Xaveria (EUW)
: Literally every game has a smurf or someone going AFK - why isn't Riot taking any action?
The entire system is just bs. This preseason I've met so many toxic asshats that it's unbelievable, reported all of them, no sign of any of them getting any kind of punishment. For gods sake people are running out with clubtags like nYgg3r, Kyllthej3ws, etc and nothing happens. I typed the 3 letter offensive which instructs you to end yourself once to a soraka who Literally ran it down (not a bad game, spawn, go mid, die, go top, die etc) and I got. a 2 weeks vacay. I deserved that ban. But then again people are using clubtags that say ky+s (no plus, I'm dodging censor) and its okay. There was this one guy who kept telling everybody to get aids and die becsuse we are all worthless %%%%ing maggot gypsies, reported for hate speech. NOTHING. About afks, it's just bs. Guy comes in, plays like shit, flames everyone then literally says BYE HAVE FUN and disconnects. I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence and he alt f4d. Report him at the end of the game. No punishment. I felt like hey maybe they don't send these punishment issued notifications anymore. So I've started writing down the names of the worst %%%%ers and wait a week, look up their op. gg. Still playing. Mostly inting, 5 levels below everyone (so went afk again). I don't care that its preseason, it's not the elo that is annoying. This would be the time to learn new champs, learn the meta, adapt. We can't because Dipshit Jimmy with IAMN4ZI clubtag ruins every %%%cing game, and doesn't get any kind of punishment.
asconakos (EUNE)
: Almost 5 years since Skarner and Mordekaiser got a skin
I'm extremely happy that Morde doesn't get any skins. I don't want to go back to permabanning it.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Neeko is still humanoid i want Rek'sai level non-human And just because we have a few of them, doesn't mean we don't need more I'm tired of the pretty big tits big ass hourglass chicks. I want something cool
Rek is an interesting one. A champion with no audible dialogue is a bold move from riots part. Most people like their main champs dialogues. Yet she still is a quite popular champ. I agree that we should have more like her. Kindred was a good in between. I like how she is a humanoid but something completely otherworldly and abstract in a sense that its the literal embodiment of death. I just love her idea. Kindred has a personality and an interesting one. Neeko is basically just trying to shag everything that has a coochie and hates men for... being men.
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Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: How the fucc do I play Katarina?
*name is Hi I'm Zoe *wants to learn kat too Some. people just have no shame.
hëxåtrºn (EUNE)
: Nerf DIana for the love of god
Yeah. The has been killed in one of its roles already and struggles against most matchups on mid because of her inconsistency and all or nothing playstyle. Let's nerf her. Let's just delete her from the game okay? GTFO and take mr runes against her, and maybe build some defensives, bronzie.
hhhaai (EUNE)
: Helping players with AFK teammates
I get where you are coming from but that wouldn't do much. When a player goes afk the teams balance just breaks. I've had games where I was extremely fed as well as our adc, yet when our midlaner dcd we didn't stand a chance anymore. If league was all about gold advantage there would be no comebacks. Smart team play and enemy throwing gives you a chance to come back.
: Riot's banning system is interesting.
I saw someone in the comments say maybe they got a chat restriction but honestly why? Just perma these kind of people.
jEssIcA01lp (EUNE)
: S.O.S
Playing support in silver. I feel so sorry for you. Don't torture yourself and go carry yourself.
: Banning your own team's champs is just not ok..
Because if you hover over Yasuo I'm. 80% sure you'll feed. If you wouldn't than good for you you are a good player and most likely can play other champs too. Also your lastpick Jax is going to get first picked by the enemy team so no ty.
: Best way to ruin someones game without getting detected trolling
Step one: at 0:00 type /mute all. Most ppl don't give any useful info and nowadays they ping summoner spells. Step two: Play your game and do not follow some tilted idiots dumb%%%% calls. Step three: if anyone spampings mute their pings too. Step four: Hope your botlane doesn't go 0/18 in 20 minutes so you have a chance of doing something. Step five: Play meta. I know you like your champs but if they are shit they are shit and you aren't LL stylish. Always follow the meta. Step six: after two losses you are tilted. Smoke a cigarette, jerk off, eat smth, take a walk or anything. Let yourself calm down and don't be the tilted idiot mentioned in step two. Step seven: If you don't climb rethink your playsytle. Maybe you aren't playing the right role. Maybe You are a playmaker, an aggressive player stuck on top lane not being in the game for 20 minutes. If so, try jungle or support. Step eight: Don't play only ranked. Play for fun too. Play the events play some ARAM play some flexq with your friends. If you don't you'll get burned out and start to play on autopilot.
: Junglers, why is it not a good idea to gank scaling champions?
If you are pushed under turret by a hard scaling (AKA shit early game) champion don't expect me to go there and win your lane because you clearly have no idea of wave management, matchup and situations. I'll assume you are a bad player and if we get counterganked they have potentially 2 good players while our best case scenario is me being good and you being bad. Also hey, stop playing stupid useless shit which contribute nothing to a gank. No cc no burst so I basically have to 1v1 and junglers generally aren't the best 1v1 players.
: Earned CHESTS and HONOUR orbs FEEL DISAPPOINTING. How could it be improved?
We are getting free shit stop whining about it. I opened spirit guard udyr, elementalist lux, coven liss, dark star varus 2 project skins and so much more. Do you know how much rp is that shit? And I got it all free from boxes. And no its not grinding. Its not "kill 50 boars" its "play as well as you can and be honorable". Getting 1 box per champ is fine as well. It encourages you to try new champs new playstyles. Many people stop playing the game because they only play one champ or one role with like 3 champs. Ofc the game gets boring for them. If it changes to harder but better then it's going to be grinding it won't we be appealing to play anything but what you already can. Like get boxes for only S+. It would be so one sided since the performance system is very based on meta. For example I went a 9/3 Lee with ok farm got an S because so many ppl suck %%%% with him (including me). But playing something mostly onetricks play feels way too hard to get an S on. 16/4 Diana jg game with highest Cs ingame, high vision score and its an s-. Having this any kind of S means chest is fine. Keys are mostly through events or honor. That's fine too. Yeah I had 17 boxes before snowdown. Bought the pass to get tokens and only bought keys. I did spend money and I got a lot out of it. It felt good to open good skins. Because of coven liss I tried liss and she is actually fun. I wouldn't have tried her otherwise. I was like hey this is fun, imma craft the skin! Played more of her since and I love it. To sum it up, people who complain about the rewards should be way more thankful that we have this system. As far as I know you don't get keys in Cs:go. You HAVE To buy them. In league you don't. You get free shit. 3 years ago it was "damn I like that skin but I'm broke rn" Now it's "I like that skin HOLY SHIT I JUST OPENED IT". Very few games nowadays give you free shit. Be more thankful.
Potats (EUNE)
: Bring back a skin line
In all honesty I'm kinda indifferent about what skins they release. My problem is when I see oh a new skin for Darius! Guess who is getting buffed soon and dominates my toplaners every %%%%ing game! This policy annoys the living shit out of me. Also the hey lux has 3500 skins, I think she needs one more. Jinx went with one skin for like 1.5 years, Kayn for 1 year (and both skins were meh) but Lux got an ultimate skin the star guardian (pretty much based around her) AND the pajama garbage in a quick succession. I know, fan loved champs and shit but isn't it enough? Instead of making 12 skins a month maybe redesign old looks? Nunu looked like a potato for years and it took a complete rework to get a new look. Mundo looks worse then a glitched out caster minion. But hey, dat new Lux skin tho.
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Janna Bσt,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hfFXvOGB,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-31T23:23:56.574+0000) > > I do not wish any assassin (even weak players) to kill me per combo just when he buy first item. Too bad because bursty assassins had strong early since times immemorial. Here's 2013 LB _(not as strong as release LB but still)_: > https://youtu.be/lhBQLerH66M?t=374 Notice how he misses W but still chops off large chunks of Annie's HP just with one Q and QR. Two point and click spells and you're done with only two dorans. Same video, Annie gets deleted in the matter of seconds. He doesn't even use his full combo since he missed the chain. > https://youtu.be/lhBQLerH66M?t=696 People who say League was more balanced in season x probably aren't aware of all the bad stuff that happened back in that specific season or even weren't aware of them. Season 6 is no exception. Remember Devourer? People running Warlord on every single AD champion because it healed for enormous amount? League of Thunderlord? Season 5 Juggernaut update? Mordekaiser dominating bottom lane because how overtuned he was? Darius being the literal incarnation of cancer? Remember season 4 and the assassin meta? Season 3 Kassawin with 100% ban rate? No? Because I remember.
Obviously there have always been broken shit. But look at today. Pick camille jg autowin toplane at lv2 if ur not a moron. Champ that flashes 3 times in a row becsuse you flshsed away from her and she picks it up. Champ that generate free stats from literally existing in the match. Plants in jg that say hey you mispositioned LUL YOU OUT BOII LUCKY AF. Champs that burst you with literally one q w combo. Conqueror, mage supports that outdmg everyone from base stats 3 - 4 adcs that are actually worth something the rest is trollpick half of the jungler pool is nonexistent. This meta this season this whole game state is the WORST.
: This isnt funny anymore. League of legends 2016 (and before) vs 2018.
I honestly couldn't care less if champs that are supposed to damage would do it. I don't hate vayne because she hurts I hate her becsuse of her 2 sec late game stealth cd. I don't hate udyr becsuse he bearslap tiger stance 2 shots me I hate him because he does it with %%%%ing 3.6k HP and 200 armor. I don't care how jax does a lot of dmg I care that he does it with free tank stats while his items give him enough HP while having too much damage. Oh and essence reaver 2 sec dodge cd. Because why on earth not. Yes tankmeta was cancer etc. Now I literally cant play anything but meta junglers becsuse with 5 years of jg experience I get shat on by idiots who picked Kha and obviously can't play assassins but he one shots ppl anyway. %%%% this game.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: My NB feedback, mainly about events.
I honestly feel like the gamemode is fine except for Sudden Death. I get it, it's meant to be a quick mode. But literally saying hey whatever the %%%% you did in the last 18 minutes doesnt matter just kill the monster. I have lost SO MANY because sudden death pops, the enemy team won ONE event got blitzcrank buff and our adc gets pulled to the boss randomly. So frustrating and it doesn't feel like you can do anything about it, if the enemy team doesn't even win events or anything just pick some waveclear champs they can win the game with one all or nothing event which negates how well my team played for 17 minutes straight. It feels unfair, aggrevating and just plain without reason. I can pick a Graves and play my heart out, oh wait if it goes to Sudden Death im useless since the minions block my autoattacks and if I go closer I'm dead, but hey they have a 0/8 inter Ashe, she can stand in one place and just rightclick. Fun. The rest of the gamemode feels okay to me. Paranoia is yeah annoying but I usually just spamping my team into a bush and we surprise the enemy. One sometimes happens problem is when arena is the first event and 2 ppl on our team have no ults yet. Also when its a very close 2v2, my teammate dies, enemy gets a godforsaken Fired up buff. WHY? I instantly lose the event without any chance. One last thing, if the second 2v2 turn survives my team DON'T THROW ME INTO A 2V1. I've read reasons that "but you have everything up and they don't and have lower hp" Well the same idea goes in SR, when the %%%%ing toplaner is too strong I gank him and we win with pure numbers advantage, not because we are better or stronger just NUMBERS.
: How I deal with jungle behavior as a midlaner
I honestly would like if that would be the average midlaner mentality. Why I never give blue 1 Because when you get back to Lane and the enemy isn't dumb they can set up a freeze on you, which the enemy jungler can easily gank. Blue buff on enemy. 2 Because you are a random teammate and I don't trust you. You might just int 10 seconds later. Warding I honestly feel that vision as a jungler is as important as vision as a support. I'm all around the map. I can place wards you can't. If my vision score is 10 at 30 (cough marksmen cough) you can flame me. Why I don't gank your lane? 1 You died at 2 minutes and lost 2 waves. Fine. Happens. You keep playing bad. I'm not going there to get doubled/counterganked. 2 You are just not gankable. Enemy has LB Zed or other very mobile champs. Unless I see zed waste w or just be overextended, I'm not coming. It's a waste of my time. 3 I can't because I got outjungled and the enemy tracks me well - > counterganked. My fault. 4 I don't feel like you are necessary to be ganked. If 2 lanes are going even I'm going to help the one with more reliability. I'm not going to gank lvl3 orianna when we have a naut jhin botlane. So much easier and more potent. Why do we want you to help w scuttle. That's a more complicated one. If I see you pushed in I will say okay I'm not risking it. If you are not (means you have priority) then COME. Why? Because its not only for me it's for you too. Mid lane is the most susceptible to ganks that free vision that gives gold and exp helps so much. Although if I'm kayn you are ori and they have lb Lee, don't come. It's a shit call and we can die because I'm stupid. I think I summed it up. Open for discussing the toxic mentality of jungling :R
Serlirea (EUW)
: What sucks about this game (my 2 cents)
Defensive items in themselves don't work properly. Carry gets lw or void and one shots full tank maokai. Like what.
: Doesn't matter how good you are
You do have a point in terms of matchmaking but solely because you have good stats good Cs doesn't mean you perform well in the game. You perform well on the champion. Maybe there were times where you would have died but your team could have aced and baroned. Maybe you were farming a sideline when you should have grouped. You can earn 20/0 400 farm at 40 but if you don't group when you should don't split when you should your stats and items are all worthless.
: I know junglers like to complain that Riot completely changes jungle every season, but the jungle path has been the way it was for years. Now you're going to have to relearn the role in terms of pathing, maybe even drop some habits you have developed over the years. It's been less than two days. Give yourself time to adapt.
I'm all up for change mate. When s5 came out with the new jungle, I loved it. It was innovative, rewarded smart and tactical plays (then came the tankmeta, different story). That change is just seriously dumb. That's all.
Teahyun (EUW)
: I find it hiliarious how the argument totally 180 flipped with this 1 patch. Suddenly for the first time a jungler whining because his laners arent helping him ahaha. I know it sucks but the irony is just so funny. Eventually you get a "stfu and play safe, buy a WARD!" and we've come full circle. While i find the change horrible aswell from a balance standpoint, i think its beautiful in teaching junglers the pain laners had to endure for so long. Sucks being so reliant isnt it? Now you can say "omfg toplane afk farming, COME HELP ME, help me or i go afk!" xD As i said, i feel for junglers too because i have empathy, i know the same pain because i was and am a laner. Its the exact same thing when a jungler camps your ass and zones you from xp and cs and you fall behind while your jungler cant or wont do anything for whatever reason. IT denies you the game, the capability to carry. But you aint the first one after the patch that instantly tries out to switch to a lane. The sight is hilarious when they get absolutely wiped in any lane due to gap of experience in most games. So good luck in adapting. Btw its not like laners have a fun time now either. Lets say your top and your jungler falls massivly behind due to crab meanwhile you get destroyed 1vs2. :) So just enjoy the pain no matter what you do.
Believe me dude, junglers have seen their shit too. Remember when we either pick/banned Olaf or watched an unkillable, uncc-able tank wipe our squishies in 2 hits? Remember when Gragas had the best clear, best cc, best engage/disengage in the entire game? The whole point of jungling is that you are someone your team can rely on when they have problems. When I say problems, I don't mean you killed yourself 3 times into a renekton by the 6th minute mark. By problems I mean you are getting pushed in, losing cs, but keeping up with exp and dying once. Your mentality clearly shows the same mentality 95% of the non-jungling playerbase have towards their junglers. When adc-s were weak as shit, Riot immediately started doing something about it. Buffed the living shit out of adc items, supports, nerfed jg exp..... but when junglers have a shitty patch where 2 champs are played or you are just trolling, that's okay, that can last half a season no problem. That's why I'm annoyed, because they won't revert this garbage, and it's going to last til s9.
Egillion (EUW)
: Being on the receiving end of the new jungle meta feels horrible... I swear it can legit kill the game if it lasts more than 2 weeks. Wee need it reverted. Scuttle crab **SHOULD NOT** be a game decisive neutral objective at all ! This is the worst Jungle update since release {{item:3308}} which brought back 2-1-2 stratégies, and that says Something ! ... The point is, if you do not pick a busted level 2 jungler with outstanding dueling power or a stun... you insta-lose. The nemy jungler will have 1 more level right away since he can take down the rift scuttle and you can't contest it. By the 20th minute mark, he can reach 3 more levels than you if he exploits his early lead properly. You can't gank level 5 sololaners when you barely reach lvl 3 in your first jungle clear... This patch is garbage.
The problem is that he doesn't even have to exploit his lead. He gets the earlier lvl3, he just has the pressure. Even if he won't gank our counterjg, my team doesn't see anything but "my jg is lvl2 the enemy can gank me anytime". So they play passive, they give up their leads if they had any, and with them being the ultimately weaker laner from this, and you being the weaker jungler, you just can't do much, unless someone is literally overextended to the degree of a dignitas baroncall. In all 3 games I could't keep myself an even score, and a decent farm. Then midgame comes, and they all start rotating together and welp, you HAD 3 camps. Next thing you see you have 120 farm at 23, he just got 180. 5 minutes ago, you were only behind with 10.
: I know this is rather besides your point, but from an ADC perspective I'd just like to get this out. All games you picked carry junglers. For an ADC main this is a curse- what's the point of picking a carry if you don't intend to carry? As jungler you have global presence but still people prefer carry junglers that do nothing but take kills off of me. I'd really rather have Braum or Leona or even Blitzcrank jungle than any meta carry jungler that "tries their best to do damage but just sweeps off killgold" and just pads their score without contributing anything to the team It's been so many games that I have lost due to jungler-EGO Maybe play a tank once, it's literally the easiest way to go up the ladder.
I get your point. My best friend is an ad main, and I hear his point of view all the time. The reason people don't like tank junglers is rather simple. It's boring. On the other hand, you can be the tankiest guy on Earth and hit that 5 man amumu ult, if your ad decides that that cannon minion is way too important, and won't press rightclick, you just can't do anything. I've played my fair share of tanks over the years, and I really don't like the master yi playstyle where you don't give a shit about your team and just ks everything. I'm a playmaker jungler, one who gladly gives his life if his team gets out ahead because of it. I'm a Vi main damn it, my champs whole point is go in, lock one down, while your team collapses behind you. Maybe you die maybe you don't. In the listed 3 games I picked those champions for their archeotype. Kayn (Red btw) a well scaling bruiser with decent ganks, okay cc and some tankiness. Shyvana, the let's farm for 30 minutes then come out as a tanky as hell but still kill everything stupidity, and Xin, the embodiement of earlygame skirmishing and ganking. The s7 start, when I got lvl3 from krugs-red and ganked a lvl1 botlane, yes that was dumb as hell. I don't miss it. However, this time they are literally doing the same thing just the other way around. And the problem with that, that as a laner, lets say you play vlad, and the enemy team just doesn't have that dive potential. You can still farm, and stay somewhat viable. If you get behind on a jungler, you are useless. You can't farm because your entire jungle is filled with deepwards and every camp has an Udyr sitting right next to it. If you take exp and minions from your laners, you set THEM behind. It's a dead end. And this dead end just happens all the time this patch. There is no game where both junglers are doing decently and it feels like a serious mindgame. This patch, one jungler goes apeshit, the other can't do anything about it. It's like playing against old silence LB every single game. Edit: people like to pick carry champs because I don't know if the adc I get is a serious player, who actually has ideas of things like kiting and positioning, or just another YOU TOOK 2 MINIONS AFTER GIVING ME A DOUBLE KILL, I GO AFK. As much as I hate steretypical approaches, the entire community knows that the adc role has the most hateful and self-centered people in it. Their top, jg and supp blow everything with such care, protect them and they get a penta. Do they say gj boys, thx for getting the yi off me? No, they say "get carried noobs". With all due respects to those being the exception. Second edit: Yes I know, junglers tend to be toxic. It kind of goes with the role.
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: Honor level 0, Dishonorable! But for how long?
Same thing. Got banned for flaming, okay i was dumb i lost my cool. Lost end season rewards fine, deserved it. That was in august. The suspension ended a few days into September. It's 11th of January and i'm still dishonorable. Played a ton of games, most likely well above 100. One honor a game is average for me. I don't even talk at all anymore. Nothing happens, i can't check progress, don't know if im still in penalty or wth. Would be nice if I could get some kind of clearance. If i'm still being punished, okay just tell me then.


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