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Magneset (EUW)
: You can apparently get away with wishing death upon someone.
The primitive nature olf all the downvotes and people answering in this thread, it astonishes me
Beolius (EUW)
: I am being matched vs golds and i have seen plats few times as well. Whats hard to understad? Are you one of those filthy booster smurfs or simply pathetic premade?
Well, I don't want to see you in my games anyway. Also, it really is hard to understand when placements place me in bronze with silver-gold mmr? what's up with that? Also why I even played on eune is none of your concern. As you see I still have acces to my account, which means that your theory just fell flat on the floor. I also play solo every game. So, again flat on the floor. So nah, thats not on me. Thats on matchmaking being very vague and shit.
: The thing is... I'm currently is Silver 1, and down here weird picks ain't allowed since adcs will just rage quit if they appears to be dying, even if it ain't the supports fault. I used to be a Nunu support main, for whenever Pyke got banned and Nunu got me up to Plat 4 last season. But it was only cause no one flamed me for playing him in Gold 1-2. But as soon as I picked him up in silver, my adcs just turned into little children who all they know is to blame someone else for their mischief. Like there was multiple games where I had an Ezreal adc who just E'd right into a Blitzcrank Melee range and then blame went on me for unable to get him out... Maybe at best if I played Alistar or Bard I would have got him out but I'm not that support this time. All I did was getting a double kill after my Ezreal died for no reason. What is even worse is that after he came back to lane and I killed the enemy adc a 2nd time before Ezreal arrived back. Then he goes like "WHY DO A f**** NUNU TAKE MY KILLS!?". I basically dropped to play Off-meta in silver after this adc. I would play Pantheon support with Senna. But the adcs are just... yea...
I just mute them on the first sight of complaint.
ChampZone (EUW)
: Why play Yasuo adc?? Ohh because he has windwall so he block enemy's ADC auto attack gg rito
*walks away* *continues to auto yas as he tries to get out*
: then she would be better as a support. Cause only as a support she would effectively get stacks, but going the adc role reduce her stack count by 30%. I have even seen some games where a Senna adc hasn't got 20 stacks before the 20 min mark.
most of sennas stacks come from damage. she is an agressive laner but people play her as passive laner. So you'll have to do the setting up of the kills
: I don't like it, but that doesn't mean I'm not wrong about my data. Overall Senna is not a Good Solo que champion, Jhin deals 2x more average damage than Senna do. Also I'm a Pyke otp but every time I have a Senna it's like playing a 2vs1 lane. Me hooking my opponent will always resulting in Senna's death cause she don't have an escape and takes to long to switch focus from minions to champions. Overall, Senna is a champion who works best at the support role than the adc role. She even has 5+% higher winrate on the support role than the adc role.
senna is kinda hard to support. her autoattacks have a windup time, so pyke might have not been the best suggestion,. altho it does work if you get a 2 man stun on. sennas abilities all deal aoe damage and give aoe buffs. sennas q heals her and you and also damages enemy. You want to position yourself so that her q lands on everything. You also want to make sure the enemies position themselves bad enough for senna to get a double q proc and not be able to engage on her. now that's the hardest part, as most of the laners played now have some form of mobility to close the gap or long enough range to reach her. I prefer to use janna, morgana and shaco when I'm playing with senna. She is a scaler, and you want to make sure the enemy bot doesn't get near her. peelers or distruptors are awesome. If you like pyke bot, you're gonna love shaco bot. Just don't build him assasin, you need the tankyness from aftershock to survive some of the more daring ult tricks
Beolius (EUW)
: Matching bronzies vs golds and plats. League of broken mm. How is this ranked?
beats me i get matched with silvers and gold while being bronze lol
: They are all of 3 hook range classes: Blitz is the longest hook and goes through terrain. It's the deadliest of hooks but therefore lacks in other "Utility" abilities, and has only one crowd control (except for his hook of course ) with his "e" . Blitz kit allows him to basically do one thing only : lock down one single enemy champ in the teams vicinity. Nautilus hook range itself is the longest ( because of weird hitbox ), but Nautilus instantly flies towards the target that is CC'd to then use his heavy crowd controlled kit that he has, on the target. Whereas Blitz's kit lies in his grab, Nautilus' grab is basically a "gap closer" in order to put the CC in his kit down on the target. Also, his hook isn't able to go through terrain, but you can use your hook to grab yourself to terrain and fly towards it. His kit is basically Crowd Control oriented by being a big tank stunning his opponent with Auto-attacks and slow with his "e", all while having a shield. Thresh is basically a middleman between the two regarding the grab, it makes the target go towards you 2 times maximum, but only by a bit, and then gives you the option of then jumping to the target or not ( or you can directly jump on the target without the target getting grabbed towards you, or just once ). His kit is very utility oriented, more teamplay oriented per say. His hook goes through terrain and his lantern allows to bring a team member with him. His lantern, while giving a shield, it also can be used to save someone in a tight spot. Pyke is the 4th hooker ( hehe ) / grabber, but he is not a tank based grabber, to be played aggressive and go for the kill, having an execution as ultimate. But let's not talk about him. They all have their ups and downs, but just per defacto, Blitzcrank is the weakest of the 3 . Yes his grab is the greatest, but his kit is his grab, and while it might give you an edge in the laning phase, later towards mid/late game having a more utility- ( Thresh ) or more crowd control- heavy kit will give you more opportunities to be more efficient in creating openings. If you take Blitz you will want to win lane hard and snowball your adc quick. So you will be playing more aggressive. Most suited for aggressive laning would be Draven or Caitlyn or Miss Fortune. To be honest, Nautilus and Thresh can be paired with any Marksman, they both just need to reach mid to late game to be completely 100% activated, since they play around using their cooldowns and items too. So as Thresh or Nautilus it's just important to not lose lane, to play it even. Of course you can play aggressive and win lane and snowball fast too, but it's risky since Thresh and Nautilus have little sustain, except for lantern of shield on big cooldowns. Blitzcrank has a big mana shield and the speed up to escape that is most efficient vs opponents early game. That's my quick take on it, as a gold main support that plays all 3 of them, not high elo but lots of experience.
Blitzgranks AOE silence is also quite devastating. not to mention he does insane damage to shields now, so against a team of multiple shield sources he is quite good.
: can u do your job riot game balance team and nerf and buff champs
exept he is not a tank. he is a fighter. fighters always could kill assasins.
Caustie (EUW)
: That's the way the game has progressed. Back in S2, we could goof around all we wanted in chat and we'd almost never see punishment. Nowadays, nobody types. Everyone is scared of getting banned. Words are censored that shouldn't be, etc. It's quite disgusting. If someone ints your game, that's fine. If someone flashes on CD and trolls, that's fine. If someone decides they don't want to win when they go 0/1, that's fine. If someone decides to suicide to your laner, that's fine. But the moment you call them out on it, you get punished. Everything you say is taken from your teammates as being hostile. I literally said "WP" to someone going 1:1 in a 1v2 yday and he replied with "muted and reported". Like what? The game has gone downhill for a long time and the current edoration is just the icing with cherry ontop.
0/1 is problem for you? You might want to check your tilt there mate.
Caustie (EUW)
: We used to have something along those lines called the Tribunal, but that's looong ago. Basically, they playerbase was in charge of punishements and was rewarded with IP (The old blue essence) for every verdict they got correct. Problem with this was, that every single person would just click "punish" on every single verdict and seeing as everyone did this, players got unjustified punishments and people that didn't do the work got free IP. I honestly firmly believe, that if Riot brought this system back but with no gain to committing your time whenever you'd judge other players, it'd work out perfectly. Maybe they could even make it so that you could watch replays of the game in question (We know this is possible). It seems to me, that they just don't care whatsoever. They've had this system in CSGO for ages and it works like a charm. Why not use the greatest source of manpower they could possible get - us, the community.
it also took a lot of time to punish someone. But to get valid feedback to improve the bot upon, it is worth a shot. It's better than doing nothing or bot getting false feedback.
Naniup (EUW)
: Its sad but thats how it works.Riot will focus only on flaming nothing else.They dont put no effort.So if you say something system will punish you but if you int youre good to go.But probably they still dont realise why people flame in the first place. Sometimes you just cant hold yourself anymore with such morons around you.
The irony is, the whole humanity is a bunch of morons. Everyone is so stuck in their own ways and so stubborn they hinder the progress of human race as a whole. Just look at the archeologists, who don't want to admit that we were far more advanced civilization. Just look at the humans ability to use their own Genetic memory, remember everything from past experiences, good or bad. One of the most intresting scifi movies is battlestar galactica, cause it's becoming more and more accurate every day. I mean, we have already engineered biomechanical organism with the help of AI, (or well, the AI engineered it, we just produced it)
DutchPro (EUW)
: Inters still go left unpunished
Unless you are making it blatantly obvious. It's one of the things where both community and riot need to take a hard look. Because bot can't detect trolls and inters if it keeps getting fed with false info. But at the same time, riot needs to move their arse to improve the system the same way players need to move their arse. Most of the time, however, it's down to just plain matchmaking being bad. Exept for obvious trolls/inters, which I wouldn't say is rare, but it's not that common. Also, the chat system is not that harsh. It took them 9 years to ban me. And I got permabanned after 2 years of 14 day bans.
Caustie (EUW)
: How can anyone play this game without losing their mind?
To be honest, I feel like we have enough bans at the moment. I do see a need for increase in another year or 2. Also, Senna ADC is pretty viable. They don't int, they just lose due to lack of knowledge of their champion. It is to be expected since 1) It's new 2) It's not played a lot. You gain experience from both playing and getting to play against the champion. I would disagree with ornn. I rarely see ornn losing toplane. most of the time he either goes even or wins the lane, or just straight out changes the game around with 1 good ult/item upgrade focus. If you are tired of LCS, then stop watching it? Lmao. Champion balance is delicate subject, especially when it's player skill level oriented. They balance the game mostly around high elo because 1) The feedback is more accurate and 2) The game get's exploited to it's full potential. Ekko and Diana, as well as Ryze, Cassio, Lucian and Aphelios are currently in a state where you either remove conqueror and they become balanced/underpowered again or you nerf champions that are specifically good with conqueror. As you might realize, when decisions are made by a team of developers, not just one guy at the top, you get a lot of arquements, stonewalling and some things that obviously shouldn't be in the game, stay in the game for one reason or another. Also, Aphelios has less range than caitlyn. For effective DPS, Aphelios can have even less range than vayne. Aphelios range is dynamic. So it's very hard to get used to playing against him. But once you know when he is long ranged and easy to jump on, and when he is short ranged and easy to bully out, you can play against him pretty effectively. Yuumi is another matter. Yuumis range is extremly lackluster sometimes, and the other times she is very overwhelming. Either way, she needs a numbers rebalance on everything. But again, here is the question. How would you change it? Do you have the exact numbers? No? Too bad. You are no better than the RIOT employees. I do agree that the game has gone downhill. But the blame is on both sides, not just on riot.
LFAFighter (EUNE)
: Something that every player in the community might want to read.
People here would need to read a psychology/self help book on emotion control first. (me included). Thanks for the link tho. Going to have a read when i get time
Shamose (EUW)
: Probably because "answering" them is just flaming back.
Probably because when someone punches you into face, you punch him back...oh wait, you can't do that
JanThug (EUW)
: getting ban for answering
That's pretty common. Problem is the community here is insanely toxic. So answering in kind may actually get you banned.
: I just got flamed. For taking blue buff. In a bot game
as pathetic as a brand i had that entered in the lobby and got me as his teammate. threatened to troll again, and dodged since he saw i didn't give a frak lol
Zedant (EUW)
: Yeah because 18 new entity(worse case scenario) can crash the game when in normal you can place up to 26 whit Teemo. pls
Actually no. Teemo was first disabled, then nerfed because he could, like shaco, farm all the jungle camps and all 3 lanes all at once. And teemos shrooms were even worse because they did cause a lot of crashes in pbe, thanks getting more than hundreds of shrooms on the ground. atleast thats what i remember. could be wrong here
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: I am in the process of taking legal action against the player in question.
then inform the support that you want to take legal action against players in question and they will guide you through the proccess. but I do suggest you get an attorney to consult with before doing anything.
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: Except it is VERY obvious which players is punished because these pop up when you report someone and that player is punished. It is a very simple logic. They will not because the player in question is STILL not banned so Riot will not do anything.
To be honest while you can and should report threats to authorities in your own country, they are usually not acted upon as those threats are not considered dangerous, unless certain criterias are met.
: Yeah the whole required by law stuff is mostly an excuse imho. Something the PR guys of a company say cause it sounds good. I mean they probably could not make personal information like real life name and adress public, but they surely could publicly say ingamename "offender123" has been punished for transgression x and was punished with penalty y. I'd really really really like to hear the law quoted which supposedly forbids this. The truth, as usual, is more likely to be found following the money. Posting updates on penalties is time and effort that are worth money and companies see no reason to invest in that just so we the players can feel better about it.
There is a thing called Privacy laws. which pretty much every company brakes so whatever
: Improving the muting system
I think that is how it should work but for some reason was never implemented.
: Nerf CertainlyT!
Oh yhea Nerf him. he has awesome ideas, but he really lacks the communication to make his concept both come alive and be balanced.
: Nerf Yasuo!!!
Actually. They should indeed, nerf yasuo by removing 1 part of the kit that takes up a big part of his power budget(hi windwall) and buff the other part. Right now yasuo is this mess between high damage carry and high survivability teamfight bruiser. He needs a small, yet impactful change that would allow him to be properly balanced. He is currently weak, and yet I still ban him every game just because he is annoying as hell to deal with. For me, removing the windwall(which is huge nerf), moving shield away from passive and make it an active part of his kit would warrant also additional buffs. Windwall just does not suit him. Btw, It's not another "omg nerf yasuo" comment. More of a there is a bit of truth behind those nerf cries. All those nerf x nerf y nerf z have something in them that makes them annoying to deal with and probably needs a second look. Also, we need to Nerf Donald Trump before he becomes the Stalin of USA lol. imagine communist usa xd...or well... in USA's case, fully capitalist usa xd
The amount of downvotes
: You are the person who should get out of this game with this attitude. 0 communication with a team in a team based game... Honestly unninstal the game and go play offline games.
There is a difference between 0 communication with everyone and muting the guys who are already derogatory before the game has even started. The ragers usually keep on raging. Proven by your own post. This also means the don't contribute to the game and my only option is to opt them out and work with what I have. Sorry, that you feel offended.
: Oh my sweet summer child... It is not just cookies... Google knows everything. You can't delete that by just deleting cookies or your browser history. And as google puts the ads, it is only logical that you get lol ads. I personally get a mediocre amount of lol ads. A friend of mine who stopped playing 2-3 months ago gets a lot more LoL ads, even though he does much more than just deleting browser history or cookies.
I don't get league adds at all. despite playing maybe once a month lol
: > [{quoted}](name=malécy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tcLg1ZAf,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2020-01-27T01:13:03.249+0000) > > Cookies. Check them out, ud be surprised. i clean my internet history often and again i DONT SEARCH anythign about lol because i dont care about the game enough so please learn to listen to facts when told please.
You do know most of the browsers actually record AND SHARE your data, including what's on your harddrive
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tcLg1ZAf,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2020-01-26T23:32:33.334+0000) > > People are tired af of the "is league dying?????" "league is dying" "league will die in a year" "league is dead" etc posts So toxic people then just for asking a question ok then lol. I get ads all the time for league and i never search nothing about it because im fed up of the game, i will be leaving soon so i couldnt give two %%%%s really.
You are fed up because it isn't the game you came to play. League is dynamic, always changing, always breathing. you need to change with it or you get cockblocked by the frustration. Also, at this point, I dont even want you in our community, judging how passive-agressive almost every response of yours in this thread is.
Gojkov (EUW)
: We're also extremely tired of ranting, crying, angry threads on LoL Boards. How about something constructive for a change? Players come to LoL Boards for two reasons, to rant and to search for a duo/team. Sad really... P.S. @Shadowx13x I upvoted your thread just to even it out and make it fair. You didn't rant or anything I'm simply broadening the question Arcade Lulu put forth
To be honest any constructive discussion usually gets smited by the angry mob or gets just straight out ignored. we need more modern forum so the mods atleast can give visibility to the rare good discussions
: Is League actually dying???
it has been dieing for past 4 seasons and it will keep dieing. leagues death is slow and agonizing just because of how big it is. However I rarely get any matches in eune nowadays so we could say population definetly is decreasing
icarusso (EUNE)
: Well, nope. Because what they do, is not raging like an heroine addicted 6 year old when they start to lose. Of course some will cease to play then, but the bigger part of people will still continue.
Lmao. Or like a person straight out of r/entitledpeople.... or like a karen....
dmanghope (EUW)
: Is there a way to permanently stop toxicity?
Nope. Community has to change, but judging how many karens/chads or their hellspawns I see in this community on a day to day basis... well... not going to happen. What I usually do is just mute anyone at the first sign of toxic behaviour. Being a ping or a word. 1 offence is enough to get fully muted. I also keep allchat disabled most of the time. Some games I have to run youtube videos on background just because how silent it gets lol
0neiros (EUW)
: I don’t think that’s true in any way whatsoever
EA, Riot, Activision, Blizzard. All of them have so many projects or so many players that even if they lose half the community, they'd still have enough to maintain stable production.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: Yup, because wasting even more of your time, doing nothing. Is such an efficient effort. Especially when you even lose elo
If it entertains me, why not lol. Trolls and inters are always entertaining to watch. Especially those who try to get you killed but instead keep dying themselves.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: What do we do when we have a guy that ints/afks/trolls ?
No. If you were smart enough, instead of seeing it as waste of your time, you would take it upon yourselves to waste as much of his time as humanly possible. Nothing pisses them off more than the fact that they can't end a game in 20 minutes despite their best efforts. I always say to trolls "i rather keep you hostage." And it's true. I try to do that. Usually joined in by rest of the team.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: I totally forgot about yasuo. I used to ban him too if the one hovering it was playing top. The thing is, that my winrates with those heroes in my team were so low, that i legitimately had a reason to ban them.
Lol:D I don't even care if someone is hovering it or not. I just ban it. you hover? banned. You don't hover? still banned. And only reason I ban yasuo because he is annoying to deal with anime wannabee
DenBettes (EUW)
: This is such a bad post again. Like... it doesn't even make sense or add up. Sure, league has its issues, but so does every game, don't you think? You claim to have quit in 2016, so my first question is: If it's such a bad game, why even do all that effort to play again? In all the lines you've been typing, you haven't said one positive thing/thought. If i would be you, i wouldn't be opening the forum of a game you clearly hate? If you felt like venting, sure i do get that. But that doesn't mean what you're saying is even close to reality. You are right that playerbase is no longer increasing like it used to do. But if you're saying there are no new players, you're kinda wrong. Just scroll across the boards, some people are still asking for tips, have a new account,... stuff like that. In the past 8/10 players were new, now it's 2/10 (in low level games). But that happens to every game that has been there for 10 years. You think CoD or even DoTa gains that many new players on a weekly basis? Sorry to burst your bubble but they don't. For the toxicity part you are 100% right, i won't even argue that league playerbase is a nice group of people, cause it's simply not (when it comes down to ranked atleast) But then your part about "making the game Too much" i don't agree with at all. This just adds to the diversity of the game. Sure, it has a slower learning curve (allthough all timers are given now) cause you need to learn matchups, when to trade,... but that's what makes this game fun? no? Your part about items is also strange to me. There are so many situational items in league to counter what your oponent has. Sure there are 1-2 "core" items, but from that point on everything else is debatable on the matchup/state of game/fed or not fed/... As a self claimed high diamond player, you should know those things yourself. So please, get your facts straight.
the support and jungle items were both put in place to stop gold funneling strat and thus enforce a meta instead of letting the game develop normally
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: If you hover lee sin/shaco. I am gonna ban it. are no better than me when I ban yasuo regardless if someone hovers it or not. Also, if you get to lategame in early game meta, you're bad xd
Minoesch (EUW)
: i dont think support is the main issue i think ADC is. and afterschock is too strong at the moment on tanky supports like naut and leona. Do you use that rune on Janna too?
Only when I build resistances, most of the time I use guardian, as it's much more effective with HP oriented builds. Well tbh adc is the problem. They are currently a bit too all around the board. You have hypercarries that are strong early, you have lanebullies that are useless early(the one place they are supposed to shine). And then you have safe picks that basically get obliterated. Botlane is a mess and until it settles down(or conqueror gets removed) it will be problematic. Right now conqueror is used from everything starting with skarner, irelia and ryze and ending with shyvana, lucian and even a %%%%ing leona. It's just too broken of a mechanic and needs to be removed. But what do I know, I'm just a player that has seen the same mechanic fail time and time and time and time again. Starting with feral flare and ferver and ending with conqueror(at this moment, probably we will have something similar one point in the game.)
: hey guys SoBadKid here, so today i didn't get carried cuz my team was really bad again and because of that im stuck in elo hell with bad silver players
you forgot. "oh I didn't flame them"
SoBadKid (EUW)
: "PuShIng iS bEtTeR tHeN KiLls" mf - 2020
lmao. In this situation you're the only one who was wrong. Your whole team played on turrets while you play for kills. kills don't matter. turrets do. Also. you did flame them. Derogatory communication or passive-agressive communication is also flaming. if you don't see that, you need to think hard. The only thing I can agree with is shyvana not doing drakes, but the way you put it, means you did actually flame and she, again was right. Everybody exept you were right.
: Do some players just want their teammates to fail?
I mute and report those for abusing the ping system in such manner. That's trolling in a way. Problem is riot doesn't act on it so thats all we can do. As for supports. i prefer to play tank janna or ap nami these days. Even with a %%%%%%ed adc, you atleast can do something to keep yourself alive. in botlane, if your adc is %%%%%%ed, you play for your own good so in midgame you can keep the one reasonable person in the team alive.
Morrhen (EUW)
: This is the feeling of a support. Nothing new. Healers in WoW were blamed too even though morons stood on fires and demanded heals. Similar situations in League. Teammate does a stupid thing... and they expect for you to save their ass. Even though as support you must very well know when it's worth saving someone and when isn't. Yeah, duo lane requires cooperation but nothing can be done if one of them is blatantly stupid or toxic.
: No but it doesn't make sense if someone is saying "this season is worse than season x" because it hasn't changed. Everyone is just noticing a lot more nonsense now because we're all rushing into the new season, at the same time, with a lot of people returning or joining in the fun too. It's always going to be a little crazy at the start regardless of the algorithm, and we're honestly a lot more likely to hold onto the bad as we are pretty much gauranteed to place lower than where we ended last year, which makes us hyper vigilant of anything wrong, and not so on the normality. I'm not dismissing the feelings, I get intentional feeders too. I just haven't really seen any more of an increase of it than normal so far this year, a little with the flaming but that's pretty typical around this time too.
actually it does make sense. as technology ages, it evidently becomes worse and worse. even moreso when variables, that weren't important before, have come important now, as the game has matured
how about you stop playing the game after first 2 losses. maybe then you won't end up in losing streak.
Wex0r (EUW)
: Smurfs dont go away , You might see slightly less of them towards the end of the season as they try to push their main account further.
actually you see them a lot more in the end of season, as thats when the market is the most lucrative.
: Malphite, gragas and nunu are indeed tanks, they are meant to be built tanky and use cc to start and distrupt fights... and for the most part they do Thing about malphite is he’s also designed as an anti ad bruiser, so he’s designed to be able to scrap in the side lane... hence why he has damage built in, but it’s still very low damage and against a full tank malphite you are unlikely to die unless you are extremely squishy. But he’s currently being played as a mage by building ap, hence he’s dealing too much damage (he’s also an old champion so not well designed) Gragas is a bit of a weird one, technically he should be a bruiser but ap bruiser itemisation doesn’t exactly exist so he tends to either default as a tank or a mage... and since his rework he’s been a tank until recently... so while he’s up for debate he’s best defined as a tank for now. Nunu is a tank though, he’s durable when built as a tank, he doesn’t deal much realistic damage on a tank build, and his goal is distruption and protection. Similar to sion if you let him charge his ult up the whole way it will hurt a lot but it’s unrealistic, the main use of nunu ult is usually the slow. EDIT: Surprised it’s these 3 that you had issues with... thought it’d be rammus tbh EDIT 2: oh yeah vlad is designed to deal damage, so can’t be a tank... tanks are also currently a melee exclusive class though it’s debatable if that’s a part of the definition that should really stay
Actually wrong here. Gragas is an AP bruiser. So is nunu. Only tank there is malphite out of those 3, but malphites scalings are quite strong. Also Sion is a juggernaught. he gets incredibly tanky thanks to scalings and you do build him mostly defensive, but he was designed as a juggernaught, so not a tank
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