: I'm Done Playing League
Hello I'm Egstyle. I have been clean from LoL for 169 days now. My last game was 1st of May . I've been playing the game since summer of 2012. I will be honest with you guys , it's been hard to go through that detox phase, you see all your friends still playing the game but you shouldn't cause it's bad for you, everything feels cold, you sweat a lot and feel terrible in the first few months, but after a considerable amount of time without even saying the name LOL you will feel cleaner, happier and downright healthier, you will get out of the house, meet new people, make relationships, and most importantly you will not feel that hot rage you felt inside the game anymore, believe me the world is more beautiful now. I will never even think of playing that life destructive poison of a game. You should do the same.


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