: I don't understand why does Sej need a rework, she's still sleeper OP in this full damage/adc meta with her tankiness and CC, while for example Udyr is complete trash (I know, he's getting reworked too) and Nunu (he just got a VGU, was op for one week then got nerfed so hard he's borderline trollpick now).
Reworks happen not because champion is too weak or too strong, for stuff like that we have ussuall patch by patch balance changes. The point of these midseason updates was to make tanks harder to play and more different from each other. Currently all tanks are kinda the same, go in, CC evryone, then walk around the teamfight dishing out the rest of CC and not being much more(ussualy evrything being packed in ult). Also tank class update is focused more on tank itemazation itself.
: Looking for players that play regularly (High Plat+) ranked games as 5 players and maybe tournaments
Hmm, im a interested in joining, but as a player im a bit limited. Because at the moment i have some issues with my wrist, im playing only 1-2 games per day( at least during the work days) and well im basiclly a one-trick pony Nami main(i can play few other supports). Other roles i could play would be mid and jungle, but i don't think im really as good as i am on my main.
13900lP (EUNE)
: EUNE a dead server?
Are you playing in the middle of the night?
: Safest time to play LoL
Playing at night isnt safe, most people are sleeping then so there's less players for matchmaking to choose from and it gets pretty random.
: True. But it's not rare I'm laning against much higher elo players also in soloQ.
: This video by IWDominate explains my point about this game's ranked games
Well flex has an issue that it's a completly new start, it should at least start you based on your soloQ rank. Also remember that flex and soloQ still are separate queues and theyr matchmaking is based on theyr own ranks.
: Here's exemplary troll for educational purposes http://pastexen.com/i/A3SRjRiesw.png
That's a VERY old picture.
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Every single game.
What can i say, evry league player is a natural couch who can find mistakes other players do and are really good at pointing them out. Another thing that league players really care about is communitys toxicity so they make sure to inform evryone about the missdeeds of others.
: Normal games are just not fun anymore because of Matchmaking...
Normals are way too random for quality matchmaking.
: Autofill matchmaking has a serious flaw what impacts quality of matches negatively.
See, this is why it's easier to climb as a serious support player.
lachonii (EUW)
: Rakan, another example of a bad champion design
Upcoming tank update should adress this issue of non tank building tank items.
: Possible rework/improvements to Rakan?
Rakan isnt a tank, he's a shielding/healing squishy support.
: This is the first time I've had such a complete joke of a game in Flex Queue
Sure flex matchmaking isnt the best, but this is your own fault. Don't expect good matchmaking when you're playing in the middle of the night when people are sleeping.
: Is ANYONE gonna nerf this MF ult? Seriously, is there ANYONE in the world that thinks it's balanced?
Hmmm, so far i played against 2 of them, won both of them, don't think Xayah at the moment is that strong, but i also think that for now players arent able to pull off 100% out of her. One thing to keep in mind about her is that her level 1-2 is really weak and should be abused.
: RIOT... autofill is an utter FAILURE!!!
Well you can hope that maybe upcoming support itemization changes and better support role recognition will bring in more suport players in lower elo, which would allow for Riot to tune down auto-fill.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: i do not think that a trade between Vayne and Ezreal can go for long enough to be decided by a depleted mana pool
There is no trade, just ez poking and poking until vayne is too low and ez goes in for the kill.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: If you see the enemy pick ADC Vayne, please reconsider your plan to go Blue Ezreal
It's a skill thing, Ez can deal with Vayne and i think blue ez is picked against Vayne because of the armor to mitigate the damage not to kite(while that probably helps too). While it's true Vayne can use her Q to dodge Ez Q, but because Ez has tear he can throw out alot more Q than the amount of mana vayne has to dodge. Maybe you just arent used to playing with ez, he scales weirdly.
Zeyad0Bizoo (EUNE)
: Ty bro u can add me in game for more chat and am actually main sup but after i saw xayah i play only her i love her so much :)
Zeyad0Bizoo (EUNE)
: I made a post about yasuo and how he is very broken and my opinion in him a plat player abuse me and told me that such a silver 5 player should know nothing about the game so i told me self that i should get better i removes that post decided to be better :)
Well you're already doing one thing correctly, it looks like you actually have a main role, it would be better if at least you lowered the number of champions you play. The smaller the champion pool the better. And the other thing is you simply lack experince, just play more.
: Simple Question, Why the Blue Jesus on a motorcycle does Garen have a silence?
I think you just don't know why from specific champions silence was removed. Silence was removed from champions who deal burst damage primarily assassins. Silence on assassins removed anything theyr target could do to fight back or survive in that small window they already barely had. Why Garen has silence? don't know, champion design choice, that's it. Reason why it wasnt removed from him? because he's a juggernaut, and he can't burst his targets.
Zeyad0Bizoo (EUNE)
: How to be pro ?
Why you're asking that? At the moment for you this is simply way out of reach. Or are you just interested in how to climb, get better?
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: What role should I play to carry games in solo queue?
Well if you want to "feel" like you're carrying and doing damage then obviously the damage roles would be the go to option. But if you want to climb i'd suggest support, as a role it's understimated and at lower ranks you'll be facing half assed supports so as long as you take it seriously you'll have easier time climbing.
: How does the match ranking system even work?
Your stats are compared to other players plaing the same champion. Some other stuff to consider: You got A+, which means you were close to S-, but just not enough This is an aram map, with evrything going on in a single lane, having high kill participation or KDA is pretty normal there.
Ârzo (EUW)
: one of the most impactful changes was on her W when cast on an ally Not only now giving a movementspeed buff but also an attack speed buff, which is really really strong with hypercarries {{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} are good examples, they just LOVE lulu's kit {{champion:117}} first has a pretty good early game since she is one of the potentially more aggressive supports, her Q and her passive are just really strong for poking/trading, aswell as she having the option, does she want more damage/range, or does she want to shield herself/her adc Not only that, lulu provides cc, which shuts down assassins pretty well, she has shields and health buffs, movementspeed and atk speed buff for kiting one in all, Lulu has EVERYTHING a Marksman could want for the lategame. Nowadays {{champion:117}} is a lot better for peeling than {{champion:40}}
> [{quoted}](name=Ârzo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pOMp3hxc,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2017-04-24T06:37:47.708+0000) > Not only that, lulu provides cc, which shuts down assassins pretty well, she has shields and health buffs, movementspeed and atk speed buff for kiting mind you that is kinda what all support do/have
Doomley (EUW)
: She is just one of those supports who have too many things in her kit.
that's kinda just overall what supports do, why they are supports.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Sorry, but no! I prefer taking my purple onto the battlefield whenever I want. If she annoys you that much - as she should; she's a support - you ban her. ;) But it's odd...how come Lulu suddenly is such a meta pick? It's not like her kit has been changed, like, ever (only durations/damages have received negative changes - RIP my top lane Lulu). So what's with her now all of a sudden?
She was gradually buffed over time. I think it all started with some specific change to her health or armor which shifted her away from solo lane to support and then she's been geting buffs over multiple patches.
BtwRant (EUNE)
: Am out
Aahhhh, so you got banned for your own toxicity.
Findagon (EUNE)
: What is the best keystone for Support Rakan?
Other have said what you could, i'll just say why colussus is not that good of a choice: Rakans CC isnt that reliable, his W is pretty easy to dodge and without it, there's only his ult and while it is pretty easy to proc using it, it's still on a pretty long cd.
Bauble (EUW)
: take a look at what Rito said smartass: > To celebrate, we're running a DOUBLE IP WEEKEND from 08:00 BST April 22 to 07:59 BST April 24 . **DOUBLE IP WEEKEND from 08:00 BST April 22** Dont know what planet u live at but in EUW 22 April is **tomorrow.**
well i read that this patch double IP weekend will happen and weekend events ussually start already at friday, but i see you have a more precise information, which didnt match with my assumptions. I would assume Riot jsut made a mistake or something and just did like the ussual instead of like announced (or announced wrong date), in the end it's just a one day %%%% up from the ussual. But i guess you have an explantion why a guy got double IP one day earlier than promised besides just calling random people smartass.
: You can ask me on a date! Can't promise a girlfriend but at least we'd have a good time ;) p.s. DINKELBERG! {{summoner:31}}
Oh, how about i ask you on a date to summoners rift? because im not that hopefull we could be even from the same country much less city.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I dont want to be that guy, but Kappa is a twitch only meme. its not suppose to be used outside of twitch since it makes no sense
Would be %%%%ing nice if it wasnt used outside twitch, but too bad it is.
GLurch (EUW)
: The system matches you with players similar to yourself. The system obviously seems to work.
Well it's pretty obvious that's still not matched OP with similar players and system is still working to find what players are similar to his skill level.
Rioter Comments
: ip boost out of nowhere???
This weekend we're geting having double IP weekend. The reason for that is because Xayah and Rakan were released and you can gift them with IP for icon reward so to get those icons Riot is giving us more IP.
: EUW is dying...
This could be because you're only level 22, players don't spend that long time pre 30 so playerbase there is smaller and it's still morning during work hours.
RoEsEn (EUW)
: does tribunal even exists?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Secret to winning the game in one sentence
I was thinking of what to one sentence to pick, but i don't think it's really fair, because i just don't think one idea/sentence is really enough, too much to choose from.
gochev (EUNE)
: why are bot laners on my team always losing
I call bullshit, unless universe is against you or you can't keep your oppsing laner in check.
WildSide (EUW)
: How to escape bronze
There's some stuff i guess i don't entirely agree with, some other i just don't wanna bother with: > You are bronze, you are not good at the game or the champions you play first admit this to youself. while this applys the most to bronze, but in general if you want to climb higher, you probably never should think that you're good. > 2.Now, stop playing ranked, train in normals, but always play like its ranked, otherwise you will lose the competivness drive. > > After around 200-300 normal gamea, where you have tested out how to roam on the map, how to rotate to gain and protect objevtives and what picks can benifit your team, and also warding you are ready for ranked. Don't think it's necessary to stop playing ranked, he can test and improve in ranked better, matchmaking there is much more reliable and people there are serious, it's easier to see progress there. This will also make you get used to ranked and well losing. > Also, after winning or losing bot, rotate mid asap, a wave will gather later around bot tbat you can farm. after winning bot it may not be the best idea to rotate mid, continuing to apply pressure bot wil draw attention from others and releave pressure from your teammates, also midlaners ussualyl have good waveclear so rotating mid may achieve nothing.
: Current competitive meta is boring...
What do you mean by "current", it's always been like that, there's always some specific meta prevelant in competetive.
MPcompany (EUW)
: Enjutsu why does it show that you are diamond here while you are only plat III (just asking i rlly want to know plz no toxic replies :) and isn't this ranking overrated btw since some servers like EUNE are way easier to rank up on than servers like EUW? i ask this since u are a long participator in board messages so u might know XD
It's a one of the end of season rewards, i think in S5 i managed to get to diamond. Sure EUNE is a smaller server, but it's still a large server, similar size as NA. Climbing isnt easier, but people say the difference in skill shows up at high diamond/challenger. If you want easier climb you're gonna have to look for a much smaller server, maybe brazil.
: Help me out of losing
Ussually don't think there's alot to see from matchhistory but there are few things visible from it: Your champion pool is way too big. It also looks like you're desperetly looking for something, it looks like you pramarily main adc, but there are bunch of other random champions, do you get autofill that often? don't you have some dedicated champions for each role when you get autofilled? and there are also some random build choices, like {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{champion:22}} or {{item:3110}} {{champion:58}}(those were at least the ones i faund) . Looking at the players you play with it looks like you're on a brink of demotion, you're playing with mid-low gold players, currently at 0 point most likely one mre loss and you're gonna get demoted. Also do you go into games with hopes that maybe this game you'll have a team that could carry you, do you tend to give up pretty soon once game starts looking bad?
Uvec (EUNE)
: Clickbait viewwhores
I don't find clickbait itself the problem, as content creators it helps them grow and just get better, but the thing i didnt like about them and unsubscribed from them was because what they were offering was cheap, wasnt really helping me as a player grow. At the moment when i unsubscibed alot of theyr content used to be like top ten champions for this lane in this patch, with PHY those top 10 were especially a huge issue and just videos about how currently something speciffically is OP and i should abuse it. Redmercys top assassin picks were especially a joke because top 5 assassins and in total there were about 5 assassins. I mean it's not that they were wrong about them, but i play this game too i can tell what's popular at the moment and what's strong without theyr help, at best it's just a confirmation. Also i myself know that playing a small champion pool is the best way to climb and mastering new champion evry time something strong shows up is just not worth it and if it's in different lane or role then it's even worse, this is also why i think theyr content is just keeping low elo players in low elo, they fallow videos like the said youtubers and constantly change champion looking for that easy cheap way to climb, but barely having enough time to learn that champion just before it gets nerfed leaving them with nothing in the end.
: Can't wait for the 10 ban system...
Well then, use that time to make a time machine and travel to the future where 10 bans are already out.
Evrything ussually gets released evrywhere at the same time. It's in store because its in this patch and Riot is currently just testing how they are live, it will be a bit later when they actually get released like with evry other new champion.
: I'm not complaining anymore about this game, because...
Congratulations, first step to climbing is accepting it's your own fault. If you can't find mistakes then don't look for them be more critical about yourself, don't just brush off that missed skillshot or missed minnion as just another missplay, think why you missed it what you could've done to get it and do it right the next time.
: Yasuo - Mini buff for e?
I don't think Yasuo is really supposed to work top, but he still kinda does.
: League maths: How to not be caught by bullshit (Looking at your Amumu Phylol)
Content from the likes of redmercy, phylol or brofesco is good for low elo players to keep them in theyr low elo.
Gabbajoe (EUW)
: Difference between silver and challenger ?
I was trying to come up with the differences, but there are just way too many, hard to decide where to start. Quick in a nutshell of your questions: > when do you look at minimap evry time when you're doing nothing in lane(between last hits, between trading) > how do you use timing of jungler, when do you know you'r getting ganked, when not ? this is a combination of just general map awerness, with a bit of knowledge of where your own jungler is and a bit of math. > when to play safe when not ? play safe when you're the weaker one or jungler is nearby > when to roam, when not? when one of your allies is pressured under turret or they are pressuring a turret and got enemy chunked. In a melee vs ranged match up the the advantage belongs to ranged champions, not the melee, at least if ranged champion manage to abuse theyr early. If ranged champion fails to use theyr early advantage and allow melee reach a safe level 3 then ranged tend to get at a disadvantage.
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