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: I'm not assuming everyone reads patch notes to every detail.. but to miss something like this i can tell you got confused when new season started or brand started causing extra explosions :P If someone is afk for 90seconds without first blood before 3min mark, the game can be /remake , so the game ends and the afker gets punished and for others the game doesn't count towards anything
I stopped playing for almost a year. Just started playing again about a week ago :)
: This is new remake mode, judging how boards have 5+ topics about this every day mby riot should been clearer about how it works
Never heard of it before, thanks.
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: Casual player looking for friends to play with.
Level 30. Previous Season Silver 2. Just finished my placement matches and got into Bronze 1 ( 3 AFKs in a row :'( ... ). Looking for someone to have fun with in normals. IGN: Dr Amer 1998 Add me if interested. {{champion:45}}
PaulGameru (EUNE)
: NotAfraid want you in her team!
I want in, please. In game name: Dr Amer 1998 I ended up in Silver 2 last season without duo or any kind of help.. however my placement this season was ruined (had AFKs three games in a row!) and ended up in Bronze 1.. looking for team/duo cuz i am tired of all the headache i had last season getting from Bronze 4 to Silver 2 and wish to have some fun :)

Dr Amer 1998

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