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: Draft Pick
Here is what I've written to them: "Can you please bring back Normal Draft Pick? A lot of people on the forums are waiting for that after its removal and I would also like it to be back, because it was the main gamemode that people played and where you could actually enjoy the game. Let's analyze what is left. Blind pick for the most people is just a place where the most toxic and unsportsmanlike players usually like to play, because there are no strict rules, no positions or roles are premade in the queueing phase, so the main act of decision is when everybody types in chat what role they would like to pick. Sometimes more than one people want to choose the role and this is when the argument starts. People will just simply leave if they don't have their role most of the time or just go intentionally feeding, trolling, will insult their teammates or be AFK all game. And what if you have poor connection and the person, who entered lobby before you, already took the role you wanted? Than it is just the matter of reaction? The fastest gets what he wants? Let's sum it up now. We have two queues: one where people are toxic, always flame and without any helpful rules or limitations (not to mention the possibility of Mirror picks and that most of the people playing it are low skilled players, which then brings it to the point of who is having more non-newbie teammates will win) and we have another queue, which is Ranked and which often requires great contribution and concentration and often takes away much of your energy, which shows that it is not meant for the anytime fun and relaxing experience. I get that we may not have enough playerbase to maintain Normal Draft queue's proper work but wouldn't it be better to remove the Normal Blind pick queue and bring back Normal Draft instead, change the rules a bit so all the players could play it and encourage them to do so. That would improve their total skill and knowledge of the game and lower the numbers of negatively determined people. A lot of people are leaving the game now because of the decision that you had made. Until the new changes about this topic there is no advance in the game, no middleground for the players to stand on".


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