: He wasn't and it's probably related to low population at night. That's why it would be nice if there was hard set rules.
You really shoudn expect quality matchmaking late at night. Player population then is much lower so matchmaking has alot less players to choose from.
Proppa (EUW)
: What's your Age / Rank?
28, D4. I don't think it's about age, while i would guess at higher ranks it could become relevant. While this game is pretty quick, you don't really do anything basedo on reaction, it's more about prediction and then exucuting it accordingly. If you look up some streamers they tend to say that macro play is the king. In your case i would say the problem is that you don't play enough, the total number of ranked games played looks pretty small.
: that's not entirely true , they had to change stacking morello's because that was a thing
I know, but it wasnt an issue with black cleaver.
: What to do when u own everything ?
I imagined this thread was gonna be about having all the champions, but you even have all the skins. That's just a waste of money, you have a problem.
: Stacking cleavers
Until now it wasnt an issue soit didnt really matter.
: I don't get what you mean by "basic ad/ap"
i think he meant base
: It's more reliable for tanks... it also doesn't have anywhere near the speed it had previously... why is a keystone for tanks in the sorcery tree?
You're looking at paths why too simplistic, you have a pretty good chance to use anything from any tree, especially when almost evrything tends to scale off both AP and AD. Even for a tank sorcery tree has plenty of runes they can use and they can get the rest of the tankiness from resolve as secondary path. I main nami and i think i coudn use only precission path, still not sure havent realyl tried it out.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: sona at least has mana cost what about manaless broken champions like gnar
xGunna1 (EUW)
: Kog Maw is OP with new runes plz just ban him
Achmed Bo (EUW)
: Riot's new snowball game
It's pre-season
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Health Rune
TpT Sanity (EUNE)
: So this was a bug?
i think I remember that i had moments in the game where i could honor a smaller number of players than ussual, which i think happened because one of the players was afk(or didnt connect).
: From 14 days suspension to honor level 5 (it's possible!)
Yiayechu (EUW)
: this is broken on riven ^^
I did see this on riven and im a bit confused, does aery also shield on the way back to the caster?
: nope, permanent as stays with you
Wait, i checked, the only permament one is legend alacrity and some AS that you get from picking your secondary path, but those values are pretty small, i think in the old system you could've gotten much higher AS values.
ImSpray (EUNE)
: Rule breaking is just so one sided.
Well besides what others have said. I don't know exactly what you've posted, but it basiclly a witch hunt, it could be something as sily as saying that this one specific player was toxic so ban him and you can trust my word or if we go to a bit more extreme case, you photoshopped some screenshots to make your case more valid and now want your revenge. Then there's the simple fact that we already have aworking punihsment system, which makes posting it here quite unnecessary.
: My 2 cents on new runes
You can press a button down in the left corner to show them all, but only for the path you're currently on.
: permanent + AS to runes will bring up all old op champs that riot nerfed. So Riot basicly unnerfed all the AS OP champs, that is my intention with this build.
Don't they work only against champions?
Azmodaan (EUW)
: PRESEASON 2018 Update
you have about 2 months to get used to the changes, which is about when the next season will start.
Conacx (EUW)
: Pants are Dragons has to go to the scouting rounds
I knew this was gonna apear here when i saw his vdieo. He accepted the decission himself and you should too. He understands that players at the top have to show perfect behavior, but his fans seem not to.
: New OP Runes!
This isnt really new runes specific, xin always could've done that with that build(while i wasnt too sure if he kept that after his update). Or what specific rune are you using to pull this off that previously wasnt possible with that build on xin?
: Why was Stormraiders Surge turned into a steaming pile of garbage?
I think it's better, previously it was restricted only to those who can deal damage, now since it's procced from 3 abilitys/autos, it can be used by other roles. It's more reliable.
: "Just give me permanent chat restriction!"
Well Riot tried and learned it doesnt work, it took us a whole season to learn that. Blizzard will attempt that too, but i guess there's still the fact that for overwatch you still have to pay upfront so there's a bit of a difference. I still think Riot should allow players to turn off chat before game starts, but i would imagine they're currently busy with all the other things like the pre-season. Another thing that people tend to request is performance based ranked which overwatch also has, but it has it's own issues and needs it's own balancing, but i just can't imagine how they are doing that.
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: And then it's not as rewarding, which is the whole point here?
I would say the issue here is more like that it doesnt have a constant reward flow, just big rewards with evry level up, which is RNG based.
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: So instead of playing the game when you can or want, you're saying everyone should change into "one game per day" farming system... And this is a good change in what way exactly? <.< Luckily I don't need that much BE, I have all the champions for a long time now, but this system just royally f%cks people that actually still need to finish their champ pool.
DeRoo (EUW)
: You can burn a flash with a bubble after the **free slow for every auto**. I thought you were being sarcastic because it's very obvious you can win lane doing this. Didnt realise you were serious... You and I know both know the difference landing that bubble makes. So I thought it was quite obvious landing a bubble on **every** trade far outweighs an extra heal or ap or whatever. But again... the extra heal or other rune might work better for you. Which is why I love this system. Cos the aggressive options suit me very well.
I was planing on trying out glacial augment too, but doing it for slow on autoattacks only seems wasted, because effect on ranged attacks is halved and Nami already has a built in slow. Active part for the frost queens claim seems like it's only saving grace. To land bubble easier i intend to try out those speed boost giving runes as more serious options than this one.
Perilum (EUW)
: Every season the same whining about the new season.
We're not there yet, it's gonna take few more months for that. This is whining about pre-season being unbalanced.
Holyna (EUW)
: Zoe fanart
Remember she may look like a child, but she's actually thousands of years old, so you can make different kind of fan art of her.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Is there any reason to take fleet footwork?
It's kinda like the previous warlords bloodlust and it was quite popular, mostly for the early sustain.
DeRoo (EUW)
: You're not getting Frost Queens at level 2 are you? Cos I'm getting a Glacial Augment and a bubble at level 2. Or you gotta flash. I win lane early and hard. I've never lost a lane as Nami in season 7. I understand you're a 57% win rate diamond Nami main. **I respect your opinion.** But I'm a 74% win rate diamond Nami main. I play super aggressive and put myself in a controlling winning lane from the start. Levels 1-3 every game. I'll continue to play my way bro :) I'm not saying it's the best, But it suits how I play and it makes me even stronger on Nami now because of the style I play.
That's a bit agressive response, i just questioned if it's really worth it for the slow considering that supports don't really lack cc.
Cybindis (EUW)
: They are functional if your champ could usually function without Runes. i.e. most of the damage comes from the kit itself and not how its used. I've been playing {{champion:136}} and I have to tell you he's been crippled. Before you could thunderlords/Stormraiders whenever you felt like it, it meant you had to change your gameplay style depending on the keystone, but more importantly with masteries and being able to set your runes you could choose Magic pen, armour, mana regen, AP or MS to suit your preference and augment his kit so that it worked effectively. I'll tell you how it is now. If I want Thunderlords, I have to give up mana regen and movespeed If I want stormraiders I have to give up the ability to do enough damage to start to out-trade someone but i get movespeed and mana Neither of these have any MPen so the moment I get to a support or tank or anybody with the green runes I do 0 dmg anyway and they get a shield which cripples the fact that Aurelion is a DPS champ who relies on whittling down HP I just finished one of the worst games of my life on Aurelion playing the thunderlords build and he's so shitty now it's unbelievable. The runes just do not work on some champs, they are far too general and it's probably not just Aurelion Sol, there will be about a good 20 champs who will probably need to be buffed. I know Sol is hard to play, but with the new runes it just became even harder to play him because you either do 0 damage and have to kite for years before doing any, at which point you've been jumped on because they realise you do no damage anymore, or you can get some decent damage for 3 seconds before your mana runs out and you have 0 speed to keep kiting so you die. I've played 5 games, and even when I was doing well I didn't like how it felt, it just felt like I was useless and picking up kills instead of actually doing damage like a mage should. I'm going to try my favourite midlaner next {{champion:34}} and I hope that she hasn't been crippled, but if my Aurelion Sol experience is anything to go by she will be crippled too because instead of using runes to cover stuff that would make her unplayable I now have to choose between doing damage for 2 seconds or doing nothing for 15 seconds, which on a mage is not something you want to be doing.... tl;dr With runes and masteries before you could skillfully make any champion relevant by crafting your shit accordingly to make the weaknesses not as bad Now you choose between damage or mana and on champs that aren't 100-0 "I'm here to wipe you off the face of the earth in one skill rotation" that is a terribly bad thing for the game because not a lot of champs are like that, and it's really a shame. P.S. I quit league for more than a year, I only came back like 3 months ago, I quit because i just wasn't enjoying the state of the game, but recently have been really enjoying it, that is until now. The past games I've played today I really did not enjoy at all, even when I was doing "Well"
> If I want Thunderlords, I have to give up mana regen and movespeed > > If I want stormraiders I have to give up the ability to do enough damage to start to out-trade someone but i get movespeed and mana how do you build your rune pages if you can't get those stats into your builds? While i could guess you don't take sorcery path as secondary for the said mana regen and movespeed for your thunderlord, but stormraider rune has damage, mana and movment speed in it and you can double down on those using inspiration path. Ps calling them by theyr old names makes things a bit confusing.
Tometjuh (EUW)
: Helpful Website for new Runes
I really don't think you should use any sites for runes. Runes seem quite flexible and you should decide on a build based on a chiampion, your playstyle and the comp your team and enemy has.
goodboy2 (EUW)
: how many account i can have? 1? ?2? ? 12 upvote that can be +1M if everyone know this post
looked like 10
goodboy2 (EUW)
: game is full of noobs
You sure have alot of accounts, 19 mins in and already so many upvotes.
DeRoo (EUW)
: I love the new rune system. And to answer your "who would use the inspiration page" question: Nami - Glacial Augment - slows when autoing - Biscuits - Boots - Cooldown Resolve - Font of life (ally heals when attacking same target) - +5% heals, +10% on low hp So.. You play like this... normally on Nami, to land a bubble you E yourself and then Q. But with Glacial Augment you can just auto then Q. They HAVE to flash or they get bubbled. Or at least have an escape. Cos the glacial aigment slows them. Then you can E your ADC instead. And thw adc heals from Font of Life. I tried it and went 2/6/33 with 73% kill participation. My ADC went 16/5/13. It's also good on Morgana with the Approach Velocity which gives you movespeed when enemy is impaired. So they can't escape her ult without flashing. Same concept. You auto then Q. Can't miss a Q. It's not perfect... But it allows you to play these champions more aggressively than just picking the shield aery from the sorcery page.
I don't think it's worth going glacial on support only for slows on autos, support already tend to have enough cc. I also theorize about glacial augment on nami but more for it's synergy with the frost queens claim.
Sakenai (EUW)
: Am i the only one who thinks this game became 'for-pussies-only'?
I was wondering why would you name your thread like that. My bet was that you're a Dota or starcraft player, how could i miss the good old reason that you got banned. Im ashemed of myself, how could i not even think of that, i mean it's so obvious.
: I agree about the fact it's not that bad and people are getting too triggered over it. But iirc, Riot said they rune pages were supposed to be free overall. That's what I am mad about. Not that I had a problem with the concept itself, I have all pages unlocked either way. I just feel there was, at the very least, some significant lie by omission going on here.
they did say that that's how they will put our bought rune pages to use or at least to not let it go to waste.
Killy (EUNE)
: But in CS:GO you are given all the weapons once you buy the game. You only spend money on aesthetics which are completely optional and have no impact on the game what so ever. I didn't see much problem with this new system cause i didn't really look into it as i already own all the champions, but i can see this being a real pain in the ass for leveling up smurfs and trying to fill out your champion pool, especially now that you need 20? champions for ranked. I hope they change something, cause as you said this is gonna be really "toxic" and will put people off, cause its just way too much work to buy the champion you want. It was hard enough as is for new players before, and nobody wants to buy a random champion when your champion pool is extremely low and filled with champions you do not enjoy playing.
Do you play on smurf that much? i feel like leveling a smurf is gonna be quite easy. I have a smurf, but i find quite a pain in the ass to play it. On the other hand if i can play only once a day for the first win of the day i should be able to level it up quite easily.
: So how do I actually get champions now(besides paying your employees' salaries)?
Just play the game daily, first win of the day is quite strong.
Rismosch (EUW)
: That's an interesting thought. 🤔 The value of BE per game goes down drasticly the more games you play. But because of the "first win of the day" bonus, the value of BE goes up the less games you play. Since the bonus resets daily, farming BE for champions is less dependant on games played now. So if I am thinking correctly, Riot shifted away from _farming games_ to _consistant play_. If you want x champion now, you need to play x days, not x games. I don't know if this is true, nor if this system is actually better, but it is an interesting thought nontheless.
The other game i play is warframe they also went for a similar system much earlier. It has daily rewards, previously it gave better rewards based on loging in for multiple days in a row and capped out at some day(i think it was 7), but if you missed one day you have to start from sctratch, but now they went for just logging constantly, all you have to do is just log in evry day and eventually you will get a reward. I think this way keeps players in the game more in the long run, doesnt really let them burn out in a short time span. Also it coudl be said that im a bit biased because im a veteran and have most of the stuff, but i also have a smurf. In the previous system i would've had to play much more games to get to level 30, now if i log in evry day for that first win of the day i think i'll reach level 30 pretty with a pretty small number of games. I don't really like playing on smurf since those games don't really mean anything, it's not even ranked, just a grind.
SkarabCZ (EUNE)
: Whats my actual problem?? Man, have you seen the new runes at all?? GREEN RUNES = TOP LANE RED RUNES = JUNGLE VIOLET RUNES = MID LANE YELLOW RUNES = BOT LANE BLUE RUNES = SUPPORT +1 for originality. ROFL I am practically destined to feed if i choose blue runes or red runes as ADC... In the same manner, I cannot pick red or blue or yellow runes if I am tank. There is no variability at all. The choice is given. Riot devs simply wanted to dumb down the whole game to make balancing a lot easier for them. There is no idea, no clever concept within the new runes. No versatility.
I feel like you havent looked deep enough. All runes have AP and AD scaling( i think there were few that didnt and were in yellow path), but as enchanter support for now i can see myself unable to use only yellow path, but im not too sure on that. For tanks not not all green runes give tankiness and keystone runes only work off tankiness, but doesnt necesserily give it, so i can see potentially tank going any other path as primary, but green one only as secondary for extra tankiness
Porumbar (EUNE)
: i will just replay with a : THANK YOU FOR THE DOWN VOTE HUMAN CLICK, I HOPE YOUR VERY HAPPY ABOUT YOUR DECISION. u are a waste of time ... to bad That means i don't really care
Don't you have some actuall arguments? like for example maybe that you want new chiampions NOW and in the old system that was a bit more guaranteed, less RNG or maybe that im biased because im a veteran and already have most of the chiampions so this doesnt affect me or something like that?
Porumbar (EUNE)
: yeah, riot will think a way to make money even though they offer free content. Look at the stupid numbers : - To level up from 31 to 32 you need 2500 exp points. - First mission on the day gives you 520 exp points. - First win of the day ( that is still a stupid bug ) gives you around 250 exp points. ( i am not sure of this ) - Every win gives you around 100 / 200 points of xp. So you still need around 10 - 20 games to make 1 step of blue essence. I play this game for 1 year, i got my champions, i got skins for them .. i do not really care. But the new players are suffering, they always get the 'roast part of riot'. They had no practice, they had no balance in matchmaking with smurfs all around. When asked why they do this Riot just IGNORE THE QUESTIONS ! Or answer with a ' It works ! '. Now they are avoiding to answer the 'market question' ... this game is dying, it will be pay to win 4 sure. The hole season was a joke - I AM HAVING FUN IN SILVER OR BRONZE !!! - i don't care about diamond or whatever !!! I learn new players to play !!! Not diamonds or so called masters who abuse 'breaking the game / fun' and abuse the META !!! I have some friends, that i quickly calm them, told them to calm down when losing - League is an unbalanced stupid thing that thinks it works ... they all understand. Me and my team, play maximum 2 to 4 matches per day ... some days we never play. The fun is broken by persoanal stuff ...
> yeah, riot will think a way to make money even though they offer free content. Look at the stupid numbers : > > To level up from 31 to 32 you need 2500 exp points. > First mission on the day gives you 520 exp points. > First win of the day ( that is still a stupid bug ) gives you around 250 exp points. ( i am not sure of this ) > Every win gives you around 100 / 200 points of xp. > > So you still need around 10 - 20 games to make 1 step of blue essence. or you could be just done for the day and play another game tomorrow for another first win.
: I played 14 games to level up to get the capsule including win of the day. get champ shards that worth 720 BE out of it. So compare to past including win of the day. it would be 720 - 150 (win of the day Bonus in past) = 570 : 14 Games mean that u would earn 40 Ip per game when u compare it to the past. WTf this much reduce u need to play forever to buy ur champs u not owning. This how riot want to make money with selling champs. And they always were so proud that they are not pay to win. Good work Riot making ur game pay to win. i have still 20 champions for 6300 BE to buy so lets see how many games i need 720 BE : 14 = 51 BE per game 20 x 6300 BE = 126000 BE 126000 BE : 51 BE = 2470 games to play till i can buy me my missing champs. Are u serious. And i didnt count in that leveling up need more games every 25 levels, because level up need every 25 level more xp to gain a level This is just betraying ur gamers with changing it and make the people buy champs for real money if there is no change in future im out. I dont play a pay to win game
this math is incorrect. It's based on the a single loot which has it's own RNG. So sample size is too small. Also if you use first of the day wins only the number of games needed for the loot drops drastically.
: Actually i want to grind IP/BE because i want to buy Urf Warwick and i have not enough BE for that. The shop is closing in 3 weeks. With the old system i couldve reach the amount of BE i need. With the new system its not gonna work. So i hope they going to do something at that point very soon.
oh so that's the real reason people are angry, they want urfwick.
: [Poll] What do you think about the new Blue Essence system?
I think we should wait a bit more until we judge it. Gaining IP always was a pretty long term thing and it's pretty silly to judge it after 1 day. Currently i find only RNG a bit questionable.
: I have no actions. Just words. Judging something from the start, no matter when or what, is what kept us humans alive and going.
what? you keep jumping between random points. Well sure maybe in the past when we lived in the caves, but times are different now.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Doesn't matter. You still need too many games to reach a level up and the rewards are terrible and super inconsistant. That's why people are so mad about it. Not because it takes too much time leveling, but because there is no reliable and consistant way to get BE.
You won't need too many games if you play only for first wins of the day.
: No. Bad system made out of another bad system, the old reward system. It already restricted a lot of players.
Are you sure? your actions are quite immpatient, you're judging the system after a single day, which is kinda made to be a long term thing to be done over multiple days. Especially considering the fact how powerfull is first win of the day.
: BE
You get it after leveling up and opening a chest. I'd suggest to be more patient and abuse first wins of the day for that purpose than just straight up grind games.
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