my top 10 'I want this champ' list. Now I finally have a reason to learn her.
: You ever tried Vi? She's quiet fun so is Rengar and Kha'zix
She's not so quiet, she yells all the time.
: Something everybody hates
Oh yes, I hate that. I play Karthus a lot, so I won't follow LeBlanc or Fizz , because they will kill me 1v1 pretty easily. I ping that they're missing every single time, and yet always my botlane ends up feeding my opponent and calling me useless for no suicidal trip. You have wards, I pinged, perhaps back up a little? I follow my opponent when I can, but people have to understand not every champion is good in 1v1 situation.
wat (EUNE)
: I just hate it if I lose my lane with stats like 0/3, theres always atleast that one guy who keeps shouting "omg fcking feeder reported"
I just instantly mute everyone when I die on my lane second time. Flaming is seriously distracting me and causing me to play even worse. When I focus on my game, I tend to improve and stop dying. Usually I'm unmuting them after laning phase is over.
Stell (EUNE)
: What bothers me about Katarina is that just that one pick forces everyone to look at the game differently. It just changes everything. You are forced to keep track of her all the time, and if you make a mistake you are all dead. No other champ has that as much as katarina. You are frigging forced to put all the effort in the world just to control one player via picks and builds and shit. If you dun goof once your team is dead
Not really, it is about EVERY fed champion. Have you ever played against fed Vayne, Yasuo, Jinx, Fizz etc.? I did. And yes, we had to put all the effort in the world to focus and control that one champion. Doesn't matter if it's Katarina or not.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Ehm, **OMG KS REPORT** Is my personal favorite. It shows that the person complaining deems kills more important than objectives. In a team fight, i dont care who gets the kills, i cont care that we have a support Leona with 10 kills, shit happens kills get stolen, life sucks wear a helmet :P Really this gets to me, this *only me* mentality in a team games. Oh well, maybe i'll make it a point to steal kills if you get pissy with me. Only time i yell KS is when in a full premade, meaning it as a joke.
I've played AI vs bots once, for first win. I was Katarina, on lane with Varus. Once I got my Ludens, I was able to kill half HP bot on one combo. Somehow, Varus was constantly saying that 'OMG KS' and wanted to report me. (yes, on bot game, lol) So... if I'm reported anyway, I made sure he won't get a kill. Till the end of the game :> *(well, I'd never do that in game vs people. But he got his lesson I hope)
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