Radkus (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] Stuck in Spectator Mode Known issue in Patch 9.13
I had this problem and none of these worked: low spec (on/off), close client when in game (on/off), deleting LeagueClientSettings.yaml (remember to make backup!!), wiping whole Config folder (backup!), using Hextech Repair Tool (repatching and reinstalling the Client and all other options provided by this tool excluding total game uninstallation). Obviously after each step I restarted the Client. What I did that worked is after copying my backups to the original folder I opened my original LeagueClientSettings.yaml in notepad and deleted all the config info about the game leaving only what is left after "globals". When logged in, Client started to patch. Now I can play. I think I could have left info about the patch and it would be playable right away without patching.


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