Téglagyár (EUNE)
: League of Legends quality matchmaking
Normals are way too random for quality matchmaking. Also im guessing it's because of premades.
Suptra (EUW)
: nop but you can have team mates on your team which have high mmr and was supposed to win but they play like total shit because people got boosted somehow:) unless you claim that elo boosting is nonexistant?
Sure, but Deathfire Ahri statement still stands, next time enemy will have a higher mmr player who's supposed to win, but won't.
Suptra (EUW)
: and that is truly just bullshit :) you have no statistics to back that up. In reality some people are just more unlucky with teams than others... i duoed with my gf for quite a few games now, and we won alot but enemies didnt have an afk. The games we lost was because some guy had to go in mid game or he rage quitted/was tilted from previous games
It's just simple math, play enough games things wil even out. There is another more scientific term: law of large numbers. Or what, do you think universe is against you, or maybe Riot has a system that targets specific players to make sure they lose games? Or there is the last explanation that people don't want to admit, which also seems to be less logical than the universe being against them.
Jsp (EUW)
: Thornmail or frozen heart VS yasuo. WHY? Explain mathematically.
{{item:3110}} because of the cdr and mana, for a typical tank frozen heart gives all the stats he would need. The problem with thornmail is that it gives only armor, sure it's alot, but not really worth it, the ability for a tank to cast spells more often is just more valuable.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: I've posted this many a times..but
Well there are 2 choices, either you play him now the way he is, but you won't because he's too weak for you or Riot buffs him, he enters permaban state and you still don't get to play him.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bFfUbpqL,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-05-25T12:55:32.350+0000) > > No, this is the biggest misconseption ever. > > so what? one game you had bad teammates in your team, next game enemy will have them. No, I get bad teammates in 65% of games, its not as balanced as you may think that one game bad then good game, no it goes with streaks, I had looong losing streak got my win rate to 35% and then I go on win streak up to 65% and then the drop down begins again with nothing but idiots for 10 - 15 games in a row. Its not balanced and MMR is total bullshit, its so damn crappy that I dont even. I got PLATINUM or DIAMOND Singed top in last game and he was feeding like crazy, there is just idiots and more idiots after that, till I dorp to like 35% win rate again.
So do you think the system is speciffically designed against you? do you think system specifically looks for worse players to put in your team? or maybe it's even the universe itself that's against you? Do you think there's no other explanation for that, that's less ridiculous?
Shiwah (EUW)
: Unfortunately, Feederbuster is the least reliable system. There's (rare, but existing) evidence that more often than not, it catches repeated offenders.
Well that's kinda basiclly how all systems here work like, it takes multiple leaves to get caught by leavebuster, multiple flaming games too. it's made this way to guarante innocent players don't get punished or just players who just sliped once.
AlbGang (EUNE)
: that change will affect the mechanics of the game so it will feel like a new game and more enjoyable.... in my prespective
You don't get the main issue: **time** Currently Riot has pretty high design standarts for each champion, it takes months to rework a champion, class updates are the same. Adding a new ability to each chiampion when we have over 100 champions would take way too much time, it's just unrealistic.
AlbGang (EUNE)
: now we have 4 skills and 2 spells they can remove 1 spell and and ad a personalized skills for every champion, i know is hard i know it takes long time, i know the balance will be harder but i think it will be worth it .
you can have as many actives as you like, it's just not practical. It's not just alot of work, it's a ton of work, it's almost like making a whole new game, you want to change a very core game mechanic.
AlbGang (EUNE)
: 5 -th Skill on every Champion
It's not gonna happen, this is a very core game mechanic, all champion were made with 4 skills, adding a 5th one to all of them is a ton of work, especially considering now how long for Riot takes to do even pretty minor changes to each champion.
: Getting banned for intentionally feeding
Hmmm intresting, looks like it takes quite a bit of time for feederbuster to do its thing, i kinda imagined it's faster than that.
: Im in my promo and im scared q_q
You're unnecesserily presusring yourself, promos are just like any other game, try to treat it like one.
: Supports belong to the same group as poor players for a very long time.
: Cant play other games because of league
I also have a similar issue, sure recently i finshed mass effect andromeda, but i went for it because i really started to strugle with league(kinda was geting sick of it and needed a break), at that moment i was also thinking of playing Prey next, looked increadibly fun, but even when i was finishing mass effect i was already itching for some league. Currently im playing Prey a bit in paralel with league, but it feels boring not really satisfying, im not really geting into it(not geting into Prey). In the first place i don't think i play league for "fun", what i think i like about it, is the self improvement, competition against others and wel satisfaction when i prove i was better against them. My last ranked match was increadibly hard, where we were really put against a wall with all 3 inhibs down, but we managed to turn it araound at the last moment and win it and god damn that was so %%%%ing damn satisfying.
Røkas (EUW)
: 20 games in a row :)
Im gonna say it like that, matchmaking is fine, it's simple but it does its job, the main reason why its fine is because its so simple. you can excuse 5 games as bad luck, 20 games is no luck it indicates you have an issue and considering that's the new highest point you've reached then the awnser is that you've just reached your peak and to go further you have to get better. You can accept the truth and look what to improve upon next or you can look what to blame next and stay where you are.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bFfUbpqL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-25T12:37:04.025+0000) > > league isnt a single player experience, you're not really supposed to effortlessly climb. If you intend to climb you have to keep geting better. ranked never gets easier, it only gets harder. > > And yes i know the ussual "how can i climb when my team sucks", or "in that specific game that lane did horribly or maybe even all other lanes", but here's the truth: players are picked from the same pool so if you get those bad players so does the enemy, your job is to win those games, if you can't then you're simply not good enough and while few games can be atributed to bad luck 20 already indicates you're the issue. Biggest missconception ever. Players are from the same pool, but there is limited amount of skilled players, and quite large amount of boosted players. MMR wise they are the same and matchmaking puts the teams based on MMR, but you never know how the boosted players will be distributed, or if you get any skilled player in your team. MMR is failing quite hard atm, you gain MMR for winning, you may be good with one champion but fail with other, its all random factors, like your main champ gets banned and you need to pick something else, but you don't have that much skill with that other champ. Then there are smurfs and more elo boosters that boost bad players and so on. MMR is crap its not your skill its just a random number that goes up when you win - and you can get carried while feeding whole game, and goes down when you lose - you can get S+ and still lose. So MMR as a deciding factor while creating teams is one big pile of crap.
No, this is the biggest misconseption ever. > Players are from the same pool, but there is limited amount of skilled players, and quite large amount of boosted players. MMR wise they are the same and matchmaking puts the teams based on MMR, but you never know how the boosted players will be distributed, or if you get any skilled player in your team. so what? one game you had bad teammates in your team, next game enemy will have them.
Røkas (EUW)
: I just wanna give a HUGE thank you to Riot Games for making such an excellent matchmaking system.
league isnt a single player experience, you're not really supposed to effortlessly climb. If you intend to climb you have to keep geting better. ranked never gets easier, it only gets harder. And yes i know the ussual "how can i climb when my team sucks", or "in that specific game that lane did horribly or maybe even all other lanes", but here's the truth: players are picked from the same pool so if you get those bad players so does the enemy, your job is to win those games, if you can't then you're simply not good enough and while few games can be atributed to bad luck 20 already indicates you're the issue.
Corkîng (EUW)
: Autofill is good, dont understand crybabys
"good" isnt really the right word, ideally auto-fill shoudn exist, but thigns arent ideal, which is why it's necessary.
Røkas (EUW)
: No but what you have to realise is in Diamond 5, you get people who are insanely hard stuck and because of that it leaves them perma tilted since they can't climb, at the same time all these hard stuck players who finally got to diamond have their heads so far up their asses that the amount of bullshit that comes out of their mouth is endless. They literally think that they are pro players. Had a Yasuo go 1/15 in one of my games and flamed the rest of the team for being bad even though i was farming at 9cs per min, went 3/1 in lane and wrecked the enemy bot lane. It's literally the worst, because people are actually good when it comes to macro mechanics but when it comes to Micro mechanics or game mentality they're absolutely the worst.
> No but what you have to realise is in Diamond 5, you get people who are insanely hard stuck and because of that it leaves them perma tilted since they can't climb, It looks like you're one of them now too.
EniGmaa (EUW)
: How to win games if yo lose more lp then yo get
Start wining more, your current winratio is pretty atrocious.
: Why does Lulu get preferential treatment?
Lulu got huge ners for going to solo lanes and now she's primarily a support.
: Stupid law's and RP buying ban
Maybe your bank doent permit to buy using the internet. I have visa card to and have to use a pretty roudabout way to buy anything on the internet.
DerTrollo (EUW)
: Matchmaking after coming back to LoL
You know if the last time you've played was only season 3 then you simply got rusty also game has changed immensly since then.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Preemptive muting- essential for jungling.
Hmmm, that was a bit of a pointless blaming from a pretty stupid midlaner, but i do think that it's important for a jungler to be able to decide for himself what to gank and not gank based on teammates cries or the ammount of help pings. While you could take into consideration a call like that for an early gank, maybe it's just an unfavorable match up, which should something you as a jungler should be able to recognise yourself.
Eratos (EUW)
: yes become harder..but how you explain pro players that cant reach chalenger again??many of them end in d5 and stay there?So no its not always strugles but more you climb you have more % chance to get boosted monkeys +people that dont give a fu ck.And thats harder.
well that's the place where the best of the best come, people there know how to get better and those pros just can't keep up with the new ones. In the first place first generation pros were the kind of players who had to balance theyr personal life, jobs and the game, but currrent pros entirely dedicate themself to the game, theyr job became theyr job
Eratos (EUW)
: ye man but plat/diamond is the real elo.Here is where you struggle most..because d5 are many boosted players..there are plat players that dont care etc etc so its hard to move from p2 to d3+.really hard.
Evryone strugles where ever they are, people just tend to understimate ranked. They expect that as they climb it wil get easier, but it doesnt, Truth is, ranked never gets easier, it gets only harder.
Røkas (EUW)
: Not really, because those who want shorter queue times and are fine with playing other roles will keep it on. Which is a lot of people in the community.
You know volunaty auto-fill turn off is the same as voluntarily choosing fill for lower Qs, people just didnt pick it(still don't really pick it), only very few did it and it wasnt enough. Also secondary role wasnt added, because people would want to have a secondary option, right from the begining Riot was testing with single role option, but it wasnt enough, secondary role option was added because it was necessary to keep Qs short.
l MrD l (EUW)
: THis is riots comment about Lee in the patch notes "Lee Sin has more uptime than almost any jungler, thanks to how easily he can move around the map and how often his ultimate is up. The Blind Monk already has two gap-closers that let him chase - or escape - enemy champions. Having best-in-class movement speed on top of that seemed like overkill." It says 2 gap closers theres Q and the only other thing is ward jumping and that tells me they plan to keep it hence why they keep trimming things off that dont need to be .... AS reduction on ultCD ultDamage MS nerf theyre comstantly nerfing him bit by bit until he will just be a mobile champ with a lack of damage or utility.... HIs real problem is the ward jumping but judging from that comment they plan to keep it which is why i think why not just add ward jumps to other champs who could benefit to help bring them in line with lee
So here's a little history lesson. Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, assassins used to have silence, then one day Riot removed silence from one of the assassins and all the criters of Riot community got curious if Riot will remove silence from other assassins, but Riot assured them that they woudn do sucha cruel and inhumane thing to other assassins, but Riot lied and later on they removed silence from ALL other assassins. And here we are now, with assassin class update, where katarina lost her ward jump. I've seen this happen before so i know what will happen in the future, Lee Sin is going to lose his ward jump. Also currently ward jumping is a pretty big part of lee sin kit so if Riot were to remove ward jumping they would have to do some other significant change to his kit, they would basiclly need to rework him or give some pretty significant update, it's not something that can be done with some balance number changes.
l MrD l (EUW)
: If were not removing ward jump from lee can we..
It's very likely that Lee will eventually lose his wardjump, since kata already lost hers and i doubt Riot will give ward jumping to someone else.
: This season has been hard
With how ranked works, winrate doesnt really indicate how good you are but more like how fast and in which direction you're climbing. So if as a Player you don't make any significant progress over a long period of time your winrate will start going negative. I know one challenger youtuber who after seasonal soft reset started struglingto climb back, got stuck in plat, while he didnt particularily had problems staying challenger when he was challenger. What got me interested was his reason why he assumed he coudn climb, that was because his playstyle was kinda on his teammates reliant, he wasnt really thinking for himself, let his teammates make his decission so he was only as good as those around him, but coudn really climb because of it, you could've cought up similar issue. There was also another one who would regularily play in high diamond(maybe even master or challenger, don't remember exactly), but suddenly started losing, fell all the way to plat, tried to play on his smurf and even there he was strugling, so he took a break and started doing well got back his rank too.
Doomley (EUW)
: Yes her overall is about the same but she doesn't have any good steroids or other abilities that help her deal damage. She has utility with slows and ult which means she has to deal less damage in return. She also has only 600 range.
calling it "only" 600 range isnt really fair, it's still second highest base autoattack range in game, loses only to cait while tristana gains range per levels so at least at early levels Ashe still has longer range. Her slows also make harder covering that distance.
Denkaku (EUW)
: Who told you? That's a gross lie. Only scripters and injectors are banned, not the undetectable botters, unless we talk about the latest bot which is shit (but riot still lives in the stone age).
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/5so1YhEl-bot-bans-incoming Didnt want to look for long for the most recent ones, but still, here's a proof they do look for bots and ban them.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Anyone feel like Junglers have too much potential to carry or pressurise a game
"hurr durr, how can i climb as a jungler when all my lanes feed and there's nothing to gank"
: should i play adc or mid if i want to rank up
You have to play good to rank up, it doesnt really matter what role you play.
Danoobiel (EUW)
: Whoever put the self 60% slow on Rammus W was drunk
> I know it's thematic fit, but no other tank has to put up with that kind of crap. When {{champion:223}} eats enemy champion he slows himself down. {{champion:53}} after his speedboost he also slows down. {{champion:3}} when he uses his taunt slows down I think it would be worth mentioning that some champions kinda selfroots when using some of theyr skills like: {{champion:101}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:9}}
: Which name is better
You could always go with the classic: Xxx%%%%%Destroyer69xxX what mystery could be behind those %%%%%
Doomley (EUW)
: It's not only the dps taht counts. If you only count dps, lucian would deal more damage than some of the hypercarries. What matters more is the reliability to deal damage. Lucian has too short range to be very good in a late game team fight even if he theoretically has the damage. Hypercarries all have the same qualities except for vayne. Long range (over 650 on all of them except vayne) and some sort of steroid like bonus ad or AS. Vayne has a stealth and low cd q to make up for the range somewhat. She is still not as strong as other hypercarries though. She is better at killing carries i give her that. You asked about why tristana is a hyper carry. She has the longest range in the game, is very safe and has a good AS steroid and can also melt turrets very fast. The biggest factor though is the range. She also has good chase potential. Caitlyn is a hyper carry. She has good range, is relatively safe, very good at sieging thanks to traps and her head shot procs come faster if she has runaan's hurricane. Ashe simply deals less damage than other adcs with same items. The AS steroid on her q is very small and her "crits" deal less damage than other adc's crits.
i think Ashe overall crit DPS should be the same as other adcs, it just woudn have those exciting high crit moments, which are also fallowed up by no crit, it's just always the same. Could actually be slitghly higher because the 10% innate extra damage, at least only from auto attacks.
Knorke75 (EUW)
: Hypercarry ADCs
Mostly range and the fact that they rely on attack speed(vayne being the exception because of her low range). Good range allows them to be safe and attackspeed reliance allows to dish out tons of damage. I would say Ash is almost a hypercarry, she also has a bit higher than ussual range among adc's and she relys on attackspeed, but her damage is sligthly lower because of the overall higher utility.
dennan27 (EUW)
: Steal someone else's role
You know your poll is weird. I am platinum, but it doesnt happen alot, actually i think i've seen it happen maybe, just maybe because im really not sure, but maybe it happened once. Either way, for me it's extremly rare.
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: How do you carry with utility support, playing only solo?
> -If I play an aggressive support. Trying to put a lot of lane pressure by out poking. > Somehow it is always only me trying to harass enemy laners. I use a spell on enemy support who failed to trade back, but enemy adc will land an aa on me instead. While my adc is only farming. (It works very well if enemy adc doesn't respond back, I am able to out poke 1v2.) > I end up putting myself in a dangerous position because my adc is too passive. focus harass on enemy adc, not support, harassing support most of the time is a waste of your recources, also try to watch your position, try to make sure that while you harass one, the other can't really harass you too. Still enemy support will get in your face so then you can put some harass on him too. The point is that as long as you provide more pressure your adc will have more freedom to farm, while because of your pressure enemy adc will have trouble to farm. Of course be carefull, if you try to put too much pressure you might overextend maybe get too far away from your adc and just get killed. Good indication would be that your adc managed to get more cs than enemy adc. Be carefull with forcing to group your team at mid game, game is black and white for that to work all the time, it's more important that team over the all the time does something.
: How to die less?
Are we supposed to judge based on your aram games? because as you said aram is a rpetty bad example, high death count there is pretty natural. In the ranked games that are avaible you don't die that much, sure there is that 3/12 lucian game, but others are okey. To cut down on deaths jsut learn from the mistakes, you went in you died, think if you should've went in, was there a reason you could've gone in and was there something you didnt account for. When judging don't judge it only based on results, but more on the intent, you could've gone for a completly good reasons, just mopped it up mechanically. Lastly be carefull with this focus on not dying, players tend to focus too much on KDA and stop climbing all together, they stop taking any risks, don't explore theyr champion limits, have perfect KDAs and excuses why they don't climb, but horrible winratios. better keep you KDA a bit dirty.
jxnnik (EUW)
: well yeah, probably right, but every attack speed adc has an interaction with that item what makes their lategame so good. so cait's lategame will be so much worse. I mean, every other hypercarry beats her in most cases in a 1v1 even without the nerf and they will also with the nerfs.^^ i would change something in her laning phase because that is the real problem why everyone says she is op.
Mind you some of adc's have similar interaction as Cait, simply longer range(for cait it's innate).
: To be fair, building AS on her will be quite counterproductive because they're reducing her base AS and increasing her attack delay so she scales worse with AS.
She has this worse AS scaling since the marksman update, but that didnt stop people from build AS on her.
: Someone explain to him because he won't listen to me
I think some of your points were a bit too harsh on him: doesnt want star guardian Janna, well so be it. you should probably let him play vs bots as long as he wants eventually he will get bored of them, challenge will disapear, also bots are actually pretty tough, they can train you mechanically. Actually some of his poitns are actually pretty acurate for the sake of climbing and self improvment, there's no need to have big champion pool to climb, especially with our champion select you can pretty easily get away only with 2 roles. Diverse rune pages will also allow to tackle different situations, still would need to understand some basics of the game and how to build them for what situations. Sure there are some runes that are a bit of a waste, but i think it's only very few(those revival quints do sound like the ones i mentioned as the most useless ones). Since he likes ashe you could suggest him to go for: AD, AS, MR, LS, MR, armor, health and mana regen runes. he probably should consider geting at least one more champion for the same role in case enemy picks it, but that's about it. Also as he said don't overload him with information, there's a ton of things in this gme to learn. Lastly i would suggest to be more relaxed in this game, don't push him too hard, i've seen here few threads about couples falling appart because of league, they tried to get them into the game, but showed theyr bad side
jxnnik (EUW)
: The thing is, Hurricane won't be viable on her anymore. Look at other Adc's who buy Hurricane, there ALWAYS a synergy on their kit. Twitch - spreads his poison, syngergizes with his aoe ultimate Jinx - syngergizes with her Q (also aoe) and she is totally a hypercarry with her passive resets, so aoe damage in tfs is so good on her Varus - Hurricane's on-hit effect procs his W Other Adc's (jhin, mf, lucian, ez, etc) - do NOT build it because they have no synergy You got the point? xD
The reson those adcs don't tend to build it because they're caster adcs. What adcs who build hurricane have in common is that they rely on theyr autoattacks and attackspeed.
jxnnik (EUW)
: My opinion on the Caitlyn Nerfs (Hurricane interaction)
> The faster stacking of her headshots was the only reason why you would consider buying Hurricane. How about buying Hurricane for more AOE damage in a teamfight?
: Adding a captcha before the game isn't particularly useful because botters can just type it themselved and then let the bot play for 40 mins. It may be a good idea to put in a check (captcha or whatever works) after every death. If you fail twice then it would imply you are not a human player. Bots die A LOT. The direct punishment should be to not receive IP/XP after the game, because this is the main reason players use bots.
> Adding a captcha before the game isn't particularly useful because botters can just type it themselved and then let the bot play for 40 mins. I'd imagine the point of boting is that you can leave your account for long period of time(probably few hours) to level up all by itself, having to enter capctha evry 20 mins is a bit, don't even know how to say, wel it complicates things, kinda puts whole reason for boting a bit inquestion.
MantisGM (EUNE)
: Kassadin May 2017
You know Kassa is kinda considered the current strong pick, it's more likely he's gonan get a nerf than a buff.
: I am rusty but not rusty to be losing to G5,plus if you see all my Ranked games one by one you can see that I'm not exactly the cause of losing. Now you gonna say that you can't judge a game from a match history but really it's just clear from deaths
Yes you die less, but that could also mean you miss opportunitys. **In the end all that doesnt matter without an actuall game**
: this season I haven't played enough,because I had to stop,last year at school and exams,I still play as well as I did last season where I got P2 now that I'm in G5 I can't do anything as a support to carry
Maybe you just got rusty? sounds like you came back to the game after a long break and are judging situation only after 10 games. Switching roles you're gonna have to learn game again and gonna get stuck.
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