JustTits (EUNE)
: Reduce every single ratios by 10-15% of Vladimir's spells, and he'll be fine again
He is almost useless in early game, he does have sustain but if you pick a bully, he is done.
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: Zed, I honestly cannot be bothered to deal with this champion, I find him extremely frustrating to fight.
There are bad Zed players too, Zed is kinda hard.
: And how are you only Plat 5, would’ve been high Diamond by now lul.
Because it has counters and I'm not playing only one champ, for now I play Ornn Sion Or Jax (Akali if she isnt banned and we dont have ap). I like Ornn more
: {{champion:24}} - The most unbalanced champion in the entire game, requires no hands or brain to be played, can literally 1v9 an entire game and if he is at least 2/0 in the laning phase, you are doomed. In the jungle, you can’t play assassins against him as most of them either require AA’s to proc their combo or abilities like {{champion:121}}’s Q. I am gonna permaban him until they nerf the shit out of him.
That's why I play Jax :D
: Top: Lux Jungle: Lux Mid: Lux Adc: Lux Support: Lux %%%% Lux... I always lose if she's on either team {{sticker:sg-janna}}
And now she can be played with dark harvest for a sure instakill. :D
Voidner (EUNE)
: {{champion:142}} {{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}{{champion:142}}
That sleeping song thought.
Antenora (EUW)
: My perm ban right now is {{champion:145}} If someone else bans her then it's either {{champion:236}} or {{champion:555}}
: Hey there, Since the rework, unless a teammate wants to play her, I always ban {{champion:84}}. I simply don't want to have to deal with her kit. xD Peace!
Good choice :D If Akali is in the enemy team it feels so bad. I see my teammates losing just because of her w and even as a main Akali I still can't beat her in lane. That champ just doesnt have counters, maybe Brand and Zed.
: As an adc main, {{champion:53}} usually, but right now {{champion:81}}
I remember when I was Blitz main 2 years ago, good old days.
: Fix chests from S,S-,S+
If you already got a chest on that champ, you can't get another one till the start of the next season.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Playing With Momentum - Mentality of climbing
I sae that video too :D It's not necessary to stop playing or play 3 games, lose 3 and stop, your team might just be bad and yes, you get tilted, you have to realise this, look at the streamers, even if they lose they keep playing. You have to stop playing only when you realise you are playing bad, not if you lose because of your team. You'll be happy again after you win some games.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Climb to gold in both Solo and Flex and stopped. I felt like Gold 5 was either my Peak or got bored of ranked . since at the point I hitted gold the game was either we stomped or they stomped. but to be honest i feel like now is much better. the High amounts of damage are starting to calm down a bit. thank god for that. My main issue though is my farming. my early farm is nowhere near gold level. I might have mechanics and doging abilities higher than gold. but damn my Farming is Iron Level. and my decision making is sure around bronze. sometimes i wonder how i made it to gold in the 1st place lol
If you are good at farming you can get very high in rank, im p5 and my farming is only GOOD. If you watch at the map, have dodge mechanics and farm good you can even get to diamond. Farming is always something you can improve. Try practicing in practice tool and watch wave management videos.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Urgot I ignore any 1v1 fight against him since his early is strong. i wont be able to kill him. Cho is easy executioners + ignite (you sacrifice teleport but well). and ill probably also pick Jayce to poke him from afar with my executioners ill negate his regen abilities . but ill have to push hard and end before he get to 5k. Akali never fought anyone who knew what he was doing. they gonna try to tower dive you. if you see him using obscure ill Aoe in it. also ill never stay bellow 30% in lane thats an invitation by anyone for a dive no just akali Sion you mean inting sion? never encountered one. but as I see their aim is to either kill you or go for tower hits . ill probably either go mundo or again jayce against him. with mundo I can regen with jayce I can dislocate him . I have some draft ideas what to do against all laners. but Nasus I just hate example for Darius if you get in his auto attack range you are dead. you need to play something that he cant get to you. Kayle is a good counter all this are just random ideas out of my head and personal experience. I know how to deal with Nasus. I just rather not to deal with hum
Urgot is op in late too, as a main akali I have to say, its too op on top, i hate darius from the bottom of my hearth. Also Sion is pretty damn good, you win, you lose the lane, you are still very good in teamfights with a good build, Cho Agth can run after you if he gets his first item and you cant really escape. What divison are you?
: Pyke, if I'm adc. And 95% of the games I'm adc.
What's so bad about someone that regens tons of health, deals more dmage than any supp (except brand) has Darius's ult and stuns
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: yeh I understand that, but I find it easier to play against any other top laner than having to deal with nasus. Heck I even prefer fighting Darius, I could ban harder champions to play against. but I dont know maybe it became a routine
How about Urgot, a safe Cho Gath, Akli or Sion?
: well man idk if this gonna be viewe as free of speach or toxicity man we are in world when moral and logic doasnt apply anymore this gay thing use to be rumore etc but now its normal but its still being called gay and yes lot of people are showing it cause they are trying to make people accepte it good advise for you man if its you or fammily do something about it if you hate it but if its not your issue and it daosnt affect you and that gay daosnt like your advise stay away! and in the end this just game its bussniss for money and riot want to attract gay people too for money not for noble reason so dont get mad and chill peace{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
One day the entire planet will play league of legends :DDD
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: {{champion:75}} <-- I dislike playing against him. since I have to worry about his stacks and regen. forcing me on early executioners etc
Yeah but he is pretty weak at 1v2 and has lots of counters so he loses the early game pretty bad.
: Depends. Last week I kept banning Evelynn 'cause she was in free rotation 'cause I hate stealth champs. Usually I ban Shaco (same reason as before) or Zyra or Pyke (no idea how to deal with them).
I hate invisible champions too, they are just so hard to track.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: !!! Respect. one of the few people that I see admiring that they are wrong especially over the internet ps: At the start i thought the entire thing was a troll and you where putting down a great act. but well I guess not
I think some of the people adimt what others say but just in their mind so they continue to argue about something that they already understood.
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
Oh yeah, if someone bans Viktor my list continues with{{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:27}}
: Except she has a shield while using ONE OF her mobility spells, she's also invisible, she has a high damage siege tool inbuilt in her kit too, kiting potential, toxic scaling, and AOE teamfight Q. She alone, might not be an issue, but with a little peel + her kit, she's unstoppable.
If she's ahead, she's indeed broken :D
: Kai'sa is my go-to ban. Her kit is too overloaded, she is unfun to play against, if she gets ahead.
How comes? She dies fast if she gets stunned
Infernape (EUW)
: As of recently Akali and Irelia.
At least Irelia has counters :D
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: Tnx god i don't play ranked.. There is so much shit i like to permaban.. xD {{champion:84}} ,{{champion:63}} ,{{champion:28}} ,{{champion:150}} ,{{champion:74}} ,{{champion:126}} ,{{champion:85}} ,{{champion:117}} ,{{champion:497}} ,{{champion:80}} ,{{champion:92}} ,{{champion:17}} ,{{champion:112}} xD
Im Akali main :DD I like your bans
: Depends on my role. I always play Naut; If I'm mid I'll ban Malzahar because his passive makes laning difficult, any other role I'll ban Brand as he has far too much damage for a support lol
So true, I played against one too, its op
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: Not 'illnesses' but variations.
I don't think having some serious problems it's a variation.
: Varus is gay too but you've played, according to the match history site, 2 games with him! > [{quoted}](name=DoubleV29,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LvbcctMO,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-11-26T21:09:16.714+0000) > > It&#x27;s basically encouraging people to be gay, that&#x27;s the thing I don&#x27;t like. I&#x27;m not against homosexual people but I don&#x27;t like the ideea of people being ecouraged to be gay either. Oh well, guess you're gay now!
: > , you even changed my mind a little Honestly, that is just great! Not many people are able to admit when they are wrong. Really glad to hear that, good job!
It's thanks to you that I'm not homophobic now, It's your good job. My job is to say thank you for helping me with that.
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Neeko is gay? You actually had the time to examine the stuff they put out to promote a new champ to that level of detail? Well I really admire your devotion to the game. I assume you are one of those who relate personally to a champion and then fall in love with it. Homo/Hetero-sexuality is a personal preference. Many of the champion designs are motivated by a real world character, ethnicity, culture, historical event, etc. Thus, it appears fine to have gay champs as well. Just play whatever you like and avoid whatever you don't like; you don't need to dramatize it; as simple as that.
Yeah, even if a champion is powerful I don't play it if I hate the story or something like that, it makes me look like a weirdo tought :D
: >It's basically encouraging people to be gay, What? How do you even get that logic... I drink coffee, that doesn't make me coffee. Not to mention, if we're focusing on the sexual nature of it, the hints are pretty subtle as opposed to.. ya know, Evelyn? But why do you not draw an issue here? >I'm not against homosexual people but I don't like the ideea of people being ecouraged to be gay either. You have a few things to catch up on here. You can't be "encouraged to be gay". You either fall somewhere on the spectrum or you don't. Playing a gay character isn't any more likely to make me gay than playing a straight one is going to make me straight (and after 6 years of playing league, I can 100% guarentee you none of it "encouraged" my sexuality, the same that it wouldn't for anyone else). So really, we come back to this point: >I'm not against homosexual people Where the rest of the post clearly indicates you are.
Damn, you make me want to see where this will go, you have strong points, you win, you even changed my mind a little. I can't say anything anymore (I'm not very good at english either) it's true, I was wrong about the "encouraging" thing.
: > Now imagine everyone being gay Why? Why imagine a scenario that is not at all real? Let's stick to reality, okay? > Imagine that you have to adopt a child because you are g That is actually part of the most common theory why homosexuality exists in pretty much all animals that live in groups. As all evolution-based theories it's hard to prove, but it makes sense to assume that homosexuality exists to make sure children whose parents die before the child is independent (which, in an evolutionary context, was not at all unusual) have someone who is not already occupied with their own children to take care of them. That would certainly explain why it's such a common phenomenon in nature.
Interesting, didn't tought about this but there are also people that can't do childs because of their problems, so they adopt one. And one more thing I want to mention is that a child doesn't feel the same way if he is raised by homosexual parents.
: Because the situation where everyone is gay would never happen. Genetically, there are many combinations of X and Y chromosones. You are not either male or female; that is a social construct and does not relate to biological fact.
You start from XX-Girl XY-Boy, there are some other options that lead to illnesses like xxy xxxy xx0 x0 y0. That's all, the rest are other gens but this define your gender.
: Because why not. If you have a problem with that, you always have the option of not playing her. However I would not tell too many people why you do that, given that homophobia is a form of discrimination that the League community does not like at all, to put it mildly.
It's basically encouraging people to be gay, that's the thing I don't like. I'm not against homosexual people but I don't like the ideea of people being ecouraged to be gay either.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Stop being so homophobe, what's your problem with homosexual people?
Why are there 2 genders than? :D Imagine that you have to adopt a child because you are g. Now imagine everyone being gay. How will we survive this, it's apocalypse :D
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: If you can't stand Neeko being gay, you need to think hard about your other life choices i smell homophobia
Something like that :D
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: There's a Garen onetrick in korean master. There's no way you "couldn't do anything because of counterpicks" in gold on eune. Anyway, if you want to improve, watch any of LS' coaching sessions on YouTube.
I'm not master and I know about that Garen main, he uses different rune pages in case he gets counterpicked, he is also way better at the game.
: No. She is a lizard. What are you a furry?
: well, with her kit i predict there will be the usual permaban in the first week followed by a nerf for her "clone", then a nerf for the shapeshift, then 2 weeks of nobody using her, then a buff on her ult, then permaban again {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Zoe 2.0? Honestly I don't want to see 3 Hecarims running for me as long as it's not one for all.
: she is adorable...pity she will be a permaban
I still hope she wont be banned like my akali, I want to play Neeko because 3 years ago I had some brain lag and tought that shaco's ult makes a clone of one of his ally, and now that's Neeko.
Rioter Comments
: Winning 14 LP per game and losing 20 LP means your mmr is %%%%ed, thus you don’t really belong in plat. I suggest you to either start playing a new role or champions, or just go into Gold and try to get back up. I can see your current mmr is Gold 2 / Gold 1 so yea.
I know, I'm not that bad, I belong in plat but I had a BIG losing streak because I wasnt even trying and now when I play good my team is literally inting and my mmr won't go up.
: What actually helped me to get out of all the ranks I have been in (for example yesterday I went from Plat 3 to Plat 2 in 5 matches I think) is to just play what I enjoyed playing. If someone tells me to play Camille but I don’t wanna do it and I just want to pick Kayn, for example, I’ll perform badly. Besides that, getting a jungle premade is really nice since jungle is the best role out there.
I win about 14Lp/game and lose 20Lp so 5 games aren't enought for me, i get premades but sometimes it just sucks because we win lanes but that means that the other lane lose because they really are bad and I van't do anything about it, premade doesn't help.
Asura (EUNE)
: Just continue playing Garen, and ONLY Garen. You seem to be doing pretty well with him, and he's mechanically simple which makes learning the game easier with him. https://prnt.sc/lk19dd
I stopped playing him a long time ago and even if I'm better at lol now I don't want to play him, in g3 I stopped because the enemies kept counterpicking and I couldn't do anything. My win rate was big about 73% but it started dropping.
: Since I know nothing about what role you play or what champs, it's pretty rough to answer, BUT. Most low elo people have no idea what to do with leads, they get ahead and they just do nothing with it, when in fact, you can probably snowball very easy from a kill if you know what you're doing. Keep track of their jungler, and ping your other lanes when enemy jungler is top/bot side, that way they know, and they (hopefully) won't get killed in a gank. Wavemanagment is hard, you can hard push and roam and put pressure on other lanes and their jungler, that way you make the game easier for your other teammates, or let it push in and ask for ganks, so you can get ahead. Play Carry/snowbally champs, go for early/midgame, not lategame. Clearly theres a lack of skill as well, always work to improve, don't blame others, there's probably something you could've done to change the outcome of w/e situation. Tbh, if you're a one trick, and REALLY good at your champ, you could make it to high diamond without any type of real gameknowledge, just by snowballing and winning the game
Thanks for the advice! I'm not a one trick. I'm playing top lane: Akali, Ornn, Sion, Jax, Cho'Gath and others but this are the most important. I usually use my lead to go make roams and take objectives, also I don't track the jg and I get camped, i think thats a coincidance, thanks for telling me to keep track of him because I don't really watch the map so often, that's one of the things I have to improve. I am trying to not flame my team but sometimes I still do it because I get too tilted and my team just doesn't do anything, it's like they are trolling. I think I play good this champs I said earlier even if they aren't HARD. I don't really know what to do when I push too hard tought, I have to earn farm, I only last hit minions but i get ganked.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DoubleV29,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=AVcixr3n,comment-id=0008000100000000,timestamp=2018-11-18T18:58:11.150+0000) > > &quot;HoPefUllY&quot; Would you prefer I said "definitely" and then we saw a further delay? {{sticker:sg-janna}} We're trying to provide the most honest updates we can and that includes chances that things go wrong and we have to delay or cancel. We're continually getting more information from each and every delay or cancellation which is crucial to improving stability. So far scouting looks much healthier after our changes, and should be proceeding as expected. We wouldn't be trialing Clash again unless we had fairly high confidence in it, which is why we canceled last month. There's always room for things to go wrong which is why we're actively monitoring and making changes as we see any issues potentially crop up, but we're hoping for a successful beta tonight!
Yes, :D. Thank you for letting us play clash, I can understand that we cant always play and im thankful that we can finally play even if it took a lot. Thank :)
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