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Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Then it wouldn't be a 'chroma'. Chroma is a color set.
Oh. Then they could name it something else, but choose it same as a chroma set in champ. select
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: I ended flex 3v3 as G2. I've got the icons, and the skin with the chroma, but the golden border doesn't show up in aram/ custom game. The borders roll out later than the icons+skins, or something happened? ("Rotating Game Mode/ARAM/Custom: Shows highest of any reward")
Should I contact supp, or what?
Eambo (EUW)
: [COMPLETE] Ranked Rewards are distributing!
I ended flex 3v3 as G2. I've got the icons, and the skin with the chroma, but the golden border doesn't show up in aram/ custom game. The borders roll out later than the icons+skins, or something happened? ("Rotating Game Mode/ARAM/Custom: Shows highest of any reward")
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: So how do I actually get champions now(besides paying your employees' salaries)?
I thought if someone wanted new champs, they just reroll 3, and get new ones /2 level (well 1.5). Besides that, you still have your weekly chests, which also can drop shards. Is this system really that bad as everyone say?
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: Chest drops will be also reseted tomorrow?
Well, I guess we see tomorrow
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Arsene (EUNE)
: What can urgot execute? Check this video
7adzius (EUW)
: +18 LP for a win, the game before that i got +20
Once you won on the blue, once on the red side. I know it's sound dumb, but I think that's why.
Leakybeam (EUNE)
: People never get tired of URF or ARURF modes. That is not a sound argument at all. There will always be players who will prefer ARURF over say Twisted Treeline. People who don't like URF modes are most likely those whiny people who can't handle the fast paced action and lack constitution to never surrender against more OP enemy team comps. Me and my friends play LoL most often when URF modes are up. Yes it is unbalanced. But who cares, ARURF and URF is all about having fun. Creating crazy ability combinations and coming up with unorthodox tactics. Those crazy combinations and tactics is what let us defeat those few extremely overpowered few characters. So I agree that it's way more fun than any other game mode Riot has ever brought into rotating game modes and **I too want Twisted Treeline or ARAM replaced with ARURF. That should not sacrifice queue times for SR and ranked matches.** Nobody plays Twisted Treeline. ARAM and normal SR modes have 1-3 minute long queues while ARURF has 1 to 20 second queues day and night while they were up on rotation. That says something. **_WE WANT ARURF AS PERMANENT GAME MODE, REPLACE 3V3 MAP OR ARAM WITH ARURF PLEASE._**
You can easily get tired of URF too. And BTW. ARAM had low que time when it was released too for about some weeks or months.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: New champ prewiev! Zoe the Aspect of Twilight
-That long range sleep cc will be a pain in the butt, unless it's her ult, or it has a long cd. - I foresee if I'm going to chase her while she have low hp, I will flash after her portal, and she just portals back and survive..:D
NyanDoge (EUNE)
: Ranked queues down again.
I don't want to sound like a butthole, but you had almost a year to get higher, why everyone waits till the last weeks?
: If you're talking about Black Market Brawlers Rito said (keep in mind i'm using my own words and not quoting) that the game was too clump and messy, there was too much going on, between the new minions, the new items and all that stuff going on, it was just too much for a single gamemode and that they're not too sure in which direction they should take it Or so it goes
I think it was a pretty awesome gamemode. I liked the new things.
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: Date i joined LoL
Gumimaco (EUNE)
They made flex, so silvers can even play with diamond friends. With normal ranked 5v5 they wouldn't be able to
Mr Genetix (EUNE)
: Blurred text
I also have this
: I need help with choking
I would just write at the start " i no speak englis" and then mute everyone, that way their toxic behav. can't get you
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Vashtrall (EUW)
: Stop playing for the season IF you don't have the border yet. It is exactly what im doing with Silver.
I'm not sure, but isn't it like you get your best division's border during the season at the end?
: Player age groups
Ugh. I had to calculate my age,even tho I'm just 19
: we were talking about something similar last night, how do you explain to somebody that just started playing why some champions are a strong pick mid if they don't know what AP damage is or what is roaming?
I don't really think that you can. When I started playing I didn't actually even cared about it, just wanted to have fun, which I had even if I lose the game. Just let them play I guess. They will either understand or not. If they won't, then you help them. It will be easier to teach them if they already have some experience with the game
: Do you remember your FIRST EVER Ranked game?
I was beginner. They told me I need to go ADC. Well I picked Yi, because he was AD, and well he carried the most games (when others played him). It was back in s3. Luckily, my team carried me and we won. Didn't played ranked after that for a while...:D Edit: Im not even sure about the AD part. Maybe I even went for AP Yi.. :D (Back then it was verrrry strong)
: Merre pontosan mert nem találom :)?
Még mielőtt játékba indulnál a kliens beállításaiban az első dolog amit betudsz pipálni, legalábbis az angol verzióban. Na, ha az be lenne esetleg pipálva, akkor nézd meg anélkül Ha esetleg nem lenne jó így se, vagy esetleg nincs bepipálva, akkor próbáld meg a magyar fórumon is feltenni, szerintem azt több magyar nézi:D ( )
: Új honor rendszer
A beállításokban nincs bekapcsolva a low spec mód? Fogalmam sincs mi magyarul. Nálam akkor tartott sokáig az after game rész
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: suddenly bot appears
my guess that alot real player play URF instead of Aram right now
MacDeath (EUW)
: There is practically no reason to implement it.
> [{quoted}](name=MacDeath,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Lz0My5RE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-02T22:50:33.822+0000) > > There is practically no reason to implement it. I wanted to test Lightbringer on Talon, but yeah, I can't this way, just in a live match
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: [7.15] Rammus takes point in ascension while fighting
Additional info: if Q channeling (the 5 sec) ends before the point is taken, it breaks
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: So i have the same thing, and i can explain why it does this. One of the features of the new client is that the client stays openend when you are in game. This can cause problems on low spec PC's, thats why there is a low spec mode. Low spec mode closes the client when you start a game, so after the game it has to start again. This takes quite a lot of time because (I think) the client isnt made for that. Im almost sure that Riot knos about it and working on it since they are working to improve the client. My advise is to uncheck low-spec mode if your pc can handle it, otherwise you just have to deal with it for now. Hope this helps
It worked{{champion:74}} , thank you
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: Post a screenshot of your most expensive and cool Hextech skin you've won so far
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iCråzy (EUNE)
: Hud missing texture
Sometimes my "invertory " had a kind of distortion for seconds...


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