GaIaxy (EUW)
: I got perma banned for saying *killyourself in game not irl* now riot are deleting my discussions
Karlo3110 (EUNE)
: Perma ban
after you get permabanned once,expect to get on new acc permaban bit sooner cuz you push brain's limits to redline and later over it cuz permabanned pepole take alot to reform etc. 2 years to forget on things they did
: To be honest, I've noticed of late that people have little to no tolerance for any errors of any kind. Die once or twice in lane? You're inting. Misplay, miss smite or otherwise fumble? Trolling. Anything that can be considered trolling, no matter how small, and someone will probably jump on it.
welp its the internet so they expect we playin like %%%%in scripters like wtf and what is funny i got permad 6 times in a row cuz that pepole piss me off really hard
PepsyZero (EUNE)
: Bunch of snowflakes, will even get offended by being called idiots.
they get offended for even less than calling them idiots.You miss one spell and soemone will get offended on it
: >Lemme tell you, Riot has server issues and problems that affect players, problems players can't fix, And I'm not claiming otherwise. This isn't one of them however. >Please stop trying to conceal issues Riot has in regards to their servers. I'm not. Again, have you tried running the repair tool or reinstalling since then?
if you think that is true,than how the %%%% other games devs know the way using SAME shitty program and still do better coding than riot games? and coding is easy but takes time cuz of massive data cuz my cousin is a professional programmer and what he told me when he took a look into copied data on mine USB stick,is this this game was coded so bad yet addictive cuz ur dear shito games x tencent steal money from you all in community,didn't improve servers for least 3 years even if they tell they did,they act like jerks who want to do anal with girls which work in riot,optimization is worser than before,yet you support them.GO WATCH WHAT THEY DO ON REGULAR BASIS THAN TELL ARE THEY FIXING THE GAME OR JUST MILKING MONEY FROM PEPOLE!THAN YOUEILL REALISE THE TRUTH OF MADA%%%%ING RIOT GAMES AND THIER JOB TO STEAL MONEY!
: again buf early nerf late Q he is to tanky and to much dmg on his Q,in a teamfight if they have a nasus 500 stacks+ even if u have a pretty big advantage and u try to focus the important targets nasus just deal enough dmg to kill u all and u get maximum 4 from 5 of their team and nasus will clear u and then push,idk what to say but a nerf should be good,but his dmg and rezistence early game and stacks not 3 per minion,2 per minion.
nasus needs early game buff and late adjust not nerf i k cuz i am nasus main
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: I would appreciate it if you used commas, full stops, gaps and proper spelling. I am sorry but i can't understand a thing of what you said.
sorry,i know to type properly but this time i was a monkaS and wrote like complete garbage on street
: Wow :P
not unless you really become like a plant and in each death start writing random things to /all,happened to me,had to take strong drugs to i bring back myself to normal state considering they are sedative and i am really damaged after being single for years cause every day i think ill get to relatioship to some girl,3 years later,still nothing and at the end of day i hate myself considering there is no help for me so... that actually is main reason i became flamer it is mine fault that i am mentally weak
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: It is heavily ironic that you posted this on the jokes section, but keep with me: Make sure you just play alot of games on a consistent basis and you dont get any valid reports (3 valid reports = ban. -- 1 = honor progress terminated) It should take an awful lot of time (frusturating, i know) but you should be able to escape honor 0 in a few months.
few months???? tho to he manages to even play thru 14 day ban atleast once that is extremely rare because pepole are jackasses who throw random reports which somehow pass and proceed to permaban accounts i got permabaneed cuz of inting althrough i am flamer and i played nasus in toplane vs diamond draven main,everyone told ill get x9 instead that draven,he had me on soul whole game,he was feeling bad cuz of it,i told there imma kms now cuz of team which came from caves and forest,he told that most od playerbase is like that because of 10% crybabies who report every sign of shit which manages to get forums full of pepole crying,being suicidal and sadistic,i don't rep everyone instead guys who intentionally troll or some guys which told they smurf and few days later they underperform worser than s5 player tryhards cuz its ovbious they are boosters which managed to be true
AthanKemen (EUNE)
: I'm a Lawyer and my Account has been Perma banned (EUNE).
this is downvoted hard as %%%% heavier than jake paul's content XDDDDDDDDD
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Today's news - guy picked Soraka on Yasuo on midlane. Guess who is NOT going to be punished for picking Soraka and feeding Yasuo? Guess who probably will be punished - guy who flamed this person in game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
in all cases yes because summoner's code and RIOT's automated system are straight foward like garen's kit what they should do is to remove chat and teach pepole to communicate with pings and for inting can be done is one thing:putting pwrson down from ranked matches on 24-168 hours(depending how bad thier performance was and stopping them from crushing thier LP and othes LP wouod be nice feature) but fanboys decided that its usless like they are usless when they need to do chores or go to grocery store
: I wanna get better at CS (top lane)
it depends on elo cuz if you are b5-g3,you would look to play safe till enemy does mistake like: -tping to lane even if he has one full wave more pushing towards you,he won't expect tp calls to botlane and mostly if he goes aggro without vision,ask your jungle to camp top till you get secure lead in gold income. he will mostly play first time champions,OTP's with shit ton of mastery points on low elo say that they don't want to progress cause i played with nasus vs at least 500 k lvl 7 OTP's,biggest of them all were 1.5 mil points lvl 7 darius,1.2 mil trynda who had 0/0/0 and 250 cs lost cuz of his team and 6 1 mil singeds who wanted to proxy early vs me while i played nasus but i stomped them with sheen and 6.1 CS/min But if you are g3+,you would look to trade more till enemy does his mistake,abuse him while he tries to cs and towerdive him with your jungle hence you play lane bullies and one thing across all ranks: look how much minions have hp and last hit them when they have hp below your AD and two champions who m8 boost your csing since they stack on all living things: {{champion:75}} and {{champion:45}} . This duo is perfect for you cause you need to stack thier Q's without losing that much CS and reward is on them amplified AD or AP. And know that csing only can bring you win even if you are 0/8 cause 20 melee and caster minions worth first blood kill.
: Mad? Youre the one with 3 permabans, id say you are the mad one. Have a nice day and keep the salt levels high.
> [{quoted}](name=M4dimir Putin,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vuZWhLmf,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-31T17:37:42.036+0000) > > Mad? Youre the one with 3 permabans, id say you are the mad one. Have a nice day and keep the salt levels high. this supposted to be a joke or sign of having heart to flamers cuz we want to be accepted not to be thrown away like rock
: Lmao mentioning NA diamonds and "know to play champs to finest detail". Newsflash. NA sucks. Theres a reason why NA pro players are hardstuck d5-d3 on korean server.
> [{quoted}](name=M4dimir Putin,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vuZWhLmf,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-31T17:26:31.254+0000) > > Lmao mentioning NA diamonds and "know to play champs to finest detail". Newsflash. NA sucks. Theres a reason why NA pro players are hardstuck d5-d3 on korean server. you gonna %%%%% forvever cuz you are mad on new patch? listen bro i am fixing league on my side right now cuz i wanna play it not to touch fanboys like you
: Naming one NA LUL player and calling a champ op because of them. Hahahahhah keep it up.
ye when most of guys who know to play champs to finest detail currently mostly sit in NA,idk why you named them as a LUL players only makes me confused i k is that most comments are %%%%%ing cuz you normies try to shine in one moment when you mock others nice job normies
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: Hahahahaha darius nasus jax op Hahahahahahahahaha
actually they are if you place nice runes and build optimal items for each situation example Hashinshin and his jax,darius outplays on pro scene and SirchEz/Trick2G with thier nasus even if you knock em out in early,they can come back in late since nasus dosen't scale,jax makes few plays and gets kills,darius ults low hp enemy just to get his damage and passive up while pepole afraid of irelia singed and rest of S tier meta while nasus sits at D rank still stronger than pesky irelia thru game and darius/jax destroy most picks overall trust me i am top main for 2 years and this is 3rd permabanned acc just because pepole are whining shit and report for trolling while i get for free whole toplane
Dr3dd2l00T (EUNE)
: this patch with same issues several patches in a row
still not fixed same as morde still not reworked
KilroggD (EUW)
: Constantly freezing in 5 vs 5 games
whoever has issue,do a BIOS/UEFI update cuz microsoft went same way as riot games went:doing idiotic things to its product
: Who hurt you?
this patch with same issues several patches in a row
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: Account banned for 3rd party applications, but i never used some.
go on support and try to make them giving you all info they can give you and one questition?did you use overlays? cuz that seems to be reason because 90% streamers use overlays
Eambo (EUW)
: What's Next for Clash?
its alrighty things happen nothing is perfect in world i'm patient and i have learned to not rush cuz i am car mechanic.You should guys follow this advuce cuz there is a proverb:who hurries,he dies.
: The thing is tanks will build to counter the normal adc/ad build. there're also items to counter tanks and also champs who counter tanks super hard
champs like nasus,darius,irelia,fiora or even renek are toe to toe with tanks they simply need is 200IQ build,rest is mechanics
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
you think? well take every person who had ID ban which is extremly long timeout and how they changed when they came back to league,proven they reformed and continioued to play this nasty game with nasty system.Take avg. player who got his main account permabanned where he invested hours of blood sweat and tears.Do you think pepole will reform after permaban and not a ID ban?no.They will get enraged even more and even more till they get mental issues(which could been prevented to they give ID ban level bans) like i did after 3rd perma because of players who simply don't care if soemone wants to progress.And you know what?chatMUST BE REMOVED COMPLETELY from IN-GAME but IT MUST BE STRONGLY CONTROLLED BEFORE GAME AND POST GAME because 90% permabanned pepole were PERMABANNED from reason of going FIRE ON FIRE and guess what? NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT! THIS happends because YOU ALL LEAGUE FANBOYS only ENCOURAGE RIOT GAMES to %%%% up GAME even more SINCE S5 only cuz ADC was too STRONG for YA ASS and you coudn't BUY MORTAL REMINDER to KILL ADC'S HEALING and ALL OTHER'S HEALING ABOUT 40%! instead you WHINED how ADC'S AND SUPPORTS are STRONG. SCUTTLE META happend cuz SOME FANBOY/IDIOT same shit btw gave LSD to a RIOT and they SAW is a bunch of COLORS and an IDEA to %%%% UP JUNGLE WITH SCUTTLE! Why IRELIA,CAMMILE,AND SINGED AIN'T BEING ROLLED BACK instead BUFFING THEM even more? btw im a NASUS MAIN and HE is rated at %%%%ING C GRADE while i DESTROY irelias cammiles after 150 stacks with sheen and without it and singeds after 200 stacks with sheen or without it and one thing: why pepole scare of me playing nasus? cuz they don't know to defend towers and that's cuz of bad tutorial which we followed instead to we went on DOTA's and learned league there and why we need huge changes in communication and punishment system? so you fanboys can't tell bad jokes full of racism sexism and inflamatory which causes this issues
Bekkhi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hHArYyQ4,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-24T20:47:57.762+0000) > > DDOSing some random nobody requires three things: > > 1- knowing your IP > 2- a botnet > 3- money to rent said botnet > > So how would the guy know your IP? I was thinking about this and the only thing that comes into my mind is that during champ select he sent us a gyazo link claiming it was a screenshot of his main account. I opened it out of curiosity, but the link wasn't working. I don't know if somehow this helped him getting my IP? (I saved it in case Riot needs it). And to add insult to the injury, I supposed to be mid in that game but I swapped roles with him because he asked politely...
It could be cause he could do is a phishing attack with grabbler with fake URL he basicly could DDOS you while server runs normally cause he had your IP which he took with grabbler attached to a fake site so put that screenshot too cause you can do is a put that screenshot into conversation so we could see did he break TOS and did he break law cause DDOSing is illegal and permabannable
: Use mute function?
i used mute all but i m8 do to mute source of flame better elimination power
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: How about not getting banned? Have you tried that? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
i did,on EUNE no effect but on EUW super effect cause on eune i simply get %%%%ed up by baiters who play first 10 min normally then they bait me to conversation and then the flame starts while i am tilted so i get knocked out of good morality easily and i get suspended cuz i coudn't resist to a troller
stqxYv2 (EUNE)
: Permamently banned. stqxYv2
no point to contact them when you know that being offensive kills you're account instantly so if you want to play game normally,/mute all,if you lose its bad game simply focus on your mistakes and play that is how it works,don't rant cause in that way you put hit on yourselves so everyone would rep you instantly,i burned hard with bad behaviour,im one of reformed ones with 4th acc on 14 day cuz i told myself to i need to stop to be a %%%%%%ed jackass who knows to play but who dosen't need the chat to win
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr3dd2l00T,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=b2d4uHxn,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-05-19T18:51:52.645+0000) > > it's just a bad optimization of IT guys in RIOT thats why we have fps drops and frame stuttering like in GTA V you can't do anything on you're side that is thier issue So we must just wait and go on playing these god awful games until riot decides when and how to fix it cause this FPS issues is a pain after the last patch all of a sudden my MS hits 1000+ playing draft mode or ranked and it's ruining my games jesus like what the hell hurry up riot and fix this shit
you can report it to them but idk how high thier IQ is to respond
t1m97 (EUW)
: Low fps on a good pc
it's just a bad optimization of IT guys in RIOT thats why we have fps drops and frame stuttering like in GTA V you can't do anything on you're side that is thier issue
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: Upcoming 8.11 Patch reflection
that changes are saying that tank meta is officially dying and full armour tanks won't be that solid to a phisycal and magic damage while those high hp champions AKA cho and dr. mundo will be easier to be killed during trades which means assassin meta is comming back and ADC meta after assassin meta ends right?
: 14 day ban out of the blue
%%% is en ough to trigger penalty system,deal with it,i am permabanned,there are lots of ppl who got permabanned
HSBunny (EUW)
: So.. how are your Ranked stats? Good or Bad start?
7/3 s2 ,got 99 lp yesterday,and unfortunally premabaneed cause of flame but to pepole listen to me,i would still play game and wanted to reach dia but look rito with banning told me that im %%%% which loves to flame brainless %%%%%%ed plant kids and i just took that and moved on to IRL so pepole can still cry and to they dont get roasted by me
: sorry to break it to you, you were not banned for giving people advice :/ Other than that, yeah, you sometimes really have to just play as if you are alone
i was banned for heavy flame but advicing is included in that cuz when pepole reject me,i start flaming,and more and more till i completely fall apart and flame so harsh pepole ask themselves why i didn't just take that item and thats it?
: Agreed. I am looking forward to getting to the elo where people listen to pings and can see an item is good when advised.
me too but seems pepole reject my help and rep me all time im permabanned few hours ago so ill start playing alone in-game(i don't give %%%% is there is a team) but that team is too bad that even bots would own them in ranked
Dr3dd2l00T (EUNE)
: lets goo first perma
Endellion (EUW)
: Oh! Oh! I'm unranked, please tell me senpai how bad I am? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
enough to make maybe 10 of 100 persons banned for flame
: Bad players (that is Silver guys!), please know you are bad. Thank you.
i know im bad but i do clean plays while 50%silvers cant %%%%ing buy a QSS or mortal cause "they have no damage" and i get banned cause pepole can't rely to one preson especially duos,trios,quadros they are pain in the ass cant %%%%ing listen to more expirienced pepole what i mean to say they are garbage which needs to have locked down ranked set of Queues till they play 1000 games on normals cause they need to learn to play gtame not to just go in ranked ASAP and ruin pepole's games
Bloopar (EUW)
: tribunal is garbage and riot are sociopaths
what you said is true but tribunal dosen't exist for years.You can say most of pepole are %%%%ing plants who when get to its final stage start to flame or troll or being charlie sheen and rioters are just bunch of sociopaths who have no life instead making games and thinking why pepole are sucking %%%%s in-game and thier balancing team...go to mars guys you balance enough good that ADC is weaker than supp
Dr3dd2l00T (EUNE)
: lets goo first perma
srsly i dont give %%%% anymore,i hope cs:go or dota2 get on stage to destroy LoL completely so you can cry that ur money generator is killed and to pepole start looking how bad game actually is
: You wished other people the death in real lief and also told them to commite suicide. Those things are forbidden in the games. Everyone reacts different to things and some people (like you as it seem) have anger issues - but it is your responsibility not to let others suffer under your condition. I know that this sounds easier than it is - I was in hospital because of metal problems last year - to be clear I was in hospital, because I had problems with suicidal tendencies.(I had no problem with being flamed in LoL, but everyone is different and has different trigger points) I know that the psychic of a person is a very delicat subject. You should know that yourself and therefore not act like that to others, as you DON'T KNOW HOW THEY REACT. And those actions can be one of multiple parts which lead to stronger suicidal actions. Every bigger city should have an institution which helps persons with mental problems for their first few steps. If you notice that you have the probelm, then %%%%ing get help. There is nothing bad about it, noticing that you need help and then actually get it, is the most difficult task, a human can have. Doing this is actually takes more effort than anything else. But it can help you for your future. You just have to stop saying "I can't do anything against it.". NO, THAT'S %%%%ING LIE. What you wrote in the games is not okay. NEVER. If you can't stop yourself from writing it, you have a problem and should do something against it. (I had indeed an inherent illness and since I do something against it I feel like a more or less normal person for the first time in years)
i asked for %%%%ing help you know what they said: one year hard curing(torching not rolled off the list of tools to cure me) if they screw me up totally,imma become like some of pros which had anger issues i can't stop to flame when being atked,I CAN'T %%%%ING STOP MYSELF FORM DOING SOMETHING I DON'T WAN'T!!!!!I HAVE CHILL PILLS AND I CANT USE THEM ON DAILY BASICS LIKE PAIN KILLERS CUZ THAT PIULLS I HAVE ARE DRUGS AND I CAN GET TO PROBLEMS IF I GET ADDICTED ON THEM!!
: Waiting for this thread to 404
it won't be deleted soon CUZ I TELL TRUTH soemone has to fall
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr3dd2l00T,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=a05GFWbA,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-26T23:32:54.596+0000) > > i can do it and i think to do it but i have consience to stop myself and why should pepole be like %%%%s here and only going for facts not knowing im having good time flaming the hell outta you all cuz thats how you expose pepole who wanna be cold and hurt you.You know what? i will do suicide anyways who %%%%s one life lost on game pepole will carry on to life all i wanted is to maybe have buisness of playing games not to i end being injured cause im not horse to rush job and if i fail at that,i will finish school work at some factory where cars are built real men not like %%%%ing %%%%%% be at trash truck collecting pepole's trash Ok u are trolling. U can't be real.
im not im hunting for justice now soemone has to do it ASAP cause game is making pepole %%%%%%ed i think generations after '00 will need computers to write like me
: Waiting for this thread to 404
it won't be seleted now it m8 be in few min but who cares i say truth game is officially becoming dead
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr3dd2l00T,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=a05GFWbA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-26T22:55:25.156+0000) > > i grew up no, you clearly didn't you are whining about SUICIDE over a well deserved ban
i can do it and i think to do it but i have consience to stop myself and why should pepole be like %%%%s here and only going for facts not knowing im having good time flaming the hell outta you all cuz thats how you expose pepole who wanna be cold and hurt you.You know what? i will do suicide anyways who %%%%s one life lost on game pepole will carry on to life all i wanted is to maybe have buisness of playing games not to i end being injured cause im not horse to rush job and if i fail at that,i will finish school work at some factory where cars are built real men not like %%%%ing %%%%%% be at trash truck collecting pepole's trash
: Can we get a translation because google translate didn't work and im pretty damn sure this aint english.. For real tho how do you manage to type something so unreadable. > Dr3dd2l00T: i wanna %%%%ing kill you now cuz io get tilted by ure %%%%ing flame This line also do you think at all before you type because that may help you with a few things first off you might be able to stop throwing insults around also a side benefit it might improve your typing in game.
rito acctually started to do something to censure all bad words but tilting makes my heart beating faster,which leads to too much information to my brain and i start falling apart which makes unreadable words and exposes my anger issue which i afraid to cure cause i would be torchered in a hospital for mental damaged %%%%%%s like me and i wish im dead cuz pepole often attack me IRL and expose anger issue even more just to mention i cant write,i no longer can read normally,i cant type well cuz my brain is trying to make mental shiled(just think on malza's shiled) and when soemone insults me,it breakes than pepole see im exposed and try to destroy me I JUST WAN'T TO SAY HOPE ALL OF YOU WHO THINK MENTALLY DAMAGED PEPOLE SHOULD DIE TO YOU GET HIT BY TRUCK,TO YOU TRY TO KILL YOURSELVES CAUSE I DONNO WHAT TO I DO I WILL JUST END MY LIFE IM USLESS IN THIS WORLD GODDAMIT IS THAT YOU WANTED TO I DO NOW ?! EXPOSE MYSELF? THERE YOU GO,MAKE ME EVEN MORE ANGRY TO I GET OR ROPE OR KNIFE OR PISTOL TO I BLOW MY HEAD OFF
: grow up
i grew up my mentality is dead so what i think is exactly i wan't to do and i have will to do it so dont judge book by crust and don't go to flame fights with me kids will see to much bad words thier brains will adapt to swear in-game they're %%%%%%ed plants already
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