RiotJenny (EUW)
: Thanks everyone for providing your traceroutes - can you let me know if you can log in now?
Thank you so much! I've been waiting for 6 hours. {{summoner:1}}
: Can not login to the client
I think it's the servers i can't login but some players can login idk why.
: logging on west HELP HELP
Exact same problem on eune for me.
GS Fnatic (EUW)
: Not able to login on the server EUW (Happening to me and all of my friends)
Same on eune on me and my friends. mine is stuck on just authenticating tho.
: Endless authentication
Yes. Very same for me, i'm on eune.
: Whole client is still bugged for me,and Reconnect to chat button is still there,cant connect to chat
Yeah, I don't have the "Reconnect to a game" thing anymore phew but I still can't connect to my friends list & chat.
: Client/account major issue
A lot of people are having problems atm, Riot is working on it.
kfir15 (EUNE)
: This account has been permanently suspended. Please check the email address associated with your League of Legends account for additional details. this is it
The email dude?


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