Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Here story is even better: "I broke three important rules, when two of them leads to a permanent ban, but I still think that it is not unfair." Rather funny. Dear author. Even if they would unban you for flaming as it was done by someone else (not that it does matter anyway), you would still receive a permanent ban for boosting and account sharing.
Yeah, that's right. Well I've got chat ban too once. But it was fair and definitely my fault. It's not that bad I've learned how to ignore troll/afk/etc. without flaming.
: > [{quoted}](name=DragonsNightmare,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Jk7E27a1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-11T22:01:50.616+0000) > > And what about this? We all have trolls, flamers, afk etc. We all have reasons to flame. But tell me one thing - why flame? Flame gives you nothing, only restrictions. Flamer/troll won't care if you flame him. Just ask yourself - Is it really worth to descend yourself to the flamer/troll level? Well I kinda touched this didnt I ;) No it's not worth it, that's why I wrote this piece. And it doesn't give nothing, otherwise people wouldn't flame at all. It can be a way of letting your frustration go, it can be something else, it can be way more. It's not good, but i can understand them.
And I wrote mine. Just don't understand what somebody should get from flame. Satisfaction? Game isn't right place to letting frustration go. I just don't want to read flame because somebody is angry. If you want to let your frustration go - fine but why forcing peoples to see this?
: old games, the ones without special snowflakes of this generation.
Old forgotten games? No thanks.
Pixionn (EUNE)
: Question about Instant Feedback System
Why should be? You can write to support if you want to talk with Riot.
SmikiKill (EUNE)
: Perma banns
No. It's quite simple - you break accepted rules, you get ban. You had at least one chance, why you should get another? > i think riot should at least listen to the stories of the people with pemra bann Stories like: "they started flame, not me"?
: honestly just quit league. move to a better, more balanced game with a better company owning it. this is your chance to escape this shithole named Lol. there are a lot of better games, just move on. riot will always cater to the special snowflakes with hurt feelings.
There is a multiplayer game where flame is tolerated?
: Why I sometimes want to be toxic
And what about this? We all have trolls, flamers, afk etc. We all have reasons to flame. But tell me one thing - why flame? Flame gives you nothing, only restrictions. Flamer/troll won't care if you flame him. Just ask yourself - Is it really worth to descend yourself to the flamer/troll level?
: Player perm ban acount
You have 3 chances to improve behavior. Why you should get another?
: How about do something about AFK behavior?
And some player in lost games would be forced to leave to "save" team.
NaPul1on (EUNE)
: Dude i have the same problem too but it happenst even when i install lol the computer freezes permanently and it keeps freezing till i run the computer in the safe mode and uninstall lol ,Once i do that the computer returns normal
Well, for me it was damaged GPU. After some time it began to freeze outside LoL (even when Windows just start). I 'solved' this by buying new laptop. You should check Your hardware first.
: Did we ever find a solution for this? i've recently started getting the same bug but only since i've moved my computer over too a new case. Again its installed on and SSD so im not sure if its that causing the problems, i've deleted and reinstalled the client and still getting the crash problem.
Well, for me it was (i'm not 100% sure, but some things proved it) damaged graphics card (dedicated). I don't know why game froze only in client, but few days later my computer started to freeze in other games and even right after boot. I solved this by buying new computer and now it's fine. So, You should check Your hardware. If it's fine You can try reinstall Windows.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: I recommend running this command: * Open search on Windows, type "cmd" * Right click cmd and select "Run as administrator" * Type in this command and press enter: * DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth * It will scan your system for corrupted files and fix them, it can take a while to finish, you can use your computer while scan runs --- After running DISM, i recommend running Windows System File Checker in safe mode: * Press Windows key + R to open "System Configuration" * Go to "Boot" tab and check "Safe Boot" and "Minimal": * Then select "Apply" and "OK" and restart your computer to get into safe mode * Once you're in safe mode, open cmd as administrator and execute this command: * sfc /scannow * Wait for it to finish scan, it will scan for corrupted system/registry files --- After you've ran commands above, as last step i recommend running Windows Check Disk: * Run cmd as administrator and execute this command: * chkdsk C: /f * C: = Is hard drive you want to scan (The one which usually contains Windows) * /f means it will look for issues on drive and fix them * Once you've pressed enter after typing in that command, it will ask if you want to schedule check disk for next boot up, just type "y" and press enter for "Yes" and restart your computer to start check disk process **Here's more information about Check Disk command:**
Thank You, but I done format. I still got freezes sometimes. It seems there is problem with my computer (with hardware) and not LoL issue. Thank You very much for help.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Apart from the fact that your drives are getting booted worryingly frequently...(merely for comparison purposes): Power On Hours : 73 hours - Power On Count : 1753 count on yours vs Power On Hours : 32024 hours - Power On Count : 88 count on mine (though it's in a desktop). While I suppose frequent reboots is to be expected with a laptop, the drives will thus will receive additional wear (especially the mechanical drive). Which makes a good point on keeping an eye out on them. And making backups on a regular basis. The health of both of your drives look just fine now though. As it's then likely not a HDD issue, it sounds like another Win10/LoL-issue. Which is out of my area of knowledge. _While I got Win 10 in addition to Win 7 on a separate drive, I don't use it very frequently. But on the occasions I have played LoL through the Win 10-drive, all have worked just fine._
HDD booting frequently, because is older than SSD. And system is on SSD, so unused HDD go sleep to save energy, when OS want access to it, he has to wake up again. This isn't LoL issue, reinstall not working. I tried to move LoL to SSD drive and there is same issue. It's seems there is problem with Windows. When I tried to shutdown computer it freezes too, just like LoL. So, more likely this is my Windows installation issue. I will do format and check if this help. Thank You for answer.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: If everything freezes solid, it sounds like a harddrive problem, with data attempted written or read from a corrupted area. Would also not happen with other games, as those games are not trying to write to those same areas (if it were a RAM issue, it would most likely just bluescren on you). Giving it a go with CrystalDiskInfo (google it if you don't trust links) just to make sure it isn't a drive issue wouldn't hurt. (homepage) (DL link (popup)) Other than that, have you tried just waiting it out? If it is just stuttering (often happen with a crappy, cheap SSD or a full system drive), it should sort itself out within a couple minutes. ~~Does non-streamed at the same time (streaming involve more components - keep it as simple as possible), does that continue as nothing is wrong or does the music freeze too?~~ _Re-read it now; presuming ALL audio freezes, this points further to a faulty harddrive._ Just a heads up: if CrystalDIskInfo comes up as "Caution" (Yellow) or "Bad" (Red), make a backup of the content you want and replace the drive immediately. If it's really bad, CDI won't run at all - but at that point your drive would already be unstable and likely not bootable at all, and even if it was, with frequent system lockups.
Allright, this is output from CrystalDiskInfo: As You can see, I have two disks. First (SSD SanDisk) is only for system and basic applications (browser etc.). LoL and all games are stored on second drive (500GB). It seems that disk is ok, but maybe I'm wrong. But I'm not really sure this is HDD issue. As I said - other games works without problems. And LoL freezes only on client - game itself works without problems. Now I removed LoL and installed it again. Maybe this will help. If not I'll try to reinstall Windows. Maybe some driver collides with LoL or something.
Rioter Comments
JustDaleYT (EUNE)
: League of Legends on Linux Mint 18.1
Rutious4 (EUNE)
: No? I live in Poland and i have 46 ping on EUNW and 39 ping on EUW.
I'm from Poland too and I have little bigger ping on EUW than EUNE.
Ipeth (EUNE)
: I'm not going to sleep whole weekend just so they can keep it :3
Me too. If they won't keep it - at least I'll have some fun.
Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
Now I hope that all people who wanted normal draft will play tomorrow. C'mon guys, let's show Riot that We want normal draft. Thank You all for support.
: ***
MOBA = Multiplayer online battle Arena. Where is jungle or items in this name? Sure. You are very good at avoiding answer to arguments. YES! "you CAN use" not "you HAVE TO use". This is the goddamn difference between F2P and P2W. In LoL buying runes and champs for RP is optional and You can get it for free. So LoL is Free2Play, not P2W. Hah. Do You really think that runes can cover skill difference? Because it's not P2W. If You saying that is is - You are simply lying thrash, who can't even check definition. Yes, you lying, not I. You want me to comeback with something constructive? Maybe You should start being constructive and learn some definitions? You started flaming me, not I, so if somebody is "typical 12 years old toxic" - it is you, not I. "gtfo my thread" - make me. I leave when I want to leave, not when kid ordering me.
: SR 5v5 is the best maybe if they focused on that, they wouldn't "have" to remove normal draft pick...
You are playing on EUW, You have draft. Playing only SR 5v5 would be boring. Gamemodes rotation is one of the best Riot ideas.
: HotS isn't a moba so that's out the equation. SMITE is horrifically trite and boring and only rakes in 200k players as opposed to the several million it had in the beta days years ago. Ultimately we're talking on a scale that is unprecedented compared to LoL which has tens of millions of players active. The closest game that rivals these vast numbers is arguably Dota2 and compared to DotA2, LoL is P2W. I'm not convinced my idea is great, my idea just has some common sense as opposed to what's going on just now. The thought of being encouraged to use money to have the upper hand on others by accruing runes, champs and masteries faster is something that is backward, primitive, greedy and manipulative in RIOT's part. Erm, this is my thread, if you don't want to talk to me and try to win your argument then feel free to stay, otherwise you "go away"? :p
HotS is MOBA. Boring for You maybe, I enjoy it. You aren't most important, so Your opinion isn't important. Anyway You are funny: I've gave You example of game and now You are telling that it is "boring" and "not popular". You can't even answer to arguments. Nope, LoL isn't P2W. LoL is Free 2 Play just like Dota2, Smite and HotS. Do You like making fool of yourself by using this definition wrong? You can get all this things for free. Your time isn't important and isn't currency. I don't have to "win", because I done it. Your arguments is trash and You can't prove that Your idea is great. You can't even check P2W definition, so how do You want to "improve" LoL? I'm really happy that Riot won't listen You. You would ruin this game with "great" ideas.
: Ascension is the most garbage piece of trash gamemode ever developed for any game ever
: ***
Using P2W definition wrong and calling me hypocryte. "Get faster" isn't P2W, check the fcking definition and stop making fool of yourself. You are blind to arguments, You are mistakenly convinced that your idea is great and You lying (You said that only LoL hasn't got free champs - what about HotS, Smite and more other?). Go away, nobody needs Your "good" ideas here.
: LoL is P2W because you can buy boosts that increase your IP gain and in comparison to a player that uses no real money, the person that did and spent it on boosts will get Masteries, Runes and Champions faster thus game is P2W you must be blind to not see this?
Check P2W definition because You using it wrong. P2W is game, which You can gain advantage with real money and it's impossible to get it for free. In LoL you can't get advantage with money - champions and runes are free, buying it's in RP is optional. Only skins are for RP, but skins won't give You advantage against player which isn't using real money. "You can get faster" doesn't make LoL P2W. I can get all champions and runes for free. Time isn't matter. You can't get advantage over me by using real money. LoL is F2P like DotA2. None of them are P2W.
: "I'm done with it" translates to "I lost the argument" lol. I haven't said my time is more important than anyone else's, this suggestion in my thread doesn't pertain to just me? lmao, I want champs to be free for everyone! And I don't want to stop playing LoL because it's a good game, but it still has primitive and backward business models because of greedy developers that is essentially holding back the game to a bigger market. The rotation system sucks because: **134** _(champions)_ **/ 10 ** _(champs per week)_ **=** _(I have to wait up to)_ **13.4 weeks ** _(to play everyone)_
I haven't lost argument. I'm just tired to repeat my arguments, when You are blind to it and repeating about your time. But not everyone believes Your idea is good. To me is nonsense. So why Riot should accept Your idea if I and a lot of peoples believes Your idea isn't good? Can You stop repeating about "business"? Lol is free to play and always been F2P. "holding back game to bigger market" - nope, it isn't holding. It's only Your opinion without good arguments. "Wasting my time" isn't good argument.
: 1) smurfs will always stay theres nothing that can be done about that. that's just the way things are and people have to live with that. it will never go away, like the Star Wars prequels 2) it can be but what's better is everyone available and progressing with each at your own leisure, I don't want to buy a champ that's in meta then the next week they're crap because of balancing so with your logic I am essentially tied to a champ that sucks because "motivation". 3) I want all champs to be free so new and old players can play whoever the hell they want to, this isn't hard to understand it's not rocket science
I'm done with it (I'm tired of trying to explain You that free champs isn't brilliant idea). You only speaking about Your time, but I have to tell You something about it: Nobody cares about Your time. I'm (and a lot of LoL players) okay with buying champions for IP. Why Your time should be more important than mine? If earning IP is "waste of time", You should simply stop playing LoL. That's all. If You like trying new champions You have rotations. I can't understand why You want to buy champ, play few games and buy new. This is weird. If I buy new champ I playing it (because I bought it for play), when I'm bored with it, I usually have IP to new.
: You are clearly an adolescent that doesn't understand the concept of time and that's why you're ignorant to the fact that it costs me and not you. Dota2 is F2P and LoL in this regard is P2W
No, there is no cost. Your time isn't prize. LoL cannot be P2W, because You can't get some profit, which isn't available for free, by paying real money. Your time isn't currency. You can simply stop playing LoL.
: 1) that's hardly ever going to happen in solo queue, probably will in stacked games cos it's probably down to the bronze players being in a stack and they get matched equally with a team of golds and bronzes just like them? 2) you make it sound like the need to buy champs is the ONLY motivation which is debatable. For someone to want to play a champ, it could be down to something very basic like champs being aesthetically pleasing to them: "oh, I like the look of that champion, I don't know what they do so I will research it and I hope it compliments my playstyle." 3) exactly, you're reinforcing my point. people try champs in ranked and regret they didn't because they either get flamed hard, reported or performed very bad in a match. makes them reassess their actions and such. For me, it would be more satisfying knowing everyone was there at my disposal to try and utilise.
1. Say this to boosted accounts and smurfs. Some peoples prefer solo Queue, You can't force all to play duo. 2. Nope, it doesn't sound like you think. It CAN BE motivation doesn't mean "only motivation". 3. So You want to give they all champs for free to make "first time" easier?
: LoL is free to play but it's a grind compared to DotA2 and it forces people like me to save time by using real money that I shouldn't need to spend or spending months getting less than 10 champs through IP
Nope, it its same free2play like in LoL. In both games You don't have to use real money to play. You can, but not have to. All champs for free in Dota2 doesn't make it "more f2p", because in LoL you can buy champs without money too, nobody forces You to use real money.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Thing is, you need to pay for DotA. League is free and you don't have to spent anything on it whatsoever, except time.
DotA2 is free to play same way like LoL (You can pay for skins if You want).
: 1) your argument here would make sense if new players were matched against experienced ones which is not the case with LoL's matchmaking. If 5 new players played against 5 new players, it really doesn't matter who they choose because they just started to play the game. You can't use the argument "what about smurfs" because sadly that will always exist. 2) Or.... just be disciplined. why do I have to feel obligated to play a champ because I paid for it? nah.... 3) it's a learning experience for the player in ranked to NOT try a champ they have never played or are not comfortable with. the only way to tackle it is to fight it.
1. Lol matchmaking. That's why bronze players plays with gold players? 2. You shouldn't fell obligated. This should be motivation to learn good this champ. Something like: "Hey I paid for it, so I should learn it good" 3. Man, everybody knows how this looks like in LoL. Players love trying champions on rankeds. FOR ME there is nice satisfaction when I can buy champ with my earned IP's.
: 1) if all champs were free to begin with, it wouldn't really make a difference to the players that play a select few champs anyway because they are either strong in that meta or they are a comfort pick. it really wouldn't change, you make it seem like noobs would have a hard time picking when they would know what to pick regardless 2) or..... if everyone was available you can learn them anyway. 3) if it's more often than not, they will simply get reported and this would otherwise deter them from trying new champs in ranked mode and such exercises should be reserved for non-ranked, who said MOBAs were easy and didn't have a huge learning curve?
1. But it is confusing to new players. Do You think this is so easy to choose champion if You have above 120 to choose? Maybe for experienced player, but not for new. 2. If You buy champ You have nice motivation to learn it (You spent Yours IP for it). You don't have this motivation, when all champs are for free. 3. Yeah reported. Riot should prevent, not try to fight with it. There is no big advantages with all free champs. Especially in LoL, where champions isn't very expensive.
: take this quick test to see if you are toxic or not, Cough
1: I ask why he playing ranked without knowing basics of LoL 2: Option B 3: Option C 4: I'm asking my jungler for help on chat 5: My answer to him: "This is team game bro".
: Suggestion to make all Champs free, this is madness.
I'm Dota player and I can say You one thing: All champions for free isn't very good idea. 1. It is confusing to new player, to choose one champion, if You have more than 120 to choose. If You buying champions one by one, You know they. 2. You can buy one champ and learn it by playing. When You play, You get IP. When You have enough IP for new champ, You know at least basics gameplay of previous champ. 3. Peoples would play champions which doesn't know good. "First timers" on ranked would be more often. I agree that there should be game mode, where You can try champions solo (not with other players). Sometimes You don't sure whether buy champ or not, and waiting for rotation can take a lot of time. Watching YT gameplays isn't enough.
: I don't understand
If You have knock in team, Yasuo can carry by pressing one button. He can get 100% crit early, and he has shield that stops everything. Yasuo really doesn't need good stats to be strong and annoying. If Annie lose or miss stun she can't be usefull. If You have good focus, Annie can die quickly with Tibbers. Last but not least: If she hasn't got good stats, she won't deal big dmg like Yasuo. Yasuo isn't very hard. I've got S- by playing Yasuo support for fun - trust me, I'm not good Yasuo player. I play him sometimes for fun, I haven't got even 3 lvl. I ended game with pretty good stats.
: Remake at 3 mins really??
Nope, 3 minutes is enough. I was playing ranked with adc afk - he was back before we could start remake, but enemy adc had around 20 farm. This is pretty big difference in early game.
: Is Reworked Warwick just the new Nocturne?
Nope, reworked Warwick is old Warwick with new design and skills/mechanics improvements.
Apotos (EUNE)
His ultimate range depends on movement speed, and it is skillshot. You can dodge it. And new ult has little bit worse dmg than old (I'm not sure about it, I deduced it by watching PBE gameplays). Assassin? Man, look at his skills.
: Warwick release?
New/reworked champion is usually relased two weeks after PBE release.
Aseraan (EUW)
: welcome in the we cant make other champs better so we nerfing the busted ass champions who stand out as they shouldn't be also i was being an ass there he needed a nerf done.
Better nerf one champ than buff 10.
iroOnhide (EUNE)
: Why you think one troll less? You still here m8 :)
iroOnhide (EUNE)
: yea wanted to spare some time and avoid more suffering and brain dmg. Like wtf really? People using their brain?? Such a surprise isn't it?
If You really using brain, why You wrote this topic? And why You trolling? You destroyed game and got punished. What is wrong with this situation? Now one troll less. Gj Riot.
: but it was their fault i didnt even use bad lang ffs its just auto ban that i dont deserve how hard is for you to understand the cause of the problem here?
> but it was their fault Nope bro, it was Your fault, system rated Your behaviour, not Their. You could mute they, and report after game - You decided to start 'conversation' with They, so now You have prize for it.
iroOnhide (EUNE)
: Permaban for open mid
Open mid, got punished and now he is suprised... Really?
lasera55 (EUNE)
: Reworked Warwick release date?
New/reworked champion is released on normal servers usually 2 weeks after PBE release. But it isn't always so. "It will be released when it will be done".
: Will das alte Lol zurück
Can You speak english? Or somebody can translate it please? I don't speak german.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: It will removed as stated, just later. You just have 1 or a half season to play on EuW
Better half season than nothing.
Wex0r (EUW)
: i made a poll come cast your vote !
: i agree. Throwing out blind pick would be way better. I am glad that i am on euw
It's time to lvl up my smurf account on West. I'll keep EUNE account for playing with my friends (they probably don't want to transfer), but I think I will play solo only on EUW. I hate blind pick.
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