Marvals (EUW)
: The PC controllers in dark souls 3 are pretty nice . they made it well this time. I'm not having problems at high with my r9 270 900p (50-60fps)
shileka (EUW)
: so how many players will league lose temporarily to dark souls 3?
I wanted to give it a shot, but I heard that it's a crappy pc port wiht XBOX controller tooltips showing on the pc version and crashes, low framerates etc... I also tried the first 2 games a long time ago but they are unplayable without a controller and I don't want to buy one. I still want to play it because the game looks awesome, but not like this...
: TARIC Login Theme
I thought this will be his theme
: Do You Believe In God?
God....NO, the devil on the other hand....{{summoner:14}} {{champion:17}} {{summoner:14}}
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: The feel ...
They made other people feel bad, now it's their turn to feel shitty. If this isn't **karma** I don't know what is... (**NOPE, not her** {{champion:43}} ) I remember a player kept blaming me for every mistake he made. He went to fight bot lane even when I kept pinging him. **"OMG NO HELP REPORT!" ** He flashed in with 100 hp and died in a milisecond. **"OMG NO HEAL NOOBB REPORT!" ** I wanted to punch him in the face through the internet soooo hard. Well this, almost feels like he's been punched....
: Working with 6-10 year old kids, not stressful at all. When i don't play league i like dark souls, which is yet again not stressful.
{{champion:53}} *SARCASM DETECTED* ***BEEP BEEP
Dzsime (EUNE)
: Alright my second game using only fill starts at the moment. 2 support out of 2 games. Can't wait what the third one brings.
and the third game is support again......i just dodge it.
: Honestly, I main support, and whenever I just go for fill, I only get support half of the time. Really, I've been put jungle and top even while filling. I've even been put jungle when picking support as preference. Your sample size might be to small to make such conclusions. Next to that, the joke is old.
Alright my second game using only fill starts at the moment. 2 support out of 2 games. Can't wait what the third one brings.
Rioter Comments
Doommafia (EUNE)
: What can we do with IP?
Riot should make a {{summoner:17}} **Leauge Lottery**{{summoner:17}} . You would be able to buy a lottery ticket once every week for let's say... 10 000 IP or 10 RP. You could buy 10 lottery tickets a week for RP but not for IP. You'd have to pick 5 numbers out of 90 or 80 and the more numbers you guess right, the better your gift would be. **0 numbers:** you get shit. **1 number:** you get back one fourth of the cost of your ticket. **2 numbers**: you get the cost of you ticket back plus 500 ip; + one reroll on aram **3 numbers:** you get the rewards you would get for 2 numbers + you get a special icon connected with the number 3 + you get a special lottery ward skin (something that resembles a four leaved clover (the symbol of luck)) **4 numbers:** you get the rewards you would get for 3 numbers except that the icon would have to do something with the number 4 + you get a special crest that resembles the symbol of luck **5 numbers:** you get a random skin + the rewards you would get for guessing 4 numbers. Please note that guessing all 5 numbers correctly has a very slim chance, so most of the IP/RP you would just disappear which makes this **advantageous for Riot as well.**
Car0llle (EUW)
: Best Champion Lore
{{champion:157}} Death is like the wind...
Dragoman (EUNE)
**Well, I think we figrued out why did they stop making Art Spotlights.** like this : Reasons:[/img]
zlajo (EUNE)
: Implement a LoL Replay into the client?
Naah that doesn't get Riot money. Making a** pool party slutwhore pornstar Katarina** skin and releasing champions, now that is what makes money.
: So the Juggernaut team is making the Marksmen changes....
There won't be enough bans to cover this disaster.
DragonH (EUW)
: bro, im 22 and i have a job, i posted this cause i went to school to get a friend, he was in the informatic room and there were lot of kids playing L.O.L, actually kids around 11-14 years old, and they were playing pretty nice, good scores and stuff, i talked to some and they said they loved the champions they were playing but unfortunatly they cant buy the skins cause their parents wont give them money for that, never ! it maked me sad so, don't be mad on me tho! "sorry for my bad english"
Kids or not kids there is a possibility that one of their parents will buy a skin for them. If they do Riot gets money. If they don't want to buy them skins then they won't buy them ip boosts either. Profit loss. Just accept that this idea is not viable.
DragonH (EUW)
: lol if you wanna rush on getting lots of IP, you will also spend money on IP BOOSTERS, wich RIOT can make expensivier if they want and if they implement this =)
If someone buys something for IP, then they don't want to spend money on RP --> they won't spend money on ip boosts. Plus old players have hundreds of thousands IP stacked. They would get to buy every skin, so they wouldn't spend money on RP, so they would get all skins without spending a dime. You can't win dude. Ask your parents to lend you some money or pay it for yourself.
DragonH (EUW)
: |Suggestion| IP Skins
Riot is profit oriented. If they allow you to buy skins for "free" they would get less money. Will they do that? No! Will this post get downvoted to hell? Probably. I give you an upvote just so you have a chance to survive for a minute longer.
: that's nice and all but if you and some other person decide to vote no on the surrender vote when we're 7-53 then you are a dick
**Alright who downvoted this guy and why? HE'S RIGHT! ** Yesterday I had a game where a Garen went "support" because top was taken from him. After that he went into every fight he could find and made himself killed. SO he fed intentionally. Everyone in the enemy team was ahead of us, they got every baron, dragon, t2 tower, some inhibs. BUT we couldn't surrender because our morgana said she just wants to play and that we can win this.... I told her that this no longer falls under optimism and it's dumb to think that we can win this. We discussed this for a minute and what was her final thing to say: **"M" "U" "T" "E" "D"** ...and you know what? Optimism is fine. It's fucking fine. It's a good thing to stay positive and goal oriented. BUT this was an impossible and uneven game! Playing a game like this SUCKS! It's uneven and you can't do anything to make it even, only if they make mistakes, which I can assure you they did not! **It's like swordfighting with an armored knight when all you have is a screwdriver!** Sure you can say that: "Man use the screwdriver to remove his armor and stab him in the heart! You can do this!" Yea okay good idea....BUT THAT FUCKER SLICES ME INTO PIECES BEFORE I CAN GET NEAR HIM! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET'S PLAY WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THE SAME CHANCE OF WINNING AS ME! There is a fucking difference between 'playing from behind' and 'wasting your time'.
pistachio (EUW)
: when that racist gets banned and u know it
: [SUGGESTION] Allow placing an image directly into a post.
It was a feature wasn't it? I could swear that I uploaded pics directly to the board, I remember that I had to drag the files to a little popup window. Was it removed?
: Thank you Riot! :)
Congratz! Here's a cookie: {{item:2054}}
: It is my birthday!
Happy birthday! {{item:2054}} However you should really spend it with your family / friends instead of fishing for attention in the boards.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I'm getting really tired of people not paying attention during champion select
**Yeah because calling roles like 9 year old kids isn't annoying at all.** -IT'S MY LOLLYPOP! -NO IT'S MINE! -I SAID IT FIRST! -MOOOOOOOM! If you're playing on draft pick then don't expect them to respect your "call". ** {{summoner:21}} It's an honorable action if they give you the role you want**, but you have no right to claim it just because you started smashing your keyboard as soon as you entered the lobby. -Maybe they prefer that role as well. -Maybe they just make that excuse because they think you would get salty if they would call for the same role later and take it away from you. I agree with you. They should check for their teammates preferences, but getting annoyed because someone took a role you wanted is just as bad in my eyes as not paying attention to your team.
: A great idea for Nasus
100k stacks. {{champion:75}} Nasus strikes with Q on top. All towers get destroyed. The whole enemy team dies on the other side of the map and even the allied team gets killed. {{summoner:14}} **NONAKILL.(x9)**{{summoner:14}} "GG REPORT THIS NUB TIM." **New skin acquired: Tactical Nuke Nasus.**
: If you met your main...
{{champion:76}} **Nidalee**: Did I mention? It's mating season... {{summoner:4}} **Me**: OH BOY... *unzips pants ...... Thresh is my main btw so here's the real conversation: {{champion:412}} Thresh: Screaming won't do you any good, but it's **music to my ears**. {{summoner:4}} **Me:** but...but........ {{champion:412}} Thresh: What is it you wretched mongrel? {{summoner:4}} **Me:** uhm..... you don't have ears.
: -"premade bot" Cuz 90% of my premades bots suck nuts
Check for the edit in my post.
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: What's the big deal with hungarians?
Man I'm hungarian and even I hate other hungarians.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Trust me I'm dia smurf. I'm a support main. My friend really good support.
Yeah, I also had an unpleasent experience with a "**Diamond**" Smurf :D
Rioter Comments
Verrier97 (EUW)
: Is sion still viable?
**_"COOOOOWAAAAARDS"_ - said {{champion:14}} Sion as he ran away like a little girl.** He is definitely viable when your team is in need of a heavy tank. Try to play a few games with him.
Rioter Comments
: teemo worth it or not?
I thought he costs 666 IP....hmmm weird.
Xerkal (EUW)
: This Happens Pretty Often
Don't bother posting it to the boards. I posted this bug 2 times already, with pictures. **No one gave a fuck about it.** Unless it's not a problem with buying RP / giving money to Riot don't expect them to reply. I have spoken.
: Master Main Support looking for an(diamond 2+) ADC Main!
Wow, you got to master by playing support? You must be cool. Good luck with finding your partner.
Stell (EUNE)
: Example 1: {{champion:98}} gets played at worlds in support ||| It looked fun, mind as well try it myself for fun Example 2: {{champion:157}} is seen building {{item:3078}} ||| It looked viable, so mind as fell try it myself for fun just to see the results myself Example 3: {{champion:22}} gets picked up as an ADC ||| I get inspired to play some ashe since i used to play it couple of years ago, for fun. It's not always about brainless mimicing, i might get inspired and try it out myself. what's wrong with that?
You're right, except if it's a ranked game. In ranked I would expect people to play with champions they are used to.
: So i just got banned and i dont know why....
: He's scripting or not?
**Scripters are known to dodge skillshots by only 1 unit.** I'm not an expert on the subject but I think this guy is scripting.
: They made Demon Vi before Demon Teemo
666{{summoner:14}} {{champion:17}}{{summoner:14}} 666 **1 Peter 5:8** Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Remember my child, the best way to counter teemo is to pour holy water on your screen and start reading this loudly: **Exorcisamus te omnis immundus Teemous, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis advesary, ergo draco maladicte et tuam facias libertate.** If you surround yourself with a circle of salt his evil powers can't get to your soul.
Doesn't {{champion:43}} feel weak after lvl 6? I mean other mid laners get significantly stronger after lvl 6 but not Karma. {{champion:43}} **Back to the topic**: I agree with you, picking champions with no practice in ranked is a bad thing to do. However if people do this in normal, don't judge them. I'm not saying this specifically to you, but to everyone. If someone sucks with a champion in normal games don't flame him. Just give him constructive advice and I repeat **CONSTRUCTIVE** advice.
ST Paws (EUNE)
: Devourer and jungle work well together, yeah sure, watch this clip. RIOT MUST FIX
: AP/Tank Ekko Jungle Good?
I'm leaving a comment here, because I want to know too. If someone answers reply to me please. BTW I tried full ap ekko only, it felt cool against squishy team comps, but I felt weak against tankier team comps late game.
Frostflare (EUNE)
: New Victorious Skin?
LZ Flame (EUW)
: that is draven someone posted something in the Forum who Shows clearly draven
I'm not sure if you're joking or not :D If not check the link above.
Aquanarga (EUW)
: Afkers ruin your rank
"**I GO AFK, REPORT DIS NUB**" - Every 5th player, 2015
Eeten (EUW)
: Will Kindred be avaiable Today ?
I don't think so. I heard they are released next week.
Eeten (EUW)
: The only Role with no Victorious Skin is ADC and Sivir was the most picked and played ADC in the last Tournaments, so it was pretty clear.
I did not know that it needed to be in a specific role nor that they are chosen from the most used champions. But if it really must be an Ad Carry I would go with {{champion:110}} **Varus.**
Rioter Comments
: Kindred release
I heard next week, I'm not sure though. Check youtube if they uploaded the champion spotlight or not. I think the champion spotlight is uploaded earlier than the release of the champion.
RydahX (EUW)
: Best Game you've played this year?
Witcher 3 I think, but everything will change when Fallout 4 is finally released. {{summoner:1}} If my pc will be able run it :( {{item:3070}}
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