: Well botline gains the most of premade, as i mentioned it does not matter if one team has premade top and jungle if other team has premade bot , don't you agree on that? I did not know about diamond fill situation, now i have no intention at all to get there :D I like to play few champions in a certain positions, playing with "fill" does not interest me at all. Seems weird, whats the point then of letting us chose what to play and where and when you get to diamond you have to learn new roles cos you have played top/mid for few years, like im doing now, im playing only top and mid... and yes, if everyone goes fill - its a fair game, if you chose botline premade vs team who has no premade bot - it's not fair
Yep, It's pretty fucking bad tbh. You do get to choose 2 of the lanes you want to go, but If you wait "more than the suggested time" you get filled for whatever the team needs. Try to gues what that is. *cough* support *cough*
100 ms (EUW)
: i dont know. but i think its fair if a feeder teamate lose more lp :\
Think of it that way buddy. Lets say you don't have a good game, and you feed a bit. That doesn't mean your a troll ,just a bad game. Is it fair that you'll lose more LP than the others? Let me give you another example. People will stop fighting or looking for teamfights if they think theres a chance that they'll die because they wouldn't want to lose more LP. Do you get it? It's impossible and a bad idea.
: Solo q only for solo players
It's called Dynamic Queue, not Solo Q. Things change as the time passes ,plus if they have premades, so do you. If your concirned for the botlane only, then I have some bad news for you. I hope you know that after you reach Diamond, you get "Fill" automaticly when you start playing ranked so it doesn't matter if you're premade with 1 or 2 people. Theres a chance you won't get what you want. Now, If it's not fair for anyone, It's fair for everybody. Do you catch my drift?
: must be
Nope, bad idea.
100 ms (EUW)
: what riot will do for people who lose ranks with good score.
Don't wanna sound mean, but It's fairly easy to get S/S+/S- rank and Riot shouldn't encourage solo players who look up for their own score.
Zanader (EUW)
: ***
Ok, since you can't understand reason and don't have simple game knowage, I'll come down to your level. Ok, lissten here `lil dick son of a bitch. First of all, you're level 30, unranked and by the looks of it, pretty fucking unskilled. Graves auto attacks are something like a narrow line skillshot, think of it as an Ezrael's Q . As long as you are not staying in front of him, like the halfbrained deadweight you are, he won't do shit to you. If you stay behind a minion or a structure when he's attacking, they wont hit you. You cannot beat a graves with a tank, you imbred hillbilly. You can beat him with damage or outplaying his reload mechanic you stupid, retarded, cancerous fuck. Do you get it now? You're bad at the game and you should feel bad. If you don't like how things are you can go back to playing tetris and mario kart {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: but they are, infact, virtual coupons that are not interchangeable with real money-unlike bit coins for example. stop whiteknighting on the boards if you fail to see the basic reasoning behind virtual currencies :)
All that it matters is, the skins were never that good to be bought with RP. Riot realised that and now they are fuxing their mistake. As I told you, contact the support for additional information but I highly doubt that you'll be refunded.
alarm31 (EUNE)
: Ehh my prema ban
Get outta here boy
Zanader (EUW)
: I had fucking over 60 armor at level 1 thx for just leveling up my W first just to see the amount i get OVER 60 ARMOR AGINEST A NO ARMOR PEN GRAVES AND HE CAN CUT MY HP THROUGH LIKE ITS BUTTER..????
If your facetanking him like the monkey you are, ofcourse. Oh wait, you still think that the TANKmeta is here? Guess again buddy. If u wanna bring a beast like graves down you need some help or outplay on him. You can't expect to beat his ass with your insignificent tank auto attacks. He's a champion who's designed to do damage, and your champion is designed to take damage to a certain point. If your playing bad, you should feel bad.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: errr? your logic is flawed? unless you get iphones for virtual coupons ;D
Concidering you get RP with real money, I don't think using the word "virtual coupons" is verry suiting for this topic. The chroma skins were trash and getting them with RP was a bad call from Riot in the first place. I mean, the skins took 0 efford to be made ,they're just recolored versions. I'm pretty sure your best choice is to contact the support and not the forum on this one.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: i think im so tilted i cant explain it, my MMR has dropped and its so random sometimes its platinum players sometimes its low elo i dont even know like im scared to try and mechanically beat my opponent when im in a countered lane because it might work in low elo but not high elo, it just makes me so annoyed every single game there is a rengar jungle on my team who build full damage and feeds every single game.
That's the struggle my friend. You either carry it or get devoured by it playing hundreds of games on the same mmr. Evolve or degrade. It's up to you
: Im kind of aggravated
Yep, Plat elo is the same ( if not worse than Bronze) concidering the players. Mostly everyone there think that "Platinum" means something big and that they deserve even better (Diamond/Master>etc). The ugly truth is: Almolst, if not completely, mechanicly unavailable shaved apes playing champions that they don't really understand against champions who seem op if they lose against. I mean, how can they lose? They are Platinum!? The champion must be OP or the enemy jungler camped him. You can't argue with these shaved apes. You can't tell them they made a mistake or you'll get harrased or they'll straith up feed to lose or go afk. Been there, saw that, tilted still. The best thing you can do is not say a single word. I've tried reasoning with them and "sweet talking them" to lift the teams spirit and increacing the chances of us winning the game. You're exhausting yourself for verry little gain. It's far better (and efficient) just to NOT saying a single word and thinking about you. If you're better than these boosted animals you'll gain lp and rise to Diamond or whatever. GL
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eazy J,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ri5e5GaF,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-09T19:14:29.211+0000) > > Dude. With that low % win ratio on ranked and being Plat, you should thank Riot ,not bash them, babydyr So, I guess you are fine with losing lp. No, I'm smart enough not to play ranked when the servers are fked up.
: inappropriate reporting
Thats an overlooked situation m8. The low life of league does that, and by low life I mean `bout 70%. Good bringing it up but i doubt something will be done on the subject
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: You done ****ed it UP, Rito!!!
Dude. With that low % win ratio on ranked and being Plat, you should thank Riot ,not bash them, babydyr
TuckFits (EUW)
: Looking for GOOD players for ranked high silver / high gold
Good players in high silver/gold ? Gud luck m9{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Hosya (EUW)
: dynamic q
Are you a {{champion:48}} or mentaly challanged?
Moe Striker (EUNE)
: God the complain posts never end. Live it with or quit the damn game.
My God. Your logic is {{champion:17}} Metaphorically speaking as league=life Oh shit, I don't like the goverment's decision ! !!!!!!!!!! I go kill myself.
ImSavage (EUNE)
: Um that's kinda stubid :xD the hole post . changes are descent and was needed because everybody would play either yasuo , zed or talon in mid lane , why ? cause they are assassins , i rarely see mages why ? because when u play vs zed @ lvl 6 is basically like u must stay under tower and farm and still u could easily get killed . for junglers i don't get ur point at all , junglers don't need buffs cause all they need is do jungle camps and gank from time to time , mages no matter how good they are they depend on skill shots and CDs play around those and u win .
Bullshit aleart. Now, let me explain why beffore u go babyrage on me. First of all, the junglers job IS NOT, i repeat IS FUCKING NOT, to be your gankbudy so you can win your lane or give you any buffs. If we decide to give them to you, you should be gratefull. We have the smite, we decide who takes that shit. We do not gank on comand, we the %%%%%%%%%%%%s who are there. We secure objectives, we're not your bitchez. Oh, btw Idk what kind of fked up elo ur playing on but there are people with more than half a brain to rush zhonias first to counter the assasins.
Warchieƒ (EUW)
: Any jungle mains up for a lesson?
Ignore everything else. I'm an Udyr main myself with 950 000 points d4 currently. He is concerned about all the new changes. He's an Udyr main. With the new dragon and mages updates, any good tips and break downs you guys can offer? Items, camp clearing, champions perhaps or any other helpful information to help him learn and adapt. When your playing Udyr you need to think about yourself first. Are you a good Udyr or are you a Godyr? If the answer is obvious, here's what you should aim for: Early game is not critical unless they pack a heavy snowballing early/mid champs but even then, you shaw not worry. Farm up your jungle as fast as you can and don't try to gank a lane you know you can't. By that I mean don't force ganks that might not give you money. A jungler's salary is sh*t so you need to make smart and fast decisions on what your gonna do and when you gonna do that. Your main goal is to stay farmed up and always be the same level as your solo laner or higher. You need a higher level for the extra damage on smite for securing dragon/nashor. FFs man, If I have to make an indept guide for the Godyr , da mudafuckin bibble will be a 2sentanced poem compared to my shit. Here's the short version. Farm a lot, splitpush, fuck up everyone who tries to 1v1 you , mute your team. GG
: why does rito hate adcs??? help me to riot against riot!
For god's sake man, do you really believe on what you just wrote? The beggining of the season was all about the ADCs ffs. All of them got rewerked, to better, and you guys recieved even more carry potential. Being the ADC is not the problem .Here's the problem: 1: Your knowage of the game. 2: Your decisions in the game.
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