: need 11 rp asap
You can get 11 RP if you send a hand made drawing to riot support . Trust me you can get 100 RP if your drawing is decent. Also for 11 RP you can make a 15-30 minute drawing . Love you!
Acetyld (EUW)
: Whats the max amount of tokens you can get with the pass?
I got 4000 tokens from the Project Pass and I played a lot of games in the first 2 weeks and close to nothing in the following weeks . If you want to get the prestige skin you can get it easily if you play 3 SR games a day (one of them is a win)
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StoyanRG (EUNE)
: aahahhahaha yea thats why there is srver for turkey for brazil for russia... dont talk bullshit
Turkey is a giant country compared to bulgaria for example and also this server helped countries in the middle east like syria and iran for example because if u live in syria and try to connect to the euw servers you will have 200 ms constantly. Do you know what's the size of Russia?Even the European part of Russia is bigger than Ukraine and France combined Do you know how big Brazil actually is? Also brazil speaks PORTUGUESE while the other countries in South America speak SPANISH.
: Are they just going to ignore this major problem?
My big problem is the fact that in the first 5 minutes you have a big drop frame for like 5 seconds (everybody in my team experienced this in most of my games) Also the client has many bugs and the biggest and most impactful is : the reconnect function that gets buggy 30% of the time and also may crash your game when you try to reconnect .
: So you want a Werewolf?
He really wants a Werewolf
Murdarici (EUNE)
: I play this game around 3 months after was released, 2-3 weeks before Morde was released. I did not started it as a kid or very young and grow up with it, I was 28 back then, 38 now, so doing it for almost 10 years as full adult. Playing games and being involved in games professionally and as an hoby all my life. Toxicity started years ago and keep increased, I can say last 2 years escalated more than before, don't knwo if last 6 months were even worse because I almost quit the game after almost 10 years because of this, but I started playing only with "/fullmute all" 90% of my games which keep me in the game and brought me some joy back. ********** There's a number of factors that contributed to toxicity over the years, some more some less. I will try list some personal opinions why this happened. - **Old game, old fan base** I found out about dota 1 game (the warcraft 3 mod, very very late because I loved wc1 and wc2 but hated wc3). When I tried to give it a try and play it I couldn't believe how toxic the community was, was first time I ever experienced such disgusting behavior from a community, was first time I uninstalled a game so fast without thinking twice. Well after almost 10 years we can easy say League got to that level of toxicity or even pass way over it, for sure If I didn't play this game for 10 years I would never start playing it now or in last 2-3 years because of this. So maybe a factor for toxicity its the age of the game, maybe this type of team games that people become very competitive while playing create an old community that can't accept mistakes anymore, or playstiles different that what community deem fit and new players also go in the toxicity wagon very fast. - **Introduction of division instead of elo** (I personally like divisions more) Coincidence or not things start to get more toxic since season 3, I think introduction of divisions instead of elo is a factor that added to that toxicity. Divisions are nice visual representation of the elo, because give people a better sense of progress (or non progress). You are more motivated to get gold, platinum or more from silver then to get to 2678elo from 2134elo. In the same time people get more frustrated, become more competitive and also more toxic when they knwo they lost promos to xDivision, dropped back to xDivision, then when they dropped to 2456elo from 2476elo. Also when elo existed was a public leder and for example at elo equivalent to gold today you were on 1.xxx.xxx milion place on server. It's more frustrating and you can become more toxic (and less forgiven to people mistakes) to drop from gold 1 to gold 3 in 1 day then to drop in one day from place 1.545.234 to place 1.544.823. - **Introduction of tribunal** While some people contradict me and say it has nothing to do with rise of toxicity, I strongly believe toxicity escalated very fast after introduction of Tribunal, actually weeks after release, was first time when I start getting angry in game because of chat. The spamming of "report" started and was terrible, I think even worse than today, they start spam report for everything, ignite instead of exhaust, heal instead of barrier or barrier instead of heal, flash instead of ghost (on some champions back then like Nasus, you were noob and flamed and reported if you took flash and not ghost). Coincidence or not ? I strongly think this added to toxicity, because form this "report" spam players started to fight in chat and the community started to split in "just a game, I have fun" and "omg reported, this is competitive game take it seriously" - **Streamers of pro players/high elo players and guides** Streams of good players started to become popular also websites with build guides. Problem with those was that so many players instead to understand the reason for a build, to adapt to the situation in a game, they blind copy the guides or high elo players builds. Toxicity went in two directions from this Other players flaming the ones that copy the guides and not build something that is necessary for that particular game (ex grievous wounds items) and the player in question response was "stfu did you watch x player stream noobs ?!" and other lost their mind and fight begins. Most common the players that copy without thinking guides/streamers flame others for daring to adapt to game situation and not building the guide/streamer build "hahaha x item on x champ, noob!, report!" - ** Modern streamers ** Modern ways of internet is that toxicity and craziness attract views, if you are polite chill streamer usually you have low viewers, so many of most known streamers are very toxic or act very toxic for the fans. They have or act cocky attitude when it's never their fault and always point on the screen on somebody on their team and start screaming on stream "look at this guy, look at him, omgggg" In this case players don't copy builds, they copy the toxic behavior, and so much of today toxicity come from idea it's anyone else fault (players, riot, matchmaking) but themself. - **Frustration from years of play in "undeserved" divisions** Already said the game beeign to old, players blaming anyone else but themself, all this combine create players that played for years in low divisions that they think they're better than that, so this accumulate frustration and they snap at every small thing, and these players are not few. - **New breed of gamers** In so many years new generation of gamers emerged, wich my personal feeling is they have respect for nothing and nobody, they are spoiled and think they deserve everything. Winning a game is not like in old days because they are good but because they deserve it, lose a game = garbage company (how dare you to make a game where I don't win all time ?) / = garbage teammates Internet for them is not a place that "you should not take serious", is a place where you **must **not take serious and you must troll, speak in memes and have no human decency or regard for anyone else but yourself, put this attitude in a game and you have so much toxicity and "report" spam for so many hilarious reasons. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
Man Warcraft 3 was such a good game .... Also it was the period when the DLC s were true DLC s not garbage cut content like nowadays. Frozen Throne was my childhood and custom maps were so good at that time
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=dEfQ164F,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-09-04T17:23:02.988+0000) > > or the parasite kills its host-> no more planet = humans die aswell > > You forgot option 3 in parasites. > > Jump hosts. Pretty much we are going for number 3 in trying to build a mars colony. > And who knows how advanced space travel will get. oy that a good one, though i wonder how we should solve the oxigen issue.
There is not the problem with the oxigen The problem is that we need a space elevator so we can transport the resources to space as cheap as possible. The first nation that will have a space elevator will become the permanent super power . You need to pay hundreds of thousands of US$ just for some kilos of food for example . Also the biggest problem is that we will never achieve the speed of light because we need a huge amount of energy that we can't have because energy needs fuel and fuel needs space and also it weight so you need more and more fuel . Another big problem is the space trash problem : we will be unable to leave earth if the space will be filled with trash . A lot of space ships from nasa got hit by space trash (for example when a sattelite broke it went in a million of pieces of metal that can break and scratch the surface of a space ship). We ignore the last big problem like how we ignore the global warming . It is a serious problem and we will never be able to reach space if the problem continues . WE are very optimistic as a population , but we never exploited our full resource potential . WE ARE NOT EVEN A TYPE I CIVILIZATION YET .
: Sad Nobody care :(
Sometimes i feel your pain. It is true that most of the players hate to socialize and refuse to accept friend requests for different reasons.This is nothing compared to those guys that spam the chat in rankeds with ,,idc'' and stfu while you try to talk to them about tactics. Also if you annoy the shiet out of them they will simply mute you or block you (some of them are snowflakes) If I want to make them talk I ask them about the Brusilov Offensive or the Battle of the Dnieper (works everytime) Also if you want you can add me
ReijoNano (EUNE)
: VOICE CHAAAAT !!!!!!!!!!
: Nothing says "balanced" like the 1/11 enemy Vayne oneshotting our team once she hits her powerspike
I just hate how you can outperform their entire team and they only have to get a decent support that can protect her and its a free win. They nerfed the shiet out of Kassadin's early game so he is garbage early and very good in late game , at the start of season 7 he had an easy early game because he couldn't get killed with his decent sustain if u used brain correctly. The shiet about Vayne is that if they nerf her early she will be garbage in late because she will never reach her late game and if they make her early game too easy(now I consider her early game actually decent *not very good , but decent) she will be broken as frick in late game(I see her in every ranked I play and I hate it because if I don't babysit my bot we can't win fast enough so she can't get her powerspike) Sorry if I made spelling mistakes. Also Rek'Sai is pretty hot.
Why add the old and at least decent game modes when you can keep only one shitty RNG based game mode that has also ranked and can bring money . Ascension,Hexakill,Nexus Siege,Nexus Blitz,Dominion,Twisted Treeline are not money makers and garbage TFT probably is(what %%%%%% buys those skiny little shiets?) . I really liked Ascension and Nexus Siege and I want them back . :(
: yes we might aswell give her an item that only she can buy that makes it so ap champs can't damage her that way she can't get countered in lane
Also they need to make her invulnerable to all dmg while in shroud and her q to stun you for 1.5 secs each
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Can we please make CS stealing/hitting by the support a reportable offense?
They also need to make dying a bannable offense and kill stealing a bannable offense. And let's not forget to make using chat a bannable offense. Because making a wrong decision/miscalculation is very bad and must be permanently banned .
: riven to riot games is alinity to twitch
Why nerf her when she is so weak right now? She needs so many buffs because she doesn't have enough dmg and mobility and her kit is not overloaded. She is so weak right now she deserves seven buffs and 3 new skins
: such ugly figurine -_-
: They made an animation about master yis lore
Already seen it. This channel is amazing!
: What do you do when you are sad?
You can try to play a relaxing and cute game like Stardew Valley or Terraria . Those games can help when you get tilted too. Indie games are very good for this. Also listen your favourite songs . Sorry if I posted this again because my page got really buggy.
: What do you do when you are sad?
Try a relaxing game like Stardew Valley or Terraria when you are sad . Also those games are good when you get tilted from lol.
Slaylnc (EUNE)
: Harbinger Kassadin [Splash Art] _Work in Progress_
: Star Guardian Skin 2019 Ideas?
I want Star Guardian {{champion:421}} and {{champion:38}}
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: I think someone hacked my account and now I'm permabanned
: Meanwhile NA players get free RP when this kind of stuff happens
: Why are Little legends locked behind an RNG roll?
It's not lootboxes it is surprise mechanics It's not pedophilia it's early acces The only reason is because they can generate more money from that method and because little legends are cute and they know everybody wants a specific little legend
: Human patience has a limit
Basically for this : Electronic jihad: GET RAPED BY A SQUID Electronic jihad: I will murder u till u die Electronic jihad: I ll decapitate you Electronic jihad: and piss on your hate Electronic jihad: head You don't have to make death threats and please stop using words like rape . Use cuddle the noddle or something like that I recommend you to use good historical jokes at least because no one gets them.
Łię (EUW)
: Absolutely garbage company
Your statement is 0 like your opinion 1.The devs that make skins are not the same dudes that balance the game or fix the bugs 2.It depends on everyone and you are silver ffs not diamond or higher so you can't talk about how experienced are you with the meta when you don't even have 200 games in ranked 3.Don't repeat yourself! 4.What is the meaning of this ,,LET'S NEVER MAKE STARGUARDIAN URGOT AND DO ANOTHER RYZE REWORK GUYS'' ? 5.Even in real life if you are extremely good at something you don't get the job if your attitude is always negative and you blame your co - workers 6.I think your post is just spam or you made this post while drunk or tired or after one hard game you lost
FearFactor (EUNE)
: The S rank
: A couple of skin ideas!
I still wait for a skin on Rek'Sai and maybe on Kassadin. Blood Moon Rek'Sai ; Dark Star Rek'Sai ; Guardian of the Sands Rek'Sai - All epic skin ideas because if its legendary you will have the new growls from ,,AHHSSSS!...'' to ,,KLHEEE!....'' And probably a legendary skin on Kassadin like Dark Lord (Darth Vader ;3) where his e is something about lightning the ult is a cool cute blink with black and red particles ; w charges his blade (the bigger the better;from red to black or vice versa) and q is idk
kingsalih (EUW)
: Tyrant Swain fps drop
This is true my friend named Bob. I have the same issue.... ;(
MamFârta (EUNE)
: Tournament 5vs5 with 27$ and 60 000 RP in the prize pool!
I`m bad at this game , but I really want to watch. ;)
: School project survey
: New Skin TALIYAH
I still wait for Star Guardian Rek`Sai ;)
: NEW Dark Star Skins
Meh... Better a dark star Rek`Sai ;) {{champion:421}} {{item:3070}}
: Xayah and Rakan Skins
Rakan is so ugly . Even Taric hates him!
: Forgotten champs
Rek'Sai (i still play Rek'Sai top and jg) {{champion:32}}
: [World Champion SKINS]Now im legitimately curious to know what Riot will do xD
: Are you %%%%ing stupid or what XD. FINE AS IS? Draven wasnt fine since he was released. Only difference now is that you dont even have to be good anymore. Rush DD tabis and PD and GG no AD can touch you. You literally beat half of the champ roster because you bought 3 items. Draven would be "fine" if PD and DD didnt give you dmg reduction.
That moment when Draven was released... He was like a little kitty *0 dmg and to hard to learn


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