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Fralm (EUW)
: Ranked is dogshit right now
Amen. Only purpose of ranked match making is to force 50% winrate, that added to Riots policy not to punish anyone else but people using certain words because otherwise they would lose too many players is even more ridiculous. Its kinda pathetic, how the game itself is somehow getting better but the matches are just complete dumpster fire all the %%%%ing time because Riot does not give a single %%%% about their player base. They care about money and eSports. thats it. At the same time the quality of ranked matches in the most popular game in the world right now are torture. I cant remember the last time I had a normal match with 10 people playing the game. Every match has atleast 1 troll, feeder, ragequitter or someone wants to lose the match intentionally. You can be sure that ranked isnt getting any better next season either, because instead of fixing the whole system Riot adds more feature in game. Maybe few more skins. 10 new champs. But let the ranked rot, who cares about the most popular competetive game anyways. Just let it die slowly. Its a %%%%ing Chernobyl.
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: I'm just in shock ! Riot, do something already !!!!!!!!!!
You have to understand one thing: Riot does not care about their player base. For them, its more important to artificially keep the winrates as close to 50% as possible. The match making works only for that purpose. The reason why you get matched with tilted people with 40% winrates, inters, those who flame and afk and people who will run the game down trolling game after game after game is to be at 50% winrate. Its the holiest of all things in LoL. The fact is that you can get better at an individual level if you keep playing but it sure as %%%% doesnt show in your rank. After you hit the arbituary "skill cap", which is the biggest %%%%ing joke in this game, you get to play the best version of league: You dont try to win the enemy team with your team, you only try to survive your team. Game after game after game you realize that if you can squeeze 2 wins in a row the next match will be a %%%%ing dumbster fire which you take part of as a spectator, trying to get your mechanical skills a bit better while 1-3 players do what they do every game: Lose the match for you. You cant stop it. And they will not get punished. And thats how LoL ranked has been for the last 18 months atleast, and it will never get better because Riot has made it clear they dont give a %%%% about you. They dont give a %%%% about their player base at all. all heil 50% winrate.
: Playing a game where only flaming gets punished
If Riot honestly gave a %%%% about their player base, they would hit trolls, afks and inters as hard as toxic people, but heres the catch: people who lose matches intentionally or cause losses for their teams serve a crucial purpose. The only purpose of ranked match making is to force 50% winrate, no matter what. thats why it needs to pair people with winstreaks with people who carry hundreds of reports on their back because they will balance the wr%. The biggest crime you can do in this game is climb naturally, then being toxic and after that its just lottery, if you get punished for trolling. most likely you wont be.
: What is wrong with ranked? I honestly dont know whether to laugh or cry. Riot 100% dont give a flying %%%% about their player base. They will let this game die because competetive scene isnt going to carry League alone
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=EatGlueWinGame,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=exyRFefI,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-10T06:18:10.838+0000) > > I've been playing this game for almost 10 years. Ive never seen ranked being destroyed at this level by lazy design/moderation before. The games are not fun anymore, because the amount of trolls, ints and toxic ragequitters are literally killing the game. Here you are wrong, the guys that kills the game are the nasty people who use the chat in negative way, but the system is taking care for them every game, every day someone lose their account because they wrote something, the system is working, anything else that is not chat related is irrelevant, only the chat matter, nothing else. if you are decent player that gives his best to play the game. but use bad words = perma if you are R word troll, destroying tons of games, but have a clean chat = the hero of the month if you want to say something bad, but don't want to be punished = go afk what could go wrong with such system??? i don't really see any problem with such a system, just report the guys that use the chat in negative way, so the system can do its justice. anything seems as riot probably planned it .... at least you are not making post about guys flaming you in chat, right? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Oh so true, I havent seen bad words in AGES {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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