: fake BOTS ruining every TT game
yes they can fix,but they wont,they need to make new skins to take money i dont play TT ,but many people last month's talk about bots on TT and riot didnt do anything to fix that shit
: > [{quoted}](name=Drarder,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YEEniKrV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-14T22:23:29.066+0000) > > i like new mage things,i played zyra and it's more funny then before. > dragons > 1/10 ,so bad,i really dont know why they change that > i dont cry and this game is nice but after this last update I lost interest to play, what next can expect ? new "boss" a snake with buff / 50 moving speed. > maybe some people like every update "new game",but i dont like and i think it's reason why i have no interest to play > > maybe im stupid > but if FIFA every year changes rules in football in 10 years that game will not be football anymore ,if understand what i want to say ,sry for my PRO english xD They changed the dragon because they previous dragon buffs were really boring, the first and last one had a bigger impact on the game but the rest Zzzz, nobody was really contesting the other dragons so Riot changed them and gave them stronger buffs, so now dragons 1. look really cool, have different kind of attacks, hp, armor/mr etc. and 2. give stronger buffs I suppose you don't understand how strong dragon has become and that they will have a very big impact on competetive play and even be game breaking even without the elder dragon Fifa =/= League; 2 completely different games with different audience, there is no need to make changes in a game that is sold as a finished product where League is a game that is constantly evolving and changing. They would have to update Fifa a lot more if they would release new players with different powers, effects, etc. to keep the game balanced
"League is a game that is constantly evolving and changing" ,hehe. well, we can expect in near future more and more changes ? they can take things from HoTs (when we kill Baron he come on our side and attack with minions) great. for couple of years from the League of Legends will remain just a name, LOL will be absolutely another game they do wrong job but every commodity has a customer GL ;) anyway i spent nice time in this game,but i wont to play after every update a new game and to accept it as a balance...
Endellion (EUW)
: I disagree > [{quoted}](name=Drarder,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YEEniKrV,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-14T19:56:00.365+0000) > > Hello everyone,I'm sure **that** no one care**s**, but I have something to say _-> no spaces between commas and the start of next word, no full stop. _ > I**'ve** play**ed** LOL from the 2014 December,end of S4 _-> no space between comma again or full stop. _ > I like this game,** it **relaxes me...to be honest sometimes **it** make**s** me angry :-) but it**'**s ok , it does not matter -> _errant space around comma. _ > **simply** i start**ed** play**ing** this game **in** 2014,I played until the last update. _-> No capital letter at start of sentence, poor phrasing and repetition. _ > I didn**'**t know that they**'ve** change**d** **the** game this much** in **almost every update/patch. I was planning on continuing with your entire post with correcting the grammar and making comments, but I got bored as there's multiple corrections in every line of text. And I'm sure that I didn't correct every single mistake. English is probably not your first language (I hope) but don't claim that there is nothing wrong with your grammar when this is obviously not the case. Hell, my grammar is not 100% perfect but I never claim it's 'great'. Woohoo, go you grammar Nazi -.-
you're not as smart as it initially looked it is acceptable for masochist
Práedyth (EUW)
: I lose lp when reading this (because of both grammar and content)
grammar is great xD
: I think the new changes make this game a lot more interesting ESPECIALLY the new dragons. It's so much fun that they are highly contested. Riot is not destroying champions, they are giving them windows of power! e.g. zyra with her plants, vladimirs crimson rush, brands aoe, tarics ultimate etc. so there is a reason why you pick a champion. I know a lot of these changes are not what players were expecting BUT riot is still balancing them out, buffing and nerfing where it's needed. If you don't like the game anymore, there are plenty other games that are fun and exciting and maybe come back later again :o)
i like new mage things,i played zyra and it's more funny then before. dragons > 1/10 ,so bad,i really dont know why they change that i dont cry and this game is nice but after this last update I lost interest to play, what next can expect ? new "boss" a snake with buff / 50 moving speed. maybe some people like every update "new game",but i dont like and i think it's reason why i have no interest to play maybe im stupid but if FIFA every year changes rules in football in 10 years that game will not be football anymore ,if understand what i want to say ,sry for my PRO english xD
Rioter Comments
Agidyne (EUW)
: Zyras new Hitboxes.
sry off topic? Anyone know how to controle Zyra passive? xD
Dromaius (EUW)
: [EUNE] Instabilities over the last week
2 weeks can't fix server clap clap clap
Whitmans (EUNE)
: it's a much larger number than that.
how you know ? where can check that?
Ventom (EUNE)
: Rito please EUNE DOWN AGAIN
I really want to know how many people in same time play on EUNE im sure its not 100 000 people any info. about that?
Ventom (EUNE)
: Rito please EUNE DOWN AGAIN
until they dont enable this server , enjoy the music adapted to this situation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJL6nfu__Q {{summoner:4}}
Ventom (EUNE)
: Rito please EUNE DOWN AGAIN
earn millions by RP + sponsors,and they can't make a stable server It is important that new champ. arrives and new drag. that is important,but who care for the server... pfff who is worst G2 or RIOT ? bye {{summoner:4}}
: Since when is Brand not a support? I'm not sure about him this patch since his passive works best when you land a combo. But Brand was one of the best if not the best aggressive support. It was easy to poke people and even if you didn't have lots of AP you still dealt a lot of damage because of your passive. It might have been a more off meta pick but it still worked really well.
Agree I just hate when enemy team have brand on bot/support that's all ;)
: Agree. I remember once I was laning with a Kog and we already had a tank top and jungle. I wanted to play Brand support because I like Brand and he's one of my main mid picks. He ended up flaming me because I didn't go tank and even wanted to report me at the end of the game even though we had a good game. I went 0/1 and Kog went 11/1. I don't mind playing tanks but when I always play tanks top or Jungle myself as I don't like playing the carry types in those lanes I don't want to force myself in to a tank all the time as support.
well brand is not support why u didnt pick nami,sona,soraka? haha i want permaban for everyone who troll pick xDDDDDDD but i aggre "do not talk to support what to pick"
Ocmerius (EUW)
: WTF is going on with league?
from last update, for me game is boring i understand every game need update,but this what RIOT doing to this game killing they change game on every update, this what they doing is not ballancing,this is destruction new things with Dragons is funny,but what is point? WTF? how long was only 1 dragon,and now we need 3 more ,LEL I am very disappointed,i know nobody care,but im sure more and more people will get dissapointed and maybe quit game if they continue to change game on every fkun update
: So because G2 performs really bad at Esports does it mean that eu= Pee U?
g2 pls stop to present EU :) p.s. your support is for Bronze 100
zTimez (EUW)
: Damn EU is doing really bad at MSI
: How about creating a North Africa Server !
no NA server? its racism !!!
: Supports!!! Let me hear you!!!
i'm sure people dont see how is support important member of team, especially when you safe hes A$$es {{item:3069}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3190}} I do not need gratitude but you are safe with braum ,kill them all my little friend adc ,lal
dzokata (EUNE)
: Can u help me out with what champion to buy?
: Favourite Streamer ?
girls with big boobs
: Servers are getting rekt
Anyone have problem with chat rooms,and chating?
: Servers are getting rekt
all fkin day they can't fix stupid server {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: hey im diamond 5
: Guys on the "teams & clubs" section
Hey i'm bronze 5 <3{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Airplanes are a problem, but they're useful, they're not just murdering everyone around you for your amusement. Also they pollute mainly far in the atmosphere, which impacts less a larger area. Half-naked girls are lame, but that doesn't kill, and they intend to fix that with upcoming VUs (Cait will get more believable, etc) Terrorism is unbelievably overstated, the percentage of the population that they killed in the last 20 years is unbelievably low compared to some illnesses, car crashes, etc. And your grandfather is anecdotic evidence. You're in denial.
you are funny away in the atmosphere ,oh really? and that vapor disappears into space ? they gone ? why then water didnt gone? why water come back in the "rain" form? you sure that vapor just disappear like that? puf,,,ghost? that airplanes 'vapor' harms and kills more than cigarettes . see this link > https://flightaware.com/live/ whether are you sure that these planes do not harm the planet and people ? all these planes discharged tons of poison in secund I do not know any wh*re who have children,happy family etc. and here RIOT "teach" kids that ciggarets are bad,but half naked girl is Okey ( that we can check and see on Twtich girls who stream LOL ,they are 80% half naked ) . on what disease you think when you said that how many people need to die by terrorist that you accept that like big problem? no, ciggarets is not bigest problem for this world
: First off, it's a matter of international laws, it's not Riot or anything. Bu most importantly: Smoke needs to disappear. You don't have people going 'round and throwing knives in the street, because people make sense to some small extent and they know that's not a thing you do. But for some reason, they're not smart enough that if they smoke they're mass murderers. So we have to make smoke disappear from the media, to stop people from believing that it's cool.
I Didnt say that this is some RIOT law,but RIOT is IN on that SICK System what i wana say? i want say that system is they say "Cigars kill people" but airplanes are okay,thats great ,oh yea, although planes pollute much more than cigaretes second,what i wana said? they said Cigars are bad,but HALF NAKED GIRLS ,its okey? NO!!! HALF NAKED 18 YEAR GIRL IS NOT OKEY,IT'S WHORE understand? no no help for you. p.s. oh yeah people going on streets and killing each others we just get "terrorist" attack last month's ...etc etc. cmon,cigars is more dangerues then girl who will never bring KID in this world ? Nope. My grandfather lived 94 years and 70+ he smook cigars...etc etc ,its lie that cigars is more dangerues then airplanes or HALF naked girls or wars,wars and wars + bombs with depleted uranium only stupid man can belive that cigars kill more people then this other things.
1T Kayn (EUW)
: Riot's nonsense censorship (splash art comparisson)
it's sick system that they imposed to us killing people in the back it's okey,or half naked girl (bunny riven) it is okay but cigar, it is very dangerous for humanity cigars harm to people in your environment sry
Nipa (EUNE)
: Fisherman Thresh Skin Concept
: Where are you good support's?
on EUNE {{summoner:13}} xD
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: Grade system is not fair for support players >:(
well,i got many time's S + - xD
: > [{quoted}](name=BovrilOnToast,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2HwnjRQw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-10T11:48:19.549+0000) > > The reason I want to get to Platinum is not for glory, or knowing im better than anyone, or even for the prestige of being in a higher elo. Its to get away from the toxicity of the low elo players. Want to get away from toxicity ? Sorry platin elo is also toxic. Get diamond 3 at least. Since even d5 is toxic.Watch streamers if you dont belive while they play on smurfs.
hm,reading you Im starting to think that I get back to b5 {{summoner:4}}
: Reasons I'm giving up on playing ranked.
HeHe I can say that i had better games in B5 then now in B1 with people from Silver ^.^ last season i end on Silver this new i got 8-2 and i get bronze 5 :) but it's ok I do not have plan to play LCS,but i play ranked because still have some "competition significance" from B5 to B2 i had so good games,but really sometimes i had feel i play challenger :D maybe two times my or nemy team had some AFK or Feeder,flamers ,now when i 'fight' for Silver ...games start to be worst in silver is something wrong 100%
Rismosch (EUW)
: My life is going down
hm, it's time for you to get some girl, If you can not find a girlfriend, there are always the others ways to get one. you will enjoy it 100% and you will learn to controle all your "powers" :D
: BRUSSELS STAY STRONG! Europe will not fall
People in Europe need to wake up and to expel the "democrats",capitalists from power,they are the ones who finance terrorists around the world,while this does not happen,we will have terrorism in Europe,If this does not stop soon we will have Afghanistan in Europe. for these same terrorists EU in Syria call them a fighters for democracy. do you know how many children were killed by these same psychos in Syria,EU financed that psychopaths and again, EU call them fighter's for democracy. change the government, change policy and terrorism will disappear freedom for Europe from the Nazis!!!
Tameemsh (EUNE)
: El Braum must be the next skin!!
: Sexism
come play with me :)
: okey?
: I get flamed because of my gender ;-;
I do not belive in your story liar
Tenjirou (EUW)
: Report-Rating in private Profile
: Why play support in soloq?{{champion:432}}
> [{quoted}](name=EtStykkeMedBard,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1AXdFeIk,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-03-17T01:26:28.332+0000) > > Why play support in soloq?{{champion:432}} why not ? :) i plau suppo and im 100% sure that our wining game was only because me :)
Kultaan (EUNE)
: I am simply done..
I am not upset anymore,absolutely every game expect troller's,every game if someone afk,feed or just troll i report them,i never get answer that they player get warrning or some ban. ofc,i still report everyone who broke game,if i see someone play nice,but he have bad score its ok,but it's easy to noticed that someone troll or just dont care for the game and play solo,push imposible and dies,didnt help,didnt help team fight etc. i still reporting that,but now i have new weapon...because RIOT wont help and RIOT didnt answer on report's,i mean RIOT didnt care abour that,now i taking justice into my own hands and for feeling better just wish to that players all worst,many diseases,like Ebola or the most popular animal its a Cancer no i dont have in plan to quit only because idiots who destroying game. i just wish them many wishes and continue to enjoy my gameplay because i play so good to quit this
PantaCerak (EUNE)
: RIOT WTF?!?!!?!?!?!?!
someone joke me? http://postimg.org/image/4qfvlgmdd/
Nalenthas (EUW)
: We need a new tier for players even worse than bronze
: 7 wins and 3 loses and i get silver 3 in season 5 6 wins and 4 loses and i get bronze 4 http://static1.fjcdn.com/comments/4515556+_21c800ebd6c707f66c9f37f287380035.jpg
what div. you end on s5? i had on S5 8-2 and i got G5 on end season i was silver5 xD probably system remember our last score,so now if i win 10-0 i will still be on silver 5 or above... ?
: most of the things on pbe go through even tho the testers say it's op as fuck riot just doesn't listen to them. ( i know how stupid it sounds but it's true)
+ it's what i talking everytime, simple,they do not care, play or quit :-) im just 1 year here,but how i can see...they make big changes every year ? it's suck for the MOBA game,its SUCK for all MOBA / RPG games
: Well i dont have such a problems! I`v been maining Veigar for couple of seasons and nothing affects my gameplay! I dont care about new updates or patches! Ward, farm, destroy towers, try to win, do some evil laugh and keep on rolling!
I dont know how you can just accept this new update it's totally new game this is not league of legends anymore WTF,some people play 1 champ 1 year to do "skill" then riot make changes... and fucked you i know what u mean you play and do not care for updates,bugs etc this is not LOL anymore,but who care? RIOT do not care ,they do what they want ,fools give them money and they are rich etc. this update is BIG mistake
Suphix (EUW)
: Yeah, I played all day yesterday and it just sucks ass for any AP that isn't veigar. Mana starvation, wea\k ap masteries, the game is so up in the air that skill isn't really the deciding factor right now. I can easily see 4 and 5 AD teams with this. Myself personally, I've decided to not play for 2 or 3 months but to keep checking back in. The minute they fix this terrible farce I will absolutely start playing again. Until then, time to dust off the old battlenet account!
guys,they (riot) dont care what we think :) they have hes SHOW :) about 10 "pro teams" and 50 "PRO" players and other milions people(fools) who give them money they really dont care for us...and what we think :-) so play or quit,my option is to quit because this is losting time, lol is now totally new game, this is not lol anymore
: I maked dis
winer xD
HolySide (EUW)
: you guys dont understand shit on this game,,,, adc's has been allwas the most easy lane to gank.... mid > roam bot > jungle gank bot> top? tp bot... and why? cuz adc's are faking nothing aginst mid player or junglers early... they just need to get the core late game items to do be acctualy effective?! why? why riven can clear player in lvl 6 in 1 combo? why darius can clear somone in 1 combo ... same as lablnce garen fizz.. ect... adc needs to be supper fed to do that... so yea needed this buff to acctualy count in early and mid game too and not only in the late game!
nice we wait 2017 and new update when support's will be supper support xD i dont like this,this is totally a new game and still unbalanced for me who play support.
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