: I am on a losing streak. And i will be honest.
Take it easy, and play one or maximum two ranked games per day at most. Tilting is a bad experience for everybody. I don't know if anybody will care about a bronze scrub like me etc etc. But i mostly won all my ranked games in the past month. It's not all about hey that guy went 0-6 in ranked and flames, yesterday i had, sadly, my most painfull defeat in league. I won my lane, i had more cs than everyone in the game, actually everybody won their lanes. I reached the score 9-0 in min 20-24, my team got cocky and start going solo , even the support was going solo. This was the crash of the teamcomp. three of them were premades and flamed whooole game. and i mean it. We sadly lost, for not the opponent team surrender and having faith, realising their mistakes and do the right thing to do in order to win. I don't cry about it, it's actually 'not my fault' in entire. Finished the game with 12/4/11 and a fairly decent cs for a bronzie( not a smurf and i mean it). My point is, even if they feed its ok if they listen and tryhard. But the thing that ruined the game was dynamic queue allowing premades go and wreck my gameplay. If you guys wanna pass through my profile here is it on op.gg(P.S. I main rumble) - http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=DzYo , Peace Out.
einar43 (EUW)
: Rito pls create more autoattack ap champs
Agidyne (EUW)
: Have you tried the One Punch Man Hero name simulator yet?
Croptop Rider Rank: B Power: Shapeshifting Secret Ability: Motorcycle license Weakness: Terrible timing AHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA IM MUMEN RIDER'S BIGGEST NIGHTMARE :))))))))))))))) Pigeon King Rank: S Power: Intelligence Secret Ability: Parkour Weakness: Likes moe anime and with my full name
: do Yasuo need a nerf?
People think yasuo is op.Nice joke.Every Champion is op in the right hands.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 20 Christmas Special
English's not my main language so i'll struggle a bit for this one. Dear darius,i know we had so many encounters on lane this year but i'm truly sorry i had to kill you that many times,it was painfull to see. I can't express my feelings towards you,you're like a friend to me you're a version of mine but taller. Dear darius,i apologize for all the nightmare i made you go through. Yours sincerely {{champion:17}} . HaHaHa,I Hope we'll get along next year! --Just kidding.HaHaHa *cancer laugh*
NoobHunter5 (EUNE)
: Favorite Champion
Stell (EUNE)
: What does the announcer say when Illaoi gets penta?
: How rankeds matchmaking works?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz-PtEJEaqY something like this
: Jax OP
Nasus early game is like a cake.With a spoon you can win easy.
: T.E.A.M
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Who is the most feared professional player in the world?
Vjez (EUW)
: 3v3 vs 5v5 timewise
Im more comfortable if enemy gets first blood.Most of them gets cocky and tilt if some ally does bad in other lane,they with "lcs mechanincs" are stuck in silver ya'know.So it's a easier win :)(Most of cases,not everytime though).
Cypherous (EUW)
: I Am A Support Main
Shinoa's right.
Helester (EUW)
: How does riot want us to react tp trolls?
If the monkey wants the banana give the banana to the monkey.
: R.I.P Yorrick
who iz worick
: 7 games in a row Quitters or Afk - am i cursed or is it a riot bug?
This is the point of preseason fixing what's wrong.Go duo if you want to win,out of 2 one might snowball lol.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Vladimir op?
Vlad is quite strong early and real strong if played correctly mid-late.But you require some advantaged tactics and skill.
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: Getting S+++ on a champion
21/0/6 akali S- wtf.
: A question about the vague MMR.
Ok things are clear now.Thanks alot for the answer,i appreciate.
Rioter Comments
Sythe (EUNE)
: Attepting to reconnect
happens from time to time sadly.
They're both fine as they is,you can do it solo?Call a teammate.They just snowball easy,if you play safe you will prevail.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: What I think about Illaoi
Looks like one damn hard champ.Good job RIOT,this champion really satisfy the eagerness of players for "something different".
: Season 6!
Gotta love the new masteries!
: Last Day! What rank are you climbing for?
Well this might be a TL;DR but i'd love if few would read.I started lol in 1st january this year,went 30 when urf was released,i was such a bad player quite toxic,i went 3 - 7 promos and got placed silver 5,did awfull after this and ended under 35% win ratio.I stoped playing ranked a long time,then i came back like two weeks ago thinking im on the verge of silver,one more game and i'll fall.I played,warded stoped flaming,i was being flamed at for no reason but didnt respond in most cases,i went in 25 ranked game with 18-20 wins,increasing my win ratio to 46%.I progressed slowly but certainly,now im silver 4 with 57lp with a bit of luck i might end in s3 but im happy with what i've achieved until now.I realised that in 8 months of playing i understood nothing,and in just one month i got it all.My hopes for next season are high gold. :p wish me luck.
: Champion Mastery level 5 is just too low.
Infinite levels of champion masteries and a ingame top for highest levels of certain champion.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Champs worth banning ?
Garen ban Garen.
: Locked Camera vs Unlocked Camera
Use semi-unlocked.


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