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yoshi2790 (EUW)
: That looks amazing!
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: And where is the champion aspect of that drawning? She's supposed to be a league champ... not a half naked beach girl.
Like 90% of skins in game :D You can shit talk more. Its really funny.
: she do is young , and not like so old that she have this kind of Body , sorry to say that , but at this point Fanart goes wrong , no matter how good it looks
Ok then prove it to me. There is literally no info about her age...
: Wut? She is half naked, only bikini top and slip... a few years ago this was soft porn lol
And now its normal... I would agree with you if she would bend over and show her ass os touch her boobs - those aspects are sluty not a woman sitting in bikini on sand...
: Just over sexualized o-0 Half Naked = feminine, sure
Longer legs, bigger bossom, face more adult like. - Those are feminine aspects but what can i know about women.
: you do realize thats the same the guys said about Annie on lol hentai ?
Dont compare Annie who is said to be a child, to a Taliyah who is said to be a teen - so she can have be between 15 to 21 years old. And sorry looking at her face she doesn't look young, whats more in her story she dont behave like a kid more like adult
: ***
If this is sluty for you then you have really strange life...
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: Holy crap! I was just expecting it to be a joke. But this is straight up sexy.
tumppi25 (EUNE)
: next time without shirt
: Yasuo The last airbender custom skin(Avatar: The Legend of Aang inspired)
Larry (EUNE)
: Very nice! You find old men sexy? Gross :P
: You got my upvote. It is a beautiful piece of art.
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Ichinose (EUW)
: #THIS ... I can't find any word ... o.o +.
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RageFuel (EUW)
: Awh I've been wanting a set of Prisma Colors for AGES ;-; They so expensive tho!! :c Still, Copics are more expensive xD Amazing drawing man. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah but copics are for different kind of art :D
: Can you draw Dollipoppy for me? I really appreciate it.
In future we want to draw every League of Legends champion so Poppy is on the list :)
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: Mother ===> Teemo obviously
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: You wrote that we can give our ideas on that facebook page but i don't quite understand it ( how it works ) so i'll post it here.How about Ekko as Megaman Zero?
And it works this way ;) Ekko is a bit plain champion that i think will be not fun to draw. In some time we will do Rengar
Xêm (EUW)
: Hilarious and good drawn. thumbs up for you :D
Glad you like it ;)
: This is fukkin funny.
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