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: Oh dear. Jumping into ranked as soon as you hit 30 is a huge mistake. Luckily, it is easily fixed: don't do ranked anymore. Stick to normals. If you find friendly players, add them to your friends list and play together as much as you can. And only jump into ranked maybe a year or so from now - if ever. I personally do not need ranks to enjoy the game, so I am staying the hell away from that cesspool. As for help - if you want advice from an unranked scrublord like me, I'm willing to take a look at your matches.
Sorry, but I can't add you because I am on EUNE an not EUW. Also, for some reason my LoL recorder isn't working(probably due to an update). But I don' think I want to stop playing ranked forever. I just want to keep improving. There are people better than me, and I want to get better as well. So for the time being, maybe. Forever, no. I can't stop at what I have.
Catchdown (EUW)
: Add me if you like some tips. But just take my word for the fact you shoudln't jump into ranked straight away. :)
Unfortunately, I am on EUNE, not EUW.
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: I'd say that damage dealt to champions and buildings, damage taken from champions and healing done are much more important factors than KDA. When considering what to look at the most, you should think about what's your job in the team: are you a healer like Soraka, a front-line tank, a long-ranged mage constantly firing off abilities in teamfights or perhaps you're a split-pusher. You should also keep in mind that those grades are by no means truly accurate. Your grade could be bad if you ended the game being 0/5/0, but you pushed all the time, destroyed the enemy base and won the game. The grade system works by taking into account many different stats (rito hasn't told us which stats), and comparing them to how other people have performed on the champion in question.
Like I said, I mostly play mid and I like assassin champs most, although I will play whatever is needed depending on the situation. I would try to avoid playing support though. If my role in draft demands it, though, I will go supp, but out of all the roles in the game I enjoy it the least( Blitz is the exception, grabbing carries and dragging them to their death is fun). Does that mean I should prioritize CS over champion kills?
alasarcher (EUNE)
: I dont have time to read all this but KDA matters the least in Grading. Its about warding, CS/time, objective takedown participation. Like when it comes to grading, participating in dragon takedown matters more than 4 kills+. Turrets even more. If game is 30 mins u need to have like 260+ CS as laner.
And if I solo dragon? Once I get Ravenous Hydra for Talon, I am able to take the dragon down on my own. Is that any different than killing a dragon in a team? Also, any way to compensate my horrendous CS( it's 180 in 30min in the best case, and 20 something in the worst case)?
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