: report
it doesnt matter how many people report u , it also doesnt matter to u if they report u while u dont deserve a report .
: Tips to improve ? (I swear im not crying xD )
maybe stop grinding ranked for a couple weeks . really learn the champions u play and find out ur playstyle . Dont just spam the games though. u need to actively learn from the games u play and especially those u lose. and now that we have the replay system u can easily save the games u lost and watch them again. see what u could have done better . why u died there ? maybe a ward could've helped. maybe u went too aggressive, maybe u targeted the wrong enemy champ in a fight. maybe u let ur carry die while u could've saved him. These things seem simple sometimes and we dont really notice them during the match but afterwards u need to observe them and keep them in the back of ur head in ur next games untill u almost never make such mistakes although i personally do not play ranked that often i do find some progress in my mehcanics and playstyle overtime when following this method and i hope u too find it useful.
: How to keep positive?
i think its more about ur attitude towards the players and games that would make the most difference here. to start off as mentioned mute any player that u feel would put any pressure on u with his comments or pings. if u r playing ranked and losing that much maybe take a step back and play normals to figure out your comfort zone , playstyles and champions that u enjoy. Also something that applies to me and may apply to others is the mental state u have when u start playing. i have a higher probability of losing if i already am on a bad mood before i started playing . So just chill, mute toxic people, do ur best, and enjoy the game{{champion:222}}
: Has honor made the league less toxic?
i believe that it did change the general mood of players . even if u are not a toxic playeru r now acting even better because u know u will get rewarded for it. And if u r toxic u may consider fixing that attitude ( although most txic players will stay toxic ) the borderline players are now less likely to show their salt or flame.
Jovars (EUW)
: I got banned for 2 weeks after talking shit back to a guy 1 game.
mute and report after the game , this makes it way easier for u and others. plus u need to grow tougher skin
Uzzlegorf (EUNE)
: Bot plague on ARAM
everygame i played since last night has more and more of these bots, last game had the full enemy team as bots and 3 in my team ( only 2 human players) the follow the same (attack-move) pattern as minions so they attack the closest target untill they die and repeat.


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